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State Department can’t name one accomplishment from a Clinton-run initiative

Today, the State Department was asked to name one accomplishment from a Hillary Clinton-run initiative. They could not answer the question.

“One very brief one on the QDDR (Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review). Off the top of your head, can you identify one tangible achievement that the last QDDR resulted in?” AP Reporter Matthew Lee asks State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki.

“Well Matt, obviously it’s an extensive, expansive process. We’re looking at how it was done last time. I know, I’m making an important point here.  The Secretary wants it to be focused, it’s going to focus on a more narrow range of issues. It’s always to look at how we can improve things, and we’ll see where we come out in the end,” Psaki responds.

When asked again to name one tangible achievement from the last QDDR, she did not directly answer the question.

“I am certain that those who were here at the time who worked hard on that effort..could, could point out one.”


On April 3, 2014, Hillary Clinton spoke at the Women of the World Summit in New York City and was asked what she was most proud of during her tenure as Secretary of State. Clinton could not provide any concrete examples of the accomplishments she holds in high regard.

Joe Schoffstall

Joe Schoffstall is a Reporter and Editor at Capitol City Project. Previously, he worked as a Multimedia Reporter at the Media Research Center (MRCTV, His work has been featured on numerous outlets including the Drudge Report, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, Yahoo News, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post—among many others.


  • Carlos Danger

    Cankles’ accomplishments? I can’t think of one either.

    cue Elizabeth Warren…………

    • WBC

      And Elizabeth Warren’s accomplishments would be (other than two plagiarized faux Indian cookbook recipes) …. ?

      • Carlos Danger

        C’mon now, the critics loved “Pow Wow chow”.

        My fave was the Commanche ‘Tot Assorted Platter.

        • WBC

          One of EW’s entries was “crab with tomato mayonnaise dressing,” copied word for word from the a food article by a former chef at Le Pavillion in New York. Since when did the Injuns ever use freaking mayonnaise? The stupid woman couldn’t even put together a plausible Indian recipe.

  • WBC

    Baroness Voldemort couldn’t answer the same question when it was posed to her. It’s hardly surprising that the State Department can’t cite any accomplishment now that the Hildebeast has left the building. Nevertheless, this spokeslady can start pounding the pavement for a new job if Cankles is elected presidentrix.

    • jackbenimble333

      The entire State Department is hard-pressed to name any accomplishments for its entire multi-billion dollar budget.

      There was a better day when our entire State Department consisted of Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. Those two were better that Hillary, John Kerry and all of the thousands of staff that works parties under them.

  • Karen Walker

    Too funny! Hillary herself could not even tell anyone one accomplishment while she was Secretary of State. She did spend minutes trying to think of a lie that would pass the Pinocchio test though.


      She was the first SOS appointed by a Usurper –

    • Larry Miller

      Now, wait a minute, remember all those bullets she dodged getting off the plane that time?……………….oops, forgot, she ‘misspoke’.

      • Robert Muir

        I think she took out a few snipers to.

        • rick

          Does not spilling your drink during turbulence on planes count?

          • John (magnum)

            And we want the truth about:

            White Water

            Rose Law Firm

            Vince Foster

            Ron Brown

            and of course

            B E N G H A Z I

          • B Pryor

            Not with this group, waterboarding wouldn’t get the truth.

          • John (magnum)

            It would be worth trying to water board Cankles ! :-)

          • rick

            Is that a pic of Hitlery with this article or is it Soros in drag?

          • John (magnum)

            This is Hitlery

          • ghostofThomasPaine

            But at least the Hillda-beast Clinton got a propaganda photo album as thick as her cankles of her traveling the world on the taxpayers dime being absolutely useless to America’s foreign policy to use for her 2016 political cry for attention.

          • Robert Muir

            I like Russian roulette better.

          • William Hofmeister

            With a semi-automatic?

          • ussr51478

            With semi-auto?

          • Robert Muir


          • PSGute

            that’s KGB Roulette. The game is always fixed for the house…

          • SWDC

            No, Sir, water boarding would indeed get to the truth that is why certain someone’s complained about its usage on their preferred immigrants….

          • Robert Muir

            Good point. :-))

        • irck

          to where?

    • rick

      Easy! She “accomplished” losing 6 billion dollars and got 4 Americans killed in Benghazi and she helped Morsi become dictator of Egypt! This is good for a liberal! Way to go Hitlery!

      • SWDC

        Bill’s wife greatest accomplishment was allegedly getting pregnant by Gennifer Flowers’ boyfriend however this does not explain why Bill’s wife’s daughter, Chelsea, looks more similar to a Debbie Was-A-Man Schultz than to any member of the Blythe family
        ( as everyone knows) POTUS Bill was born allegedly a Blythe and only adopted the name of his former step father, Mr. Clinton, upon advice from Bill’s mentor’s as a young tender teen age boy. Not one drop of Clinton family DNA runs thru that family unit’s veins perhaps not even Blythe.

        • d2lv

          Monica’s exboy friend’s wife for President.

      • Robert Muir

        She didn’t lose crap it’s in her closet.

    • HrundiBakshi


  • greasygrimes

    I can name one, or 4 actually. Four Dead!

    • PR_Ohio

      What difference does it make? After all, according to the Obama administration they are just bumps in the road.

  • billybobz

    fat*ss clinton has no record of accomplishment. She has spent 35 years enabling a sexual predator so that she could suck power off of him.

    • Joe Rogowski

      Maybe that is her accomplishment?

      • RufusVonDufus

        What? Sucking?

  • manny

    her husband didnt get caught spraying on that woman’s blue dress

  • James Bizzo

    LOLOLOLOL There’s embarrassing, and then there’s this. Good luck with this lady as your nominee, libtards. This is a gem of a campaign ad waiting to happen.

  • Martin Weiss

    Hillary doesn’t need accomplishments – she has a vagina – apparently that’s all she needs to run for President.

    • eewrfew

      Do be too sure about that… The vagina part…

      • johnsmith500

        Agreed. Look at billy bob clinton. There is a reason he always looks for something else.

