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‘Non-partisan’ group paid $1 million to produce positive Obamacare stories

With the roll out of Obamacare being as disastrous as possible for the Obama administration, one group was given a $1 million grant to help lead a rebranding effort with hopes of salvaging the law in the eyes of the American people.

Families USA (FUSA) — an organization that describes itself as a “national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans” — was given a $1.1 million grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on October 4, 2013, to gather “success stories” of Americans dealing with Obamacare and distribute them to the media who often refer to them as an “independent” group. This is part of a greater upcoming effort to bolster the perception of the lowly health care law.

“The purpose is to bridge the information gap for people who can significantly benefit from the Affordable Care Act,” Ron Pollack, the Co-founder and Executive Director of Families USA, told TIME on October 25, 2013.

However, the organization is a far cry from “non-partisan” and is extremely close to the Obama Administration and Enroll America – the group leading the efforts to sign people up for Obamacare.

Philippe Villers, the president of Families USA,  serves as the Secretary and Treasurer of Board of a little-known group called the Herndon Alliance. The Herndon Alliance originated in Herndon, VA in 2005 and produced research the left used to sell the overhaul of the United States health care system and counteract opposition as the president was making a push for Obamacare.  As Lachlan Markay of the Washington Free Beacon noted, they are credited with crafting President Obama’s, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” message, and are even backed with money from George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

In 2009 Politico wrote, “When President Barack Obama says Americans can maintain their ‘choice’ of doctors and insurance plans, he is using a Herndon strategy for wringing fear out of a system overhaul.” They were also described as, “the most influential group in the health arena that the public has never heard of.”

Ron Pollack, the above mentioned co-founder and Executive Director of Families USA,  told the Washington Post in a 2010 interview after the passage of Obamacare that he was going to help found a group called Enroll America in order to raise millions of dollars to assist with enrollment.

“We’re actually helping to found a new organization to work on this. Its placeholder name is Enroll America, and it will involve all the different interest groups, from supporters of reform like consumers groups to community health centers and doctors and insurers,” Pollack told Ezra Klein during an interview. He continued, “And what we’ll do is raise tens of millions of dollars for state groups to work with the state to try to create the most effective systems to apply and enroll. You should be able to enroll with simple application forms at a doctor’s office or a pharmacy. You shouldn’t have to take the day off of work. That sort of thing.”

Pollack currently sits on the board of directors of Enroll America.

In fact, the grants given by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation show Families USA and Enroll America are in the exact same office building, in the exact same suite.

Here is a screen cap of the grant awarded to Families USA, located at 1201 New York Avenue, N.W., Suite 1100, Washington, D.C.

Rachel Klein, the person listed on the grant to Families USA, is a former employee of Enroll America.



Here is a screen cap of the grant awarded to Enroll America, located at 1201 New York Avenue, N.W., Suite 1100, Washington, D.C.

Anne Filipic, the person listed on the grant for Enroll America, formerly served as Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. Before this, she was the Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.



As for the foundation that awarded the grants to Families USA and Enroll America — The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation— they are the largest philanthropy group in the United States devoted to health and health care. They, too, have close ties to the Obama Administration.

Their current president and CEO, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, sits on President Obama’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition.

Nancy-Ann DeParle, who sits on the Board of Trustees of the foundation, served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy in the Obama Administration from January 2011 until January 2013. Before this, she served as the president’s Health Care Czar and led the administrations effort to pass Obamacare. She is referred to as the administrations “point guard” for overhauling the American health care system.

This isn’t the first time the “non-partisan” Families USA will help the Obama administration rebuild the image of the law.

Every year, FUSA puts on the Health Care Action (HCA) conference. During the 15th HCA conference in January 2010 before the law passed, White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett told those in attendance that the fight for new legislation was not nearly over. “You have been out there in the trenches working with us every single day. On behalf of President Obama, I want to have the pleasure of thanking you. […] I want to reassure you he has not given up on this.”

Later that year,  FUSA partnered with the Obama administration with the goal of rebuilding the image of the unpopular health care bill.

Anita Dunn, former communications director for the administration, and Andrew Grossman, a top Democratic strategist who coordinated grassroots efforts in 2009 for health care reform, came up with a plan that would last until 2014 consisting of “road shows” with the intent of being “media-centric.”

“Those events are intended to be media-centric,” Pollack said of the nationwide public relations plan. “We devote a lot of time before and after to meet with editorial boards, to do radio and TV interviews and sit down with local reporters.”

In 2011, after the annual HCA conference convened, FUSA put together a document titled, “Messaging Cheat Sheet: Mastering the 30-Second Sound Byte.” The document contained ways to answer difficult questions being asked from reporters or the public.


“At the Families USA Health Action 2011 Conference in January, we convened a plenary session that presented the findings of focus group and polling research about how to talk about the Affordable Care Act with the public. As part of this plenary, we asked the audience of state advocates from across the country to submit examples of questions that they have been asked by the public or reporters and that they struggle to answer; many more questions were submitted than our panelists had time to answer,” it states.

Within the 26-page document, there are questions dealing with addressing health care costs and premium increases, effects on the health insurance industry, business, and jobs. Also discussed are questions on provider concerns, repeal efforts, and coverage issues.

Here is a sample question from the document dealing with Republican opposition:

Question: One major concern raised by Republicans and other opponents of the law is that it busts the budget. Did Congress burden our children with the cost of health reform?

No. Prevention saves money. Controlling waste, fraud, and abuse in health care saves money. Controlling industry greed saves money. Patient-focused health care saves money. Efficient delivery of services saves money. Not depending on emergency rooms saves money. And all these improvements are part of the new law.


In truth, the Affordable Care Act reduces the deficit. Congress’s official scorekeeper—the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office—estimated that the Affordable Care Act would reduce the federal deficit over the next 10 years. And earlier this year, when Republicans in the House wanted to repeal the Affordable Care Act—the official scorekeeper estimated that repealing the law would actually increase the deficit.


Fixing health care will strengthen the economy by keeping more Americans healthy and by making coverage more affordable for families and for businesses. Healthier workers are more productive. American businesses will be more competitive in global markets.

Throughout 2011, the group was cited numerous times by mainstream news outlets as an unbiased source in showing immediate “positive signs’ emerging from the law without reference to their liberal bend.

For example, a report from CBS News hyped Medicaid and Medicare sob stories, while calling them “an advocacy group for health care consumers.” They were used again by CBS to play up Obamacare’s “early success” while referring to Ron Pollack as a “patients rights advocate” with no mention of his liberal agenda.

Now, they will try once again to do damage control for the White House and Democrats.

The media recently used them to show signs of life from the law amid a sea of bad news – as displayed by The Huffington Post and The Washington Post just last week. Both outlets touted a “study” from the group that supposedly shows positive signs from the law. The Washington Post even gave it the headline, “Want to debate Obamacare’s cancellations? You need to see this study first.”

Enroll America is sending emails with “success stories” of people signing up for Obamacare through the faulty website– the purpose of the grant given to Families USA and a tactic they have used previously.

While the group doesn’t hide the fact they’re in favor of the law, they are used as an “independent” group when referenced by the media. This is the case despite being tied to Enroll America and their close proximity to the Obama administration.

Joe Schoffstall

Joe Schoffstall is a Reporter and Editor at Capitol City Project. Previously, he worked as a Multimedia Reporter at the Media Research Center (MRCTV, His work has been featured on numerous outlets including the Drudge Report, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, Yahoo News, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post—among many others.


  • AnotherPawn

    Don’t you just love how these commie hacks just throw around our money any way they please. Now trying to put lipstick on a pig, hey liar from kenya, it’s still a pig.

    • Engage Gray Matter

      That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the article. The Office of Propaganda and Lies and has its work cut out for it. You beat me to the punch. Yep, you can put lipstick on Obama, but its still just Obama. You can’t dress up failure….. : ) Have a great Thanksgiving!

      • J Wolfe

        I love how the headline calls them a non-partisan group, then goes on show that they and their board members are ENTIRELY PARTISAN. Once again, our lying, pathetic, Pravda-media gets the pretzel award for bending the details to make Barry look like something other than a train wreck.

        If a revolution starts, the media heads will be the first to roll.

        • Norm

          but they won’t. Wanna know why? President Obama and the ACA are what the people of this country want. It’s helped so many Americans already get the health care they deserve. I am very proud of my President and my country this thanksgiving.

          • Jim Denney

            Does KenyanCare cover delusions? You need help.

          • Sum Ting Wong

            Nope, if you like your mental problems, you actually DO get to keep them.

            If you’re a 50 year old male, however, you’re now covered for mammograms, pap smears, maternity, and birth control pills.

          • justsaynotosocialism

            One size fits all health care. Barry learned this at the Down Low.

          • alwalden

            Down Low is Harvard?

          • alwalden

            That’s why it’s COMPREHENSIVE, not based on gender, moron.

            Women also get viaggggra and other male stuff, moron.

          • TomJB

            And you think its ok that women are required to pay for viagra and prostate exams?

          • Mel Content

            Women also get viaggggra and other male stuff

            And you think that’s a good thing?

          • SWohio

            Norm hasn’t filled his prescriptions in some time, and eventually they do wear off, leaving the patient in a delusional state.

            There are quite a few Norms, actually, using the same ‘identity’ and most likely sharing the same meds.

          • Conservative4Ever

            26,000= “many Americans” who signed up for ACA.

            +5,500,000 = cancelled policies because of ACA

            Norm keep drinking koolaide. When the employer mandate hits next year at least 60 million Americans will get cancelled policies. ObamaCare is decimating America and ole Norm thinks this is a good thing.

          • Norm

            the fact that the 1% has to pay their fair share is a bad thing??

          • justsaynotosocialism

            You liberals wouldn’t know ‘fairness’ if it hit you upside the head.

          • EdKulzer

            Justsayno, “Norm” is a very well known Left wingnut troll in the article blogs. He’s unemployed, but makes $1.50 and hour + $.50 a comment, so when he needs money, he’ll be posting his laughable drool all over the place.

            We all laugh it this dull-witted troll since he thinks he’s making a difference in people’s minds, but, whatever.

            He’s pathetic and his life serves no purpose, but, even dung beetles eventually find a job.

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            Soros is overpaying him; but if it puts him that much closer to the poor house then it’s fine.

            Maybe while he is at it, Norm could tell us what Soros’ fair share is.

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            Hey, where can you get that gig? Obviously they are not paying for truth or content.

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          • nostudme1

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            There’s a word for that. It’s called “loser”.

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            Original…yeah…just like “It’s Bush’s fault.”

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            Just like the sin?

          • teeter

            I think you mean their fair share plus yours.

          • dbt3481

            The top 1% pay 39% of all taxes, the top 50% pay 97% of all taxes.

            Don’t talk to me about fair. The problem in this nation is not taxes, it is spending.

            The Obama administration has written more regulations in 5 years than all other presidents combined.

            Is that fair? Go cash your EBT card.

          • alwalden

            The top 1% cleaned up by swindling the middle class with mortgage fraud.

            An April 23, 2013 study found that “the mean net worth of households in the upper 7% of the wealth distribution rose by an estimated 28%, while the mean net worth of households in the lower 93% dropped by 4%.”

          • DJM2142

            in other words you’ve followed the lure and swallowed the government media complex’s propaganda machine bait hook line and sinker

          • Freddie King

            Another progressive ignoramus heard from …..the “top 1%” didn’t swindle anyone. Bill Clinton and the democrats foisted the Community Reinvestment Act on the lenders who were FORCED to make bad loans to unqualified individuals.

          • Timothy_D

            The CRA started with Jimma Carter… Clinton just put it on steroids.

          • Freddie King

            Of course you are correct. I put more blame on Clinton, though as the program grew mightily under his corrupt administration.

          • Sammie Jo

            Cue Barney Frank.

          • creatorwest

            He’s in the men’s room at the truck stop. Back in a minute.

          • creatorwest

            Freddie, in a nutshell ……….. you have hit the nail directly on the head.

          • ultimate1red1

            Democrats in their own words Covering up Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac scandal


          • lessthantolerant

            This guy Meeks is one of the dumbest parasites I have ever seen speak.

          • capoprimo

            In spite of his stupidity, this guy made several million in bonuses and that my friend came from the Taxpayers pockets because Freddie and Fannie were broke!

          • Mel Content

            Liberals LOVE dumb “representatives of color” such as Meeks, Cynthia McKinney and Sheila Jackson Lee, while at the same time showing fanatical hatred for brilliant, accomplished black folks like Condoleeza Rice, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Dr. Ben Carson. They have no use for blacks who are independent and can think for themselves.

          • SeahorseKB

            Of course they hate any black citizen who is successful and makes something of themselves. They don’t want any of the welfare slaves to the Democrat plantation to see there is a way out of dependency by being educated and hard working. The Dems know the only way they can stay in power is to keep playing Santa Claus to the illiterate takers. Sad but true.

          • lessthantolerant

            Sadly this is true, but how sad they have been able to brainwash nearly an entire race to commit suicide by stupidity.

          • pfbonney

            I can’t say “Amen!” loud enough.

          • Hubie337

            Rich people own STOCK because it is tax efficient. Has NOTHING to do with mortgage fraud. I bet if you looked back at 2008, the top 1% LOST HUGE amounts of net worth.

          • Timothy_D

            That is exactly Obama’s plan. His friends (the uber-rich) get stronger, while the middle class gets pushed down, eventually heading to government assistance. Where do you think the $78 billion a month (that Bernanke is printing) of fiat money is going? It’s going to Obama’s bankster friends. That is what socialists do! They want at two class population, and feeding the rich is part of the plan. You stats are probably right on, but it’s completely part of Obama’s game plan!

          • lessthantolerant

            Great plan for a revolution. Let’s introduce them to the Louie hair cut!

          • Jonathan Miller

            You are right. And it was all enabled by Democrats and bankers. Notice the perpetual pumping of the stock markets from the buying of bonds by the Fed? How about Barney Frank saying that all was well in Freddie and Fannie when GWB said something was wrong? Who turned out to be right there? I love how Liberals and leftist blame the rich for theft when they are the party that is behind it all. Wall Street donations to Dems dwarfed that of Republicans. Wall Street and Rich Donors to Dems are given a license to steal. And they do.

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            alwalden the ever faithful Commissar. Rewards await such useful idiots like you. Now go back to playing in your sandbox and leave the rest of us adults alone to clean up the mess of your Messiah Obama.

          • lessthantolerant

            Please poor people will always be poor, when you are lazy and stupid you can not succeed.

          • capoprimo

            You blame everyone else for the poor mistakes people make. No on forced them to buy homes worth $400-500 thousands while their earning didn’t even qualify for a $20,000 cabin. It was their sheer greed and total mental incompetence that got them in financial mess. The Banks, thanks to the Government edicts, were powerless to deny them the loans for which normally they wouldn’t have qualified.

          • Sammie Jo

            No, no one forced them but they did ALLOW it, without the program, they would have never qualified.

          • Mel Content

            You blame everyone else for the poor mistakes people make. No on forced them to buy homes worth $400-500 thousands while their earning didn’t even qualify for a $20,000 cabin. It was their sheer greed and total mental incompetence that got them in financial mess.

            I’m with you on that one because I have seen it firsthand. I had people working for me who made $15/hour (because they weren’t worth a penny more) who lived and hour or two out of town so they could buy a three bedroom house they didn’t need instead of a 1 BR closer to work. The ironic part is that they never were able to work even an 8 hour day because they spent 2-4 hours per day commuting to the sticks. Despite my attempts to reason with them, they were all convinced that they were going to flip these houses a few years down the road and retire on the income. Stupidity knows no bounds, but the real problem is that the Dems created a moral hazard by buying shaky loans from the financial institutions, creating an incentive for more of the same irresponsible behavior all the way around.

          • Mel Content

            The top 1% cleaned up by swindling the middle class with mortgage fraud.

            Your ignorance is apparent. The only people who committed fraud were the people who deliberately lied and misrepresented their financial ability to pay back their loans on their mortgage applications. You seek to blame a small group of people for all the problems of others, when too many people being their own problems on themselves.

          • MWhite

            You mean the mortgage fraud perpetrated by Barney Frank and Chris Dood and their Freddie Mac-Fannie Mae screw-up.

          • creatorwest

            Hey Alwalden,
            Yep and that’s fairly simple to understand. This country has been STRANGLED for the last 5 years with socialism and massive over regulation such that the previous upward mobility of the lower and middle economic strata was and is paralyzed from capitalistic achievement and rising upward.
            You post real numbers but you have no understanding of them only misdirected myopic anger directed by your socialist leaders.
            Not really too difficult to understand.

          • 2619

            You are truly a libTARD!!!

          • JJ

            The mortgage fraud was started and protected by democrates you dumb sht.

          • Sammie Jo

            And the lower 42% pay NO taxes.

          • Joe_D

            And a huge portion of them get government subsidies.

          • Sammie Jo

            That’s right!

          • JJ

            fair share? you are delusional. You obviously have no knowledge of tax code. The 1% are able to reduce their taxes through long term investment and property. The only way to ensure everyone is paying their fair share is through a flat tax, with no loop holes. That one percent you imagine is acctually the 53% of American middle income eaners. When Obama says the 1% he actually means those Americans that work for a living, he can not touch the top 1%, they own him.

          • alwalden

            A so-called “fair tax” is regressive and will never get through Congress.

          • Hubie337

            Obviously, you have never read the book and don’t know how it works.

          • JJ

            Its flat….. not fair. A flat tax would save American billions as there would be no need for an IRS.

          • Derek Chapman

            Correct, JJ. It just baffles the mind how Middle America can’t see through the BS. Sadly, Middle America is waking up to the charade…. but, they’re late to the party and now we’re all being served…

          • David Clark

            And what is a “fair share”? A person works hard and smart to develop a profitable business, then you socialists demand they give up their EARNED dollars to support a mob of school drop outs of which society supports a million of them in prisons. Brood mares drop babies so they get more of OUR $$$. What we really need is forced sterilization if you collect welfare.

          • Rebas Thgil

            That’s an insult to real brood mares lol.

          • David Clark

            Rebas, After long and deep reexamination I hang my head in shame!!! To compare these less then human useless creatures to such a wonderful, beautiful animals who have sometimes given their lives in service to us IS an undeserved strike which I now deeply regret. Thank you for pointing that out.
            I was thinking of maybe a Black Mamba, but alas they do earn their own food, shelter without another snake being put into slavery.

          • alwalden

            You’re right David Clark, we should just eat and/or starve the poor.

            It’s the Christian way.

          • Timothy_D

            Able bodied citizens should be given a “hand up”, not a life long “hand out”. Obama and his friends want to give life long hand outs, to ensure democrat control of the government.
            A democrat’s worst fear is a prosperous, self sufficient, well educated, responsible and well informed populace. Should that ever happen, who would be left to vote democrat?
            The destruction of the economy is intentional. Get your ignorant head out of the sand and realize that democrats don’t give a crap about you. They only want your vote, and are willing to destroy the country in an effort to retain control.

          • SeahorseKB

            This is exactly why liberals despise Thomas Sowell, Condy Rice, Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, and other successful blacks who made something of themselves. The Dems are threatened by them.

          • Eric Albin

            You apparently haven’t read your Bible too diligently.

            “He who does not work, neither shall he eat” ~ II Thessalonians 3:10

          • lessthantolerant

            Actually, I am in favor of sterilizing young blacks at birth or else injecting them with air bubbles. The poor are nothing but parasitic failures.

          • Sammie Jo

            Except for the elderly and disabled, the poor are poor because they didn’t get an education, they are lazy, they are criminals, & the govt pays them to stay home.
            All these people running around committing crimes are neither elderly or disabled, why aren’t they working?

          • SeahorseKB

            The people I see using EBT cards certainly don’t look like they are starving around here. But it chaps the heck out of me to see them use them for lotto tickets, beer, and smokes.

          • capoprimo

            If you’re on welfare or any subsistence, you should forfeit your right to vote. And while on the topic of votingt, one should not be allowed to cast a vote unless they have a grasp on the events of the day and knowledge of American History!

          • SeahorseKB

            Not to mention drug testing. Our governor Scott Walker got that into law now in Florida and the welfare folks are soooo upset. Thanks Gov from those of us who do work for a living :)

          • krusatyr

            Norm wants a “living wage” to occupy a park and pee on the lawn. Obama owns Norm, has eternal plans for him.

          • RickfromIllinos

            What an idiotic post. Hey genius, they are projecting 80 MILLION people will lose their health insurance because of this travesty called obamacare.

          • alwalden

            “they are projecting 80 MILLION people will lose their health insurance”

            By “they” do you mean, Heritage, Fox, Limbaugh or all of the above?

          • Freddie King

            No, Dude. Try CMS and the Obama cabal. Those are their figures. God you are irredeemable.

          • RickfromIllinos

            This is an estimate made by the Administration in 2010 sparky.

          • mark abrams

            the young are the ones who get screwed by obamacare, they are hardly members of your mythical 1%

          • alwalden

            “the young are the ones who get screwed by obamacare”

            Fox and the right wing talk shows haven’t told you that the young are signing up in Ohio at a higher rate than the 40% needed to make Obamacare financially viable.

          • Freddie King

            Right, all 10 of them…..

          • Timothy_D

            The PPACA will NEVER be viable. It’s about controlling the system, nothing more. How blind can you be? It will destroy the private health care insurance industry, which will only leave the government option/single payer system. If you think that is an improvement, you are probably too ignorant to draw breath and blink at the same time.
            I work in the health care industry and conduct training throughout North America and most of Europe. Sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a few weeks, at different hospitals. I have seen FIRST HAND, the failures of socialized medicine.
            Tell me, Al… Just how many Canadian and European hospitals have you visited? How many doctors and nurses have you spoken with, from countries with socialized medicine? How many people have you spoken with, regarding their experiences (patient perspective) when being treated in Canada, England, Scotland, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden???
            Well… I have spoken to hundreds, if not thousands of these same people, and I have yet to hear about a SINGLE perfectly happy experience. I could write a book about the things I have seen, and it’s not pretty. Would you like to hear about the patient transfer protocols for radiological assessments at a hospital in Denmark? It’s nothing fancy… They put a blanket over you, and wheel (gurney or wheel chair, usually) you across the street to the radiology department, regardless of weather… Rain, snow, etc. No telemetry monitoring, no enclosed bridge, not even an umbrella… And yes, I have seen this first hand!

          • Mel Content

            Fox and the right wing talk shows haven’t told you that the young are
            signing up in Ohio at a higher rate than the 40% needed to make
            Obamacare financially viable.

            Sources and cites, please. You’re clearly spewing nonsense.

          • Baxter4315

            We will all pay for this travesty, When people are completely fed up, “O” will insist on “Maobama single payer” To fix all the problems. Brought to you by the same people who tried to shove the ACA down our throats.

            Not to worry though Norm, I can see it now. You laying on the floor in a puddle of your own vomit, phone in hand. The Computer generated voice on the line will be saying “for English, enter One-fifty”. and then you will hear, your “wait time for an ambulance will be 8 hours.” Congrats! you have helped destroy the best healthcare in the world. enjoy your wait.

          • nostudme1

            Down our throats, one thing, up our rectums, another.

          • Baxter4315

            I do believe we may experience both, if this isn’t repealed.

          • alwalden

            “the best health care in the world”

            Not for the 59 million Americans Reuters reported have NO health care.

            And France spends half as much on health care as we do and ranks #1 in the world in quality of care while we rank #37, just above Slovenia. I have extensive experience with French health care and can attest that it’s arrogant but excellent.

          • Freddie King

            You have zero clue about health care. You are spewing World Health Organization figures that are old and non-normalized. How about you going to any of the Third World shitholes – like France – for your open-heart surgery. Good luck. I hope you croak.

          • Timothy_D

            God, you are a simpleton. France does not have the same parasitic legal system that we do, where doctors are FORCED to practice defensive medicine, in an effort to stave off frivolous law suits. They don’t have the same malpractice insurance expenses that physicians and other health care providers do, in this country.
            Get rid of frivolous law suits (strict looser pays) and you reduce defensive medicine substantially. This also reduces the costs of malpractice insurance, and reduces the costs of health care delivery.
            The PPACA is not about health care delivery. It’s about control of the system, which is what all liberals/progressives/communists want. In the end, it always leads to failure, and we are heading in that direction, quickly.

          • Morris65

            ”The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,”

          • Jonathan Miller

            How many frogs are there on their plan? Does France have 50 million illegals sucking on their system for free?

          • lessthantolerant

            Have you ever experienced European heath care? You talk like a fool or at least an ignorant liberal who knows truly nothing.

          • Docfinder1

            @alwalden..Well you might have experience with the French system, but I have experience with these so called “facts” you are peddling. The problem with people like yourself, regardless of if your from the Right or Left, is that you find some little morsel of evidence and you sling it out there as if to say “SEE…I’m right!”. The problem is you have no idea how this information is gathered or how each Country gathers this information. You take it lock stock and barrel as the undeniable truth. Spend some time looking into these figures, you will quickly learn that these figures are flawed from gathering. Even the WHO study that states similar information on things like infant morality is flawed because of how America records infant deaths differently than other countries. Even if these information was accurate, they are treating a Citizen of Country X to be equal to a Citizen of Country Y, when we know that different ethnicity have different health issues, occurrence of cancer, heart disease, etc. To treat people as if they are of identical genetic makeup, with the same tendency for disease, etc. Lastly, America has an issue with obesity. We have a much bigger problem with obesity than any other country due to the nature of the quantity and style of food we eat. Look up America’s Obesity epidemic and realize exactly what part Americans play in their own health issues. Obesity effects every type of high mortality disease such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. In addition, treatment of such issues is incredibly expensive because the patients are still eating high fat diets and smoking most of the time. This leads to our high cost of healthcare. Lastly, Americans are non-compliant patients. We go to the doctor acting like we are the doctor, deciding what we need prescribed and how much. If we don’t get what we want, or if we hear something we don’t like, we go to the next doctor. Lastly, if you want to control healthcare costs, place patients in control of the cost decisions. Right now Americans dream of affordable healthcare but we just want to show up, flash our benefit card, and pay a small copay. This type of consumer makes costs go up because we do not care about the costs. If we had to make the decisions on where our money was spent, if those decisions effected us, then and only then will costs come down!

          • capoprimo

            Is that why the wealthiest of the wealthy come to the United States for their health care? How many go to France?

          • Sammie Jo

            You have noticed the population difference between us and France, haven’t you?

            If we rate so low, how is it, people come from other countries to get health care here?

