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Virginia gun shop gives out 30-round AR-15 magazines to voters

A gun shop in Woodbridge, Virginia, is handing out 30-round AR-15 magazines to people who vote in today’s election.

The shop, Quantico Tactical, sent out an email to their newsletter subscribers with the subject line, “Free Election Day PMAGS at Our Woodbridge, VA Store.” According to the email Virginia voters simply need to stop by the store, “show your Virginia voter ID or active duty military ID,” and they’ll receive “a FREE 30 round PMAG.” “No strings attached” and “no purchase required,” the email claims.

Quantico Tactical Pmag Giveaway

According to a post on the Quantico Tactical Facebook page, “the idea is to reward people who voted.”

Though the manager at Quantico Tactical’s Woodbridge location was unable to provide comment beyond what was already posted on the company’s Facebook page, Capitol City Project reporters were able to obtain the free magazines.


When the Capitol City Project left the store a line of people eagerly waiting to get their own free Magpul PMAG had developed at the counter.

Capitol City Project Staff

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  • darrell_b8

    Unfortunately, the ‘freebee voters’ outnumbered the AR owners.

    • Jeff H.

      Probably not. Folks who go to Quantico Tactical probably have several AR’s.

  • RK

    I can just hear it now…

    “You people who support this are sick and twisted. Bunch of blood thirsty, Pro-Gun lovers who don’t give a second thought to all the innocent lives cut down. You simply want to live life your way and refuse to shed a tear for the victims. Rot in hell!”


    Planned Parenthood

    • Survival Homesteading

      Epic comment!!!

  • 4life4america

    At their very heart, the Democrat is a freedom hating, anti-american, jack-booted Bolshevik terrorist thug.

  • Jeff H.

    Way to go Quantico Tactical. You will continue to receive the support of me and my money for your fine products.