    • WBC

      I’m not sure what you would call it, but it’s probably equipped with razor wire and biological weapons.

  • jadams76

    Well…uhhhh….she took the Secretary of State job to fluff up her resume. So there’s that.

  • eewrfew

    If a Clinton was behind it and no one was sexually assaulted, it was an accomplishment.

  • johnsmith500

    What? Benghazi is not an accomplishment? How about lying about it on national TV? Lying about it to the victim’s mother? How being a complete b!0tch about it when asked by the Congress?
    They all sound like accomplishments to me. Accomplished liar, accomplished b!0tch.

  • Inigo Montoya

    She should have just responded, “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

  • pma95

    Wife…fail, first lady…fail, senator…fail, sec/st…fail, and now she wants to be president. It would be funny if the consequences werent so tragic.

    • Ted Kennedy’s SEARCH+RESCUE

      As SOS, she personally trained Department of State Staff on avoiding sniper fire while deplaning on foreign soil, by using the “Serpentine” technique.

    • SWDC

      RIP John John Kennedy Jr. who conviently died just prior to announcing his run for that coveted New York senate seat.

  • johnsmith500

    What difference does it make?
    Leftists still think she is their leader. Anyone disagress is a woman hater, sexist, bigot, …etc.

    • RufusVonDufus

      Ya forgot RACIST!

      • johnsmith500

        You got me there. :-)

    • NotTooSwift

      Ya forgot HOMOPHOBE!

  • The Masked Avatar

    At least she didn’t get anyone killed … oh, wait. Never mind.

  • PR_Ohio

    Accomplishments? We don’t need no stinking accomplishments. After all Obama got a Nobel prize and won two elections with no accomplishments. The average American Voter is too stupid and lazy to care if Hillary has any accomplishments as long as they get a government that does everything for them.

    • Pirate-equity

      shoot, I tried to double like this post, but it wouldn’t let me.

    • whodat1

      Right On! Now where’s my phone & EBT card?

      • PR_Ohio

        My guess is you sold them for drug money 😉

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    Oh, but rest assured, there will be no lack of “something” that Hillary has done, no matter how innocuous, as “something” POTUS worthy!

    To the best of my recollection, she accomplished nothing…,

    • whodat1

      No, what there will be is innuendo that she accomplished much without ever mentioning anything specific.

  • Shoe Magnet

    She made cankles fashionable.

  • Christopher Gadsden

    The Benghazi Butcher is probably most proud of all the muff she dived, but that’s not something that will help her win the oval office.

    • WBC

      Don’t be so sure – rugmunchers are the flavor of the month. If she comes out of the closet she’ll not only be able to call her opponents sexist but homophobic as well.

  • theotherken

    Really? Not even one? Well I can, she resigned, that in itself is a huge accomplishment.

    • whodat1

      Well, she did snag a ‘girl’ friend who is in the Muslim Brotherhood. Does that count for anything?

  • Jack76

    Didn’t Charles Krauthammer recently make the same request for anybody to name just one of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments as Secretary of State?
    I believe he’s still waiting for an answer on that one.

  • Christopher Gadsden

    “What difference does it make?” I can see this will be her most effective campaign slogan.

    • mensa141

      And Kerry didn’t like swift boat Kerry. Hillary will like that slogan even less.

  • Christopher Gadsden

    Her greatest accomplishment was orchestrating the murder of Chris Stevens.

  • Kelvin

    She stood over the flag draped coffins of 4 Americans killed in Benghazi, and proceeded to lie to the faces of their mourning families, blaming an internet video for their deaths, when she knew all along that it was a terror attack.
    That is her sick, pathetic, hideous accomplishment as Secy. of State.
    She belongs in a jail cell with Obama, who spewed the same filthy lie for two weeks after the 9/11 attack.

    • Christopher Gadsden

      It wasn’t a terror attack. It was an arms for hostage hoax gone bad.

    • mensa141

      You’ve seen photos of US anti aircraft missiles in Syria. How do you think they got there. Hillary? That would explain why both her and Obama made up such a BS story about the video in a lame attempt to cover up their gun running to Al Qaeda. Remember who Stevens had lunch with on the day of the attack. Their Turkish go between ambassador…..

    • Trusty Ruski

      “What difference does it make now?”

    • William Hofmeister

      If she runs, that will be just one of the videos run 24/7. She really should consider not running.

  • rhzszm

    What about the $6 billion in taxpayer funds that are missing under Hillary Clinton’s stewartship of the State Dept.? That’s an accomplishment, of sorts.

    • Christopher Gadsden

      They know where that $6B went. It’s in the Bush/Clinton Haiti fund.

  • redman

    Accomplishments….now that’s a joke…all she did was fly around on the tax payer’s dime and sell out anybody and everybody she could just like mr bill did…money is all she cared about and screw the people…they only thing she could be president.of is a whore house and she would fk that up…std.

  • Stick

    Did anyone hear Chelsea is preggers? C’mon troglodytes, a Clinton baby, coronation stuff.

    • Christopher Gadsden

      That will be the ugliest baby ever born.

    • rhzszm

      She’ll be bringing her friends over to Grandpa’s house in no time!

  • Shoe Magnet

    Q: “Off the top of your head, can you identify one tangible achievement that the last QDDR resulted in?”

    A: You sexist!

  • Juno14

    Hillary is sitting on the sidelines to see how damaging her lack of accomplishments will affect her chances of getting elected POTUS. This won’t stop her supporters to seeing her get voted in.

    • Youremakinmecrazy

      And waiting to see what impact the Benghazi disaster is going to have on her.

  • Jack Meov

    She was so great, really an outstanding Secretary of State, because, well, um,…..she is well, …..I know: A WOMAN! and she is well…um, HILLARY CLINTON!…yes, a fine Secretary of State.

  • Sam

    Major accomplishments? Hmmm. . . Vince Foster’s death, bimbo control for Slick Willie Clinton, gave birth to horse-faced Chelsea, described by US Senator Parick Moynihan as a “pathological liar”, wife of impeached president Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton, etc. has legs like an elephant’s. Hiliary Clinton is truly a disgusting phony broad. Those are her only “accomplishments”.