            Perhaps you should have continued on reading from the Wikipedia site that you got your info from. Had you done that, you would have learned that the ratings are controversial, not too mention, they came from WHO, I wouldn’t believe them if they told me Thanksgiving always fell on a Thursday.


          • Morris65

            He probably did read that but is simply applying the “Herndon strategy”.

          • Sammie Jo

            I always get suspicious when someone doesn’t provide a source for their claims. lol

          • Baxter4315

            So go live in France. Obama says the number is 30 million which happens to be the same number who are estimated to be uninsured after Obamacare is fully implemented. This isn’t about health care it’s about redictribution of wealth. There will be fewer doctors and hospitals and medicine will decline if this ever gets implemented. God forbid!

          • Rebas Thgil

            Socialists deciding how to define “their fair share” is a bad thing.

          • alwalden

            There are only about a thousand Socialists in this nation of 320 million and just one out of 535 members of Congress.

            When I challenge Socialists they run away from me.

          • ultimate1red1

            The entire Democratic Party is socialist, as per the ACA, you GD dolt.


          • Timothy_D

            I doubt you could challenge your own shadow. A thousand socialists in this country? Which finger did you use to pull that stat (sic) out of your rectum? Bernie Sanders is openly socialist. There are dozens more that just don’t advertise the fact that they walk in lock step with him.

          • zagnut64

            You mean the obamas?

          • alwalden

            Yes, the Obamas.

            The two richest Americans Bill Gates and Warren Buffett both agree with Obama that the rich don’t pay their fair share.

          • zagnut64

            They rely on useful idiots like you to spread their lies and deceit. They have no intentions of paying higher taxes, as you already knew that.

          • Freddie King

            Maybe one day the despicable Buffett will settle up his $1 billion dollar tax liability with the Federal government…..fuc*ing hypocrite.

          • Timothy_D

            Yet they use every trick in the book to avoid tax liabilities. It’s liberal hypocrisy, nothing more. Wanna ask why Michael Moore refuses to pay for union labor when making his propaganda movies?

          • RT72

            How much is their fair share, what percentage of their income? I want an answer not this squishy ‘fair share’ cr*p.

          • alwalden

            The right always demands a definition of “fair share”.

            One pretty good one is the share the top 1% paid under President Eisenhower.

            So now you can STFU about defining it.

          • Freddie King

            But, but, remember, you and your ilk don’t want America to “go back to the 1950s”, right????

          • Mel Content

            One pretty good one is the share the top 1% paid under President Eisenhower.

            You forget (or apparently never knew) that the postwar economic boom fizzled out in the later 1950’s, resulting in a significant recession in 1958. Part of the reason of the economic boom of the 1960’s was JFK’s cutting the maximum tax rate when he came into office. Once again, your ignorance is on display for everyone else to see.

          • Dim Reefer

            They already do. Tell me maggot – how many illegals and generational welfare families pay their fair share? Hope someone takes your punk ass out.

          • Mark Adam

            The 1%! Haven’t you been paying attention? We’re talking the wide middle class, anyone above poverty level is going to get soaked with $thousands more per year increases. The 1% are all throwing their money to Obama/Dem campaigns to avoid tax increases. They love being part of the oligarchy. LOL

          • Dim Reefer

            LOL you might overload Norms Obot drone circuits.

          • The Man With No Name As A Name

            Typical appeal to envy. The irony is that the hikes in costs are hitting Obama voters hardest. They are also the ones getting slammed the worst by his inept economic policies.

          • Conservative4Ever

            Why is it you think you can steal money from me and give to someone like you? That said, the top 1% pay 40% of ALL taxes collected federally. You want them to pay more?!?!?!

            Even if the top 1% paid 100% of all their earnings, they couldn’t even cover this years deficit.

          • Sum Ting Wong

            …and it still wouldn’t be enough…

          • Conservative4Ever

            You are correct. Liberalls are never satisfied until everyone is broke.

          • Rich-3

            and the 47% pays no share. Please Norm, tell us all what is fair?

          • Advok8

            Hey Norm:
            Just curious; what is YOUR fair share, and who decides?
            Get a clue before it’s too late!

          • Larry Miller

            Norm, middle class workers(those people Obama has destroyed) are your 1%ers. Obama and his ultra rich friends won’t pay a penny more than they are now. In fact, if they are unions, they get out of it.

          • Jan B

            “Norm” …who is really hiding behind the name, is that you Michelle? The clue: “I am proud of my president” sounds like a Michelle Obama comment; even ignorant Obamabots cannot say with a straight face that they are ‘proud’ of Obama. You cannot be proud of someone who lies, defrauds, blackmails, extorts, bribes, is responsible for multiple murders, and is hell-bent on destroying the USA unless you are a wife or mother. And his mother is dead.

          • alan

            what exactly is fair share? Its the middle class who is taking it up the asssss. Why do you think my paying my fair share should entitle you to get free health insurance?

          • alwalden

            “the fact that the 1% has to pay their fair share is a bad thing?”

            It is to Republican Evangelical Christians who think Christ loved the rich and hated the poor.

          • Marie

            What Evangelical are you referring to? The progressive narrative because I don’t know any Evangelical that believes that. Try reading the Bible it is plain to see that Christ loved the poor, so please educate yourself before you open your mouth.

          • Mel Content

            It is to Republican Evangelical Christians who think Christ loved the rich and hated the poor.

            Another classic example on how disingenuous left-wingers fabricate stuff out of thin air to divert attention from the issue at hand.

          • DidSomebodyFart

            Norm, Have you been attending your AA meetings lately?

          • Mel Content

            Maybe it’s time for LA (Liberals Anonymous):

            “Hello, my name is Norm… and I’m a liberal…

          • Hubie337

            What does your statement have to do with all of the cancelled policies? How about you stick on topic for once Norm? The rollout has been a $640 million dollar disaster.

          • Jan B

            Unfortunately the roll out has cost significantly more than the beginning $640 million for the initial website; add in the taxpayer money doled out to Obama’s buds for hiring navigators, cost of all the happy ads promoting the fiasco, and myriad of other things I’m sure other posters will have no problem adding to the list…easily closer to a $trillion and climbing.

            Ever hear of the goose that lays the
            golden egg, Obama? Well, the tax paying, golden egg-laying geese (you know, the people that still have jobs, or at least part-time jobs) are dropping like flies
            while the parasite-takers are rapidly increasing, you dolt.

          • SWohio

            When we see your name, we disregard anything that follows.

          • RIMSPOKE

            IT’s NICE TO KNOW SOMEONE IS .


          • don trask

            Never in all the debate about “fair share’ has the Democratic Left defined the terms in hard numbers. If 48% never pay a dime in federal income taxes and the top 1% pay some 64%, then what is fair? 66%, 68%?? The Left wants more and more all under the guise of fair share. The late, great, Maragret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.”

          • Hank Seiter

            I bet some people probably don’t think YOU have paid your fair share. And being the big tax patriot that you make yourself out to be, I bet you don’t hesitate to take advantage of every tax credit, tax rebate, tax deduction and tax shelter you can find every April 15th … you lying fascist pig. And I bet when you sign up for ObozoCare or some other single-payer abomination down the road, being the lying gutless freeloader that you seem to be, you’ll probably avail yourself of every subsidy you can despite the fact the bottom line says you should pay the higher amount for your premium. I despise useful idiots like you, particularly when they prove to be such lying hypocrites. Keep up with the “one-percent” propaganda spew, at least its some attempt to distract others from what you really are. I bet you’re a top five-percenters who doesn’t “pay his fair share”. Have a Happy and Thoughtful Thanksgiving, Commissar.

          • kat

            The people losing out big time are the same people that pay a bigger % of their income in taxes — they’re called the middle class. Obama is rewarding his donors, the 1%, with a rigged, manipulated market and they’re making out like bandits. They still won’t, and never will, pay what you want them to because they’re in Obama’s pocket. The middle class is suffering dearly because of the moronic idol you drool over. He’s killing this country. The 1% will still be at all he and his buddies fundraisers though.

          • Shawn French

            Everyone should pay their fair share, say 10%. That way everyone has some skin in the game and can be fairly outraged when Washington is wasting their money.

          • obammy

            Norm, if you have a job and you make over $9.00 an hour, you are now considered a 1% er. You obviously hang at your parent’s computer all day collecting disability and unemployment and you have NO clue what fair share means or is. Maybe you should watch more news other than msnbc.

          • Juliann Knudsen

            What makes no sense is that having an individual health plan does not make you part of the 1%. These are a decent group of hard working Americans who just don’t happen to work for a company who provides health coverage. THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG but seem to be taking the brunt of the financial gap now. I am a well paid professional but because my company supplies my coverage I am not contributing anything – well at least so far. Maybe 2014 will have surprises for me too.

          • gellero

            How much is a “fair share” ????

          • lessthantolerant

            Norm, please go back to your alley and find a new black guy to service. Delusional scum like you need a bullet to the brain.

          • chase19

            Define “fair share.”

          • Paul_Revere

            Hey Norm!! which govt. minion is going to be the one to tell YOU what your fair share will be? after all- we are all in this thing together. Oh, your not in the 1%. well that’s not going to stop Uncle Obama from taking your piece of the pie. After all- It’s only fair. Uncle Joe (Stalin) had a name for your type. He called your type “useful idiots”. But Uncle Joe had no qualms hauling your types to the Gulag when he was over using you!!!

          • capoprimo

            You’re obviously on welfare or Food Stamps or both and believe that anyone who has $1.00 more than you as being wealthy.

          • chiefpayne

            No Norm…it’s the fact the other 98% have to pay MORE than their fair share…THAT is a bad thing. Oh and the 1% ALREADY pay more than their fair share.

          • Sammie Jo

            Their share of what? YOUR health insurance? The only share the rich or anyone else should have to pay for is their own insurance.

          • TK

            Norm…. Obamacare has nothing to do with the 1% paying their “fair share”… It has everything to do with middle class
            Americans (who probably pay through taxes for the welfare you are on) losing their health insurance! Wake up!

          • walt

            Yes, because the young healthy college students and small business owners and individuals making over 40k are the 1% (rolls eyes). How hard were you dropped on your head as a kid to be that delusional?

          • hydrangea1

            The wealthy ALREADY pay about 70%. How much more do you think is ‘fair’? Bet you don’t pay that much there on the dole.

          • ArizonaKat

            Seriously Norm, pull your head out of your dark place.
            “The 1%…the 1%…the 1%” blah blah blah!
            Guess what, the 1% includes your demadog Soros & all he does is rape the economy.
            Most of the 1% are not only paying their fair share – they’re paying yours too.
            The EIC and social benefits you receive on what piddley little taxes you may pay were actually paid by the 1%, 10%, 15%, & top 25%. When they pay 39-68% (self-employment double tax) and you pay 0-15% income tax – who really isn’t paying their fair share? You!
            More than half this country pays nothing at all and receives a refund of someone else’s taxes paid. Ironically, they’re the same Low-IQ-DNC-Morons chanting about the 1% paying their fair share. Again, pull your head out – the oxygen will do you good!

          • Mel Content

            The 1% already pays a third of all individual state and federal income taxes. Of course, that doesn’t stop dimwits like you from parroting tired old comments and suggesting they are not paying enough. If ANYONE isn’t paying enough, it’s the 40% of grown adults who pay NO income taxes whatsoever. If I had the power to change ANYTHING in the US Constitution, it would be to restrict voting to taxpayers, in terms of a minimum tax payment per year or a minimum lifetime payment overall, as a consideration to retired people. That number doesn’t have too high, maybe $250 per year or $10,000 over one’s lifetime – and I wouldn’t have a problem with a low-income earner whose tax rate comes short, and is willing to pay the difference to be able to vote. The working poor who at least make SOME contribution should still have the opportunity to vote. However, those who have NO skin in the game whatsoever should not be using the power of the ballot box to make decisions that they ultimately will never pay for.

          • creatorwest

            In your socialist definition “fair share” means that somebody with more money or somebody who is successful somehow is responsible to pay for your bills because you chose not to buy insurance?
            Insanity or Marxism?

          • Sam

            Dear “Norm”, the computer propaganda program,
            No one expects a computer program to have a conscience, but whoever wrote the program for “Norm” should be ashamed—-ashamed at trying to mislead Americans and ashamed at so obviously assuming Americans are stupid enough to be so easily misled.

          • SeahorseKB

            Norm, my dear fellow. Most of the 1%ers are the Marxists in the Democratic Party. Do a little research on how much Reid, Pelosi, Biden, Hoyer, Durbin, and all the bigwigs were worth when they first got to D.C. Compare that to the millions they have made with crony back room deals, kick backs from constituents and such. That goes for some of the RINOS as well. They are all corrupt.

          • John D

            No, the 98 percent has to pay for the 2 percent

          • alwalden

            At least half a million have signed up, not counting many more in state exchanges, and millions will wait until the deadline arrives.

            Stop lying.

          • Mel Content

            At least half a million have signed up, not counting many more in state exchanges

            The fact that you have NO credible sources or cites for such an assertion doesn’t stop you from making this sh!t up, does it? Who exactly do you think you are fooling with your nonsensical BS?

          • Conservative4Ever

            Look 500k might have made an account and placed a plan in their shopping cart, but only 26k actually paid for a plan. You are either very ignorant of this, or flat out lying. Which is it?

          • Kent R Crawford

            Our daily moonbat has now been heard from…

          • JonFraudCarry

            You forgot a sarcasm tag. Tell me you are being sarcastic, umkay? You can’t be that crazy.

          • justsaynotosocialism

            Yes, he can be.

          • Dr. 9

            Hey, maybe your food stamps will arrive early this month?

          • Sum Ting Wong

            This guy is a paid troll.

          • Norm

            The Koch brothers pay thousands of tea baggers to try and take down President Obama, but continue to fail….

          • dbt3481

            I thought you liberals loved gays?

          • mark abrams

            why bother ? the obamamoron is destroying himself .

          • alwalden

            Romney in a landslide on November 6, 2012!

          • Mel Content

            “You can keep your own insurance”

          • Baxter4315

            I just love when the Progressive/Socialist/Marxists Attack successful capitalists like the Koch Brothers. When they are losing they try to change the subject. The Koch Brothers employ 50,000 people in the United States alone. How many people do you employ Norm?
            Yes, I’ve read all the propaganda from Soros and Media Matters. What a load of tripe

          • alwalden

            Only people who employ someone should express their opinions or be allowed to vote.

            Also, blacks should be 3/5 of a person and women should be property.

          • Freddie King

            Well at least you are making sense. My firm belief is that nobody on welfare should be allowed to vote. Further, if one does not have a net IRS 1040 form tax liability, NO VOTE!!!! It’s only fair that to vote one has skin in the game. Of course, that would eliminate a huge proportion of the Obama base…..

          • Jan B

            Okay, you are just here to agitate and incite, obvious from the last line, apropos of nothing.

            Apparently there is no middle school today, so you are free to post…oh wait, it’s lunch time.

          • Mel Content

            You’re clearly ignorant as to where the “3/5 of a person” reference comes from. Do us and yourself a favor and learn something about US history before you post such laughable nonsense here.

          • Baxter4315

            I love hearing from those of you with mental disorders. Please, freedom and liberty are not in your vocabulary. Socialism/Marxism has enslaved and killed more people (100 million in the 20th century) than The Constitution of the United States.

          • zagnut64

            Easy with the homophobia there, norm.

          • RT72

            Prove it.

          • The Man With No Name As A Name

            Whoever paid for that post needs a refund.

          • Larry Miller

            You teabagging Adolf Obama lovers sure are dumb. It’s morons like you who are causing the trouble.

          • Mel Content

            Liberals love to project. Funny how the same paid trolls think the Koch Brothers (their favorite bogeymen as of late) are paying other people to post replies to their nonsense.

          • Mel Content

            Even at minimum wage, he’s grossly overpaid.

          • DapperDon

            I just love watching you liberal Obama worshipers try to pick up that Obamacare turd by its clean end.

          • alwalden

            No wonder you call yourself Diaper Dan.

            Is your hero Senator Diaper David Vitter?

          • johnthekiwi

            Norm I’m going to avert my eyes and back quietly out of the room. I’ve left a small container of tablets on the table. Please take one each time the face-eating monkey’s start to appear in your peripheral vision.

          • EdKulzer

            John, “Norm” is a very well known Left wingnut troll in the article blogs. He’s unemployed, but makes $1.50 and hour + $.50 a comment, so when he needs money, he’ll be posting his laughable drool all over the place.

            We all laugh it this dull-witted troll since he thinks he’s making a difference in people’s minds, but, whatever.

            He’s pathetic and his life serves no purpose, but, even dung beetles eventually find a job.

          • Me

            It’s what the losers want, a free ride off the rest of us. Sorry liberal, pay your own way, I did, why can’t You? You get to steal my earnings, my liberty, my prosperity so you don’t have to lift a finger? Yes, you sure sound like a democrat.

          • JJ

            The government is stealing our money, this dbag is just one of the beneficiaries. Without a reduction in Federal infastructure and power there will never be change, it can only get worse from here.

          • alwalden

            Taxes being “theft of money” is a typically moronic libertarian notion.

          • JJ

            Paying 683 million for a website with a no bid contract and no fault clause equals cooperate theft…. I can not believe you support this. Blind belief in der leader has destroyed your critical, objective thinking.

          • alwalden

            You right wingers bray about “paying your own way” but you head for the public trough every chance you get.

          • ex-Dilbert

            Losers are the disgusting Richicans that whine about feeding the poor while Corporate Welfare is TWICE that of the moochers. And who benefits from medicaid? Hospitals and the Rich.

            Disgusting American Pigs you are

          • justsaynotosocialism

            Norm, you may want to avail yourself of some to the ‘mental health’ provisions of your beloved Obamacare.

          • JJ

            That is great sarcasim!!!! The ACA has acutually reduced the amount of Americans recieving the insurance they deserve. But I guess deserve is a subjective term, so in liberal land only the elite and poor deserve health care the middle gets screwed becuase they can not afford the new price tag.

          • alwalden

            Same crap you Republicans dished out all of last year.

            How’d it work out for you?

          • JJ

            Yes….. The American people were lied to….. How is that going to work out for you? The days of Obama getting away with illegal, unethical activity because of his race are over. America is over the “if you do not support Obama you are a racist” phase.

          • krusatyr

            Norm Prostrated to the Poser:

            Choke back the vomit Norm incites, save it for a picture of the megalomaniacal despot in the WH that sucks blood, mugs sperm, hates God and insults our Founding.

          • JJ

            The reasons for Obozo passing a law that gives presidents secret service protection for life is extremely clear. He is attempting to destroy this country and understand the reprecussion of his actions.

          • krusatyr

            I agree he “reigns” in spite, but see his recent anti- filibuster senate rule as proof of his growing fascist dicta for the next three years. Appeals will never keep up with his stacked DC circuit approved belligerence.

          • Bob Wilke

            Good for you Norm. Wait until you get your bill, unless of course you already get Medicare or Medicaid, then the impact on you will be much more subtle.

          • tallmonkeygrass

            so…’re proud of the liar in the white house? The one who is killing the American way of life? He is very effective but he’s a liar and filled with deceit. Wicked man that you are proud of.

          • alwalden

            The one who is killing the Republican way of life.

            Which is a good thing.

          • GSU__1987

            Norm is retarded; I followed his Discus link to the following post he made elsewhere:

            1. I voted Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want.
            I’ve decided to marry my German Shepherd.
            2. I voted Democrat because I believe oil companies’ profits of 4% on a
            gallon of gas are obscene, but the government taxing the same gallon of
            gas at 15% isn’t.
            3. I voted Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending the money I earn than I would.
            4. I voted Democrat because Freedom of Speech is fine as long as nobody Is offended by it.
            5. I voted Democrat because I’m way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I
            know that my local police are all I need to protect me from murderers
            and thieves.
            6. I voted Democrat because I believe that people who can’t tell us if It will rain on
            Friday can tell us that the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don’t start driving a GM Chevy Volt.
            7. I voted Democrat because I’m not concerned about millions of babies
            being aborted so long as we keep all death row inmates alive.
            8. I voted Democrat because I think illegal aliens have a right to free
            health-care, education, and Social Security benefits, and we should take
            away the social security from those who paid into it.
            9. I voted Democrat because I believe that businesses should not be
            allowed to make profits for themselves. They need to break even and give
            the rest away to the government for redistribution as the Democrats see fit.
            10. I voted Democrat because I believe liberal judges need to rewrite the
            Constitution every few days to suit some fringe kooks who would never
            get their agendas past the voters.
            11. I voted Democrat because I think that it’s better to pay billions for
            their oil to people who hate us, but not drill our own because it might
            upset some endangered beetle, gopher or fish.
            12. I voted Democrat because my head is so firmly planted up my ass it’s unlikely that I’ll ever have another point of view.

          • alwalden

            I’m amazed at how clever con servatives are …

            … (not)

          • CLAYCE

            TROLL! BYE!

          • Dim Reefer

            No what we want is maggot progressives like you dead.

          • The Man With No Name As A Name

            The polls consistently show show that ACA in NOT what the people of this country want/wanted. THis was sold with lies from start to end ($2,500 annual savings; you can keep your plan & doctor, period; it will be ready to go on OCtober 1, etc.).

            I would call you a paid shill, but this is not up to paid shill work. Please work on those talking points some more.

          • alwalden

            The polls consistently show that when what the ACA actually does is explained the people of this country DO want it.

          • Mel Content

            The polls consistently show that when what the ACA actually does is explained the people of this country DO want it.

            Sources and cites? You’re clearly making up this nonsense as quick as you can post it online.

          • Steven DePriest

            Dang Norm, I thought you had gone to North Korea to see how wonderful their society is. Hadn’t read any comments from you in a long time.

          • Rich-3

            Even you can’t press the up vote for your own statement.

          • Steven DePriest

            Norm is a paid web troll. He is paid by the number of “down” votes he gets. Click his name sometime and read some of the looney things he writes.

          • My 2 Cents

            Norm you know what? I have finally found one person who says they voted for Obama. Funny how NO ONE brags on that fact anymore.

          • Larry Miller

            And just think, Norm, how many it will help AFTER it starts.
            Hell, Norm old buddy, we don’t need middle class workers….do we Norm, old Buddy?

          • Charles Scruffy

            If Obama had a brain challenged son he would look like you Norm….

          • nostudme1

            ‘Tis the season for turkeys.

          • rob

            Norm,there are no words to describe an idiot like yourself! Enjoy your fantasy!

          • HalfMoments

            Clearly, you are a missing about 90% of your faculties or are an enemy of the USA and your viewpoint is different.

          • Alpha Propellerhead


            “President Obama and the ACA are what the people of this country want.”

            Actually, WHEN I VOTED FOR OBAMA I wanted transparency, health care that WORKED, not one we had to pass “to see what’s in it.” I didn’t expect IRS scandals, NSA spying, Fast and Furious, a President who learns about stuff on the news…

            As a one-time Obama voter: Don’t tell me what I want. I’m tired of the pompous liberal hipsters speaking for me.

          • Freddie King

            You ignoramus, Americans DO NOT want this pig in a poke. I cannot comprehend how you and your ilk go through life so delusional.

          • ChuckNoland

            I guess 100,000 leeches getting free insurance while millions of working Americans have their insurance cancelled is just about normal math for a leftist hack like you.

          • timothy c sullivan

            “there is a sucker born every minute”

          • DWagner12

            I thought Norm was being sarcastic until I looked up his profile and saw he has a screw loose in his dumbot. Where have you been Norm since ACA has been roll out? Its a mess and not working for anyone.

          • Churchillis1

            “If you like your health insurance you can keep that. Period. If you like your doctor, you can keep them. Period.”
            The people want it so much that your little buddy president had to lie to them to get it passed.

          • barryd

            It’s true. A lot of Americans DO deserve to get exactly the health care that ACA is helping them to get. They deserve it good and hard, to borrow from Mencken.

            But at least 45.7% of 2008 voters and 47.2% of 2012 voters are innocent victims here.

          • Jonathan Miller

            You should get paid for your stupidity. You are a professional.

          • John Titus

            Look at the polling the people don’t want this and even Democrats are running from it. By all means please continue to think the American people want this because it will be your down fall in the midterms. Millions are losing and few are gaining from this. You are not being honest and avoiding reality if you think this is wanted. Even the examples the admin have brought out were ended up burned in the end. “Deserves got nothin to do with it” – Clint Eastwood

          • lessthantolerant

            Let’s see, Parasite Nation signs up for Medicare and an idiot like you is proud of this POS president? You must suck black guys in alleys also and pretend its your Messiah.

          • Leeann E Murphy

            Norm are you serious or are you delirious 63% of America does not want this crap

          • capoprimo

            What planet do you live on? Or, did you just now get discharged from a mental unit? Either way, you’re clearly not seeing the same facts that abound to anyone who’s genuinely concerned.

          • chiefpayne

            No Norm…President Obama and the ACA is what the LIBERALS of this country want…and they are rapidly being reduced in numbers DAILY as the cost involved comes to light. Even a liberal can stop supporting a President that hasn’t a clue and a bad law…IF it hits him in the pocketbook.

          • David Weeks

            What lazy parasites want. Real Americans want it gone.

          • Jan B

            “Norm” …who is really hiding behind the name, is that you Michelle?
            The clue: “I am proud of my president” sounds like a Michelle Obama
            comment; even ignorant Obamabots cannot say with a straight face that
            they are ‘proud’ of Obama. You cannot be proud of someone who lies,
            defrauds, blackmails, extorts, bribes, is responsible for multiple
            murders, and is basically hell-bent on destroying the USA economy and middle class, unless you are a wife or
            mother. And his mother is dead.

          • hydrangea1

            Oh, Norm. You again. More of your leftist rhetoric to see how many people will refute your goofy statements. Are you getting ten cents a reply now, up from your previous nickel a reply?

          • RIMSPOKE

            NICE !

            THANKS FOR THE HEAD’s UP .

          • MWhite

            Hahahahahahahahahaha….(sputter)…….hahahahahahaha…..want obamaca….(choke)….hahahahahahaha…..right, norm…hahahahahahahaha…whatever you say, norm….hahahahahahahaha…

          • creatorwest

            What universe are you living in? Didn’t you read the article??
            Haven’t you seen the polls?
            Haven’t you been paying attention to you friends and neighbors whom are getting huge raises in cost and deductibles?
            Haven’t you been paying attention when so many people are either getting dumped or tossed over to Medicaid?
            Wake up. Open your eyes. Observe with an open mind.
            Good luck, you’re gonna need it.

          • Sam

            “Norm” is the what you get when a computer program spits out propaganda. Back to the drawing board, boys. This one isn’t convincing.

