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Obama on insurance cancelations: “That’s on me”

During a press conference in which he announced a change to the way Obamacare treats current insurance plans, the President admitted that the millions of cancellations were his fault. He said, specifically, “that’s on me.”

Stephen Gutowski


  • Not-Jello Biafra

    I wanted to go as Obama for Halloween but everybody was sold out of lying sack of s*** costumes.

  • davidl1

    So now Obama is generously throwing himself underneath the bus in a failed attempt to make people believe that his fellow democrats didn’t vote for ObamaCare…. The Independents who put Obama in the office and gave control of the senate to the democrats aren’t buying this. They are voting overwhelmingly against democrats this cycle.

    The only good thing about ObamaCare is that it guarantees republicans will have majority of both houses in 2014, where ObamaCare will be killed. The SCOTUS said it was a tax anyway, and both houses have the constitutional authority to remove taxes.

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