  • Youremakinmecrazy

    On her death bed, she’ll receive total consciousness, so she’s got that goin’ for her…

  • BozoJones

    One of her supporters on O’Reilly ( I forget which one) pointed out women’s rights in China. He was serious. So at least somebody made a feeble effort.

  • Gas_Passer

    Hillary was a big time waster of the taxpayers money….is about the only thing that she unfortunately accomplished.

  • JoeKlip

    Come on right wingers. Hillary did a great job of killing a US Ambassador in Libya. She also go some mojo points for the collateral killing of two CIA operators who defended the ambassador. And lastly, she got off scotch free, even Obama, mister Chicago boss, was envious how she didn’t get her hands dirty doing the deed.

  • David

    She ate Huma’s snatch. That’s all she’s accomplished in life.

    • jackbenimble333

      There is something fishy about that assertion.

  • wargamer1969

    I know of one, responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya 2 yrs ago. Thats one that comes to mind…

  • Rob

    Successfully covered up Benghazi for a couple weeks.

  • Garys_opinion

    “At this point, what does it matter!”

    • whodat1

      Aw, you beat me to it!

  • James Smith

    She accomplished something all right, to be duly called a blatant cold blooded treasonous traitor.

  • Ban Liberals

    Nor can anyone name a single “accomplishment” this conniving shrew has made in her LIFE!

  • SJMWilco

    Another unaccomplished, self centered liberal woman. Much like Michelle Obama, the progressive media and her sycophants will sing the praises of how smart and accomplished she is, in spite of the evidence

  • Charles_Miller

    Oh, I can name Hillary’s one and only accomplishment as Secretary of State..

    Hillary Clinton single-handedly TRIPLED the recreational alcohol budget for the U.S. State Department in only ONE MONTH from the time she assumed control of the department. As Secretary of State, Hillary was on a non-stop alcoholic binge, “dancing the night away,” surrounded by her drunken Secret Service entourage with their prostitutes, at state functions the world over.

    This isn’t speculation or conspiracy theory… It’s a matter of public record. It’s a matter of ongoing Washington scandal.

    It’s also a matter of record that Hillary Clinton has for the last several years suffered bouts of vertigo, memory loss, and other neurologic dysfunction typically associated with chronic alcoholism.

    • jackbenimble333

      Well, when your man is Bill, it takes a lot of alcohol to “stand by your man”. It is often call self medication.

  • Arnold Ripkin

    Her only accomplishment is not divorcing a philandering husband that felt no shame in publicly humiliating her over and over. If Clinton had been a Republican she would be despised by the very people who adore her now.

    • OBUMYA

      I do think more women than we are told, especially liberal women, despise her.

  • BikerBen

    Hillary Clinton’s “march” to the presidency is becoming more and more ludicrous. Maybe it’s time for grandma Hillary to just retire into the sunset after she, of course, gives us the entire story on Benghazi, her role and that of the president. We have a right to know, and the families of those killed certainly have a right to know. By the way, Hillary, have you told your daughter that, thanks to the democrats, abortion is not only legal, but tax deductible.

  • The Gimlet Eye

    Does everybody at State have blood clots? We though it was just Hillary.

  • Oracle Jones

    I wonder what her accomplishments were during her six year stretch on Walmart’s board of directors.

    She’s been strangely silent when it comes to talking about her role in Walmart’s expansion years.

  • VillageViking

    Like all libs, she knows how to recite rhetoric and blame others. When it comes to accounting for their accomplishments that illustrate improving the USA, they are speechless!

  • Dan_Lef

    Hilliary is the epitome of an “empty pants suit”.

  • Mike

    Since barry, the Beelzebub of Benghazi, and Kerry have done “their best” in international relations (which is one galactic condemnation of their ability) can anyone name a single country which has a better relationship with the USA than before this regime took office?

    Can the world tolerate 3 more years of these virtually criminal bunglers screwing up international relations and giving the green light to the butchers of the world to assimilate more territory? I seriously doubt it.

  • Dan_Lef

    To say she accomplished zero is hyperbole, because her “accomplishments” are in negative territory

  • SJMWilco

    Someone give Russia, China, and North Korea a call, I’m sure they can name a few of her accomplishments

  • mensa141

    This is what the progressives want to push on America in 2016. If that is the best they can come up with heaven help us if they win.

  • labillyboy

    Bill Clinton’s wife had plenty of accomplishments…
    + Her awkward “reset button” moment with the Russians, it kept Putin from taking over Crimea and the Ukraine.
    + Her decision to pull out the security detail in Libya, it prevented a terrorist attack on our facility in Benghazi.
    + Her recitation of the known lie, that a video caused the Benghazi attack during the ceremony to return the bodies of the 4 dead American heroes to U.S. soil.
    + She burned up a million miles worth of private jet travel, contributing greatly to global warming.
    + She allowed Egypt, Syria, Iran, Libya to all fall further into the hands of Muslim fanatics.
    + She did absolutely nothing during the change in leadership in N. Korea when an opportunity to do so was present.
    + She watched the Fast and Furious gun running op by Holder and Obama as it further destroyed Mexican society.
    and on and on and on….

    • zdebman

      Don’t forget that she advocated for the XL Pipeline while in charge of the State Dept. (oops…)


    Well be fair…she did learn to dance a bit in Africa…not easy for an old white woman with those hips.

  • Dryden01

    Hillary presided over an administration failure in international diplomatic competence. Whenever an issue arose that required a skillful Secretary of State to act, Obama sent in Joe Biden in her place. The question in 2016 will be whether or not, after 8 years, it can still all be blamed on George Bush. Will it be said that Kerry is trying to clear up Bush’s mess, Hillary’s mess, or Biden’s mess, or his own mess. Forget about it being Obama’s mess because to suggest it ever could be would be racism.

