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Rep. Grayson offers “friends with benefits” access to donors

December 11, 2013 | Stephen Gutowski - 9 Comments

The Alan Grayson (D – Fla.) re-election campaign has begun searching for people to become the congressman’s “friends with benefits” according to an email sent out Wednesday morning.

The email, originally obtained by Red Alert Politics’s Kelsey Osterman, was entitled “TODAY ONLY: Friends With Benefits.” The email states that the congressman wanted to offer “special thanks” to those that have supported him on a monthly basis. It also claims that these “friends with benefits” are “important to our campaign.” It even says the “friends with benefits” “mean too much to” them.

That’s the reason given for the congressman’s campaign to “start looking for something we can do for you.”

As part of the “friends with benefits” program those providing monthly support to the Democrat will be eligible for certain perks. One is reportedly the ability to ask the congressmen questions and get answers back from him. All on video.

Image via Red Alert Politics

Image via Red Alert Politics

A spokesperson for the congressman’s campaign refused to disclose exactly how many “friends with benefits” the congressman has. However, the email suggests that it is “a large number” of “the more than two thousand supporters” who have thus far “heeded the call” of the congressman.

The email tries to manage expectations for those entering into the pact by saying “of course, we would like to do more. We would like to give every single Friend with Benefits a Lamborghini.” “But”, it continues, ” that’s not practical, at least not at this time.”

It does, however, rekindle hope for more fulfilling future benefits by asking for “suggestions” of how the congressman’s campaign can “be good” to his faithful supporters.

It remains to be seen whether the relationship between the congressman and his many “friends with benefits” will satisfy either side or if it is truly a no strings attached situation. We may never know what goes on between the two parties behind closed doors but this arrangement raises plenty of hard questions.

Will Grayson’s supporters be pleased by what he has to offer? Are Grayson and his “friends with benefits’ exchanging more away from the public eye than what he’s shown off in this email? Does anything going on here cross the line?

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