          • SeahorseKB

            Norm, it is obvious you are on the Prez’s payroll or you are just one of the millions of illiterate slacker trolls who is afraid of losing your golden goose when we throw all these progressive Marxists out of office. That day will be Thanksgiving for me :)

          • John D

            You need professional help. Delusion can be treated in most cases.

        • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

          The quotation marks indicate sarcasm. The whole article is about how partisan they are, even to partial Soros funding. Read it first.

          • TripleA60

            The Liberal media won’t report it so it is up to us to report over and over, this is what they said about ObamaCare…

            These are all direct quotes from Obama, and Senators about ObamaCare…

            The Obama on ObamaCare…
            Obama, Aug. 15, 2009: I just want to be completely clear about this; I keep on saying this but somehow folks aren’t listening, if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. Nobody is going to force you to leave your health care plan.
            Obama, March 25, 2010: From this day forward, all of the cynics, all the naysayers, they’re going to have to confront the reality of what this reform is and what it isn’t.
            Obama, June 28, 2012: First, if you’re one of the more than 250 million Americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance — this law will only make it more secure and more affordable.
            Sen. Landrieu (D-LA): “If you like the insurance that you have, you’ll be able to keep it.” (MSNBC’s Hardball, 12/16/09)
            Sen. Hagan (D-NC): “We need to support the private insurance industry so that people who have insurance they’re happy with can keep it (National Journal’s Congress Daily, 6/18/09)
            Sen. Begich (D-AK): “If you got a doctor now, you got a medical professional you want, you get to keep that”.
            Sen. Bennet (D-CO): “Start with the basic principle if you have coverage and you like it, you can keep it. If you have your doctor, and you like him or her, you should be able to keep them. We will not take that choice away from you.”
            Sen. Murry (D-WA): “Again, if you like what you have, you will be able to keep it. Let me say this again: If you like what you have, when our legislation is passed and signed by the President, you will be able to keep it.” (Congressional Record, S.6400, 6/10/09)
            Sen. Harkin (D-IA): “One of the things we put in the health care bill when we designed it was the protection for consumers to keep the plan they have if they like it”…we said, if you like a plan, you get to keep it, and you can grandfather it in.” (Congressional Record, S.7675-6, 9/29/10)
            Sen. Schumer (D-NY): “If you like your insurance, you keep it.” (U.S. Senate, Finance Committee, Bill Mark-Up, 9/24/09)
            Sen. Durbin (D-IL): “This bill before us on the Senate floor makes it clear that if you have an insurance policy that you like, you can keep it. If you like the doctor that you’re currently doing business with, you can continue to use that doctor.” (Teleconference, 12/4/09)
            Sen. Reid (D-NV):“In fact, one of our core principles is that if you like the health care you have, you can keep it.” (Congressional Record, S.8642, 8/3/09)
            Sen. Baucus (D-MT): “That is why one of the central promises of health care reform has been and is: If you like what you have, you can keep it. That is critically important. If a person has a plan, and he or she likes it, he or she can keep it.” (Congressional Record, S.7676, 9/29/10)
            Sen. Levin (D) Mi. April 6, 2012: And it is important to remember that for those who already have health insurance, the law allows you to keep your existing plan.
            Sen. Merkley (D) Or. Nov. 11, 2013: If you like your current health insurance, you will be able to keep it. And you will be able to continue seeing your current doctor.

          • TripleA60

            Lying is what Obama does best… Or stating foolish comments.
            1. I will have the most transparent administration.
            2. I have Shovel ready jobs.
            3. The IRS is not targeting anyone.
            4. If four Americans get killed, it is not optimal.
            5. There are going to be bumps in the road. (referring to Libya and Egypt protests/attacks).
            6. ObamaCare will be good for America.
            7. You can keep your family doctor.
            8. Premiums will be lowered by $2500
            9. You can keep your current healthcare plan
            10. Just shop around, for that healthcare I claimed you wouldn’t lose.
            11. I am sorry you lost your healthcare, (you know the health care you have to shop around for, ya the same health care I said you could keep, yup, that’s the one).
            12. I did not say you could keep your health care. (Regardless that 29 recorded videos show I did)
            13. ObamaCare will not be offered to illegal immigrants.
            14. ObamaCare will not be used to fund abortions.
            15. ObamaCare will cost less than 1 Trillion Dollars.
            16. No one making under $250,000 will see their taxes raised one dime.
            17. It is Bushes fault. (this can be inserted in between every statement).
            18. It was about a movie.
            19. I will fundamentally transform America. (This one sadly is very true)
            20. If I had a son.
            21. I am not a dictator.
            22. I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
            23. You didn’t build that.
            24. I will restore trust in Government.
            25. The Cambridge police acted stupidly.
            26. I am not after your guns.
            27. The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. The BHO of (2006).
            28. I have been practicing…I bowled a 129. It’s like — it was like Special Olympics.
            29. “If I don’t have this done in three years, then this is going to be a one-term proposition.
            30. I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.
            31. I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.
            32. The Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk
            33. It’s not my red line it is the worlds red line.
            34. Whistle blowers will be protected.
            35. We got back Every Dime we Used to Rescue the Banks, with interest.
            36. I am good at killing people.
            37. I will close Gitmo. (but instead built them a $750,000 soccer field).
            38. The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t, but she is a typical white person
            39. I am not spying on American citizens.
            40. By, on, on, by, Friday uh afternoon things get a little uh, uh challenged uh, uh ( when left to think for himself without a Teleprompter).
            41. I am a Christian.
            42. John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith.
            43. It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy.
            44. UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems. (Attempting to make the case for government-run healthcare).
            45. What’s good for illegal immigrants is also good for people who are losing their health insurance because of Obamacare.
            And the biggest lie of all
            I Barrack Hussain Obama pledge to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

            Obama voters, here’s your sign…

          • Morris65

            Maybe he had his fingers crossed?

          • Obama Bin Lyin

            My health plan does not include mandated insurance like Hillary’s- Obama

          • Engage Gray Matter

            One must wonder, especially seeing the lady in blue (behind the president’s left shoulder) shaking her head in agreement with the presidents statements as he is talking about how his plan doesn’t have mandates if she now would vote how she did (probably twice) in support of this president. She was simply lied to as were all Americans. Does she have buyer’s remorse? And yes, I am ASSUMING she voted for Obama.

          • Neal Avery

            She probably got what she probably voted for.

          • knighttemplar01

            We would like to think she had an epiphany about hitler jr.

          • Yale U

            Obama has never had a real job in his life.

            YOUR money has no value to him

          • Yale U


          • Aussievick

            The real problem is that WE also got what SHE voted for!

          • Joe Moore

            I was thinking the exact same thing. She’s an idiot; probably like the rest of the hand picked audience. Probably got Obama phones for her whole family…

          • StraysAbound

            She voted for the Dictator-in-Chief and will vote for Hillary as well. She’ll vote any handout she can get.

            On a different note: “Messaging Cheat Sheet: Mastering the 30-Second Sound Byte.” The
            document contained ways to answer difficult questions being asked from reporters or the public.” — that has been the practice since sometime in the ’70s.

            Bill Ayers describes these pamphlets in his memoirs, which back then were called “fact sheets”. He recalls how he was sent to rallies where an organizer was handing out “fact sheets” that everyone was supposed to memorize and repeat in slogans, when asked questions, when making demands or putting together chants.

            Nothing has changed since the ’70s. All that has changed is that the damage has caused the methods and the agenda to come under scrutiny — at least from a few sectors of the population.

          • sandnomad

            Yes, Obama managed to instigate the approval of the ACA by both houses of Congress, and it became law. The Supreme Court then approved it as a tax (if you don’t purchase health insurance). Hillary is just waiting in the wings to “mandate” the ACA in order to “fix it”. And, the government is going to continue to borrow at record rates and is guiding the country toward insolvency. Things are only going to get worse, and we may have most probably already passed the point of no return, but this government doesn’t operate on mathematical probabilities, it operates on inane hypotheses in illogical equations that lead to disasterous results.

          • Constitutional Conservative

            Um, no… not one Republican voted for Obamacare; it was a straight party-line vote by Senate Democrats via “reconciliation” (a rule change that nullified the required 60 votes).

            Once again, not a single Republican voted for the Obamacare law. It actually makes me think of two quotes from Albert Einstein…

            “If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies… It would be a sad situation if the wrapper were better than the meat wrapped inside it.” -Albert Einstein

            “The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” -Albert Einstein

            It is time, “We the People” woke up and took our country back…

          • FRS

            Not one person earning less than $250k will see his taxes rise, but everyone will pay3.8% on cap gains and this tax bill called ObamaCare is a tax beginning @ $60,000. Next is rationed care or for those who do not understand DEATH PANELS

          • Engage Gray Matter

            And get ready to pay $8 bucks for a gallon of milk. What inflation????????

          • JohnJGalt

            You’ll have to type faster: he has three more years…….

          • Loosgravel

            Just think, when the congressman called the liar a liar the liars acted so offended. They were even lying about that.

          • Will

            dont forget: bush is unpatriotic for running up 9 trillion in debt, I will stop unwarranted illegal taping of Americans, And the EVER so popular…….(drumroll)…. I didn’t hear about that till I turned on the news, like the rest of you!

          • JayHackett

            Bush came into office when the national debt was about 5.8 trillion, he left and Obama got a 10.6 trillion dollar debt. That is a difference of approximately 4.8 trillion, for those who are mathematically challenged.

            Obama inherited this 10.6 Trillion dollar debt, that the mainstream media lambasted as outrageous wasteful spending on an unwanted war, or two wars if you want to split hairs.

            Military action that is ongoing in neighboring countries are usually referred to as a single war like WWII which took place in two theatres, The Pacific Theatre and the European Theatre. (not to gloss over the other battles taking place in Asia-minor)

            Inside the European Theatre, there were major battles in Italy, France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary and many other countries.

            It is only expedient now for the Dem and progressive news media to split hairs and make this war on terrorism “SOUND” much worse for their own political agenda.

            Iraq, Afghanistan – it is all still ONE war on terrorism, it just depends on if you are an idiot lib out with a political agenda.

            Now about 5 years later the national debt is just over 17 Trillion dollars.

            Bush increased the national debt by 4.8 trillion in 8 years
            Obama increased the national debt by 6.4 Trillion in 5 years

            Argument is over, Obama wins as most careless spender of nations wealth and taxpayer money.

          • Will

            Argument is over? You mean you said your piece and don’t wanna hear anyone else. Maybe you should read the comment I was responding to before you open your lip. I responded to a person who listed many of obama’s lies…. I merely continued the list. Yes those were obama quotes. But since we are on the subject bush only narrowly lost the pissing on Americans contest. He is no conservative and has killed more people than Saddam ever dreamed of and for what? He tried to give this country to the illegals and he saw fit to give up essential liberties for a little temporary security. They are all garbage.

          • Phil

            He did it on purpose and the Democrats went right along with it.
            He and his Liberal Democrats and establishment republicans are DOMESTIC ENEMIES.
            The Fundamental change has happened. Do YOU feel like we are in America Anymore?
            I sure as hell don’t.

          • JamesD2011

            Lot’s of folks owe Joe Wilson an apology!

          • Kpar

            Trip, that was excellent! I’m going to save it and send it to my liberal friends. Maybe my conservative ones, too…

          • John

            Did any of the above A%& gates EVER read the bill ??? Sure they did, they must have spent hours in the toilet.

          • J C

            If you like your freedom you can keep your freedom!

          • Gage Mulholland

            What colossal waste of time that was. For 85%-90% that all above is actually true. For the other 8%-15% will see better coverage on the individual market than they did before “Obamacare”. For the other 3%-5% they will pay more because they can afford to do so. What you fail to mention is for the first time 30 MILLION more AMERICANS can now purchase healthcare. Jesus would not be proud of this lying, fear-mongering Republican Party, hell bent on preserving massive private health insurance profits at the expense of every single American in this country.

          • TripleA60

            Your numbers are out of whack but that is completely beside the point. You come right out and admit lying to American Citizens is fine with you as long as you get what you want… Yup, I’d size up the Democratic Party as exactly that. If you can’t pass it by telling the truth then darn the truth.

            Obama Voters, here’s your sign…

          • Gage Mulholland

            HAHA! That’s hilarious, especially if you support the GOP. All they do is lie. You people are fools, and normal folks like myself laugh at your ignorance. Thankfully your part of a growing minority, and will never again see your tool bag nominee in the White House.

          • JasonL77

            “Normal folks like myself…”
            Thanks for the laugh…I don’t care who you are that is funny right there.
            Your warped sense of superiority is hilarious!

          • TripleA60

            Ya, ok. Thanks for the name calling. Ya can always tell what kind of an argument a Liberal’s got when they open fire with the name calling. Thanks for the chuckle, move along now, nothing to see here.

          • Joe Moore

            We’ll see in the mid-term elections if you have a clue. By the way, you don’t!

          • Bob USAF(ret)

            What lies did the GOP tell about obamacare???

          • John D

            I bet he never answers you question, because everything the conservatives (and the GOP) said is coming to pass.

          • Hampton

            Hey Gag, I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Warriors always win the battle over the Weenies. Don’t you watch any movies? No but seriously, open a book in a library in the section entitled History. Oh wait, you better just look for a movie.

          • John D

            If you are the new normal, God help the USA. But you must not be, because I don’t know anyone as stupid as you. And I know a LOT of people.

          • Engage Gray Matter

            One would assume if you are correct, then millions would be signed up for Obamacare two months into the program. The web site isn’t the only way to enroll now is it (but you omitted that)? Me thinks thou protests too much…..It is a colossal failure and does not serve Jesus. And I’m a Catholic. This thing isn’t helping anyone. Face the truth, kill it, and then get to work creating a real reform of healthcare in this nation. But please spare us the WWJD. He would not sign up either. That’s what.

          • Gage Mulholland

            You are a complete fool, and certainly no Catholic. I suppose you back what Rush Limbaugh said today too. The GREY matter in your brain certainly doesn’t get much of a workout.

          • SeahorseKB

            Rush is right 99 and 99/100% of the time. I’ll put his percentage up against yours any day :)

          • Gage Mulholland

            LOL! That’s rich bud.

          • Gage Mulholland

            I love you don’t try to dispute the substance of what I said either. To say the law isn’t helping anyone shows your ignorance. Talking to folks as brainwashed as you is also, a colossal waste of time.

          • Hampton

            Stick around, you might learn something. Of course I highly doubt it.

          • EdTyler

            What substance? Your drivel carries none. All you utter is childish slander.
            You’ll just have to face circumstance here, maybe you already are since you’re so ready to throw slander around, Obama and his cohorts have and continue to lie to the country, lets not forget the NSA spying, IRS scandal or Benghazi deaths either. It is likely voters will remember that come 2014 and beyond. One thing is sure, “progressives” have shown themselves untrustworthy servants of the Republic.

          • Gage Mulholland

            You mean the NSA spying program that’s been going on for more than a decade? Or the IRS scandal that involved no tea party groups being denied, yet did yield left leaning denials? How bout the consulate in Benghazi being the worse 9/11 attack since when? OH YEAH, the ORIGINAL 9-11 attack, that killed some 3,000 Americans, and cost thousands more in wars as a response to it. On a Republican watch. You’re party does nothing but make government work exactly the way they campaign against it. My only question is, why do they crave the power to a Government that they say they’d like to drown in a bathtub? Oh yeah, power.

          • EdTyler

            I didn’t say he started it. I will say Obama has expanded it all, and that is indisputable.

          • Gage Mulholland

            Ed, we agree. Have a wonderful holiday season, and may the next President be more honorable than the last two.

          • EdTyler

            Oh here’s something else for you I know you won’t believe. I’m not a Republican.

          • CP

            You’re an idiot Gage.

          • danybhoy

            Yeah, tell me that Jesus would be for a compulsory health care system enforced by the tip of a Roman spear.

          • jackejack

            That must be why they’re delaying the small employer mandate until after the midterm elections in 2014. If the BS you’re spouting were true,they’d move the mandate up,not back. And FYI,30 million people will still be uninsured after full implementation of this disaster. Put down the kool-aid.

          • John D

            You’re a fool. Most of that 30 million didn’t want to buy insurance. Look at how few have actually bought a policy under Obamacare. Not how many signed up, how may actually bought. Also remember that 5 million previously insured people have lost theirs because of the onerous requirements of Obamacare. The OMB has projected that the business mandate will cause another 80 to 90 million to have their insurance cancelled.
            Many businesses have put workers on a part time status or stopped hiring completely because they don’t want to be impacted by Obamacare. Others have stated they will no longer offer health insurance.
            Finally, the premiums and deductibles for even the “bronze” plans are outrageous.
            But you keep drinking that Obama Kool-Aid, you dummy. How much is the DNC paying you to troll these sites?

          • JayHackett

            About 10 million Americans have received cancellation notices on the insurance they DID HAVE.

            Right there you just RETROGRADED 30% of the number you said didn’t have insurance.

            From your own numbers now there are at least 40 million people who are uninsured.

            The 30 million you spoke of and the other 10 million who LOST their insurance BECAUSE of Obamacare.

            Are you going to pay them for their time and effort to REGAIN insurance?

            This is HOW the LIBS and idiot progressives RETROGRADE the country.

            Trying to RAM some ill conceived notion into law to help a small minority and ending up screwing the other 90% of the citizens of this country

          • Neal Avery

            When Abe Lincoln was running for President in 1860 he said,”If you like your slaves, you can keep them.” Nothing changes is the change we can believe in.

          • knighttemplar01

            They said it they own it along with the rest of the democrats in congress, and the muslim in 1600. And a lot of the senators are up for re-election…….send them packing otherwise shut your pie holes, because if they stay(now that reid has rigged the senate for obama) it will only get worse; also remove as many democrats from the house as possible…………if the idiot republicans win control of both houses obama our muslim hitler wannabe will be impeached!

          • SeahorseKB

            Yes, but let’s don’t forget to vote out the McCain, Gramnesty, Flake, Cornyn, McConnell, Corker, Alexander, and other RINOS along with all of the Dims.

          • Sammie Jo

            No, the quotes do not indicate sarcasm, they are quotes from the org and the white house, although, they should qualify as sarcasm seeing how it’s all lies.

          • DK1985

            Remember the hope and change? I don’t see no hope ahead still and the only change I see is for the worse. I am though kind of surprise to see Obama and his cabinet taking a break from prosecuting whistle blowers to push to keep on pushing this agenda.

          • Sammie Jo

            I am not surprised at anything underhanded that this administration does or tries to do.

          • SeahorseKB

            Bam is too busy campaigning and making money for the rats who support him.

          • John D

            Obama already took our hope and now he wants our change.

        • MayaAyala

          “Families USSA: Selling out your families to Radical, Runaway Liberalism since 2008!”

          Seriously, this is just more evidence of the extent by which the Obama Administration will go to deceive. This will ultimately be the real Obama “legacy.”

        • HindaRifka

          obamacare plan enrollees in NJ pay higher out of pocket expenses if they choose to go to Robert Wood Johnson hospitals than if they go to other hospitals in their area. Just one more case of hypocrisy over hippocratic.

        • yayaya

          Norm is a huge troll. just ignore him.

        • Defiant

          Great point! I always got a kick out of Russia’s media. They never print sources, or proof of anything…Russian media is like a giant, state-run tabloid! And now the US media is the same.

        • Golfendude

          If I can get close to them… I’ll bag my share.

          • SeahorseKB

            Go Screaming Eagles!

        • hydrangea1

          We hope. They are the ones who lie for, cover for, slobber over and just generally adore Obama.

        • coppersmom

          I think you should go out in the streets a start that revolution….see far you get with death threats to decapitate people.

        • Black Magic

          So it’s your position that any positive story about health care is necessarily partisan? That means that only stories you find true are negative stories. Unfortunately, the mess is really only a website issue and as soon as it is fixed, you folks will have to find your next red herring to distract our politicians from the business of real governing.

        • jackejack

          The MSM beat on George W. Bush relentlessly and finally brought his poll numbers down to where Obama is now. They’ve covered for this shell of a man with puff piece after puff piece,propping him up undeservedly. He’s done this to himself despite their help. Now they’re going into high gear to save the anointed one. They are pathetic.

      • Sum Ting Wong

        The truth will get out. It’ll just take a little more time.

        Patience, young padawan.

        • Larry Boston

          Please don’t defile star wars by combining it with your message.

          • DirtyHarry

            shut up

          • Me

            as if Start Wars is REAL. What a MORON, but then again, libs live in a fantasy world.

        • Norm

          The truth is out. The ACA is a success. The website, which means nothing is no indication of how the ACA has finally fixed the HUGE problem caused by the 1% not giving healthcare to those who deserve it.

          • andrew

            HAHA have you even paid any attention to what it has done? Not only is the website a failure that cost us over 600 million dollars more people have lost insurance than have gained it. Not only have that many lost it but that many more have had their insurance premiums go up to the point where having no insurance is cheaper. Can you honestly try thinking for yourself instead of being a complete idiot.

          • No longer shocked

            You mean the 1%ers like george soros barbra streisand michael moore, those 1%ers? Why did they refuse to “give” you healthcare? Its a shame you dont ask them

          • Sum Ting Wong

            What say you turn off the Comedy Channel and get some big boy news for once?

          • Prawn

            Using the word “success” in reference to the ACA website is an inherent oxymoron. just FYI

          • Dr. 9

            The web site means nothing? Then why is the Marxist-in-Chief and his useful idiots so worried about it?

          • DapperDon

            Gee, you people are really ignorant, aren’t you? For one thing, the ACA does not provide health care to anyone. All the ACA does is force people to buy health insurance…not health care. For another, you’ve just given yourself away when you referenced the “1%”. Now we all know that you are nothing more than a moocher who wants everyone else to give you everything you want. Not going to happen!!!

          • Me

            Giving? There’s liberalism in a nutshell, gimmie gimmie gimmie I suck, right liberal?

          • justsaynotosocialism

            Obamacare is a ‘success’ like the $787B “stimulus” and investments in ‘green energy’ were a success.

          • dbt3481

            OK, I thought you were real but now I realize your just yanking chains.

          • JJ

            He is for sure a troll. If the his picture did not give it away, this post did. This guy just gets a kick out of stirring sht up.

          • Bob Wilke

            You absolutely have to be getting your medical marijuana from the head of the Choom Gang himself.

            Health care was never the issue Norm, insurance was. The law has always required hospitals to treat anyone that comes through the doors, even if they cannot pay.

            The entire Unaffordable Care Act fiasco is about control of 1/6 of the economy and virtually all of the citizenry.

          • Sue Warner

            Please people, stop replying to Norm’s comments. Then, and only then, will he go away. He’s trying to bait you, don’t play the game.

          • krusatyr

            Norm deserves obamacare: the death panel offers him rationed death on a cold gurney in the morgue basement, a pain pill, a toe tag and a Hefty bag to toss his carcass in the dump.

          • zagnut64

            What you really deserve is coming soon.

          • Churchillis1

            “If you like your health insurance you can keep that. Period. If you like your doctor, you can keep them. Period.”
            Yup. The truth is out.

      • alwalden

        Hey Romney-landslide-victory moron, looky here:

        November 27, 2013:

        “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 45% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama’s job performance”.

        • Sum Ting Wong

          keep telling yourself that

      • victor_whisky

        I hate to burst your bubble but it is done all over the place. This is the new world of Public Relations, you can buy phony Face Book likes for any web site, phony favorable tweets and plant phony stories in newspapers and magazines, it is nothing new, they are willing do anything as long as you have the money to pay them. Articles written in Forbes magazine for example were mostly what they call “native advertising” in other words stories paid for by the advertiser himself made to look like articles or editorials touting how great they were or how great they are doing. The PR agencies are even used to promote wars like Bush did with Iraq 2 with phony evidence of WMD and totally untrue stories about Saddam planted in the New York Times. And like his dad did with Iraq 1 when they claimed Iraqi troops were throwing babies out of Kuwaiti hospital windows so they could take the incubators back to Iraq. Total fabricated spin put out by a PR agency in New York. And the more recent stories they put out that Gaddafi was providing his troops with condoms and viagra so they could rape women on mass, another phony story made up by a PR agency in New York to get guys like you to approve the massive bombing of Libya, a country that did absolutely nothing to us.

        So I hate to bring it to you like this but you are living in a country full of bull including the illusion that you are living in a democracy. You most likely still believe that wrestling is real.

        I also hate to break it to you, but there is no real difference between democrats and republicans, no difference between Bush and Obama. As Jesse Ventura put it, they only difference and the only thing they argue about is who is going to keep the money from their corporate paymasters.

        As one sociologist put it, Americans love to lied to.

        • Engage Gray Matter

          Not sure how you came to all that from my post. You should write children’s books or fairytales or something. Now I don’t dispute that there is very little difference between Republicans and Democrats. But to somehow insinuate I supported bombing Libya? Really. Stretch Armstrong couldn’t make that reach. Maybe you work at MSNBC or something fetching coffee for Chris Matthews and fancy yourself an informed writer. Who knows what delusions of grandeur you have, but not my issue. Fact is Obama is a liar. Pure straightforward liar. Sad thing is that there are people out there that honestly believe him. As for Bush, I disagreed with invading Iraq so I have no idea how you made the leap to think I supported Obama bombing Libya. Noting in my posts suggest such drivel. I do believe though once we did invade Iraq, we should have leveled the place and demanded “unconditional surrender”. We only need three objectives in war. All were lacking:
          1. Complete destruction of the enemy’s ability to make war.
          2. Never commit to combat operations without a declaration of war from Congress, not an “authorization for use the of force” that some mealy mouthed politician can then later disavow themselves from it (John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, et al ).; and then commence complete destruction of population centers, hospitals, etc. It is war right? Destroy the enemy’s will to fight including civilians. Hell we bombed Hiroshima, Dresden, and several other cities didn’t we? War is an ugly thing so it should be a last resort. But if we need to engage in combat with another nation, we need to make it such a terrible thing our enemies will think twice before embarking down that road.
          3.Demand unconditional surrender.
          But you have at it with your diatribes my friend.