  • Tony5000

    Making stuff up on the fly is Hillary Clinton’s only real accomplishment, and she isn’t any good at that. From telling us she was named after a famous mountain climber; a man who became famous 5 years after her birth, to telling the harrowing ordeal of how she had to dodge sniper fire while at the same time receiving flowers from a little girl in a peaceful ceremony, to making up a story that she was with and protecting Chelsea during the Oklahoma City bombing, although Chelsea was nowhere near Oklahoma or her mother at the time.
    These are but a few fake stories from Hillary Clinton’s made-up past. It isn’t that she lies about her accomplishments, its that she doesn’t think anybody is smart enough to discover the simple truth.

    • labillyboy

      ahhh some great memories of Clinton lies… still pale in comparison to her lie during the ceremony returning the bodies of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods to the United States where she repeated what at that time she knew was a lie… that the attack resulted from a Youtube video… that alone should disqualify her from holding public office ever again.

  • Americana13

    she’s a LOCK for next president right now, you cant stop this FREE LOADING SOCIAL DEMOCRAT SCUMBAG MACHINE NOW, bend over America

  • FoTwentyFauxSho

    You’re all misquoting Hillary and it’s VERY important to recognize the distinction; she avoids the sound byte to be used against her in attack ads by saying “what difference, at this point, does it make?”
    That’s so completely unnatural and clearly scripted that her transparency is obvious – still kind of interesting how nobody has gotten the quote correct.

    • labillyboy

      It depends on what the definition of “is” is…

    • Glenn_in_IL

      Did you happen to catch the guy who called into Rush’s show maybe a week or two ago and made that exact point? He nailed it. NOBODY talks like that; it had to be scripted. A normal person might utter the exact same words, BUT they’d put “at this point” either at the very beginning or very end of the sentence.
      I’ve come to believe that nothing the Clintons do is unscripted.

  • Joe Rogowski

    Hillary is not Bill. Hillary appears in public to be that nasty dystopic schoolteacher that complained all of the time and never taught you anything, but how to appear interested when you weren’t. Hillary is a stalking horse. A laundromat for illegal contributions. A bundler if you will, for a yet unnamed candidate.

  • David Benner

    I can name four: She made four American heroes by leaving them to be murdered by Muslims. That is her accomplishment. Four Heroes! Or, that is probably how Vince Foster would have worded it, if he were still alive.

  • Blu Clw

    State Department can’t name one accomplishment from a Clinton-run initiative.

    Yeah thats the funny thing about reality, you actually have to accomplish something before you have an accomplishment.

  • jjr5268

    Exactly, just like the O. And that is not working so well. No more community organizer presidents please.

  • Anthem

    I can name some of her accomplishments . She has been part of the liberal Democrats mechanism destroying America , capitalism and hammering the wedge between races & classes of people.

  • BuckCarson

    Hillary helped the people of the world realize that democrats are comic book minds.

    She also let many portable nuclear explosives be stolen. This helps the likes of John F. Kerry understand that maybe 1,000 mph nuclear winds have an effect on climate.

    She needs to call the Benghazi moms though. In Dec., they were still wondering what happened to the YouTube story and were still crying.

  • Blu Clw

    I especially like when they claim Hillary should be Commander in Chief because she is a good mother.

    My mastiff is also a good mother but that doesn’t mean shes fit to answer the 3 am call or lead the free world. lol

    • Wanita Wally

      I would vote for your dog over Bill’s, any day.

      • Blu Clw

        Well she is more aggressive then Obama or either of the Clinton’s.

        Though I’ll be honest, her version of shovel ready jobs are ankle breaking holes.

        • Blu Clw

          Though In her defense, she does take border security around my house pretty seriously. As in if you peek over our fence she’ll bite your face off.

    • jackbenimble333

      Wasn’t Bengahzi conclusive proof that neither Obama nor Hillary was fit to answer a 3 AM call? And I think that situation began at about 8 PM Washington time and they both went to be while the American were dying.

      But to his credit, Obama did a rousing campaign event in Las Vegas the next day. Hillary, on the otherhand went to bed and also woke up looking like something that came out the back end of a cat.

  • Commentary Cat

    There are no positive achievements, however there are some more notable negative one’s:
    Lost 6 billion dollars
    Foreign policy? What foreign policy?
    Libya’s decent into madness
    Canada (the pipeline…remember that – was sat on by the State Dept for god knows how long)

    • jackbenimble333

      And those are just the recent “achievements”. Hillary was the source of most of the many “-gates” during the Billary Administration beginning with Travel-gate”, :File-Gate”, “Whitewater-Gate” and about 10 more. She is one of the most evil and corrupt people to ever make the scene in American politics and the left loves her for it.

  • Bob Haze

    Every Republican on TV every day should emphasize the lack of ANY accomplishments, the total failures, and the extensive corruption and dishonesty this woman has continually displayed to all of us for 20 years now! It should be reported on as much as a hurricane named Katrina or a storm named Sandy……

  • Jon Carry

    From White Water to Benghazi she leaves a trail of money squandered, lives ruined, people murdered. The world is a worse place for her existence.

  • dabba

    It won’t matter one bit to the MSM. Just look at Obama’s record when he ran for President. They could’ve cared less. All they did was focus on the fact he would be the first black President, and of course he was a liberal Democrat, so that made it okay. They’ll do the same with Hillary. Nobody will talk about Slick Willy’s failures, nobody will talk about Benghazi, and nobody will talk about her record, or lack there of, as a New York senator and as Secretary of State. The media will shill for her just like they did O’Stupid.

  • jaz

    Her remarkable desire for power is offset by a complete lack of ethics, not to mention a surprising lack of accomplishments. Yet millions will vote for her because she was born with a vagina, and a life support system for a vagina has never been elected to the highest office yet. Today’s left values feeling good more than it values ability and that right there summarizes why I don’t have a lot of confidence in our future.

  • Jus Wundrin

    Here, Ill help with hillary’s accomplishments: 1) 4 dead Americans in Benghazi. 2) ??????????? 3) Uhhhhmmmmmmm

    Well she did wear the muslim slave rags of submission while the caliph wannabe looked on in approval!

    • The Gimlet Eye

      Is that the muslim hokey-pokey?

      • Jus Wundrin

        You put your left hand in, and the axe comes down and then you shake it all about…..

        • jackbenimble333

          I would have hit the up arrow a few more times if the option had been available. I just snorted half a Coor’s Lght up my nose and it tickles almost as bad as being called a racist.

  • barbara

    That’s because there aren’t any…. except that she is an accomplished liar. That should be at the top of the list.

  • jay

    I know sha has the most frequent flier miles of any secretary of state in history with 0 accomplishments. But then again that doesn t matter to democrats look at the disaster we have in office now its all about electing a woman to office idiots.

  • dabba

    Dems will play the same old cards they did in the last election. Just like they accused everyone who criticized Obama a racist, they’ll dredge up the “war on women” meme. Every Republican/Conservative who criticizes Billary will be labeled a misogynist. Everything Republicans say, and I mean EVERYTHING, will be thrown into the war on women bucket, and the lapdog media will happily play along and promote the narrative. Get ready, “war on women” is all you’re going to hear once the elections start.

  • Blair Watson

    hahahaha…at least obama can say he wrecked the country…his finest achievement…that and being the biggest racist pathological liar to ever live in the Whitehouse…oh and destroying the black community…oh and weakening the US to the point where not a single tinpot dictator afraid to tell the US to jamb it…..oh and being bought off by money…oh and did I mention that by far the most corrupt politician ever…even worse than Hairy the corruptor Reid.

  • 400lbgo

    What difference at this point does it make

  • The Gimlet Eye

    Hillary’s accomplishments are like Bigfoot- people claim to have seen them, but no one has yet produced a body. Unless one considers Benghazi an accomplishment – then there are four bodies. Therefore, Sasquatch™ is now the officially designated name for Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    “So let it be written; let it be done”

    • dabba

      Goonie Goo Goo

  • Mike Alan

    If someone worked hard on the effort they could name one. HAHAHAHAAH

  • Tony Konte

    Accomplishments? what difference does it make now?

  • B Pryor

    I can; she is now Former Secretary of State!

  • Tom Geistkemper

    Her accomplishment; getting confirmed as Sec. of State by the US Senate.

  • s_c_f

    She did a great job pushing that red reset button with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. That worked wonders. She’s a genius.
    She was also good at disappearing from sight following Benghazi. Almost like a magic act. And the way she proclaimed it makes no difference what happened there… wow, she was awesome.

  • dabba

    Hillary’s biggest accomplishment has been to ride to the White House on the shirt tail of Bill. Then, using the Clinton last name, she became a New York senator who did absolutely nothing while in office. She’s not even from New York and never even lived there until she ran for office. Just goes to show how stupid northeast liberals are.

    Then, as a consolation prize for the Democrat party choosing the first black President over the first female President, she was made Secretary of State. Again, no accomplishments at all, unless you count allowing 4 Americans in an American embassy to be killed.

    So, now her biggest accomplishment is that she went along with the Democrat party, and now it’s her turn. She’s a Clinton, she’s Democrat, she’s liberal, and the most important selling point, she’s a female. Go HillDog!!!

  • chery

    I am sure media matters and all the other liberal groups have about 1000 people working on this to come up with something she accomplished.

  • jaz

    Hillary has a couple years to figure out how to answer the question. If she can’t come up with a decent answer in two years, she might want to consider offing herself, just to make sure 45 million morons don’t end up electing her anyway.

  • Thomas Manning

    Hillary’s still Bill’s wife, right? Isn’t she? That in itself is quite an accomplishment. They are still married aren’t they?
    There’s nothing to the rumor that Hillary has a girlfriend. Hillary clawed her way to the top though!
    Wait, she’s also working on clearing up the Benghazi confusion right? That’s big stuff! Does anyone doubt Hillary could be every bit as GREAT a President as Obama?
    She’s often quoted too. We’ll always remember this one: “What difference does it make?”

  • Xanadu2

    The only thing she has been consistently good at has been covering up Billy’s one man sexual war on women.

    • jb willikers

      The only war she knows anything about.

  • forgetyoutooo

    Hillary’s one and only accomplishment (if you want to call it that) was marrying Bill Clinton. Everything else she and the DNC claim as her achievements were, in reality handed to her on a silver platter by a man, the media or the DNC. She owes this nomination to Bill Clinton for speaking about the equally unaccomplished Barack Obama at the still unpaid for 2012 Convention.

    • jackbenimble333

      That’s not fair! She made a bunch of money selling cattle futures. /sarc

  • jb willikers

    She supported Morsi and the muslim Bros and democracy in Egypt until there was no democracy in Egypt and they were thrown out by all the non-Bros and the Army. Oh, wait…

  • Ack_da_foo

    Having done nothing is the best you can hope of a Democrat.

    • Thomas Manning

      Yes, it could be much worse. Don’t tempt fate!

  • Stevepvb

    What? Accomplishments? What difference does it make? And, of course, we do have her greatest accomplishment — 4 dead Americans.

  • Chris King

    If the unrelenting push behind this failure of a woman deosnt make you a bit conspiracy nutty…. Then you dont have a pulse

    Who is pushing this failure on us?

  • Dirk Digler

    Will the press pick up on this? Of course not. Will low-information voters care? No. All they care about is the fact that Hillary is a strong woman and, now, a new grandma!!!! She deserves to be president. Or something…

  • Steve

    Hillary struggles to name even ONE State Dept accomplishment…

  • steve123

    Affirmative action president take 2.

    • NSSA3Way

      From a man in a dress to a woman in a suit…

  • model94

    Why, let me! I can name some!
    – The most destablilzed middle-east in my lifetime. I’m 50.

    – The return of the Soviet Union!!! OH EM GEEEEE !!! Who would have thunk it possible?
    – The death of a Unites States Ambassador to an easily anticipated attack !!! That doesn’t happen often at all, but … apparently I’m making too big a deal of it.
    – She and Barry managed to piss off CANADA!!! And, Canadians are really, really tolerant. I know, I can see Canada from my house. OH ,I think the same holds true of Brazil. And India. Quite the trifecta there. They threw a brick through the BRICs .. pretty good, eh?