          • victor_whisky

            I think you have delusions of living in a pristine world, a fairy tale world were all politicians and captains of industry wear a white hat except Obama of course. If you were objective at all and knew history, not high school or college history, but real and factual history, you would know all former presidents were major liars and so it goes for most politicians. Lying is the major attribute required to fit into both gangs that run Washington DC. If there is one thing these politicians fear the most, it is an honest politicians. Occasionally one gets in there by chance, but he doesn’t last as they make sure he is not appointed to any committee, not allowed to pass any bills, not allowed to bring any pork back to his community and eventually strutted out in vicious political ad campaigns as a do nothing politician. This tactic applies to both parties. So please get your head of your majestic sand kingdom and stop making believe one politicians is better than the other when in fact they are all working for the same purpose, making sure the 1% get to keep most of the national wealth even if they have to transfer trillions of taxpayer moneys to the few select flunkies on wall street who through their actions almost destroyed the entire national economy, the economy of nearly 200 million people.

            Please refrain from insulting people who have opinions, that is a certain sign of ignorance.

          • Engage Gray Matter

            Thank you Captain Obvious.
            So riddle me this Batman. Who is in office RIGHT NOW. It ain’t Bush, It ain’t Reagan, it ain’t Clinton.
            It is Obama. He wants to wear the big boy pants, he will most certainly take the hits.

      • spikebu

        I thought…The Ministry of Truth and Newspeak. They are rewriting and reshaping as we speak!

    • mohammad.felafal

      Well, you got to spend to get that 5 year running over One Trillion yearly Obama Deficit.

      It’s not gonna spend itself.

      • pateriot

        Increasing the debt limit does not mean that the debt will increase… “debt immediately spikes 1/3 of a Trillion dollars”.

        • DapperDon

          Yeah, well show me where it hasn’t increased the debt.

        • krusatyr

          What do donkeydix and rinos do, as their snouts come up outta the hog trough, when they sniff future revenue?

          Spend it now and repeat the new expense plus 3% per year increase forever, if they can.

      • Prawn

        Well….you’ve got to get into debt before you can get out of debt. Right? That’s healthy thinking right there

    • griefman

      Just proves again that you can’t fix stupid….. just ask Pelosi and Biden.

      • Dr. 9

        And “Norm” ! ^^

        • Me

          Norm is a parasite as they’re supposed to be given everything they want without any effort.

          • Norm

            No, I am an American that wants equal rights and freedoms for everyone, not just the 1%

          • Prawn

            I am more equal than you because I am a marine crustacean that resembles a large shrimp

          • mark abrams

            Having read a few of your comments You should not be an american (if you are one) . We dont like ignorant envious moochers .

          • ultimate1red1

            What you are is a lying, thieving Marxist sack of crap.

          • Paul_Revere

            The problem with that philosophy, historically speaking, is that leaders who espouse that philosophy never achieve equality for the masses. therefore there is no end to what they want from the masses to achieve that equality. they just keep on sucking freedoms and private property from EVERYONE, (not just the 1%), until there is nothing left to give. Final result, equal misery for everyone.

    • Guest_User

      Their 501C3 status probably “sailed” through the IRS assessment office…because they [ahem] “do good work.” They’re probably cleaning some of the “soil” from their pants after “communication” with Mr. Obama and Ms. Jarrett since:

      “…they are credited with crafting President Obama’s, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” message, and are even backed with money from George Soros’ Open Society Institute.”

      It’s really all about giving U.S. citizens the “mushroom treatment” that progressives believe everyone, including supporters of the objectives of the Democratic party, must have; to be “ruled by their betters”; those “in the know.”

      Mushroom Treatment, defined: Keep someone in the dark and feed them B.S.

    • Paul B.

      Give the devil his due, liberals know how to work the system. When it comes to manipulating the workings of government they are unparalleled. That comes easy when you have no scruples. The entire system has spun out of control, with the little guy at the bottom completely helpless, and now in many cases brainwashed by the culture, schools, and media into willing compliance.

      • Citizen Kaykay

        True…the liberal progressives are pretty good and sticking with the game plan….bring down the US.

      • mikeman

        True they have no morals or scruples, but what they are doing is criminal. You can’t tell me that laundering money from one agency to another isn’t just a big payoff for these bureaucrats. These people belong in front of a firing squad. This is grand larceny.

        • I am surviving Obama

          Bureaucrats are DemoKKKrays. PERIOD.

    • PasoFinoCA

      Don’t insult the pig, these progressive parasites are more akin to roaches.

    • u1776s

      Let’s do another skit of someone passing out, maybe that will help.

      • Sum Ting Wong

        “Make no mistake…” they will. They’ll ignore the cancer stories for a 20 year old who has insurance for the first time so she can get her contraception and morning after pills. Win Win!

        • justsaynotosocialism

          “If you like your cancer, you can keep it. Period. Barack Hussein Soetoro “Barry” Obama.

    • Anti-Com

      “Anne Filipic, the person listed on the grant for Enroll America, formerly served as Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.” Gee, lookie there…. guess who is the the DIRECTOR of the White House Office of Public Engagement? Someone who goes into the White House RESIDENCE daily, and dines with the first family… got the first lady a job in Mayor Daily’s office… who hooked up Barry with the money and power brokers in Chicago…


      If one wanted to figuratively cut the head off of a political snake… well Jarrett is the head. Sepparated from the body, she is still venomous, but the body would be powerless.Do people now see who is the REAL defacto POTUS now? That viper needs to be relocated, transplanted to live out its days in a place far from humans where it cannot hurt anyone. The South pole is lovely this time of year I hear.

    • Guest

      exactly – to think they’ve spent nearly a BILLION dollars on a STUPID website created by a company owned by a friend of michelle o… yes, our gov’t could have given each citizen a million dollars and saved about 700 million dollars and we each could have paid off our debts and easily bought our own health insurance – instead we have this oblivion debt – palin is correct – we are slaves…

    • John Galt

      Check out the blatant bias in NPR radio stories.

    • Crimson Possum

      Ummm, this isn’t our money its the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s money. Other than that I agree with you.

    • Prawn

      lipstick on a pig? Maybe the dems were just trying really hard to recreate miss piggy…

    • Rich-3

      Sounds like this group would lose it’s tax exempt status under the new Saint O rules.

    • alwalden

      Actually, YOU’RE the one who is trying to put lipstick on your racist pig GOP.

      • DJM2142


    • Hank Seiter

      You mean lipstick on fascist pigs, dontya?

    • Defiant

      That’s rude. Michelle may not be attractive…but she’s not a pig. Er wait…

    • lessthantolerant

      These liars don’t care what they do with taxpayers dollars as long as they can waste it.

    • Dr Fistington

      Just to put things in perspective, Google was started with a 500,000 dollar loan and is now worth well over 500 billion. The government spent 1 million dollars bribing this organization to give them good reviews, and we still have a horribly broken system that even when working correctly will be worse that what we had before.

      For every dollar of your money that the government spends, you can expect a negative return of about 5x.

    • Josef Stalin

      Talk shit about Communism again and I’ll find you a new home in Siberia.

      • Mel Content

        I thought you were going to send him to the Eastern Front…

        • Josef Stalin

          Hitler’s already dead, and besides, I can’t trust this guy.

    • coppersmom

      I’ll bet it really frosts you that people in countries that have fully socialized medicine (UK< CANADA, etc.) all live longer than Americans. the big insurance co. cons love ignorance like yours..use your google…longevity….name of country…learn something.

      • Mamouian

        Useful idiot

    • Obama4ever

      But it’s a legitimate Government program Pawn. Who else but the government to explain the merits of the program to its citizenry. This was not only money well spent but necessary that it be spent.

    • connie frist

      I can see why the free-loaders want hand-outs, but what does the malfesent media get out of redistributing (stealing) taxpayers money?

    • SeahorseKB

      And he is still a Kenyan.

    • Brizzle

      If you’re that upset about it stop buying Johnson and Johnson products. They are not a publicly funded organization

    • MrLogical

      That’s MY money this administration is spending on this debacle and I don’t approve of it.
      Most honest and transparent administration ever?
      Truly representative government?
      Of, by and for the people?
      Don’t insult me.

    • HopeForpeaceNow

      What makes you think Families USA is socialist??

  • agreatsign

    Joseph Goebbels would have been proud.

    • CannonBall2014

      Valerie Jarrett = Joseph Goebbels

      • Teddi

        She is the reincarnation of Goebbels.

        • PasoFinoCA

          Not really she doesn’t have his good taste for art nor his love for nutty uniforms and flashy rings…….he was also a nasty piece but a lot smarter than Vilerie.

      • konc1

        For all the mouth breathing liberal entitlement parasites who are functional idiots, Joseph Goebbels was the minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany, kind of like Obama’s other son, the white one.

        • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

          He also murdered his eight children, shot his wife and commited suicide. Obviously a kool aid overdose. Diary available for reading if you have a strong stomach.

    • DavidKramer

      Bernays would have been as well.

      Within the ObamaScamCare bill, there is another diabolical component. The Democrats are being fed all the data directly for the purpose of election fraud implementation. The database is mandatory and called for within the law. Nice party you got there Dems.

      Stalin has NOTHING on the Democrats. “It is not who votes, it is who counts the votes.”

    • Jim

      When is SHE going to testify before congress? She is the puppet master.

      • agreatsign

        Unfortunately she will likely never testify before congress.
        Dear Leader would pull executive privilege first.

  • John (magnum)

    ‘Non-partisan’ ?


  • RedHotRash

    complete and utter BS from the perfect Ahole-in-charge

  • Bethlehemsteele1

    Obamacare 101, How to insure deadbeats on someone elses dime.

    • porchhound

      Do these dolts really believe people who have received cancellation notices or premium and deduction increases are going to fall for a stupid PR campaign?

      • mohammad.felafal

        they are rebranding cancellation notices as change of policy notices

        as in

        we are notifying you of a change in policy.
        Your insurance that you currently have will cease to exist in x days.
        You better HOPE your A$$ dont get sick before you CHANGE over to a new overpriced policy with higher premiums, higher deductables, limited doctors in network and lower quality of care.

      • disqus_M9Ev93PFTF

        They KNOW we are that stupid. After all, we re-elected them in spite of the “right wing” radio and conservatives and Fox screaming about the lies the Dems/Obama were telling.

    • JP

      That is hardly the purpose. There is a whole lot more to it.

      • Headed4TheHills

        Sure there is. There’s the death panels as well. We can’t forget the death panels.

      • Dlaw

        There appears to be a lot with this socialist agenda. One thing you better get ready for is a loss of confidence in the US dollar. The more the rest of the world sees our country in turmoil, the better the chances they will stop supporting the dollar as the reserve currency. We made Saudi Arabia angry, and they were supporting the dollar as payment for oil. That may change now. The Chinese want to deAmericanize the world, and they have spent years setting up direct agreements with other countries to accept their currencies as payment for trade instead of the dollar. It looks like the agenda appears to be to destabilize this country and the dollar, especially if George Soros is supporting the the O’Bamacare law. Yes, there is much more going on here.

  • o0o0lllll0o0o

    What do you expect from a sh|t sk|n POTUS? He’s the black version of Richard Nixon…a lying criminal.

    • RedHotRash

      king barry makes nixon look like a mattress tag remover

  • Kosh94

    We ALREADY KNOW that this administration WILL LIE AT THE DROP OF A HAT. WE do NOT believe anything they say. They have a TRACK RECORD OF LIES. If Owe-bamacare is so great, why did they just push the 2015 enrollment to PAST THE 2014 ELECTIONS? What do they fear? It was such a great DEMOCRAT PRODUCED BILL, that they had to vote for it to find out whats in it. Sure….that sounds smart.

  • Nekromanteion

    The only real solution is an america for liberals and another America for people who value liberty.

    • Kay Mauer

      We are in a cold war with these people. Hopefully it will turn hot because that is the only thing liberals understand.

      • Nekromanteion

        True but id prefer a peaceful parting. Let them have the coasts and we can have the center of the continent.

        • Headed4TheHills

          Going by what Big Sis (Homeland Sec) is stockpiling, the split ain’t gonna be peaceful.

  • dan690

    I think it would take more than a million dollars to make Obama look good.

    • The Duke!

      He spent a TRILLION and it didn’t work!

      • Teddi

        I think its ACTUALLY closer to $10 Trillion…

        • The Duke!

          No Doubt, To Infinity and Beyond with this Jive Turkey.

      • Kevin

        He will continue to spend Trillions more, no doubt some of that money finds its way into his bank account.

    • mohammad.felafal

      it was a cash gift more than a grant bro.

  • o0o0lllll0o0o

    Lipstick on a lying leftist pig…

  • Emett Arnesen

    At least these guys aren’t very coy. Just look at their name FUSA. It really does explain it all right there for you in the title.

    • Conservative4Ever

      Agreed Emett. All liberals know & believe that FUSA = Fu**UnitedStatesofAmerica

  • ImagineThat

    Most good dictators have PR people to make their tyranny look good, no news here. The million dollar question is why people keep falling for it ? you know the sheeples.

    • RedHotRash

      cuz handouts blurr the lines

      • Suzyqpie

        Game Show Government, vote for me I’ll give you cash, prizes, and a shiny cell phone or two!!!!

    • Dlaw

      We appear to be following the socialist agenda just like Chavez started in Venezuela and now his successor, Maduro, is doing. Remember that socialist agenda book that Chavez gave to O’Bama back in 2009 when they met briefly in NY? Just look at Venezuela’s healthcare situation today! It is a disaster. The president of that country, Maduro, has just pushed through extra powers to execute actions in their country without the country’s representatives having any say. All you have to do is search, and you will be shocked….look at what that guy in Venezuela is doing. It appears that O’Bama is following their methods of getting and using powers to run around all others in any decisions. Why can’t people see this? Who is out there to stop this process? We need something out in the public eye trying to let the low information voters know that if they vote for Democrats,. they are dooming this country to failure. The next three years will be terrible as presidential powers are used to “end around” Congress and the courts. Mark my words.

  • snapperman

    Bottom line, when it comes out of MY pocket, I expect positive stories about MY situation… not a positive about the welfare queen now receiving a free colonoscopy and free dental care for her 4 fatherless kids.

    • RedHotRash

      who else will pay for her cable TV, come on man….

      • mohammad.felafal

        anyone remember the analysis they did a year or two back that added up all the benefits you get on welfare?

        The determined that you need to make 37 K a year to make it worth getting off the welfare carousel.

        • TyS

          They also determined that a family of 4 on welfare has more (potential) disposable income than a family of 4 earning $60K per year.

          • mohammad.felafal

            man i am in the wrong business…

    • Prawn

      The dental/colonoscopy plan is my favorite plan. I highly recommend it.

  • 4life4america

    Since October 1, 2013 over 18,412 Americans have died as a direct result of the Democrat’s Obamacare. Hundreds are dying each day. How many more Americans must die painful deaths each day before this terrible law is repealed?

    • Kosh94

      Any proof? How was that info arrived at? Source? I don’t think the Owe-bamacare website can handle numbers that big.

    • willsmithblows

      That’s a pretty wacky statement. Tone down the conspiracy numbers a bit.

  • janderson4795

    Obama is a snake and I hope he and the media go down and never raise their lying ugly heads again.

    • mohammad.felafal

      gonna have to bring back the guillotene for that to happen. They will just regroup rebrand and resurface otherwise.

  • willsmithblows

    Just to be fair, shouldn’t they give 1 mill to someone to find negative stories too? Just like prez barry, trying to put a nicer dress on the pig instead of fixing the pig.

  • Rob

    This will be neither high quality nor affordable…, how are they non partisan? What a shame they must lie, repeat the lie and hide. Knowing all this, and we have multiple examples, we have to realize this is devastating for the America that we knew.

    • Engage Gray Matter

      Because it was never about providing affordable healthcare. Healthcare is just the smoke screen for “legally” obtaining citizens most private information and control. Healthcare you say? Take two aspirin and call a doctor in the morning.

      People could destroy this thing dead if they worked directly with their doctors to pay cash for most services (check-ups, shots, prescriptions, physical/examinations, etc.).

      Heck I bet a good doctor would be willing to except a dozen fresh chicken eggs and some fresh baked bread for a simple prescription or physical.

  • iwannabefree

    My question is “why do they need this”. With all the leftist editorial in the majority of the press….do you really need to pet the lap dog?

  • SharpTooth_Evolved

    LOL..”Non-Partisan” myA$$!!

  • julzverne

    When a group has to be given 1.1 million dollars to “gather success stories” about people dealing with the ACA, you know Obamacare is a big steaming pile.

    • RedHotRash

      pelosi was right, gotta pass it to see what’s in it…like a stool sample

      • BusProf

        Like a burning paper sack left on our doorstep.

  • JimmieMee

    600 million to spend on a site that is only worth a couple of thousand and a million for one positive story….so where is it?…the positive story…..its to much to ask that they get a working web site for only 600 million going to take a couple of billion at least

  • Don

    This alone makes the obamacrap bad. If it was good there would be none of these stories and the prez and his family would be on it and smiling.

  • teapartydoc

    F-USA means just what you think it means. Funded by Soros.

  • Grimwinder

    Sure, if you throw enough money at a problem, you’re going to have *some* success stories. However, that one tenth of one percent, doesn’t do much for the millions that have lost, and will lose, their insurance plans and doctors. You know, the ones we were going to get to keep….period. Guess it depends on what the meaning of period is.

  • Liberals have no morals

    You know the low life lying democrats would start paying other people to lie. Democrats are uncapable at this point of telling the truth about anything. They are being led by the biggest liar in Americas history.

    • Joan Lussier

      You got that right, even the so called heckler when Obama was in California was a fake. He was
      given that script so Obama could talk about the immigration bill. Everything coming out of his
      mouth is a lie.

      • Liberals have no morals

        You left out everything that comes out of any democrats mouth is a lie.

  • Lokie

    Obamacare takes from the middle class and gives to the worthless lazy class.

  • RedHotRash

    God I miss the USA…it was such a great country….

  • Earl Murphy

    If Obama lied to us about you can all keep your insurance, then he lied to the Supreme Court who voted in a bill that was a lie, cant the American people as a whole with a law firm take the bill back to the supreme court for a new vote? Since it is a lie? I don’t get how us americans just take this crap.. We cant find a million dollars to help send it back for a vote?

    • RedHotRash

      it’s a frustrating mess…i totally feel what you’re saying

  • gary lacey

    I bet some or all of that $1.1 M is taxpayer money.

    • John

      They deposit 1 million dollars in your birth account when your born but you don’t know about it. They steal out of it through the years of your life. You are supposed to have access but they don’t want you to know about it. That’s why our prisons are full of people that have committed victimless crime so the elite can steal from our birth certificate accounts.

  • Gary Allan

    I would rather have truthful ones.

  • mary

    I hate liberals.

    • Jim

      First, we kill all the communists.


    The proof will be in the product and we already know the product sucks! Let them spend all their cash. Nothing will make the millions affected by this law feel any better.

    • Jim

      AO2, the big problem is, its OUR millions! ATC.

      • NAVORD

        Yea the money our country is spending on this is insane. Supposed to be affordable healthcare. Nothing about it seems affordable.

  • Larry46

    If this was so good for so many people you wouldn’t need an army of “Spin Doctors” to continue the sale of this barrel of snake oil.

  • hayjim

    A liar is still a liar. A pig is still a pig. This administration is so corrupt I am not surprised at anything they do.

    • RedHotRash

      barry makes nixon look like a mattress tag remover

  • Mark Adam

    These leftist charlatans are using borrowed, debt-increasing funds to propagandize their failed #ObamaCare law that WE DON’T WANT! Unfortunately for them, 100 million with canceled health plans can’t be covered up with some “stories”.

    • cjinx79

      Given that they are so in love with france, they might want to study up on the revolution over there.

      Didn’t turn out too well for the king and queen now did it??

      • Mark Adam

        I seem to remember they had a date with Madame Guillotine!

  • myvoice2

    When does this BS become illegal!

  • bitemeDC

    I wonder if this group qualifies for “non profit” under Obama’s new “tax reforms”?

    • Jim

      Sure. And, they had plenty of time to process their application because they stacked all the applications from tea party groups in the corner for a year or two.

  • cjinx79

    The sad fact of the matter, and it’s quite relevant, is that obama spends more than a BILLION DOLLARS OF BORROWED MONEY more every day than than the number of times he goes to the bathroom each and every day.

    Think about that.

  • Tomtom28

    Wasting even MORE of our money. Bastards!

    • John

      It doesn’t matter. Federal Reserve notes are not money anyway. Their just an enslavement tool that’s backed by nothing but our birth certificates and The New Deal.

  • David Ruiz

    Sometimes a car is just broken, you can pour a ton of money into trying to fix that car (the mechanics get rich) because you really like it or you can just get a new car. I think we need to dump the Obamacar and just get a new car.

  • ImagineThat

    If you want the truth , don’t look for it with a Democrat liberal liar or any of their cronies.

  • SamIamtwo

    Propaganda for taxpayers, paid for by taxpayers…this is willfully wrong.

  • PenelopeAnne

    Why do they have to “produce” stories if Obamacare is so good?

  • Silly Liberals

    It must be tough to find the success stories. Once the ads are produced and airing, the people in those ads are finding out that they are getting the boot pr their premiums are skyrocketing.
    But, Obama made sure that the minions who supported and voted for this disaster are immune from their bad decisions and pushed their cost onto the the few remaining taxpayers.

  • Aleph Cheth

    At least when Nixon lied, it didn’t cost us our health care, huge increases in personal expenses, enormous deficits and higher taxes. POtuS Obama assaults us with lies while his totally corrupt regime destroys our country. Anyone who dares fight back is a “hater” or a “racist.” The rest of us live in fear of the IRS or the savage “sons” of the bastard, praying that the country is strong enough to outlast the next three Years of Darkness. Goebbels and Stalin give the POtuS two thumbs up.

  • Clover11111

    How can propaganda hide the realities that are yet to come?

  • RedHotRash

    WE ARE F U C K E D

    • Headed4TheHills

      Ya think?

  • Bandit

    The dept. of propaganda is the only part of the gov’t that actually works

    • laxmom1

      Kinda reminds you of “Bagdad Bob,” huh?

  • Joe Yeti

    You can’t polish a turd

    • Headed4TheHills

      Well, according to Mythbusters, you can actually polish a turd. However, it is still a piece o’ shiite.

  • mikesvoice

    Non-Partisan my a$$…..if they are only seeking a “Positive SPIN”, receiving $1,000,000.00 to produce same….how non-patrician can they be!
    Same old BS, just a different day! THERE IS NO HONESTY IN THIS REGIME!

  • ron

    Proof the media are paid off government trolls………..

  • Willh33

    So now the regime has to bribe people…socialists at their finest!

  • jthawke
  • Geri

    Bigots! You just want the poor to die! :You would not complain if the Nazi Koch Brothers were throwing their ill gotten gain around to cheat the poor!

    • fbowman


    • laxmom1

      You are a Kool-Aid drinker if there ever was one. Stop looking for a hand-out, get a job, support yourself and quit complaining about the hard work and success of others…

    • MLB

      Shut up. Just. Shut. Up. Admit it. The person you voted for is a fraud and liar, a failure. You all keep saying you won but the truth is we have all lost because of your ignorance.

    • BDnSC

      Name one thing the Koch brothers have done that is even remotely like Nazi! You can’t!
      By the way dumbass, how would they “throw their money around to “cheat the poor”?
      You should do yourself a favor and shut up. At least then you will have a slight chance that you could be mistaken for someone that has a modicum of intelligence.

    • hunterson

      nice satire, lol.

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    Liberals – learned all they think is necessary to ‘govern’ from Josef Goebbels.

  • Dobby123

    If Obamacare was any good, Obama and the Democrats that voted for it wouldn’t have exempted themselves from the law.

  • wrickard

    yet for all the waste of this administration and its anti jobs, anti economic growth policy’s this too will be bought up by the low information troll every time.

  • mackadoo

    Lies, deception, smoke and mirrors……these guys know the American public will fall for anything. After all they elected Obama…..twice.

  • Jim

    They think we are all stupid and will never figure all this out. If the news media was doing their jobs, this would have come out long ago but, they were too scared to test the water. Its simple – follow the money and then you have them, just like the roaches they are.

  • BDnSC

    Never mind the facts! Start telling the lies now, do it often, and the media will help.
    So what if 100 Million people get waxed in order to make 15 million happy.
    Time for the 100 million to open their eyes and fire back full force or shut up and accept what you voted for!
    The real question is, can you afford to shut up?

  • TootlesMcgee

    Obamacommies. $1.1 million dollars that could have fixed a heart, instead used to brainwash people. They only care about their message not your healthcare.

    Fire Obama and his comunists.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Gee, imagine! Another stealth organization crawls out of the woodwork, courtesy of Robert Wood Johnson money (NJ). I guess I’ll have to add another spin machine to my list of “usual suspects”. Non-partisan? Neither was Saul Alinsky. Once more the left makes the ghost of Goebbels proud.

    Add more lipstick to that pig, but use a different shade this time.

  • CB

    The deceptions of this regime keep growing and growing. Nobody should believe a single word that comes out of their mouths.

  • JoeNJ8

    where’s the money coming from? I thought we were bankrupt.

    • John

      We are and have been since 1933. They just don’t want you to learn about it and the details.

  • titus_pullo13

    You know things are going badly when Bill Clinton says you should have told the truth.

  • Floyd Howard Jr

    OBAMACARE. “Too Profitable To Fail”!

  • Marbran

    This group doesn’t seem like a on-profit to me. Maybe the IRS should investigate. Oh…never mind.

    And how many groups are there that are supported by Soros’ billions? Why isn’t anybody in Congress, a Governor, anybody(?) investigating this man and his ties to Obama. Every time you turn around, there is Soros funding another PAC, non-profit, community organization, etc. Is our nation so easily for sale?

  • fbowman

    Democrats are good at one thing. They create victims, blame somebody else and then save the victims.

    • hunterson

      …….With lots of other people’s money but never actually save the victim…..

      • EviLibertarian

        “With lots of other people’s money…” The same people that they blame for all the victim’s problems.

  • Chris

    “Think of the press as a great keyboard

    on which the government can play.”

    ― Joseph Goebbels

  • Engage Gray Matter

    I had to laugh when the left vilified Sarah Palin for saying there were death panels written into the law….Then yesterday one of the folks at Time magazine (John Halperin) says, yep, there are death panels in the law. But lefties are gonna keep on hating, cheating, and lying even when the truth slaps them in the face.

  • DirtyDave

    Oh, the corruption is wonderful to behold, isn’t it?

  • mariee

    How many of you still believe the GOP shut the government down, and barricaded the Memorials? Who do you think wanted to make the USA feel the pain so they could strut around and point fingers? It make me sick to my stomach!!! Fill in your clueless relatives around the ThanksGiving table tomorrow, it’s time to take back your country.

  • hunterson

    So Obama literally has a front group whose name is “Eff You”.

    • Jeffjr04

      No get it right. It’s F-USA.

  • titus_pullo13

    “Please, signup for Obama Care before the holidays.” – Identity Thief

  • TJC62

    “Non-partisan”= liberal mouth piece in the age of teh won

  • Pepperspray137

    The MsM has been scouring everywhere to find positive AcA stories, and they didn’t have to be paid. Of course they were, but…

  • ohgo

    Neuter Barry in November 2014….. VOTE! Shut this Guy down!!!

  • dabba

    Somebody please wake me from my nightmare. I feel like I live in Nazi Germany.

    • John

      Its getting real close.

  • Realist

    Liberal accolytes circling the wagons around their Obamesiah and getting 1 million in tax money in return. Just think of how much of our tax money Libs have been spending to try abd indoctrinate us, and for YEARS, with PBS and NPR and now with NOAA (Bleating about supposed Human Caused Glo-Bull Warming), DHS spending OUR money to tell us what HEROES they are to steal it from some and give it to others in return for THEIR voting patronage.

    “Heroes” buying votes with OUR money. and expecting us to thank them for doing it.

    To every Lib: Go F yourself.

    • dabba

      I know this first hand. My wife works for PBS here in our state, and so listens to NPR. I cannot get it into her head that they are a bunch of liberals and will put a lib spin on every story while completely ignoring other stories that don’t fit the Democrat narrative of Democrats good, Republicans bad, liberal good, conservative bad. It’s very frustrating.

  • wobegon

    Judging by the OFA trolls that infest the comment sections following all Obamacare articles, this is the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg. The State’s propaganda arm is in full swing.

  • titus_pullo13

    “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” – Obama

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    Obama has shown himself to be the most incompetent economic illiterate and prolific liar to ever attain the presidency.
    We know 1st hand about his Benghazi and Healthcare lies, What other whoppers are out their that we are not aware of?

  • hunterson

    Our media has taken to Obama control like ducks to water. Nixon should have just paid them off after Watergate.

  • DirtyDave

    Hey, for a million dollars I will tell everyone how wonderful Obamacare is. I won’t go near it, regardless, million dollar bribe or not.

  • ChopperChopChop

    There sure are an awful lot of “nonprofit, non-partisan organizations” that have a major say on policies we all have to live under that we rarely ever hear of, and whom the major media never mentions. So much for the “most transparent administration ever.”

  • BK

    Where’d they get the money for the grant? Is that part of the $69 Million missing from the ObamaCare slush fund that the IRS isn’t even looking for?

    ‘Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration also found that the IRS did not track all costs associated with implementation of the ACA including costs not charged to the Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund . Specifically, the IRS did not account for or attempt to quantify approximately $67 million of indirect ACA costs incurred for Fiscal Years 2010 through 2012.’

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    When Obama speaks he should have to be connected to a lie detector so we can tell we he is actually telling the truth since he and his entire administration seem to be distant strangers to the truth

    • Iboat

      And show the results live at the bottom of the TV!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ChopperChopChop

      I think one has to feel at least a little bad or anxious deep down about lying in order for a lie detector to work. I think this particular president would be safe.

  • BDnSC

    Thanks to jthawke:
    This needs to stay at the top of the list…

    CBS poll shows 84% of democrats want Obamacare repealed,

  • Solar

    O’Commiecare and nonpartisan in the same sentence?
    Ya gotta luv the lib fantasy.

  • ~R~C~

    This won’t help. The Emperor has no clothes….

  • Iboat

    So now our guberment has to PAY people to put a positive on this legislative TURD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gribbers would be proud of the American liberal/leftist/progressive/communist SCUMBAGS ruining this ONCE GREAT COUNTRY!!!!

  • Dingbat7

    Cooking frogs – they never know they’re in hot water until they’re dead – the USA is dead; it is now the USSA. Most Obamabots are brain-dead comrades, and only an intelligent few realize that we’re officially a communist country.

  • OncealwaysaMarine


  • Kedzie

    More Democrat corruption. What disgusting people.

  • abcnewscansuckit

    The Ostalin Regime has been outed as trying to “rebrand” Ostalincare as something else, but only the most idiotic Ostalin worshipers will fall for these “success stories” and start calling it something other than “oh-BAWM-uh Curr.” I seem to remember the head of the Politburo saying he was “proud” for it to be called oh-BAWM-uh Curr. This fool has failed at everything he’s tried, IF his sole intent is not to get even with this crackuh country.

  • Jeffjr04

    Wonder when the IRS will look into this nonprofit. Oh yeah….


    Families USA, funded by George Soros’ Open Society Institute?, Okay, that is all I needed to hear.

    United States of America, we have seen the enemy, and he is us (credit to Pogo).

    Is It Just Me, or is King Obungo trying to bring us down a road to ruin (and is being pretty damn successful along the way).

    I’m Just Saying…

  • Iboat

    If American’s Citizen’s still have ANY SENSE they will NOT even attempt to sign up for this CRAP!!!!!!!! Let’s see how many BRAVE LIBERTY LOVING AMERICANS say FVCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Guberment Lackey SCUM!!!!

  • ckirmser

    Again, Obama lies; let alone the cool million on propaganda.
    How are those hob-nailed boots fitting, Obama?

  • Humidifier

    Look Tiny Tim it’s snowing. It seems to be coming from the White House.

  • RedRover

    lol at these ignorant obama voters.

  • Kevin

    Imagine that, King BO hires more journalists to continue the lie about BO care and there is still 40% of America that believes everything he says.

  • barbara

    So in other words they were given 1.1 million to write more lies about Obamacare.

    • Kevin

      Given 1.1 Million of our money to continue the lie

    • Travis McGee

      Looks like another one of those staged, private photographer photos ~adorable me waving to adoring, fainting fans.

  • Jeffjr04

    This law is gonna coldcock America in the mouth.

  • TimP.

    Great article! I just sent Families USA an email asking some questions about their important ‘non-partisan’ work they do.

  • Mark Tipton

    Hahahahaha And the low information voters who actually do pay taxes thought their taxes were paying for healthcare for some poor sod who could not afford it! Why I bet that these offices are filled with the working class poor and the under-privileged … after all, they are who we are paying for right?

  • dabba

    Have no fear folks, this 1 million came out of Obama’s “stash”, and he plans on throwing lots more of it around before his second term is up.

  • ChopperChopChop

    I guess they determined that fixing the perception of Obamacare will be easier that actually fixing Obamacare.

    • dabba

      It’s such a bad bill, it can’t be fixed. That’s why they have the propaganda machine firing on all 4 cylinders.

  • kyslim

    Non-partisan’ My azz! The brain washing begains with the low information voters.

  • Danx35

    Obama is a sick, sick, sick POS.

  • dareisay

    That money would have been better used to restock some food banks, a start up business for our unemployed citizens, or even a gift to other charities or no kill animal shelters! These hard nosed Democrats would rather spend their money on covering up for Obama & the Party of death panels!

  • Barack_Obama

    I know what is best for all Americans.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Liberal democrat voters all KNOW that the Obama administration are pathological liars. The O admin KNOWS that the intelligent and awake people do not now, never have, nor ever will believe them. So why do they keep lying over and over about everything? Is it for some kind of benefit for the left, so they can pat themselves on the back? Do they just love being lied to and can’t get enough of it? Of course, the O admin are spend-crazy lunatics so it could just be about the money that they love to throw away daily.

  • Ranger_Ric

    It’s not going to work. I will under no circumstances allow gov to be involved with my healthcare and every single person I know says the exact same thing. They can fine me (good luck getting paid because I make sure there is no refund on my taxes) or anything they want but I won’t even look at any kind of plan they are involved with. If my company drops my insurance, I will go without.

    On the bright side, my family doctor and the other three doctors in that practice have a sighn on the door that they will no longer accept Medicaid or Medicare patients. He personally told me my costs will go down for visits because of that. Secondly, they are going to start a cash only coop after the first of the year which will supplement and in some cases, replace insurance.

    The welfare scum can die in the streets. My healthcare will be provided for byt me as always… I’m not paying for theirs!

    • MLB

      Cash only until the liberals decide the only way you can retain your medical license is to accept Obamacare.

  • bnchy

    There are so many of these “Independent” Groups, Foundations, Organizations, Think Tanks, etc that seem to have one thing in common. When you follow the money trail, it always leads back to George Soros. Obama is not in control of anything; he is simply a TelePrompTer reading puppet of the Leftist Global Elite who are pulling the strings.

  • doggma

    this is a good invest if your on the stealing side of the obozo gov….in this administration there are bonus point that equal $$$$$$$$ if you tell the most lies that are believable……

  • Vasco DeGama

    so based on the “success” Ovomit has had in creating jobs and the cost per, this organization should be able to generate 2 or 3 with that 1.1. mil.

  • MadMoto

    …and this has nothing to do with that little closed door meeting Obama had with the press on ObamaCare a couple weeks ago… Nothing to see… move along…

  • disqus_M9Ev93PFTF

    They not only believe we are stupid, they KNOW we are since we renewed their jobs in 2012 based on nothing but lies. Democrats have banked on our stupidity and won.
    Enjoy what you voted for, Dems. I am just angry that you took me down with you.

  • Random_acct

    I have no doubt that Obamacare will help some…but at the expense of others. It’s about redistribution. Amazingly, the Millenials, who overwhelmingly supported Obama, didn’t seem to understand that they were part of the demographic getting scammed by Obamacare.

  • scumby

    No doubt fast track rubber stamp tax-exempted by the IRS

  • sandiego1969

    Add to this the Iranians are telling the media that the terms of their agreement published by Mr Obama’s White House are lies. Sad to know the Iran is more open and honest than our president…in pretty much everything.

    • Mya View

      Never underestimate Iran’s ability to take advantage of Obama’s low approval ratings and lies. The article I read didn’t go into specifics as to what Iran claims the WH lied about. Like Obama, they may think that just by stating it, makes it true. Have you found any specifics on the “lies”? If so, please share. Thanks.

      • rightside100

        Go to the Arab press that publish English translations of agreement in Farsi that the Iranians signed. Obama released a summary to the western media, the Iranians released the actual agreement to the Arab press. You have to look to the foreign press for the truth today.

  • Jim Nasium

    This administration is despicable and beneath contempt. What a bunch of thieves.

  • Travis McGee

    Why bother to pay for what is free? The media pro-O machine spins on and on for free everyday.

  • 17_woods

    And the fraud continues.

  • MissyT111

    All that money for just two stories??? (sarcasm) LOL


    Obama, Obamacare and the lying main stream media can all go to H*LL..!!!!!

    • PhocusPlease

      Right! Time to start naming media who are spreading propaganda. We need to see names of CNN, MSNBC, and the alphabet networks anchors and reporters who are spewing the ‘line’…including Juan Williams at Fox. They need to be called out, forced to prove their statements.


        Who are they? But seriously you are right. I very rarely watch or listen to any of them. I prefer getting the truth from alternative sources. Many other people do also. CNN ratings are way down from what they once were. People are wakening up.

  • rowleya

    Deceit surrounds, permeates the aura of the Prez and his Entourage with the stench of corruption.

  • True Blue

    … and the looting of the Taxpayer and Citizen goes on…

  • FrankNitti2

    Why would anyone want to deceive the population into thinking that the Obamacre disaster is wonderful? The majority of the US population will be affected by this monstrosity through their wallets and we’re not talking about pennies but thousands of dollars each year. Is this a wonderful thing for us? A gilded turd is still a turd!!

  • Mya View

    More BS propaganda. How is Obamacare going to lower our annual deficits when it’s projected to add approximately $200 Billion per year to spending? The only way to keep America healthy and strengthen the economy was to make it affordable, which it is not. Higher premiums and deductibles are going to discourage people from getting the care they need, even though they are paying more.

    More importantly, who will believe the stories? We’ve already seen two of those “success” stories fail. Let’s wait and see who actually got to keep their quoted rate without it changing by the time they have to make their first payment. That’s what I’ll be watching for.

  • FollowTheMoneyTrailDotCom

    Business as usual in our Nation’s Capitol. The problem isn’t the Democrats, particularly, it’s the entire system, that sets up the government to regulate corporate greed, with little to no regulation on government insider greed.

    The lefties are filled with indignation about the evils of big corporations, and completely clueless about how their own party behaves inside government – stories like this will never be reported on ThinkProgress or the Koz or the MSM.

    The ACA itself is the biggest pay to play money laundering scheme ever, but you never hear it reported that way.

    The right seems incapable of raising the same level of emotional fervor about greed in government, because they benefit from it too. They really need to learn to be as two faced as the Democrats are.

    A constitutional amendment seems to be the only answer here. Otherwise DC will follow the path of Detroit, and we as a nation will fall into disarray.

  • ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

    By ‘Joe’ this is an impressive piece of Journalism, in depth investigating with facts and details, not like the MSM today.

    Glad to see our poster-boy for incompetence hasn’t corrupt the morals and ethics of every journalist.

  • Suzyqpie

    “Families USA (FUSA) — an organization that describes itself as a “national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans” — was given a $1.1 million grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.”
    To my astonishment, the funds did not come from the US Treasury…

  • David1018

    This just gets worse and worse. No more Chicago community activists in the White House – ever. Lying Bast_rd.

  • Barratt_Mac

    Families USA…..did anyone notice the CEOs last name? Goebbels. Should we be concerned? I’m just saying. :-)

  • rightside100

    I will reduce the deficit IF millions of young people join up when they refused to in the past when it cost hundreds less EACH month or pay a small fine, if reimbursements to doctors are slashed so millions with Medicare and Medicaid can’t find a doctor who will take those plans and if care the seriously ill is rationed and the taxes on medical devices and other Obamacare taxes are collected. Finally if the states have to agree to pick up the tab for all the new Medicaid patients when the government subsidies run out two years by passing huge state income and sales tax increases. All big ifs and no one seriously believes that any of those conditions will be met.

  • Dave Allen

    Non-partisan group? O please, this is going just as planned, single payer here we come.
    First it was Big Tobacco, then Big Oil, next Big Insurance. We have to make it fair, how can anyone profit of the illness and misfortune of others?

  • PhocusPlease

    We can spend a million bucks to manufacture lies about the healthcare take over, but can’t spare a million to keep the Vatican embassy open. We have reached new lows folks, warm up your vote for next November. We need to clean house.

  • JPalm

    Yeh and Hitler’s Brown Shirts were non-partisan also

  • HerodiousPeaskinner

    So, they’re determining “success” and “positive” as being able to complete enrollment? That’s all it can be based on since the “coverage” doesn’t begin until January 1.

  • Barratt_Mac

    Goebbels: It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.

  • gary allan

    Is this really the kind of government we want? I guess so.

  • cooldela1966

    If they can make things right for $1 million then we should pay them to find a cure for cancer. And to find Jimmy Hoffa’s body. And the missing parts of the Rosetta Stone. If they can make Obamacare smell good then they are some awesome folks.

    • frankreed

      Good stuff!

  • adumbrate

    this article is racist. It did not mention the IRS fast tracked FUSA’s non-profit status.

    meanwhile – the tea-party is made up of ‘radicals’

    beam me up, scotty.

  • IRightULeft

    Nice investment “Non-partisan Group” – the jig is up so to speak.

    • frankreed

      NO, the JIG ……is still in the WH!!!

  • whoisjohngalt58

    If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

  • west129

    The propaganda sounds too good to be true?

    No, it is indeed true because the meaning of words is in not in the words but in people.

    Fact: The Democrats have insisted on sending Grannies over the cliff by having single handedly ramming the ACA down our throats! They will reduce the cost by $2,500 per person. However, “Cost control” via the Death Panel (re-branded as IPAB aka IMAB in ACA) means government-imposed rationing of care to the elderly that will end up closing a lot of aging eyes — permanently.

    In the ACA more than 18 pages confer unlimited powers to the Death Panel. Much like the T 4 Aktion, the powers assigned cannot be touched by future legislation: INDEPENDENT MEDICARE ADVISORY BOARD (H. R. 3590—SEC. 3403, Pg 371-389 and Pg 831). With the agreed upon nuclear option the Democrats can put the board in place to effectively function as the death panel aka IMAB:


  • cooldela1966

    It is the media fault in the first place. They should never have allowed any negative stories to be printed about Obamacare. It is all the fault of Fox News. Everyone would be happy if Fox would not tell the truth. It is disgusting.

  • Geoffrey_Britain

    Let the PROPAGANDA begin! FORWARD!

    • frankreed

      Forward to their slaughter house!!!

  • frankreed

    Look, everybody knows that people that never had insurance in the first place, for whatever reason, will benefit under the ACA. Those with pre-existing conditions will definitely benefit. And some others. The administration is now chanting the misleading notion that we’re only talking about 5%. Ok. 5%. Why would anybody think that the entire healthcare system should be turned on it’s head for…..’just’ 5%. Since when does the MINORITY, and a small one at that, it’s JUST 5%, drive national policy?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, they’re JUST 5%. Just several million, that’s all. (sarc)

    But for the MAJORITY of citizens, it’s the first chapter, the first scene, of a very gory story!!! A nightmare has been cast upon our nation and it’s people!!! All ….for JUST 5%.

    And now we know with a dead certainty that they KNEW THAT IT WAS NOT GOING TO WORK. How insidious can they get?!!! That’s pure evil. If they had told the truth about the ACA and the consequences that would come, IT WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN BOUGHT, their so called ‘good product’. Classic BAIT & SWITCH!!! The FTC has regulations governing bait & switch schemes! He sold the American people ONE BIG LIE AFTER ANOTHER, in his fraudulent campaign for reelection!!! Polling now tells us that had he been honest and told us that we WOULD lose our health insurance, approximately 30% of those that voted FOR ohbama, would NOT have voted for him and Gov Romney would have been our President!

    They’re from Chicago folks, where lies, corruption & chaos are the faire du jour, daily!

  • DaTechGuy on DaRadio

    I’m shocked SHOCKED

  • Citizen Kaykay

    A turd is still just a turd….

  • biglou15

    o-blame-a – ‘Let’s see how stupid the people are, what they see and hear on TV or what they get in the mail either canceling or raising their rates tremendously’. I tend to believe that the people will see thru the Bee Ess and hold the ‘rats accountable.

  • Bruce Darling

    Lipstick on a pig. Perfume on a skunk.

  • Charles Scruffy

    If this Obama admin was a Repub admin …Every single day the NY times, Washington Post, LA , etc would have front page news about the horrible… Healthcare law, Bengazi, Corrupt admin and its favored donors, etc etc, Valerie Jarrett gets a free pass because shes black and Liberal…Media is a cheerleader for this admin and this is another example of it ..and the most corrupt admin with our money ever.

    • rightside100

      The MSM only wrote stories since Nixon was President on how horrible EVERY single Republican policy would affect a FEW Americans, let a Democrat policy negatively affect millions of Americans they will crawl under rocks to find those few who will benefit and ignore the wider pain.

  • TimeWarp66


    • Sammy

      Reclaim the Senate, impeach Obama, then repeal.

  • YouWontLikeIt

    the Democrat Socialist ship is going down and no amount of graft is going to save it ….

  • Indepcon

    We are living the 1974 Soviet Union experience. Liberals are sick pathetic and dangerous people.

    • Youregoingtodie

      You really mean 1930 to 1933 in the Ukraine, where they made possession of food illegal, and you know you don’t want to break any of their laws intended just for you peons.

  • ounceoflogic

    Perception is all that matters to these people.
    The ACA is “fine”, “People love it”.
    The economy is “fine”.
    The housing market is “fine”.
    Say, Rinse, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat……. . . . . . . . . . .

  • Youregoingtodie

    Propaganda grants.
    Propaganda is why you dont know what the Holodomor is or why those that pulled it off before are preparing to do it to you as I type this

  • JeffreyPtr

    It doesn’t matter what the public perception of the law is. It’s success depends on the uninsured healthy looking at what they have to pay out of pocket for a premium and deciding that they are willing to pay it. It needs to convince people to buy something they don’t need. Personally I am not willing to pay the premium I’ve been offered and will opt out.

  • u1776s

    Now they are spending money to make up BS stories after collapsing the whole health care system and wasting trillions of dollars. It would be hard to calculate the actual amount wasted while considering the higher premiums we have already paid due to “Obama Care” restructuring of insurance policies.
    Also they are wanting to change the name of the law by using acronyms like AHC. They are trying to distance themselves from this train wreck while they let it run full speed right into their constituents.

  • eilspaul

    Lipstick, meet Pig.

  • Youregoingtodie

    Ask yourself why there is no memorial to the 100 million plus gentiles stripped of their posessions and lives by the socialists and progressives and buried in secret, unmourned, unloved and unknown while you worship those that intend you join the secret dead in their mass graves.

  • disqus_VuylvlbZ5g

    crap in crap out typical beltway bloviating

  • Edward Boothe

    It’s hard to believe that the media in this country is corrupt enough to support a con man who lied to the American people 29 times and caused 5 million of them to lose their healthcare soon to be 10 million more.

  • Burton Robson

    Once a liar always a liar. No amount of money will change that. Nice try using our money!!

  • Justin Black

    This type of shit makes me sick. Why not spend the money to help people or to fix the f-ing problem?

    • Tori

      They don’t know how, and they have no desire to fix the problem, as long as enough sheep believe the lie.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    One thing you can bank on is that any news having to do with this administration or it’s policies has been manipulated, manufactured, or fabricated to make it look more positive. Trust nothing but Fox, Breitbart, Infowars, and Drudge’s headlines.

    • Tori

      I’d say read it all and make your own determinations. Plus, then you know your enemy.

    • sailordude

      Fox had two stories the last two days telling you how to enroll in Obamacare without using the government website. Not sure you can count on them.

    • Dan Austin

      The sad part is that with the help of the media, Obama will probably get away with it. Just like with the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and many others, the lie that you can keep your current health plan and doctor will fade away and be forgotten.

      The trick will be in the subsidies. Once the voters with lower middle class and lesser incomes see that subsidies will pay for much or all of their health care premium, they will forget Obama’s lies. Obama never had much support among the rich wealth and job creators anyway, so it doesn’t matter if he angers them even more or takes more of their money.

      Obama has been recently repeating the lie that the people want Obamacare, and shouldn’t be prevented from having it. Obama fully knows he’s lying. He is just well aware that repeating a lie often enough can make people believe it. Lies are a tool with which to manipulate the public. It is a cold, calculated political strategy to lie.

      You’d have to agree that the lies have worked so far. They’ll eventually work for Obamacare, too.
      In the 2014 elections, expect that angry republicans will vote in larger numbers than happy democrats with their health care subsidies. But expect Hillary Clinton, with massive help from the MSM, to be elected president in 2016.

  • JGTheMan

    Had enough TASS style propaganda yet? If they can’t find the stories, they will just make them up, rest assured.

  • BenM

    The Dems need to make it a PR effort. Everything they do is about appearances, everything.
    I put Obamacare disaster into my search engine and make it my home page so it comes up over and over. They aren’t going to sweep this one under the rug.
    My mother in law just lost her doctor that she’s had for years and can’t find another one who will take her obamacare insurance!
    This thing is national disaster and no amount of spin can change that.
    Even if healthy people sign up in droves the death panels are real and rationing will be on it’s way if we don’t uproot every part of this law.

  • Grump the Conservative

    Scumbags all, starting with Obama

  • eLucidive

    I heard a report today on what officials in Beijing are doing about air pollution in that city. Instead of rightfully blaming the thousands of factories and the millions of cars, they are blaming BBQ pits for the cities air problems and going around and shutting them down. Five hundred so far and the residents are taking to the internet to complain and ridicule them for their disingenuous attempts to shift the blame. Progressives sure think alike.

    • Conspiracy_Fax

      Ya remember Regan blaming air pollution on duck turds. I am not joking. He actually kept a straight face while he was saying it. But he was an actor so I guess that makes sense.

      • Rocky

        I would like to see proof of your so called Reagan comment. Do you have it? What makes you think Obama is not an “actor” also. He is the great imposter President, quite an actor himself.

      • eLucidive

        No, I was only about 10. Yes Reagan was an actor. I guess that’s why Obama can only come up with that totally lame “I didn’t know what was happening until I saw it on TV” shtick and repeat it ad nauseum. He’s as talent less at acting as he is at leading.

  • hydtguy

    How do you catch a crook?
    Follow the money!
    All the Chicago low life’s making money off the backs of the middle class working stifs and the young that will be taxed to poverty with Obama care, remember…..hope and change?

    We were railroaded into Obama Care because 15% did not have insurance. 85% of us did, and liked our plans.
    When you see the cost and the annual 8 to 10K ” co pay” for a family you will know what it feels like to be raped.

    Just remember not one GOP rep. voted for this rape of america next election.

    • Tori

      However, voting GOP last time (Bush) caused people to vote for these crooks this time. We must trust Patriots imo.

    • Conspiracy_Fax

      True, both parties are totally corrupted.

      Vote something else or boycott the vote altogether to erode its legitimacy and create a space for something new.

  • Conspiracy_Fax

    All this brought to you courtesy of…. you! Your tax dollars hard at work. And that’s not all!

  • lrjrj

    And the alternative is allowing the markets to function more efficiently by recognizing and addressing the drivers of costs gov’t causes to begin with. Who’s going to lavish that politician with $ for supporting the free market and less regulated/ corrupted capitalism?

  • jsmith

    Obamacare is nothing but a money grab (more taxes and fees)…………….the gov’t really does not care about healthcare….it’s all smoke and mirrors!!!

    • sailordude

      They want the poor to live longer and vote for Democrats those extra years.

  • dupkaman

    I’m sure the IRS is going to target them. Hypocrisy

  • MsTheresaKelly1

    Propaganda at its best! When’s the media going to approach Obama and let him know, the gig is up! Obama is the epitome of, The emperor has NO clothes! The more he parades around naked the more repulsed we become !!!

  • disqus_Ao3LmdU11e

    hes a lying phuck and we ALL know it…

  • catedean

    Interesting. Today on NPR they are blaming the HIGH costs of Obamacare policies on Employers. Dig that! Like THEY control Obamacare.

  • Radiant Studio

    Sounds like the new Fiction Writers Convention.

  • taxedjoe

    More of the old theory that if you tell a lie long enough people will believe it is the truth. Also, non partisan? Yeah right!

  • Wild Bill

    When it comes to liberal groups….anytime they are referred to as Non-Partisan, it should be followed by (wink, wink).

  • LibertyWriter

    We are slaves to the central government

  • Rocky

    Non-partisan and they are given one million dollars paid for by the taxpayer? Those folks believe Americans are really, really dumb. Of course the “low information” voters are really, really dumb.