  • millennial freak

    Liberals have blind faith in the snake oil salesman. Just read the NYTimes.

  • rhurtz

    run Hillary run

    • NSSA3Way

      That’s what her imaginary Kosovo sniper said.

  • NSSA3Way

    Her bobble-headed base can’t name one accomplishment before, during or after…unless, pretending her serial rapist husband really didn’t cheat on her.

  • BobDow123

    All the funny comments notwithstanding, aside from the embarrassing failure of Hillarycare in Bill’s first term, and the tragic murder of the American Ambassador in Bengazi by al Qaeda-led terrorists, Hillary Clinton’s political career is totally unremarkable! But, perhaps that is enough for the Democrats.

    • NSSA3Way

      Democrats prefer to vote for the made up parts and the denials.

      • BobDow123

        And failures, for them, they are all “Resume enhancements!”

  • mark_a_m_1967

    If you look at things from the corporate perspective she is accomplishing exactly what she was told to by her handlers. If she continues they will buy her the presidency. Then she can open the NWO book to the appropriate chapter and continue fulfilling the script. In regards to basic humanity or morality or ethics well they are above those feeble emotions that only apply to humans. She is a perfect corporate shill and I hear she can really down the liquor.

    • mark_a_m_1967

      From the drudge and some reprobate rag but its damn funny if it wasn’t the truth….

      Chelsea Clinton and her husband, hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky, are expecting their first child. Clinton, 34, made the announcement in the exact same way you would, in a speech she gave together with her mother at a Lower East Side event promoting the Clinton Foundation’s effort to empower girls. The baby is due sometime this fall.

      Dear Baby Clinton-Mezvinsky:

      Welcome to advanced gestation! Since you’re new around here, I thought you’d like to know a little bit about what makes you so special. The reason is, you’re going to live your whole life in make-believe!

      Do you know the fairy stories about a princess in a castle? Well, you get to be that real-life prince or princess, in a real-life castle where Mommy Chelsea is also a princess, Grandma is about to be crowned Queen, and Grandpa Bill is a retired ex-King with lots of helpful advice on ruling the kingdom, er, monarchy. (Your other grandma and grandpa were both a kind of court vassal called Congressmen. Oopsies, other grandpa, Edward Mezvinsky, even went to something called “prison,” which is kind of like a big, cozy crib! Can you say “wire fraud”? Good, you can’t! Don’t! Around here we pretend Grandpa isn’t a criminal!)

      Inside the castle towers you will find that Mommy, Mommy’s mommy and Mommy’s daddy Bill are all really good at make-believe games. So you get to pretend all the time! Mommy’s mommy and Mommy’s daddy even pretend to still be married even though they’ve been living hundreds of miles apart for 14 years!

      Before you were even born your mommy’s mommy pretended that it’s a completely normal thing to announce your own grandchild’s birth to the world at a joint press appearance with your mom, hosted on Skype and live-streamed. With America Ferrera!

      Although you will at all times pretend to be a normal baby, you actually already have your very own career, like doctor or fireman or lobbyist! Can you say “Campaign Asset”? Good, now let’s learn about skill sets! You only need one talent. Ready? It’s “Soften the Candidate”! Sort of like human bubble bath.

      Now, even though you have a busy life, sleeping 18 hours a day, nursing and learning to roll over, all of this comes second to being a stage prop to the grandma they call “Hillary” or “Madame President” or “Lady Pantsuit.” When big, scary men with huge, glowing boxes on their shoulders come around, don’t be afraid! They’re only here to shine blinding lights into your widdle eyes. Kind of like a dozen suns shining at the same time! Just think of them as the Sunshine Men. They will be accompanied by nice pretend journalists who are actually castle-outreach people named Katie or Oprah or Diane, whose job it is to make you and Grandma look good, so don’t cry so much, and only on cue! (Example: When Grandma Hillary says, “That ol’ John Boehner sure gets upset when he doesn’t get what he wants,” start wailing!)

      There are a few special little things you need to know about. For instance, if you are a girl, mean people will mail you blue Gap dresses. You don’t need to worry about where they came from, because the castle’s shining knights will go after them. These knights work for a castle security program called the IRS. Those blue Gap dresses are a reference to something unfortunate that happened a long, long time ago that we all pretend didn’t happen and anyway was all the fault of barbarians and trolls living outside the castle. We call these twisted creatures Republicans.

      In two years or so, when most babies are just learning to crawl, you will be hitting the road! Grandma Hillary is going to need you to smile and coo whenever there are Sunshine Men around. So play nice and don’t projectile vomit. Grandma is not what grown-ups call “maternal,” and was busy turning $1,000 into $100,000 in the magical cow trading market when your mommy was a baby, so she will have to make believe she is really “helping out” with you. No crying if she gets the diaper on the wrong end!

      When you’re a teenager, you may start getting strange invitations from Grandpa Bill. Don’t be surprised if he asks you to invite all of your girl friends and their bikinis over to his house for a pool party. Grandpa Bill loves young people, especially young female people frolicking in the sunshine!

      The best part of your make-believe Clinton-Mezvinsky life is that people will pretend you’re good at things and give you gifts like high-paying consultancy gigs when you just got out of college, jobs reporting for NBC News when you have as much camera-awareness as a smoked flounder, and the leadership of the free world because you “deserve it.” Learn to accept everything as your due, baby Clinton-Mezvinsky, and maybe Mommy and you will be the third and fourth Clintons to rule the kingdom!

  • maodeedee

    Ummm…, well, she traveled a lot of miles? Uh…….., She had a reset button that said “Overcharged” in Russian? Oh, I know, she ran interference for Obama on Bengazi? Yeah! that’s the ticket! She lied for the president ! Just like Haldeman, and Ehrlichman did for Nixon!

    But Hillary got away with it, and that’s quite an accomplishment.

    • Carlos Danger

      Eff them all from either party. this Nation is circling the drain and we simply can not afford wankers in the oval office or in Congress. The inside the Beltway crowd would love to see a battle of the retreads – Hillary vs Jeb Bush; tweedle dum versus tweedle dumber.
      Let’s elect people who scare the bejebus out of the D.C. Establishement.