    • Amerika_Lost

      We not dumb. We know the Big O gives us free stuff. What time is Honey Boo-Boo on?

    • sailordude

      How many Americans look at Drudge Report? Because that is the only way you will find out about this. Big conspiracy that the major networks are ignoring.

      • rightside100

        No kidding. Without the Internet, Drudge and Fox you would think that Obamacare is the greatest thing since sliced white bread because there would be NO one in the MSM selling a different story.

        • Drosack

          Don’t forget Limbaugh.

  • Amerika_Lost

    The Ministry of DIsinformation is up and running again.

  • Armand Rodriguez

    Actually, I’m surprised it was only 1.1 million. Given the scale of the lie and the damage they knew it would do I would of expected a much greater investment in pushing Obamacare.

    • bigdoglv

      It would be interesting to see the tab to us taxpayers.

      • dabba

        This was just 1 group. There’s no telling how many others there are, and just look how much they’ve wasted on the stupid website. And it’s still not working!

  • JBrown

    as bad as the people who need to make up multiple handles on message boards so someone will agree with them

  • Reed Smith

    Just brand all these efforts under one “Propaganda Are Us” label…something the left has perfected into an art form.

  • AmericanGirl

    I’m so happy knowing that the GOP suddenly support transparency to donors and programs they support. Let’s start by revealing all the corporations who funded their campaigns, Koch anyone? :)

    • BenM

      I see, it’s the Koch Bros. who turned Obamacare to $hit. Are you sure it wasn’t Ronald Regan, George Bush or the TEA Party?

      • bigdoglv

        I’m betting Bush.

    • BenM

      If they were half as transparent as the Democrats we couldn’t see through them. But hey, if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your health care plan, period.
      Let’s do it for both parties. Big insurance anyone?

    • dabba

      So, you think the government gave money to the Koch brothers? Can you provide even 1 example of a Republican administration giving money to a “non-profit, non-partisan” group to propagandize one of its policies?

  • Suzyqpie

    Following is an email that I received from 0bamas propaganda camarilla group, OFA. Caps are theirs. Notice FREE 6 times. None of the touted FREE stuff is free, someone else pays. That’s the big problem with 0bamaCare, the Recipient Class will harvest the assets of the Middle Class, they do believe in free stuff. The product of someone labor is not FREE. (Start email)
    “This week, we’re talking about how the law is already lowering health care costs for millions of Americans by providing preventive care — without any out-of-pocket expenses. Yup, that’s right — free preventive care in ways that are potentially live saving: FREE annual check-ups, FREE mammograms and other cancer screenings, FREE blood pressure screenings, FREE diabetes screenings, FREE contraception, and FREE vaccinations. Truth Team” (end email) All lies and they call themselves Truth Team. Live and in color, propaganda.

  • Anti-Com

    “Anne Filipic, the person listed on the grant for Enroll America, formerly served as Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.” Gee, lookie there…. guess who is the the DIRECTOR of the White House Office of Public Engagement? Someone who goes into the White House RESIDENCE daily, and dines with the first family… got the first lady a job in Mayor Daily’s office… who hooked up Barry with the money and power brokers in Chicago…


    If one wanted to figuratively cut the head off of a political snake… well Jarrett is the head. Sepparated from the body, she is still venomous, but the body would be powerless.

    Do people now see who is the REAL defacto POTUS now? That viper needs to be relocated, transplanted to live out its days in a place far from humans where it cannot hurt anyone. The South pole is lovely this time of year I hear.

  • redtop

    This is nothing. It will be interesting to see how they ” massage” the upcoming additional MILLIONS who will lose their employee insurance coverage next year. ALSO known by this President, the Democrats and the HHS while spewing their ” You can keep your……….”. Obama supporters can ignore the failings in foreign policy, the IRS targeting of non-profits, Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the multitude of other Obama scandals, known and unknown. Let’s see them ignore the loss of personal health coverage, the doubled premiums if they keep it or get new, the tripled deductibles and helping those who don’t have coverage pay for their “acupuncture coverage”……it’s all a scam to redistribute the wealth. What they have spent on this Law would have covered just the uninsured if that is all they claim they wanted to do. Was never about those people. It was about controlling the wealth and making their progressive Utopia realized……no one stands out, every one on the same playing field, winners and losers = Social Justice. My question is: Why do ” I ” have to lose so someone else can win???? He needs to be impeached for fraud and lying to the American people. At least Nixon had the balls to resign. This guy will have to be forced out, even in 2016 I’m sure. He will give himself another 4 with the swoop of a pen.

    • rightside100

      Oh they will probably forbid the insurance companies and businesses from notifying consumers that their health insurance policy is being cancelled until AFTER the midterm elections. The MSM will ignore Obamacare and call any Republican warnings of what is coming fear mongering, racist, extremist rhetoric in the months leading up to the elections. They Dems and their MSM know how to fight dirty.

  • sailordude

    One would think this is news for a major network to pick up on. Unless of course it’s true that the major networks are just leftist propaganda outlets.

  • SandyLester

    So being paid to write fiction – got it.

  • 7cedars

    LOL Bless their hearts, govt. propaganda, bought and paid for – nothing new for the liberals.

    But wait… wait until the employer mandate kicks in, and millions dropped from employer’s rolls, and folks decide well, guess they’ll sign up for Obamacare… and then the screaming begins…individuals and employers will just opt to pay the fine…big deal, another tax from our friendly government who’s here “to help us.”

  • mbarnwell

    One thing is clearer now than ever….the loudest voices in the media, academia, the Arts etc for ObamaCare are the great grandsons of eastern European atheist Bolshevik intellectuals who have abandoned the Torah of Judaism and now embrace the Torah of Leftism. These radical subversives Marxists want to control the life of all Americans especially white, conservative Christians at the same time hiding behind their support of the “underdog” and the “downtrodden” so they can continue to attack and destroy the Judeo Christian underpinnings of this society. This is all about survival. These Jacobins firmly believe that the next pogram will come from the right – as opposed to Islam – and want to impose their totalitarian will on real Americans. Disgusting ingrates and malcontents.

    • rightside100

      LOL My non-religious Jewish relatives agree with you on describing the modern left’s Jewish influence. Funny however they ended up Conservatives. Religious Jews are much more Conservative.

      • mbarnwell

        yes – I feel bad for religious, conservative jews – these non jew jews are satanic

  • cpnblack

    “non partisan” and I am the new pope.

  • Youregoingtodie

    Until you realise that there are a group of people who believe without question that all tne worlds wealth and property is forever theirs and theirs alone and they must rob and dispose of those who currently have what they presume is theirs by divine right by deception simply because they are a minority seeking to disenfranchise the majority, you will not understand whats going on and why you get no help from those you pay for the appearance of protection while they criminalize you and sentance you to death

  • Fip1

    Great article. Too bad the MSN just doesn’t have the time to report on this propaganda. Also, isn’t it ironic that they demonize Republicans as the rich?

  • recallpost

    They wasted 1 million dollars.

  • Drosack

    Benghazi, IRS, Rosen-gate, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Holder purgery, passing own laws, lying while mouth is moving, and many more, Hobama Choom needs his ass kicked. Oh yeah, Hobama Choom Care! What legacy?

  • DiMu

    The teflon President with his lightweight PC ideology and his IQ-challenged acolytes need to be chucked in the garbage bin of History before the rest of us are deprived of all freedom.

  • Warren Stallings

    Impeach this terd

  • Grimest Reaper

    Oblunder has had his 2nd Chance, Not Another One . . . O must go.

  • Vince Stagbaugh

    If Goebbels was alive, he would be working for Obama.

  • jfgalt

    Liberals have to be the biggest bunch of crooks in this country. The operate so slick in trying to cover their tracks and origins while accusing conservatives of all the things that they do. The Robber Barons would have been proud!

  • Jim

    Obama Bin Laden andhis trainers are still at it trying to turn a socialist POS into something good. The fact is I am losingy insurance andy new insurance is almost double!

  • The Masked Avatar

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

  • Rick

    Good catch! Thanks for bringing this story to light.

  • GM Off with their Heads

    I want a refund.

  • John Galt Report

    Great article exposing the deceit and corruption behind Obamacare

  • Daniel Petry

    If anyone in my family is physically harmed as a result of this law I now have names for some of those I can reach out and touch.

  • mccarty42

    A Lib PR firm –with access to the “state controlled media.” Orwell’s nightmare is nearly complete. Everything is fine kids; healthcare, no more nukes, no more middle class, no more greed and excessive prosperity. Come give “Big Brother” a kiss, wont’cha?

  • Youregoingtodie


  • TheBitterClinger1

    Positive Obamacare stories? ObamaCare is positively foul, a violation of human rights, a shameless power grab and will cause massive suffering. Of that any truly honest non-partisan could agree.

  • bigdoglv

    Just wondering, how long did their IRS application stay in limbo?

  • Good_Lt

    These Obama foots soldier groups that seemingly materialize out of nowhere whenever Obama wants something done are in no way “non-partisan,” unless “non-partisan” now means “hyperpartisan leftwing Democrat unemployables who protest and engage in Democrat political activism for their living.”

    Follow their money, and it leads back to liberal foundations and groups that donate exclusively to liberal causes.

    So like the President’s lies such as “IF YOU LIKE YOUR PLAN, YOU CAN KEEP IT,” the Obamacrat groups start off their hustle with a brazen lie to your face about them being ‘non-partisan.’

  • TyS

    The Obama Admin. would make Goebbels jealous.

    • Anti-Com

      Valerie Jarrett is Goebbels.

  • Remove From List

    Comrades this is simply propaganda at it’s best – Joseph Goebbels would be proud of our Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

  • joules48084

    ‘Non-partisan’ group paid $1 million to produce positive Obamacare stories, huh??

    In other words, they were hired to lie like hell!!

  • Kirk

    This whole thing just stinks.
    No matter how many positive news stories there are, so many people are being damaged by the ACA that they really don’t care what the media is telling them — they are listing to their wallets rather than their television set.

  • hillcoguy

    ‘Non-partisan’ group paid $1 million to produce positive Obamacare stories
    “Non-partisan” is questionable, but will they admit that the millions who have tried and failed are POSITIVELY skit out of luck?

  • Americaweeps

    It’s going to take a whole lot more than a just a million to ever getting close to white washing obama’s destruction of America.

  • jayhdavis

    They can try their best to put a positive spin on Obamacare, but they can’t hide the cancelled health insurance policies and drastically increased premiums and deductibles. The cancellation notices and higher insurance bills will override any propaganda articles and broadcasts the democrats and their slaves in the media put out.

  • WhoCanYaTrust

    “national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the
    achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans”

    AKA The Insurance Companies. lol

  • ImaHippyBurning

    By All Means let’s completely destroy America as long as the A$$ bubble in Chief has positive polls while doing it! I applaud the Liberal/Progressives for their decision and will enjoy watching them suffer for years, maybe decades due to their failed ideology and blind obsession of following this failed experiment called “oBUMa” into the gates of Hell! Conservatives will stick together when the chain completely falls off, Liberal/Progressives will be out in droves eating their own!

    BTW, How can you be Non Partisan if you donate 1 million to rebrand this corrupt, deceitful, sub human’s healthcare package? Just saying…

    • BenM

      Wow, you didn’t get censored out.

      • ImaHippyBurning

        Not yet! Maybe they cut out early for the Holiday!

  • ralphie44

    welcome to the jew world order

    • RightStuff


  • RightStuff

    ObamaCare is a fraud, and all who voted for this horrible law, after first NOT READING IT, should be arrested and tried for fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and dereliction of official duty. Hard labor should ensue, preferably in east Texas under the watchful eye of the Texas Rangers. This ought to teach elected officials to stop dicking around with the American people. OBAMACARE is a FRAUD.

  • James Harrison

    “Non-Partisan” my rear end. Any group or person who would spend money to tout Obamacare is about as socialist as they come. This is like advertising to turn a bad movie into a great movie. The people who have seen it are all telling their friends it sucks and the few who go ahead and see it for themselves agree.

  • TMAC

    Non partisan = leftist and produce = fabricate.

    They must think were stupid.

  • Jim1937

    They should just make up some nice stories like they always do and save the million bucks. It is a debacle and no matter how much lipstick you apply, it’s still a pig.

    • BenM

      A true oinker. Will some perfume help persuade you?

      • TMAC

        Try some lipstick.

  • Bob White

    If the present day liberal press had been around in the 1770s, they would have backed the Tories.

  • rintx

    “Non-partisan” in the same way politics have become “non-partisan” aka only Democrats count. Oh for the good old days when politicians considered the views of ALL the people instead of just the party who voted for them.

  • westside_resident

    0bama has never been anything but a marketing gimmick. Show me one accomplishment of his beyond fooling low-info types and blacks into voting for him.

  • RightStuff

    Read David Horowitz’s work on these foundations that have been totally taken over by the cancerous socialists. The glorious foundations are now going about enslaving the American people in full disguise.

    • Shears_of_Atropos

      It’s not much of a coincidence that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is an arm of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, arguably the nation’s largest manufacturer of healthcare consumables. The RWJ Medical Center is in New Brunswick, NJ.


    All of these left wing freeloaders, cheats, killers, political hacks, “journalists”, lawmakers, judges, military leaders, teachers, actors, union thugs, lobbyists, think tankers and government employees should be rounded up and put in prison. And we need to do it quick before they do it to us. Of course we’ll give them a fair trial. Right?

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    ♫♪ ♪♫

    “and a full pound of sugar makes the medicine go down, the medicine go down, the medicine go down.

    a full pound of sugar makes the medicine go down, in the most disgusting way!” ♫ ♪

    Hold your noses, children…. here it comes ….

  • GM Off with their Heads

    And yet he remains in office?

  • MBlueraider

    Here’ is a “success story” you won’t see them use….my wife has taken a new position as of three months ago. This coming year her medical insurance cost (which includes having me on it, as we previously did), has TRIPLED to $978 a month. When you include her company’s contribution, the total cost for 2014 will be $28,300 !!!!! We are both very healthy with no pre-existing conditions other than a monthly budget that now has a $600 shortfall and an exorbitant deductible should we need medical attention. Thank you Democrats.

    • RightStuff

      The “takers” in our society thank you, because this scheme is primarily about taking the workers’ money, and giving it to the parasites.

  • BarryLuvsReggie

    It’s all BS. Obamacare will fail of it’s own design it’s unavoidable. They are trying to mix a socialist program with free market delivery of it……will never work they are not compatible….this freak we have in the WH and all his demonic minions can try as they might to spin it, duct tape it…whatever…it’s doomed, it’s done, it’s over….just sit back and enjoy this fraud squirming and lying more and more….he looks more the fool for it.

  • Marc

    No amount of money can walk back the fatal mistake of putting ‘period’ on the end of that lie about not losing your plan and doctor.

  • thingshavegot2change

    Or another way to say it is, “making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Problem is, the low info voter will read the headline and cheer. The rest of the article goes unnoticed.

  • pateriot

    Did they have to give the Million dollars back yet?

  • ProfGeotech

    The media push won’t matter because Obamacare is going to negatively impact so many people. If a person’s insurance premiums double or he/she gets dumped by his/her insurance, it won’t matter how many “warm and fuzzy” stories the media portrays. That person is still going to be angry.

    • Dan Austin

      Lower income voters will get subsidies. That will make them forget about Obama’s lies. They will not care about the impact of Obamacare on jobs, the economy, massive debt, or ultimately the quality of health care.
      Those concerns will all come later, when there are no good alternatives.

  • Herewe Goagain

    Non-partisan my backside. They would not be jumping in at this time if they were non partisan.

  • Fairtax2012

    You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig!

    • Norm

      That has only been used once correctly and that was by President Obama to define that disgusting witch Sarah Palin.

      • TMAC

        You’re screen name is perfect. Probably some drunk, lazy overweight postal worker.

      • Dan Austin

        So far, your extremely clever insults aren’t refuting facts and logical argument. Are you getting paid by Obama to post here, or do you just have problems dealing with facts, information, and reality?

        • Crutch

          “Clever insults”? Sorry, this fool is not even approaching witty.

      • Crutch

        You mean the ex-Governor of Alaska? You mean the woman who noted “Death Panels” existed 4 years ago in ObamaCare because, unlike Nancy Pelosi, Sarah can read? You know, just like Mark Halperin Political Editor of Time Magazine admitted yesterday in an interview? That Sarah Palin. The lady who is smarter, more talented and has far more executive experience than Obama. Just checking.

  • Norm

    The ACA has already helped many Americans get the health care they deserve. It’s hilarious watching the tea baggers freak out because the middle class finally has access to affordable health care.

    • RightStuff

      Another special ed student.

      • TMAC

        glass pipe pilot.

    • TMAC

      And then you woke up.

    • ProfGeotech

      Ummm… I am part of the middle class, and I loved my healthcare before Obamacare came along and screwed it up, thank you.

      • Norm

        Sounds like you are just another greedy upper class tea nut who doesn’t like to finally have to pay their fair share.

        • ProfGeotech

          Really? Sounds like you are just another sweatsuit-wearing 35 year old living in his mother’s basement and enjoying the fruits of other peoples’ labors. How are those video games coming?

        • Crutch

          Normmmy-What is a “Fair Share”? Please tell us all. Please tell us why “Fair Share” ALWAYS means those who are smarter, work harder and sacrifice more to save, must pay more to losers like you who do not?

    • Scotty G.

      Actually all the policies purchased under the ACA do not go into effect until January, so no, nobody is getting “health care they deserve” (whatever that means) because they are not active yet. BTW, why do you have to use homosexual slurs to describe people Norm?

  • Brian washere

    Non-partisan group my a$$. More misdirected taxpayer dollars used as propaganda. IMPEACH this piece of fecal matter ASAP.

  • D.I.

    Our problem here in America is not necessarily the Idiot-In-Chief a majority elected, it’s that after five years of buffoonery, 47% of voters cannot see what an effup the Grifter has become.

    • RightStuff

      He was always a grifter. Our citizenry has been rendered numb and dumb by the educational system.

  • mikeman

    So now the criminals in this obama administration have figured out another way to siphon money from taxpayers. The crooked “enroll America” crew should be in jail for grand larceny. From day one, obama and his gang have been stealing money under the pretense of governing. I want to see them indicted and convicted.

    • RightStuff

      Fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and dereliction of official duty.

    • Norm

      the 1%er tea nuts need to be tried for their hate of the middle class and their right to affordable health care.

      • TMAC

        Those are really old talking points. Either skip forward several pages or wait for the new daily fax.
        You bore us.

      • dabba

        You’re an idiot, and you don’t have a “right” to affordable health care. Like anything, you have to work and pay for it. I have a right to not have to pay for you. And FYI, hospitals can’t turn you away, so you already have access to health care.

        • Norm

          Thats simply not true. The ACA makes it a right for all Americans to get care beyond just ER visits. DEAL WITH THAT!

          • Scotty G.

            No Norman, the ACA does not “get” you healthcare, it requires you purchase insurance, which has now doubled and tripled in price. Nobody “gets” healthcare, you still have to pay for it. Adding some stupid phrase in all caps does not change that. Seriously, dude.

          • dabba

            The ACA is unconstitutional. John Roberts took it upon himself to define it as a tax because it is unconstitutional to force an individual to buy a product under the Commerce Clause by charging them with a fine. The Obama administration still to this day will not call it a tax. You accept this because losers like you think you’re getting something for nothing.

          • Crutch

            Quit playing with Mom’s computer and go back to cleaning your room.

        • Thundertoby

          Quit trying to make since to that Libtard dolt. He is obviously a lover boy to Obama and a paid demoncrat troll. There is no reasoning to him. The only way to make sense to one of those is dispose of them through attrition.

      • Crutch

        If there were an entire village filled with idiots, you would still be The Village Idiot.

  • Herewe Goagain

    The administration played, “let’s make a deal” with them. And they went for cash and prizes.

  • Duke LaCroix

    Obama sucks so much and the U.S. sucks so bad. The media covers for this racist a-hole, Obama. It’s friggin shameful.

    • RightStuff

      It is criminal.

  • Fairtax2012

    Thank You dear leader. My Family health Plan in NY has risen 300.00 per month for the same plan for 2014. The largest increas by far bar none since I’ve had health insurance these past 15 years. The voters suck!

  • Steve

    Families USA (FUSA)
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    The Herndon Alliance
    Enroll America

    And hundreds of other groups have one purpose: write ‘reports’ that are referenced by the media and politicians and produce ‘experts’ to appear in the media. These groups are funded by billionaires with agendas.

  • Rob2013

    “Non-partisan” my left foot.

  • lbeacham

    By the time we find out how much this new law cost, it’ll be too late. Most assuredly it’s going to be a game changing amount that adds to the cost of Government. If we continue to expect “savings” for a more efficient system and healthier Americans requiring less care, we deserve the misery coming. We face stiff headwinds with the combination of a crushing national debt service payment, hugh planned budget deficits as far as the eye can see, no annual budget to prioritise spending, automatic 10% annual increases in spending on present Government functions and 20 years of the baby-boom generation applying pressure to S.S and Mdeicare, now being “pilfered” to mask increases in Medicaid and the ACA. Add the Democrats continuing effort to glorify and increase all welfare usage. After 15 years of FDR programs it took WWII to get our nose back to the grindstone. What will it take now?

    • Norm

      tl;dr, but the ACA will finally fix the problem of the 1% controlling health care. I am glad the President finally stood up to the tea nuts and gave health care to those in need. It was the right thing to do that racist fools like Bush would never have done.

      • ProfGeotech

        Fool. You would rather collapse the entire system and drag everybody down rather than allow the healthy to have affordable healthcare.

        Here’s news for you, Utopian Troll: healthcare is not a right, nor is it an entitlement. Under a free market, traditional insurance system, more people have access to better healthcare because the system is run like a service, not an entitlement. What’s next? Automobile insurance becomes a constitutional right? And then owning an automobile? Where does it stop? It doesn’t, and that is how you turn America into a communist state.

      • Thundertoby

        Go troll somewhere else. I think I hear your mommy calling!

      • MacMan

        Please describe the people who deserve it? I need another laugh from your posts.

      • Crutch

        1% controlling healthCare? What? Bush was racist? He appointed more blacks and hispanics to Federal positions than ANY president before him. You are a mental midget.

        • lbeacham

          Do you wonder where people like this get their ideas? I wonder how they put one foot in front of the other sometimes.

          • Scotty G.

            The Democrat Underground. There, Norm is a genius.

      • lbeacham

        Now that the “1%” are out of power, who is in control now? As for health care, is it correct to say Obama has “given” healthcare away. With the exception of several million more on Medicare, new healthcare insurance come with a monthly payment and thousands of dollars in co-pays and out-of-pocket expense before insurance is applied. Of course, thats the way it has always worked for those of us that have maintained insurance all of or lives. I am concerned that the expectatation for affordable medical care is not going to be met. If dissatisfaction from those that will be paying more combine with those that thought the deal was going to be near “free”, what will happen?

      • Travln Texan

        I have yet to read of “one” individual that now has healthcare that didn’t have it before. (and I’m not talking about being shoved into Medicare.) You would think that the Obama adoring media would be all over that person….yet I haven’t read one article.

      • DapperDon

        I think I left my tea nuts on your chin this morning.

      • BenM

        You O-baggers live in a fantasy world. When you run out of other peoples money the rationing will kick in but not before another 100 million lose their health insurance.
        Liberal compassion = taking insurance away from people with life threatening illnesses because their benefits don’t cover abortion.
        You people make me sick.

    • WilliamK

      It is easy to figure out what the new law costs. It costs about 17% of the US economy. Can you invest that much of your income in HC? On top of that add a layer of federal administration.

      The number is about $8000 per person. Except some pay little are nothing so others have to pay more.

      • lbeacham

        Again, a game changer. I can envision the change, I just can’t accept it. Am I alone in this thinking?

    • TheRMSDave

      The Unaffordable Care Act saves money like the Prius turns a profit.

  • Mike

    THis President is Hollywood, it’s just an act and with the media’s help and hollywood knowhow, Obama does everything but lead. He’s really good at fund raising, community organizing and speaches, not much else.

    • TMAC

      As long as the teleprompter is running, the speeches are ok. Turn it off and….uuhhh……uuhhh….uuhhh.

      • TheRMSDave

        LOL! Ditto for popularity should master manipulators such as this fall silent.

    • Travln Texan

      He’s also very good at “feeding” that greedy need in all of us.

    • Deathbydeath

      Speeches- the moron can’t speak to middle schoolers without a teleprompter.

  • barrysaetoro

    Pure thuggery. We’re all Chicago.

  • James Bizzo

    This type of crony corruption happens every day in the new America. $1M here for positive ObamaCare, $500/gallon of gas to crony contractors in the Middle East, $318M to a website builder for the ObamaCare website…on and on it goes.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    One big azz Potemkin village.

  • alohasteve

    We’ve been ALL OVER this topic on Common Cents…

  • Historybuff

    Good thing for the liberal democrats that FUSA didn’t have the words ‘Tea’… or ‘Party’… or ‘Conservative’… in their original “not for Profit” Applications.

    The IRS would stop them.

  • Chris King

    I wonder how long it took familiesusa to get tax exempt status?

    this nation is a farce. progs made it that way.

    you should all apologize.

  • Dr. 9

    The only way Demoncrats can survive this Obamacare disaster is to do what they always do. Lie. The law was passed based on nothing but lies, and the Marxist-in-Chief and his followers have been lying to us ever since. Apparently, they realize that there is no amount of lies and abuse the American people (will not) tolerate. And, they are quite obviously right.

    • Norm

      all bush did was lie….your point?

      • 20670

        Ah, no he didn’t.

      • Crutch

        Really? EXACTLY what did George Bush lie about? Use facts not your opinion or the opinions of your left wing nutcase friends.

        • Norm

          weapons of destruction……..

          • TMAC

            You mean the ones that went to Syria?
            I know its hard, but try to keep up.

          • DapperDon

            Quote the lie!

          • EllieEnlightened

            They were sent to Syria. Do your homework.

          • Crutch

            You mean the ones that every other nation including France, Russia, Germany & Israel said were there? That Hillary Clinton and John Kerry said were there? The weapons that went to Syria in fact and have been used against the insurgents fighting the Syrian Government? Those weapons? Ding. WRONG! Please try again!

      • EllieEnlightened

        Really? How did you hurt the American people? The LSM lied about Bush is more like it.

      • EllieEnlightened

        DING DING DING. The blame Bush people are here. Hey buddy. OBAMA lied about your healthcare and a slew of other lies including his birth certificate. WAKE UP.

  • Catman2

    Every morning I wake up to a new lie, a new way Obama and his cronies shake down the American tax payer. This crowd has provided enough material for at least 10 season of a reality based crime programming. Hey Obama, Hollywood is calling.

  • dennis pitner

    I love these non-profit groups with their inflated salaries calling themselves non-profit just like the Hospitals .Just another Obama sleight of hand, just like his Mea Culpa on the ACA and that he didn’t understand the complexity of it.Hogwash!He front loaded the benefits and never figured that you would need a competent IT company to design this catastrophe and instead of open bidding he gave it to one of his donors at a ridiculously large fee,the better part of a billion dollars.All this and the continuous lying about a broken health care system that had worked pretty well until it was overloaded by illegals, and the costs became too extreme for the people who actually paid the bills,another day another lie.

  • sameolbs

    Liberals and crony capitalists will say and do anything to push forth their agenda; they’ll lie, cheat and steal.

  • DeeJay

    Obama is a TYRANT and DICTATOR! End of story

    • Travln Texan

      but….he’s sooooooooooooooo likeable!!!!!!!!!!

      • DeeJay

        Yes, the sheep will always love Obama. Its time for us to turn the tide!

  • Clinton Branch

    did they find any?

    • TMAC

      Didn’t need to. They just made them up.
      We are talking about libs here.

  • BusProf

    If king zero talks in his sleep, is he lying?

    • Crutch


  • Deathbydeath

    More lies from the new age Goebbels machine.

  • drakesfortune

    Sadly, the words non-partisan thrown in there will likely go right over the heads of the average voter. They’ll see the words, and they’ll believe them, even though they make no sense. It’s like saying I drove over the flat mountain. Makes no sense, but if CCP says it, it must be true!

  • I am surviving Obama

    If Josef Goebbels ( Hitler’s propagandist ) had our MSM, we would all be speaking German.

    • TMAC

      U S Wähler sind Idioten.
      liberale Wähler saugen.

  • J9

    Is this North Korea? The propaganda is astounding. What has happened to America?

  • BusProf

    Accountability, king zero should try some.

  • ME

    America and it’s “wise” people are more then awake to what is wrong with our Government and Leadership!

    And Dear Leader is at the top of the list… 2014 can not come soon enough.

    • TMAC

      Not to soon. We need another 40-60 million to lose their healthcare. The more pain the more likely the 2014 mid terms transfer some of that pain to the demonrats.

      • ME

        Dear Leaders lie about Obamacare, You can keep your Doctor/Plan, was a small lie. Next year, when it hurts millions more (like you posted), the lie will be much… MUCH… BIGGER, and the pain shared by more.

  • Travln Texan

    Maybe we should educate the voting public on the definition of “fundamental”…then next time some snake oil salesman uses his blackberry to promote “fundamentally changing America” they just might think about what basic right they want to give up. Well I can always HOPE.

  • BusProf

    fundamental transformation ==> FUBAR

  • Michael Hackett

    Ah, you gotta love the persistence of the progressives (they’re NOT liberals):
    They’ll beg, borrow, steal, lie, kill, whatever it takes to convince the masses that they’re doing the “right” thing for them.

    They need to be given a choice – leave the country immediately, or become Soylent Green.

  • BusProf

    Like a 14 year old that crashed the car and starts paying people to lie about it.

  • TheRMSDave

    The nuts and bolts of how to seperate Americans from their freedom through propaganda. Sounds familiar.

    • Jabberjoe

      Propaganda is now totally legal in the USA.
      Remember when the Zimmerman Show was going on.
      Well, while the public was freaking out about a criminal who was shot committing a crime……………

      The U.S. government’s mammoth broadcasting arm has begun the “unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic U.S. consumption,” John Hudson of Foreign Policy reported on Sunday.

      The content arrives with the enactment of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, sponsored by Rep. Mac Thornberry (R- Texas) and Rep. Adam Smith (D- Wash.), which was inserted into the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

      The reform effectively nullifies the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which was amended in 1985 specifically to prohibit U.S. organizations from using information “to influence public opinion in the United States.”

      The new law enables U.S. government programming such as Voice of America (VoA) — an outlet created in 1942 to promote a positive understanding of the U.S. abroad — t0 broadcast directly to domestic audiences for the first time.

      VoA and other programs are now produced by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which shares a “strategic communications budget” with the State Department and has an annual budget of more than $700 million.

  • Sheldon

    How much can I make if I claim that I was saved by Obamacare? It’s got to be worth at least a grand.

  • justsaynotosocialism

    The more of these kinds of stories that come to the public discussion, the more obvious it is that ACA (Obamacare) is little more than a money-laundering scheme perpetuated by the regime to assure future democrat votes. It has little to do with ‘providing affordable health care’.

    • EllieEnlightened

      Wait until people are hit with identity theft and Death Panels. They will squeal like pigs. We need to do something not just complain. I am at a loss of what to do.

      • P_Ang

        The identity theft they will blame on Republicans. They will ignore the 640 million spent on the website and claim “obstructionist repubs” made it insecure.. They will continue to deny the existence of death panels.

  • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

    At least they’re consistent. Billions for PR, two bits for performance. See how wonderful we are, we care.

  • EllieEnlightened

    It is pretty bad when you have to pay to put out positive messages. Last time I checked when something is good people will flock to it. Look at cell phones and electronics.

    Obama’s blind followers will follow him into the iceberg.

  • teeter

    Well, Obamacare has helped one thing: a lot of Obama voters are waking up from their stupor.

    • TMAC

      Careful. After waking up most drunks immediately start drinking again.

  • P_Ang

    Spending more of our money to try and force us into what we didn’t want in the first place. F. U. SA is probably a fitting acronym.

  • kurt

    AND ALL THE HUFFING AND PUFFING WILL LEAD NO WHERE. A democratically elected person set up a plan to act just as he is acting. To use money and slight of hand to screw the naive American public. The teachers don’t teach anything but group think, the colleges group think ans socialism and the dumb mass media is in it’s glory.
    everyone is equal–but this Orwellian animal farm experience leads to destruction of our country, our way of life and our society.

    Lenin –and Jefferson had it right–periodically we must have a revolution to clean our shoes of the muck made by teh crocked among us.

  • WildTurk

    Seems to me that instead of bemoaning how the Democrats and Obama administration have developed a strong PR mechanism for pushing their agenda (of course FUSA — or any other group supporting Obamacare — is going to be close to the administration) Republicans should be figuring out how to do the same thing. Not long ago, Republicans were complaining about 501(c)4 groups and how the unions got a jump on an election. Now they have some of the biggest 501(c)4 groups pushing conservatives up in polls and races around the country. The answer is simple: Develop a team, pick a PR strategy by topic, stop reacting to news cycles and instead start controlling them, stop attacking one another publicly, and reap the rewards a good PR campaign can bring. Lee Atwater understood this stuff. Let’s not let his lessons be buried in his grave!

    • Audrey_I

      The Republican Party is the stupid party. They are too dumb to understand that the mainstream media is a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. The Republicans need to secure reliable news sources to get the truth out to the American people.

      • WildTurk

        Sorry, Audrey. That’s not how it works. Obama’s minions have it right: Plant stories, plant stories, plant stories. The more heart-wrenching, the better. Shame on us for not having a PR strategy to bring out negative stories. After all, media feasts on negative; we should be so far out in front on Obamacare that all of their PR efforts would fall on deaf ears in media circles. But once again, we’ve left gaping holes for Obama’s folks to fill as they please. A savvy PR bunch conservatives aren’t!

    • einstein

      RINOs don’t want to fight Democrats…they want to crush grassroots Conservatives. Mitch McConnell is a POS of the highest order along with his bag man, Karl Rove.

      • ME

        The Rep. Leadership MUST STEP down. They no longer represent most of if not all of their base. I vote, and i will only vote for Conservative/Tea Party candidates. The R, goes un-checked.

    • dabba

      This will never happen until we get rid of the RINOs. They just want to go along to get along and will not get down in the mud and fight like the Dems. They have lib Democrats going around saying the most ridiculous things and calling conservatives all sorts of names. Republicans better start calling things as they are. O calls conservatives terrorists and hostage takers, Repubs should be calling him what he is, a liar and a fraud. They keep saying the Tea Party is radical, we better start pointing out that the Democrat party has been taken over by the most radical liberals around.

  • Bigdog

    A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. It was our money, now it has been given to the enemy. Money is not an object when you have control of the printing press.

    • einstein

      Correct. And democracies collapse from within from INSOLVENCY. The USA is BROKE. Chaos and social mayhem is on the horizon!

      Why do you think Homeland Security is buying millions of rounds of hollow-point bullets and armored assault vehicles adapted for urban environments???

  • TimG71

    Somebody should remind this government that is our money they are giving away to their friends.

    • socialismstinks

      they know…they don’t care.

  • Kevin Cousins

    $1.1M could have bought insurance for a bunch of needy families instead of gathering feel-good “success stories” to feed into the propaganda machine. “Liberal priorities” – NOW THERE IS AN OXYMORON IF EVER THERE WAS ONE.

  • psadie

    MORE freakin’ lies!

  • ME

    Dear Leaders supporters for the most part, are nothing more then window lickers!

    They stare out their window of a place paid for by some else, waiting on the mail person to bring them their free stuff.

  • Scotty G.

    It would seem, according to the left, there are only two types of people, non-partisans and right-wing extremists.

    Seems legit. /s

  • Audrey_I

    Donations to Family USA (FUSA) are tax exempt. Is that fair since (FUSA) supports ObamaCare? Robert Woods Johnson Foundation is connected to the pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson. Big Pharma is engaged in crony capitalism with the Obama Administration.

  • Larry Gibb

    Funny I have been calling the top 10 Senators asking when they are going to schedule their town hall meetings. They either do not answer the damn phone or they say, well Senator Harkin has not scheduled any meetings as of yet. “Well, when will he”? “Not sure check our website.” click. Cowards they are all cowards.

  • Crutch

    Obama is Bernie Madoff on steroids, and deserves the same fate.

  • Bob Wilke

    Doesn’t “producing” supposedly positive stories about Obamacare make you kind of “partisan”?

    • Travln Texan

      oh no….you have to go to the “fundamentally changed” dictionary to find these new words…like racist…illegal alien…terrorist. It’s a brand new world.

  • markmeyer1

    I wonder if any of these people saying they love Obamacare realize how completely ignorant they look. How can you love something that: ruins jobs, taxes the h3ll out of people, doesn’t work except to accomplish the first two, etc. You have to be a mindless socialist Obamanista. Wake up America, the seeds sown in the 60’s are ruining our country. Odumbo is the ringleader.

    • BenM

      Because he got a Nobel Peace Prize? Maybe because Chris Matthews gets a woody every time he talks about him. It’s kooky.

    • WildTurk

      I think Obama is just a pawn. George Soros (see his name in the article?) is the ringleader. He’s been financing the liberal agenda in this country since Bill Clinton was in the White House. He’s a socialist who couldn’t care less about your freedom.

      • John

        It’s much bigger than Soros and the liberal agenda. That’s just the front to keep you from looking deeper.

  • Don Anastas

    Mancow Muller, Chicago DJ, appeared on an interview where he claimed he was offered a $3-4 million contract if he promised to say positive things concerning Obama. This was back in the first term. Muller said that he understands this has been very typically in the industry of radio/TV. Muller flatly refused the bribe.

  • Walter_Peterson

    The whole idea of the First Amendment is to encourage the media to keep a critical eye on the government. Yet, so much the media now fall all over themselves to get access to government officials. Of what use is a kept media to the people?

    • WildTurk

      It’s real easy, Walter. Stop watching it. Stop reading it. Their numbers go down and more of those liberal media outlets have to keep cutting back. Look at what has happened in the newspaper industry over the past 10 years. Liberal talk radio hosts routinely go off the air within a year of launching a new show. We can accomplish the same thing with TV media, but people just have to STOP watching.

  • WildTurk

    Fight fire with fire! Has your insurance been canceled? Premiums increased an exorbitant amount? Lost your favorite doctor? Do you know anyone with serious illness whose health insurance got dropped? CALL your local media outlets with those stories!

    • fedupMan

      Also people need to rant and rave at their congress and Senators via e-mail. Send at least 10 EVERY day. They DO pay attention to the # of people who are FOR or AGAINST bills. Tell R’s to SHOUT this from the rooftops ALL the time. Its a real shame the R’s are so helpless at fighting back. Rant at D’s just to let them know your are angry.

  • john granese

    Not going to work. This has a too direct negative impact on people to make it seem good or someone else’s fault. Unlike other disasters, like raising the minimum wage which crushes low skilled workers. People don’t realize their misfortune is the direct result of bad policy. When a law directly picks your pocket, deflecting blame, or pretending it is good doesn’t work.

  • Bridgette

    Repeal it, please.

    • einstein

      Dirty Little Secret — RINOs like McConnell, Boehner, etc like Obamacare because they like top-down, iron-fisted central government!

      • Bridgette

        Oh, it’s not a secret anymore.

  • Walter_Peterson

    In 2009 Politico wrote, “When
    President Barack Obama says Americans can maintain their ‘choice’ of
    doctors and insurance plans, he is using a Herndon strategy for wringing
    fear out of a system overhaul.”

    It’s what Goebbels called The Big Lie.

  • howard_feinski

    Tomorrow’s headline: ” Obamacare signs up ten time what was expected for Thursday!”

  • TheLittleHorn

    Obama sent packin. Now that would be a positive note. But, might also confuse and scare the gun control nutts.

  • Doc Lem

    B.O. “Care” is a win/win for insurance companies and a disaster for all us Citizens… 10 to one that million was insurance company money slid in through the back door…

  • draconian_dave

    We had fun yesterday!
    We played the knockout game with our insurance company. They won, by 40%.
    BTW thats two employees salaries, that won’t be around next year! I wonder if Barry feels their pain?

    • WildTurk

      Call your local media and tell your story!

  • TheLittleHorn

    Families USA rings a nice tone. Should be renamed Commies Against Americans (CAA). Or better yet My Ars is For Sale a.k.a. POTUS.

  • John Sinclaire

    Nuremburg II


  • Al Terego

    The left truly believes that “objectivity” is defined by whether you agree with them or not.

    It’s it pathetically ignorant, offensively arrogant, and the TRUE journalists of 2 generations ago used to ostracise journalists who showed this lack of integrity. Anyone who remembers how trusted 60-minutes WAS, before they faked the evidence on that car story because they decided that the “conclusion” was more important than the facts?

    The crap going on with this ACA would have been embarrassing to Morrow, Cronkite or Jennings.
    Filtering your “facts” is NOT journalism. It is propaganda.

    • Jabberjoe

      Good memory, I remember that, the 60-minutes “journalists” fastened explosives to the car to make it catch fire. How many millions of faked stories have there been since then?

      • Al Terego

        Now they don’t even have to hide it. They lie in the open, because people no longer mind being lied to; as long as you tell them something they want to hear.

        • Walter_Peterson

          Jay Carney does it all the time, and the President’s supporters don’t even wince.

          • Al Terego

            Carney feigns outrage and defends the most transparent lies far too naturally for my taste.

            I often felt sorry for Gibbs. He looked so uncomfortable lying it almost looked painful.

  • Don Anastas

    Robert Wood Johnson devoted his life to public service and to building the small, but innovative, family firm of Johnson & Johnson into the world’s finest health and medical care products company.

    Buy Johnson products support Obama and Leftist Radicals across America. BOYCOTT Johnson Products and Johnson & Johnson.

  • Right1111

    One word for this: propaganda.

  • ME

    The Praetorian media protect all things Communist!

  • valwayne

    Obamacare was built on lies and fraud. It’s a total incompetent disaster that is hurting millions of Americans. So Obama and the lying democrats are spending millions on lying propaganda. Folks for every good story there are 100 horrifying stories. People with terminal cancer losing the plans Obama and the democrat promised over and over they could keep. And their doctors practically a death sentence. And Obama and the democrats don’t care. No amount of lies and propaganda can hide the lies and fraud.

  • TheLittleHorn

    This POTUS is like a cheap athlete wearing the badges of commie sponsors. Go Comrade , Go.

  • Navigator#34

    Sign up early! Sign up often! That’s our slogan for the navigators here at Acorn.
    Please sign up as soon as possible. Sign up your children. Sign up your pets. Have a dead relative, come on in and they make great voters too.
    Don’t worry about your personal information, we only share with those who need to know. It’s safe with us at Acorn headquarters and the NSA, IRS, CIA, FDA, BATF, DHS, and the fire department.

    • einstein

      Don’t laugh…all these “ACORN” spinoffs are using Obamacare enrollment to register people to vote…democrat, of course.

    • ConcernedOne

      Where do I enter my SS# and credit card info? This sounds to good to pass up!

  • Jabberjoe

    Propaganda is now totally legal in the USA.
    Remember when the Zimmerman Show was going on.
    Well, while the public was freaking out about a criminal who was shot committing a crime……………

    The U.S. government’s mammoth broadcasting arm has begun the “unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic U.S. consumption,” John Hudson of Foreign Policy reported on Sunday.

    The content arrives with the enactment of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, sponsored by Rep. Mac Thornberry (R- Texas) and Rep. Adam Smith (D- Wash.), which was inserted into the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

    The reform effectively nullifies the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which was amended in 1985 specifically to prohibit U.S. organizations from using information “to influence public opinion in the United States.”

    The new law enables U.S. government programming such as Voice of America (VoA) — an outlet created in 1942 to promote a positive understanding of the U.S. abroad — t0 broadcast directly to domestic audiences for the first time.

  • Trav

    It is like 1984. There is an effort going on to ensure that next year no one will remember how bad this all was. And when we say we remember it was bad they will say prove it, and we will not be able to because everything that was bad will have been changed to good. All the bad will be down the memory hole.

  • tom2

    No shortage of media support. Had enough? Enough said

  • TheLittleHorn

    Stalin would be proud of cousin Obama. No even one bullet fired. In fact Obama is Anti-Bullet and Anti-American. Open the borders and let’s fundamentally change our nation is his motto.

  • tallmonkeygrass

    ……….”Backed by George Soros” Soros and his ilk make me wonder why they are allowed to live so long, always harming other people, and the good people seem to die too soon.

  • enword

    “Non-partisan” is code for bankrolled agenda.

  • etat_rouge_guerriere

    ACORN re-named. Period.

  • DisgustedwithElitism

    Would the real Joseph Goebbels please stand up…
    The news brought to you by TASS…

  • TheLittleHorn

    When the U.S. elected Obama it proved it’s not racist. However, it did prove it’s suicidal.

    • ConcernedOne

      And UTTERLY stupid and complacent…..

  • NJ Conservative

    Obama is not a leader and only cares about his legacy. The money the liberal-socialist-commies have spent marketing this piece of crap law could have gone a long way to actually help people who need it with their real medical needs. Our national embarrassment continues.

  • StubbornlyRational

    Yes, and ProPublica, which claims to be an “independent investigative journalism” site, never ran a single story on the Benghazi coverup during the 2012 election campaign. And it is funded by Herb Sandler and George Soros.

  • OracleJones

    “Obamacared”: A fitting epitaph for the Obamaphiles that elected this incompetent and bought a ticket on the Ocare train wreck. Unfortunately rational Americans will also be injured in the crash.

  • WildTurk

    Hey folks. Quit yer bitch_n’ and find the solutions! Call your local media. Write letters to the editor. Find those stories in your community that put a negative light on Obamacare. This is an endurance run, not a sprint. (That’s something liberals/socialists have known and practiced for years.)

    • truthm0ng3r

      more of this!!!!! counter every effort libs make – Battleground Texas? How about we start a group called Up Yours Battleground Texas and fight to make Texas even more red than it already is – and why not do this in all of the blue states – I f-ing sick of always being on the damn defensive

  • Rbmojo

    Lies and misrepresentation

  • The Man With No Name As A Name

    That is not unusual behavior from propped-up front groups and the press. here in Texas we have a group that is cited all of the time on tort issues and for their continual attacks on GOP members of the court and other elected officials. It is an open secret they are a front group for the Texas trial bar. They won’t disclose who funds them, of course — and the press will never ask.

  • TxnByBrth

    This effort is one of many that has occurred without public awareness, and then there are those (Like WebMD) we have learned about where millions of tax dollars are spent to persuade the American people how good the ObamaCare law is, or will be. You can never read a WebMD recommendation or opinion again without having doubt because of who paid for the “unbiased” information. Fact is the American people are smart enough to figure it out without the help of the major news media trying to “shape” our opinion.

  • Dim Reefer

    When do we get to seek and destroy progressives? I can’t wait until it’s PC to hunt these maggots down.


    Just like the millions of fake Czar Obama twitter followers!

  • Stephanie Payne

    Certainly, these media outlets and groups know that they are destroying any credibility they have with the public. ABC, CBS and NBC (MSNBC) and of course, the NY Times and WaPo all have no credibility left because they have been spinning the lies for Obama and the Democrats for too many years now. Their audience numbers are at historic lows. Only partisan fools still watch those shows.

  • Bordeauxm

    The bribe money is flowing.

  • Itstoolate

    These leftist sodomites are going to have hell to pay when Armageddon comes down the pike. How is it they cannot see that barry is the anti-christ, with him now closing the embassy at the Vatican, throwing Israel under the bus, (I am not a jew lover, but the signs are all there) and a multitude of other signs shown in the Bible. It says in the Bible only the righteous shall see who the anti-christ is. Those on the left who worship obama should be on their knees praying for forgiveness to the Lord. We all know those in the jewish media are sodomite whores and will be cast down, I feel no pain for them for they are doomed for what they have done.

  • laker12

    Another good example of “Non-Profit” Foundation abuse of their privileges using tax free money to lobby for political causes. All of these original founders like Henry Ford, John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie etc. etc. would roll over in their graves if they knew that their money would eventually be used by Communists to tear down the Capitalist system. You have to give the Destroyer President credit for his effectiveness in the destruction of our economy and political system.


    Non partisan my azz…these type of organizations are nothing but shills for obama..

    Lying and saying oh yea we non partisan yet supporting a bill that was passed on Christmas Eve night, with no

    GOP support after no one read the dam thing…..on top of that the o-train went around selling the country on a lie that you could

    keep your plan and doctor.

    Friend of mine went to BCBS and signed up to look at plans and qualified for subsidies. She said soon as she entered her info

    she was transferred to healthcare.guv site where they already knew the credit cards she had from years ago, previous addresses, and employers….etc…ALL SHE WANTED WAS QUOTE

    On the first page it says group total plan is 250 deductible, 500 out of pocket max…but she never went to summary benefits page where the deductible is 1,500 and out of pocket is 5,200(those who don’t look at the fine print will be sad later, but she did not, I looked at it for her and she cancelled plan)…i think it was blue advantage 2501 cost share I……..the plan cost 302 a month but she had like 190 in subsidies which brought the cost to her to 112 a month or so…the tricky part she said was finding a plan that had her specific doctors in the network…she said one plan was 34 a month after subsidies (in network only, out of network not covered) but 0 doctors were in the network for our county, and our county has 108,000 population, why offer a plan with no doctors in the network, someone signs up for this plan I have no idea how it benefits them as they co-pay, co-insurance is not applicable to out of network.

    One crazy part she told me is part of a letter from healthcare marketplace in London KY she got after signing up..
    I knew this already…

    Question: What if information from my application changes during the year?

    “Changes can affect your eligibility for coverage through the Marketplace and tax credits. If you are eligible for

    a tax credit and you don’t report a change that may affect your eligibility, you may have to pay back some or

    all of your tax credit when you file your taxes. If information from your application changes during the year,

    you should report the change within 30 days.

    If you’re eligible for coverage through the Marketplace, contact the Marketplace at the phone number below

    to report changes that may affect your eligibility

    If you’re eligible for Healthy Connections or Healthy Connections (<there typo, not mine) contact the state agency at the phone

    number below to report changes."

    Think about it, if you are making 23,000 a year at your current job, get healthcare subsidized for 80-100 a month, why would you want to better your place in life when you are penalized? You make more incrementally, you pay more in healthcare costs, you stay stuck in the same path no fault of your own……if you are married, I read about a couple who made little over the subsidized limit…these people are incentivized to earn less. They made just over the 62,000 threshold, were told there o-care coverage not as good as old plan would cost 15,000 a year (old plan cost them 5,600, this story is on pro-publica I think) yet if one made a 1,000 less or so they would save 10,000 on that plan……..why are we being told don't worry, earn less, just stay happy where you are at in life, don't get up early and work late for that extra money or to get that raise, we are gonna suck it back out of you sorry little taxpayers.

    This law is telling everyone, we are rewarding mediocrity, we are instilling in people that making 25-35k a year is perfect, you should not wanna make 75k a year because you have to pay an absurd amount for healthcare because you are doing GOOD…t

    I am 34, SC, prices are from valuepenguin…i am non smoker and these plans are crap 3,500 DEDUCTS……these are examples for me

    Gross income before taxes

    If I make 12,000 a year I pay 17-141 a month with 222 bucks " " (204-1,692) 1%-14% of income
    If I make 15,000 a year I pay 22-146 a month with 217 bucks " " (264-1,752) 1%-11% of income
    If I make 20,000 a year I pay 82-207 a month with 157 bucks " " (984-2,484) 4%–12% of income
    If I make 25,000 a year I pay 141-266 a month with 98 bucks " " (1,692-3,192) 6%-12% of income
    If i make 29,000 a year I pay 193-318 a month with 46 bucks " " (2,316-3,816) 7%-13%
    If i make 32,000 a year I pay 233-358 a month with 6 bucks in subsidies
    If I make 32,500 a year I pay 239-364 a month with no subsidies ( that is 2,868-4,368 a year) 29,632-28,132 left over 8%-13% of income

  • Wild Hog

    Non-Partison? They must really think we are stupid. And since 2008, about half of us really are that stupid.

  • MisterMan

    Families USA is about as non-partisan as NPR. BTW both of who are sponsored by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

  • John

    Non-partisan? Of course! And from now on pigs
    really do fly.
    So, Non-Partisan Lovers-of-the-Great-Lie:
    Fly me to the moon, and
    Let me play among the stars
    Let me see what spring is like
    On Jupiter and Mars
    In other words, hold my hand
    In other words, baby kiss me…

  • tr99tr

    Does everything about this obamination has to be rat-infested diseased scummery? Isn’t there one honorable HONEST left-winger left in this country anywhere — and I used to be a democrat a mere 7 years ago? Gawd, what’s wrong with these disgusting horrible wretched excuses for human beings????

    • einstein

      Free stuff from dear leader has a strong influence over the low-information crowd.