    But yet, the drooling, brain-dead Libtards still want her as our next President.

    • mark_a_m_1967

      It does not matter about these so called lib-tards or the Republic-rants. Neither group dictates the presidency that is in the hands of the corporations. Do their bidding and your path is secure. Elections are like sports betting – the fix is always in.

  • BobDow123

    Note to Hillary, cut that hair! You aren’t 25 (or 35, or 45, or 55) anymore.

    • maodeedee

      A new hairdo or even lipstick on a pig changes nothing. And plastic surgery only makes people who are ugly to the very core look more grotesque. I mean how much more can you stretch the face of Nancy Pelosi before her eyeballs pop out of their sockets completely?

  • Bill Pearlman

    Because there isn’t any

  • Redford1

    No, but you see, “what does it matter anyway.” They’ll vote for her anyway because it’s an emotional, not logical issue of eligibility, and that is what will have to be overcome to put someone truly eligible in office.

  • BobSaccomano

    I’ve posted this before after stories about her, and I’ll do it again.

    She could be filmed clubbing a baby seal to death, and still get elected by the dim-witted voters who want to show the world how “progressive” they are. For that reason never, ever count this woman out.

    • Redford1


  • Richard291

    I have one accomplishment she can run on, but “What Difference Does it Make” that 4-Americans were killed under her watch and she continues to refuse to testify truthfully. Ugly Needs to Disappear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Buypass

    Airplane milage. She flew and flew and flew. Never did any good, but she sure flew.

  • djred678

    If Matthew Lee would have been objective, he would know the answer himself. Apparently, AP reporter means you don’t know how to Google.

    All the other low-info voters can find more here

    or below:
    And let me just briefly share with you some of the progress we’ve made in each of these areas. First, adapting our diplomacy for the 21st century. We are empowering our chiefs of mission, our ambassadors, as interagency CEOs and making sure to include their perspective whenever a decision touches their country and their responsibilities within it. Ambassadors now regularly participate in high-level interagency policy making discussions with Washington via video conference. And they help formally evaluate employees from other agencies as part of our whole of government approach.

    We also created a home for all of our experts on one of the defining challenges of our time: energy. For too long, energy was the second, third, or forth priority for several different offices. Now, the new Bureau of Energy Resources is our single point of contact on all energy issues. ENR is already working in close coordination with the Department of Energy to keep energy markets stable as we implement sanctions on Iran and to lead our global strategy with the UN to achieve sustainable energy for all. And ENR taps skill sets from across the government – from Treasury, Commerce, Interior, among others – to run the Energy Governance and Capacity Initiative, which is helping countries use their own energy resources transparently to actually benefit their own citizens. (Applause.)

    We also reconceived the role of the under secretary for global affairs, now known as the under secretary for civilian security, democracy and human rights. We wanted to focus on those areas, civilian security and the other essential elements of building safe, fair, and just societies. We erased the organizational distinctions between what was once viewed as hard power and soft power, the kind of security concerns with a hard edge, in order to look more comprehensively and in depth at an integrated and ultimately more effective approach.

    Now, counterterrorism and police training programs work alongside those that defend human rights, promote opportunities for young people, combat trafficking-in-persons. In other words, we are bringing a 360-degree approach to people protection that addresses both the root causes of insecurity and its immediate threats. Working closely with regional bureaus, the new J family works to make sure a government’s first obligation is to its own people; that government institutions, including courts, police forces, and others that affect everyday life are rooted in the rule of law and respect for human rights; that refugees are protected from persecution; that the voice of young people is heard and respected; and individuals are protected from the excesses of government.

    In the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example, a country emerging from decades of conflict, the J family is working closely with the Africa Bureau to create the environment for more stability and security, working to prevent sexual and gender-based violence, break the link between conflict minerals and violence, support democratic institutions that can promote lasting peace, and achieve accountability for the atrocities that have been committed against innocents.

    We have also elevated the Counterterrorism Office to a full bureau that will help us build an international counterterrorism network that is as nimble and adaptive as our adversaries. The CT Bureau is undermining extremists’ attempts to find new recruits, and shrinking the space available to al-Qaida and its affiliates by increasing the capacity of our partners to combat terrorism on their own.

    Now, we also launched a new center – to deal with countering violent extremism – within the State Department, and I attended the inaugural meeting just yesterday and saw the interagency in full splendor as I sat between Danny Benjamin and Ann Stock and Ambassador Richard LeBaron, and across from representatives from DOD, CIA, DNI, you name it. Because it makes no sense for us to be trying to combat violent extremism, have expertise in the CIA, expertise in DOD, expertise across our government that is siloed in ways we don’t even know what each other is doing. So we’re trying to break down those bureaucratic barriers.

    We’ve also launched – (applause) – as an American initiative, along with our partners around the world, the Global Counterterrorism Forum to strengthen civilian-led counterterrorism efforts and further bridge the divide between security and development. And in addition, we’ve taken many other steps, one in particular – establishing a coordinator for cyber issues that is going to be increasingly important to us in order to respond quickly to 21st century threats.

    Second, along with the great leadership of Dr. Raj Shah, we are transforming our approach to development. We’ve made a long-term commitment to rebuilding USAID as the world’s premier development agency. Under the USAID forward reform agenda, we’ve strengthened AID’s capacity to elevate development as a pillar of civilian power. We’ve built up the Policy, Planning, and Learning Bureau, and I especially liked that initiative, because we need to be constantly a learning organism – what can we do better, what can we learn from others. It is now a thought leader on development; adopting an outstanding system for monitoring and evaluating our work around the world; reinvigorating our investments in science, technology and innovation; and stepping up our focus on democracy, human rights, and governance.

    We’re also consolidating our administrative services when it makes sense from a business and operations perspective. It no longer makes sense in a world of constrained resources in countries to have separate warehouses for State Department and AID. We need efficiencies. We need economies of scale. And we’re working through all of that. Pat Kennedy and his great M team is really helping. And as promised, we launched a foreign assistance dashboard at That lets anyone in the world with an internet connection to see where we are investing and how much, and I will be discussing this in greater details at the USAID town hall. (Applause.) It’s also nice to be able to refer our own inquiries that still people think we spend 20 percent of the U.S. Government’s budget on development to tell them to go to the and actually get a little evidence-based reality going here. (Laughter.)

    Third, because we recognize that it’s more important than ever to address the problems of fragile states, we are strengthening our capacity to prevent and respond to crisis. We rolled out our new Conflict and Stabilization Operations Bureau. And in the past year, CSO has deployed more than 175 Civilian Response Corps members to hotspots in more than 30 countries around the world. They come from nine different agencies and bureaus, including USAID, which has expanded its own work in this area. They’re working everywhere from Afghanistan to South Sudan to Timor-Leste, often in some of the most remote and least governed places on earth. They can be found camped alongside special forces, sleeping under mosquito nets in campsites hacked out of the jungle by machete, eating MREs, hitching rides in the back of pickups to meet with local leaders – not the common image of a diplomat. But they are among the hundreds of State and USAID employees practicing a tradecraft that now lives at the intersection of diplomacy, development, and security.

    And finally – (applause) – we are doing everything we can to work smarter by improving our approaches to planning, procurement, and personnel. For example, we have overhauled the way State and USAID go about setting goals and developing long-term plans. For the first time, strategic planning and resource planning are separate and sequential processes. Now as obvious as it may seem to all of us here today, we now set our goals before we determine funding rather than doing everything all at once, and we’re simplifying those processes to relieve unnecessary burdens.

    • Richard291

      I am so proud of your efforts to BS the rest of the country WITH THAT LONG WINDED BS as written above, but this pain in the Arzzzz of a woman, along with her minions are on the verge of TRANSFORMING this country to the likes that WE THE PEOPLE need to wake up and vote them out of office REAL SOON. Let’s start with your little darling and the rest of the Clintons and send them packing and just leave us the HELL ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1azuce

    She once did that black accent thingy “I ain’t in no ways tahrred..I come tooo farrrr. I dodge thems sniper fire too.”

  • skullbuster


  • Tom Rogers

    Record jet fuel consumption and verbal global warming BS

  • Cindy Otis

    Since when do accomplishments matter to the Democratic Party?!?! They only care if you’re the right race, ethnic group, gender, and sexual orientation. Nothing else matters to them. You don’t need a track record. You don’t have to be intelligent. You don’t need morals or principals. You just need to be in the right special “group” and Dems think you “are entitled” to lead the US and hold elected office. Seriously. Our current President is living proof of this philosophy.

    • BobSaccomano


  • ancientemplar

    She was Bill Clinton ‘ s wife. Is that enough?

  • John Brittingham


  • contradem

    She did suck this thing for 5 years…That’s an accomplishment considering she and her loser hubby hate his guts.

  • notademocrat

    Well she popularized pants suits.

    • Morning Star

      Only for National Organization of Women (NOW) members….all 72 of them. Hating men is no longer stylist except for her old breed.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Cankles has ONE accomplishment: NOT strangling Hee Haw the Harasser in his sleep.

  • notademocrat

    All that matters to them is that she can say she tries and she cares. What difference does it make.

  • notademocrat

    We are in revolutionary times.

    • Morning Star

      Yes, we are. With BLM going next to Texas there will be 26 million Texans waiting for her. As Obama said about those rural people “Guns and Religion”.

  • Ambassador Stevens

    What difference does it make?

  • juandos

    Hillary the hag’s only claim to accomplishment to date – she helped handle the bimbo eruptions when slick willie was defiling the Oval Office…

    Now if Hillary the hag wanted a serious best seller on the NY Times book review it would be describing the tawdry tales of a sexual predator…

  • joe langley

    Has she ever done honest days work in her life?

  • CorrectionPlease

    single handedly carried Vince Foster to the park
    expert on billing at Rose Law Firm
    squashed the bimbo eruptions . . . professionally
    hit the airport sniper with a well thrown vase . . .
    took care of Buddy the dog . . . and Webb Hubble . . .
    or am I getting her targets mixed up . . .

  • Gunny G Alz

    Hey y’all go easy on Killary. Why when she slipped going up AF Three or Four on a State Dept trip she chipped a hoof and nearly cracked a fetlock! That had to be painful.

  • Jack Gil

    Yet she will win her parties presidential nomination based on her “accomplishments”. The urge to elect the “first (insert you favorite adjective here)” overides what is best for this country.

  • Medal

    One – able to blame the de aths of 4 Americans on a video story later proven to be false and never have to answer once for it.

    • FL_Stingray

      I pray that she answers for it when and if she runs for office

  • Gizmo74

    “What difference, at this point, could it possibly make???”

  • JohnJGalt

    Well, there was that great “reset” button she gave Russia! That sure has worked well…..

  • disqus_sBKZDGKiG8

    The NY Times said that when Mrs. Clinton left the State Department, that her tenure in office was, let me get this right, “widely well regarded” or words close to it. They did not mention a single achievement, either.

    Let’s face it. They don’t need achievements. That would be sexist or racist or something. And believe me, the Dems I know just don’t care.

    Don’t even bother with those people.

  • XonXoff

    Hillary’s only achievement as Secretary of State…

    …she survived her first stroke.

  • Tracksuit Al

    Sending Susan Rice to mislead about Benghazi instead of herself was her biggest accomplishment.

  • The Idle Architect

    Wouldn’t ‘misplacing’ six billion dollars count for something?

  • The Idle Architect

    Oh, here’s one……

  • dltaylor51

    I can think of a lot of things Hillary got wrong though.

  • GNO54940MG

    I can name one her and O-bozo/idiot got 4 American murdered by their incompetence. Neither one of them was able to answer that 3 AM phone call they both are failures. Same with an Obama policy that he initiated that is a success? nothing they are morons!

  • Morning Star

    She can also be known for verbally attacking a small, African boy when he asked about her husband being sent to N. Korea to free a hostage. Anything that is male she hates…even a small boy.