  • savagenation

    Long ago when America was great and it had heroes like Eliot Ness, members of criminal money laundering gangs went to prison. Now they are given positions in the White House and Federal Bureaucracies.

  • jdub

    Listen, you’re dealing with debt enslaved robots here. They are programmable. The fact that this “news” even gets out is amazing. Eventually, the slaves won’t have a clue what is real or fiction.

  • Black Star Ranch

    This is scary stuff….. There is no end nor limit to what is done to further “one’s” pet projects, designs, and/or way of life anymore. This kind of feel good “brain rinse” isn’t even recognized as a disease that could kill you.

  • Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

    Obama pivoted and focused like a laser on jobs…for his best friends and supporters.

  • ConcernedOne

    Geezus, taxpayers funding all this evil controlled by Obama, Soros, Jarrett, David Brock all the Liberal Country Destroying Progressives>>> Enroll (Democratic Voters in) America, Families USA, Herndon Alliance – funding by Soro’s Open Society and no doubt helping orchestrate much of it and then Battleground Texas attempting to make Texas a Blue state as well as pushing IRSCARE and then of course OFA swirling it’s tentacles around everything.

    To me, these groups are CRIMINAL and taxpayers should be outraged – but in THIS administration crime is a virtue

  • Sol T. Knutts

    Paid liars astro turfing the Obamacare disaster. Shocker! Like the media…spin spin spin the lies.

  • Amberteka

    Bet you all of those people…Anita Dunn . Ms.Klein all of them are drawing salaries over half a million dollars a year. Free Cadillac insurance. Lavish expense accouts.
    All of it from leeching money from the Middle Class….they create nothing. they are blood suckers. All of them.
    Put most of the House..The Senate..the White House..The Media…………..blood suckers. Getting what they can from the dying USA while the getting is good.

  • bean2

    But, but Propaganda worked for Hitler!?!? What’s going on here-don’t these people LISTEN?

  • Amberteka

    And Anita Dunn can quote the great mass Killer…..Mao Tse Tung…… her inspiration.

  • booboo

    Funny how nonpartisan has turned into Liberal propaganda. America is doomed.

    • mary

      Stop voting for the democrats, there is still hope.

  • John Crump

    OBAMA HAS WON! Why are we wasting our time, Obama is brilliant he knows how to win, SOCIALISM WILL WORK as long as there are lazy bums that want to get something for doing NOTHNG! EDUCATION is the key. Make people see that there is something better than sitting at home, drinking beer and smoking pot. Sooner or later the money WILL run out, then its back to the food lines and poverty. That’s what’s wrong with SOCIALISM WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY TO COME FROM? Obama has NEVER worked a day in life, he HAS lived on there peoples money all his life, HE has LIED ALL HIS LIFE. He is the BIGGEST CON MAN THAT EVER LIVED! No wonder as Moochelle says “He sings in the shower!” He KNOWS he has pulled off the biggest fraud in American history. HE KNOWS that NO one can do anything about what he wants to do. THE RACE CARD IS ALWAYS THERE. To many BLACKS and minorities are on his side, There would be riots in the streets and killing galore if he was IMPEACHED. WHITES are helpless now, they have let a BLACK have untold POWER, The BLACKS think that we owe them something, WHAT? Our forefathers WHITES settled this land, They are he one that sacrificed to make this country something great, The BLACKS and minorities DID NOTHING TO SETTLE THIS LAND, THEY ARE THE ONES THAT OWE US> NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND, We took then in and gave them the good life. NOW Obama and the LIBERALS who ONLY want votes. MORE BUMS’ SEND THEM BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM

  • Conservative Voice

    This White House is TRULY bordering on a totalitarian regime… that would even make 3rd world dictators blush.

    They have no problem using the power of the presidency to spy on people (i.e. NSA spying ), using government agencies to punish political opponents (i.e. IRS investigating, harassing, releasing private information, and now apparently dis allowing CONSERVATIVE non profit organizations… while apparently having no problem with Soros, and other Liberal non profits), deciding which laws they will enforce and which they won’t (i.e an entire list of laws the DOJ has decided NOT to enforce)… the president LIES to get his programs passed (i.e. “if you like your insurance and doctor you can keep them”, “the average family will save up to $2500 with Obamacare”, and “there are no such thing as death panels”) which we are finding out were ALL lies.

    If this was a business and these practices would be employed… wouldn’t that business be prosecuted for “invasion of privacy”, “UN-ethical business practices”, and “bait & switch”? OH, but this is the GOVERNMENT.

    THIS is why the government should be the “impartial protector of the people AGAINST these practices”, and NOT being the one CAUSING the injustice… and why the Government has no place picking winners and loses in the marketplace.

  • illegalsout

    I spotted the scam that is Families USA years ago. As a licensed master social worker who is interested in community-building and social justice, I called Ron Pollack and told him that he should be more truthful and have integrity about himself and his organization. That he should stop the pretense. It was like talking to a True Believer. Waste of time.

  • mensunionorg

    These foundations are run by the politically connected rich who get funding from the “government”… they’re tax exempt, and this is how corrupt the political process has become, you need to form Solidarity Movements and strike to force reforms before we’re all unemployed and headed for a work kamp…

  • trajan2448

    OBAMA and his paid pigs break the law at every opportunity. I wonder whether the IRS and Holder will be looking into this obvious violation, LOL.

  • Lars

    If anyone still believes what comes out of the Idiot-in-Chief’s office anymore….they’re too gray matter-challenged to understand anyway.

  • Sensible

    What propaganda! Michelle’s college friend could have done it for $300,000,000 so I guess we should be happy?

  • HenryThe7th

    Our federal government has been taken over by criminals who think that the government should produce propaganda.

  • sgreen516

    This isn’t even surprising. Like a cheating spouse coming home from a weekend with their lover, the media has “had their fun. They’re now getting back to their jobs – spinning the narrative to make Democrats look good.

  • Wild Hog

    In the future, when schools teach about the phrase “taxation without representation” they should use this administration as the example.

    But I’m going out on a limb even assuming that public schools even teach that concept any more.

    • enos33

      ‘In the future, when schools teach about the phrase “taxation without representation” they should use this administration as the example.’

      The problem is that schools today only teach socialism and everyone wins with other peoples’ money.

      • Wild Hog

        That would be my guess as well. I make a really good living but as a family, we live very modestly so I am able to send my kids to private Catholic schools. It’s worth every penny.

        • enos33

          God bless you and your family – Oooops! Am I allowed to write that?

        • enos33

          ronnorrisartdotcom to see religious art.

  • Garys_opinion

    B.S. is B.S. no matter how it’s dressed up. When people start seeing the cost involved, and the high up front deductibles, no amount of Obama “lie speak” is going to help!

  • Marcie1

    Socialist propaganda. If you can not sell it on the substance, sell it as imaginary lie. Fool the young into signing up their lives for the sake of the socialist’s medicine.

  • Aegis

    Some are now saying this signals the end of the liberal/progressive project.
    No-one now believes this crowd should be trusted with the government.
    And their domestic credibility problem has jumped the fire break…Obama’s credibility problem is now Americas problem.

  • Larry Rappaport

    Pssst FUSA? There isn’t enough money to sell this three headed pig as a thoroughbred. Your President already tried with disastrous results but knock yourselves out. The last thing that will be discussed during this Holiday is Obamacare and if that conversation does comes up it won’t be a discussion it will be flying turkeys such as this law. Give this money to folks who actually have an immediate need such as rent, utilities and perhaps a present or two for some unfortunate child.

  • nostudme1

    Pay the cheerleaders all you want, the team sucks.

  • Falsk Konto

    This country is on the slippery slope and picking up momentum towards a full blown revolution

  • If only

    The media has abandoned their role as being the last gatekeepers for keeping the government honest, they have been fully co-opted. Now they gleefully run interference for Pres. Potted Plant at every opportunity they can get.

  • Al Simmons

    The media has always been ready and willing to do Obama’s dirty work, and dupe and mislead the American people.

  • dudley litz

    Praise Fearless Leader
    that will be $50,000; please.

  • ConcernedOne

    Ron Pollack, the co-founder and Executive Director of Families USA ALSO sits on the board of directors at Enroll America. What else? Assists with La Raza and Illegal Invaders for Amnesty?

  • Tina Delgado

    Families USA sounds just like a Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission type of organization which Obama hates!

  • enos33

    This debacle called ObamaScare has cost us taxpayers billions – so far.

    If the cash had just been given out to every citizen – we’d all be millionaires, and could have bought the very best healthcare in the world. You know – the kind that’s reserved for our Dear Leader and those in government.

  • DahktaD

    Obama is the most vile, evil, loathsome, racist, feckless, petulant, nefarious, narcissistic, arrogant, despicable, detestable, anti US Constitution, anti-military, pathological lying, integrity stricken, morally corrupt, divisive, destructive sociopath to have ever soiled OUR Oval Office.

  • pepina

    Tough choice for todays journalists… spin and praise Obama and keep your job.. …or potential Pulitzer.

  • Ma’Balz Es-Hari

    Seems like the more Barry gets away with the more underhanded stunts he pulls. And it doesn’t appear like anyone who can actually do something about it has any interest. Three more years of lying, cheating, propagandizing and backdooring Americans! Woo-hoo!

  • DjangoWineHeart

    OK ~ We’re spending $1million bucks on Obamacare propaganda But shutting our embassy at the Vatican to save $1Million.

  • TheDirtmover

    Just where do all these so-called “non profits” magically materialize from?
    Especially ones run by LIBS.

  • Itsjusme

    Remember, no National Parks open. Slain Soldiers from war improperly returned. No White House tours. All because Obama didn’t have the money or so he said. But, taxpayer money is available to push a law that is universally hated and hanging on by a thread.
    Yeah, we have money for that.

    • thunderclapnewman

      If a man never worked a day in his life, that man has no comprehension of the fruits of ones’ labors.

      • Itsjusme

        Truer words were never spoken.

  • DJM2142

    0bamacare = DISASTER


    Non partisan my azz…these type of organizations are nothing but shills for obama..

    Lying and saying oh yea we are non partisan yet supporting a bill that was passed on Christmas Eve night, with no bi-partisan
    support after no one read the dam thing after poll after poll said the American people were opposed to it…..on top of that the o-train went around selling the country on a lie after the fact that you could keep your plan and doctor.

    Friend of mine went to BCBS and signed up to look at plans and qualified for subsidies. She said soon as she entered her info
    she was transferred to healthcare.guv site where they already knew the credit cards she had from years ago, previous addresses, and employers….etc…ALL SHE WANTED WAS QUOTE

    On the first page on guvmint site it says group total plan is 250 deductible, 500 out of pocket max (she was like wow this is nice)..BUT…… she never went to summary benefits page where the deductible is 1,500 and out of pocket is 5,200(those who don’t look at the fine print will be sad later, but she did not, I looked at it for her and she cancelled plan)…i think it was blue advantage 2501 cost share I……..the plan cost 302 a month but she had like 190 in subsidies which brought the cost to her to 112 a month or so…the tricky part she said was finding a plan that had her doctors in the network…she said one plan was 34 a month after subsidies (in network only, out of network not covered) but 0 doctors were in the network for our county, and our county has 108,000 population, why offer a plan with no doctors in the network, someone signs up for this plan I have no idea how it benefits them as they co-pay, co-insurance is not applicable to out of network.

    One crazy part she told me is part of a letter from healthcare marketplace in London KY she got after signing up..
    I knew this already…

    Question: What if information from my application changes during the year?

    “Changes can affect your eligibility for coverage through the Marketplace and tax credits. If you are eligible for

    a tax credit and you don’t report a change that may affect your eligibility, you may have to pay back some or

    all of your tax credit when you file your taxes. If information from your application changes during the year,

    you should report the change within 30 days.

    If you’re eligible for coverage through the Marketplace, contact the Marketplace at the phone number below

    to report changes that may affect your eligibility

    If you’re eligible for Healthy Connections or Healthy Connections contact the state agency at the phone

    number below to report changes.”

    Think about it, if you are making 23,000 a year at your current job, get healthcare subsidized for 80-100 a month, why would you want to better your place in life when you are penalized? You make more incrementally, you pay more in healthcare costs, you stay stuck in the same path no fault of your own, you make more, you pay more, it cancels out basically……if you are married, I read about a couple who made little over the subsidized limit…these people are incentivized to earn less. They made just over the 62,000 threshold, were told there o-care coverage not as good as old plan would cost 15,000 a year (old plan cost them 5,600, this story is on pro-publica I think) yet if one made a 1,000 less or so they would save 10,000 on that plan……..why are we being told don’t worry, earn less, just stay happy where you are at in life, don’t get up early and work late for that extra money or to get that raise, we are gonna suck it back out of you sorry little taxpayers.

    It is not about providing affordable care, better care, it is about income redistribution. The people who did not want/need healthcare before will still go without.

    Those to poor to afford private insurance before will be on medicaid now still under this law, thus making this law unnecessary. Say the person is just above qualifying for SC, they make 12,000 a year and pay 0 premium at 34 yrs old non smoker…….the deductible is 6,300….the subsidy however costs taxpayers 8,500 a year…if they are to poor to pay a premium how can they afford the deductible? who pays the deductible on say a 1,500 procedure? makes no sense…

  • newtiffen

    It’s all about group think. Individual opinions aren’t relevant. It;s magical media manipulation time. Who got the $2 billion in PR money the last time for this joke?

  • alioh61

    Wow. All the positive stories won’t mean a thing to those who will and have lost their current health care plan. It won’t mean squat to those who find that they have less coverage at a higher cost with a higher deductible. Those who will end up on Medicaid will find it is virtually impossible to find doctors, clinics and hospitals who accept it. It won’t mean anything to those who will lose their doctors. Their will be some positive stories, but many will evaporate when people finally figure out the exorbitant cost of their shiny new health care plan. There is a reason this lawless administration is doing everything they can to hide the true cost of people’s new plan until after the 2014 election. And, I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m tired of our hard earned money going to groups that are trying to put lipstick on this pig.

  • einstein

    We need more citizen-journalists like James O’Keefe taking on the ultra-corrupt democrat-government-media industrial complex in the spirit of the late great Andrew Breitbart.

  • Alpha Propellerhead

    Ex-Democrat supporter here. As an indie since the 1990s who finally supported the Democrats because I was sick of Republican arrogance, hypocrisy and dishonesty, I have to say that I’m terribly disappointed in the way I chose to vote because at least with Republicans we knew where we stood.

    To my liberal friends, I’m sorry. I helped you with gay rights, marijuana legalization, timber reform in Oregon, lots of things, but, in exchange you gave me a representative who tried to pass a law saying a state agency could come into our homes without a warrant to search for guns, and you gave us, well, this giant epic abortion. Worse, every time I question authority, I get called a Republican, or an NRA member… I’m sick of being insulted by the people who raised me to Question Authority when I do just that. So I will no longer be supporting liberals because they continue to betray us while blaming the other people for the same behavior.

    • alioh61

      Welcome back.

    • einstein

      Never forget — Government big enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take everything you have!

    • Larry Gibb

      I am not leaving the Democrat party, because I got free condom yesterday at an ObamaCare event. Now I got a free phone and a condom. I love Obama.

    • Travis McGee

      The sad thing is you believe these stories about the Republicans that are totally false. I guess the machine is working churning out lies about Republicans while at the same time overlooking the truth about the party that is truly corrupt, the Democrats. If you look at who has really come to the aid of their fellow citizens it is always the Republicans who finally get it done. That includes the environment, civil rights, women’s vote and hundreds of other things that the Democrats take credit for. We hold ourselves accountable when someone does step out of line unlike Democrats who never hold anyone accountable for anything. Don’t get me wrong, we have some losers as nothing is ever 100 percent perfect, far from it but the Republican party does not deserve the viciousness it receives from the left and the media who is completely in the bag for Democrats. They have the key tool to distort and cover up and blame. It’s not fair but that’s the way it is and we are doing the best we can. Honestly, I don’t see how anyone could be a Democrat anymore. I say this as a former Democrat but mostly I am a citizen who cares about my country more than party politics.

    • Wild Hog

      All you have to do to know that liberals are far from their claim of tolerance and compassion is observe their behavior when you disagree with them. They can be very vicious and cruel with no remorse. When they have no substantive reply or answer they go right to their mantra of name calling and vitriol. They are only for free speech as long as it is in line with their core beliefs. When is the last time you have ever seen a violent right wing protest? Never. Riots and hate speech is owned by the left.

  • thunderclapnewman

    “Families USA”, “People for the American Way”, etc., are code word titles for liberal organizations that do not have the best intentions of this country in mind.

    • Sam Spade

      yep, it’s all about deceptive labeling, as the (un)affordable care act, the (un)fairness doctrine, …. as virtually all their legislation, as progressive, as liberal…we’re dealing with dishonest do as i say fascists

      liberal replaced progressive when public sentiment towards progressives, err marxists, soured in the first half of the last century

      “Norman Mattoon Thomas (November 20, 1884 – December 19, 1968) was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America. He was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1911. He was also active in setting up the American Civil Liberties Union. As a candidate for President of the U. S. , Norman Thomas said, in a 1944 epoch speech:

      “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation,
      without knowing how it happened.”

      He went on to say:

      “I no longer need to run as a Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.””

      • thunderclapnewman

        Unbelievable. Thanks for that info, Sam.

  • Liliana Rawks

    Ah, yes. Life is good in the new USSR.

    • Larry Gibb

      Be quiet, take your free condom and be happy for goodness sakes.

      • Travis McGee

        It probably has a picture of Obama on it with his hand raised up like that. CHARGE! Happy Holidays….talk about buzz kill.

  • sabo

    Omg, this is pure propaganda originated for and by the Obama administration.
    Paid people to tell positive stories about a bad law.
    Are we in North Korea?

    • PVMan1

      Not geographically.

  • Sam Spade

    per chris plante, wmal in dc, barack hussein and dumb party apparatchiks have spent 300 million dollars promoting commiecare in oregon and not a single person has signed up. the acorn slush fund is continually replenished

    • idiotxx

      the obamacare scam was intended to fail. The upside all along was the fact that through it all, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars could be dispersed to DNC front groups in front of the 2014 elections. With teh Harry Reid stunt in teh Senate, and the potential for vote fraud to make gains in the House, the last few years of the Obumble Reign will be even more treacherous.

  • Lefty.mcnutt

    One big Façade.

  • bittman

    Is the Families USA a 501(c)(4) or 50l(c)(3) tax exempt entity? How about Organizing for Action — what kind of tax exemption do they have? Obviously, it doesn’t matter with this Administration since Families USA and OFA are on the Progressives’ team.

  • PVMan1

    More tax dollars spent to hold up the lie.

  • alan

    What a true scumbag,. Where is Goebbels when you need him? Here is a thought. Start telling the truth and stop with the propganda bs

  • Larry Liberty

    Corruption-cronyism-when the ******* are in charge the USA becomes the lie factory that is inherent.

  • Mr_DAA

    History is repeating itself, but not in Europe this time.

    Don’t doubt for one pico second that the enemy of America, Americans, Freedom and Liberty is in fact our own President and the minions behind and around him.

  • ObamaLIES!

    ObowellMovement we WONT FORGET YOUR LIES!!!

    Just wait for NOVEMBER 2014 you total LIAR!


    Even Jesus HATES YOU!

    • Mr_DAA

      Jesus has hopes and faith enough for all his brothers and sisters, even the most wretched and sinful that are represented by Obama.

  • curmudgeon

    Is there anything real regarding the man and his administration? I sometimes feel I am living in a parallel Universe. How the Hell did America fall to such a low in a mere five years? It’s mind boggling at best. Where did the old “Fourth Estate” disappear while the media became lap dogs for all things liberal? It’s no longer journalism, but 24/7 liberal propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

    • Mr_DAA

      It will seem like a parallel universe up to the point at which we stand to shape our own destiny against the evil that has taken over.

      I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. Let it be one of restored vigor and resolve to stand by this Great Lady who gave us Her all.

  • ShinTayloNY

    People aren’t needed to be paid to report positive stories about the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is a positive story in and of itself.

    • Mr_DAA

      How so when it steals from the producers and gives to the non-Americans?

      • ShinTayloNY

        There is no such thing as producers, the American people are one.

        • Mr_DAA

          Not so anymore by a long shot. If we were one, we would have never elected a sham for President.

          Please take a 3 and even a 4th dimensioned look around and within yourself.

        • DJM2142

          Possibly the single most stupid thing I’ve heard in a while
          If there are no producers then who made those cheetos you’ve got stuck in your teeth?

    • 2013PatriotinGA


      • Mr_DAA

        Some live in such a fantasy it is emotionally destructive to their fragile psyche to even take the smallest of glimpses around and outside of themselves.

    • mwmichaels

      Hey ShinTayloNY, to be consistent in your position, as I am sure you want to be, you should publish your address so “the people” can just come over to your apartment and help themselves to whatever they want. It’s the only fair thing to do, especially as you seem to be backing it to be done to others. Looking forward …

    • ExPat_in_Krakow

      You’re absolutely correct!

      The abject failure of the website, which should have been the easy part – positive!

      Millions of people losing their insurance policies on the individual market, now seeing President Obama as the duplicitous, divisive prevaricator and outright liar that he has always been – positive!

      Tens of millions more people losing their employer-provided insurance next year, also seeing Obama as the Liar in Chief – positive!

      Millions of people losing their doctors, also experiencing Obama’s lies first-hand – positive!

      Tens of millions of people seeing their insurance premiums and deductibles increase, while seeing the benefits and coverage they want decrease, when also being charged for coverage they don’t need – positive!

      The Democrats in the Senate running for cover, and those in the House completely powerless, or exemplifying their utter cluelessness like Nancy Pelosi – positive!

      All in all, it has been a great roll-out, and I anticipate the returns to be even far more positive in 2014. I couldn’t have possibly imagined it going so well, really. Obamacare = utter positivity!

      • John Brown

        You have got those Republican talking points down.

        There is no evidence that large numbers of employers will drop coverage
        rather than comply with the law. The jury is out as to whether employee
        premiums and cost-sharing will rise more quickly as a result of full
        implementation, though overall healthcare inflation has actually been
        slowing for several years

        Since you know what is going to happen in the future.How about giving me some numbers to play the lottery.

        • ExPat_in_Krakow

          They’re not Republican talking points. The numbers come from the June 17, 2010 issue of the Federal Register, Part 2 which covers the Departments of Treasury (IRS), Labor (EBSA) and Health and Human Services. In other words, the estimates come from the Obama Administration. I’m quite surprised that you didn’t know this already.

          Specifically, taken from page 34,552, last paragraph (only a federal government document could have 35K+ pages, it’s the best way to ensure nobody reads it – at least, we all know that Nancy Pelosi didn’t read it):

          “Under this assumption, the Departments’ mid-range estimate is that 66 percent of small employer plans and 45 percent of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013. The low-end estimates are for 49 percent and 34 percent of small and large employer plans, respectively, to have relinquished grandfather status, and the high-end estimates are 80 percent and 64 percent, respectively.”

          Here is the link for you to educate yourself:

          In other words, Obama was telling a bold-faced, bald-faced, barefaced lie every time he said that “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period.” And he knew it. There are your lottery numbers, right there: 49, 66, 80 (low-, mid-, high-end estimates of the percentage of small-employer plans that will be cancelled), and 34, 45, 64 (low-, mid-, high-end estimates of percentage of large-employer plans that will be cancelled).

          And don’t even try to claim that it’s those dirty, dastardly insurance companies that are cancelling plans, not the Obama Administration nor Obamacare itself. The law made those plans illegal after any minor or administrative change to them, and therefore insurance companies can no longer sell them, or they would be violating the law.

          Really – did you not know this already? Or are you simply avoiding the truth? Or am I a racist for quoting Obama Administration estimates?

    • John Brown

      Ignore these people.
      Those that have no health insurance can sign up with the Republican health care plan.
      You right wingers should volunteer to pick up the tab for people who go to the ER for health care and can’t pay.
      That way the rest of us want have to pick up the tab.

      • ExPat_in_Krakow

        You’ll be picking up the tab for them anyway, Einstein.

        Millions more people have lost their insurance than have signed up for Obamacare, and the numbers won’t get any better in 2014. And the vast majority of those who have been signing up on the exchanges are either signing up for Medicare, or already have preexisting conditions.

        Those tens of millions of people who didn’t have insurance? Guess what? They still don’t. Why would anyone sign up for Obamacare, when they can pay much less out-of-pocket for routine expenses, pay a small fine to the IRS (if they have any taxes withheld in the first place), and can sign up at any time because insurance companies now cannot turn away people with preexisting conditions? It’s a voluntary tax, and nobody is paying it.

        Those people who didn’t have insurance weren’t participating in the medical insurance market because they chose not to, and they will still choose not to. You will still be on the hook to pay for their emergency room visits. But now you’ll also be on the hook to pay for subsidies for millions more old, infirm and sick people, while the healthy youngsters choose not to participate.

        BRILLIANT!! 😀

        • John Brown

          80 percent will not be affected by the ACA
          They have insurance through work or the federal Government.

          Sure there will be about 15 million left out because of Republican Governors who refuse to do the medicaid expansion.

          Millions more people have lost their insurance than have signed up for Obamacare, and the numbers won’t get any better in 2014.
          Right there let me know you don’t know what you are talking about.
          How about those lottery numbers seen you can see in the future.

          • ExPat_in_Krakow

            Oh, really?

            So please tell me, Carnac the Magnificent:
            1. How many people have already had insurance policies cancelled?, and
            2. How many people have completed enrollments and have successfully signed up with an insurance company for an insurance policy to be billed to them via Obamacare (none of this “Hey they put one in their shopping cart” B.S.)?

            If you can’t answer specifically, it’s you who doesn’t know what you’re talking about. And I’m not quoting any talking points about 2014, I’m quoting Obama Administration estimates on the employer mandate, which would’ve kicked in this year (2013), but were postponed until next year. Please see my link below, to the Federal Register of June 17, 2010, published by the Obama Administration, which shows the estimates of how many employer-based plans will be cancelled due to Obamacare. All those employer-based cancellations, and premium increases for those who won’t be cancelled, will be in the mail in late summer and early autumn, just in time for the 2014 midterms. BRILLIANT! 😀

            There will be far more than “15 million left out because of Republican Governors who refuse to do the medicaid expansion”. There will be at least twice that who choose not to participate. It’s a voluntary tax. It’s written into the law that no criminal charges nor liens can be applied for failure to pay for Obamacare. That means that one only has to decrease their withholdings to match the federal income tax that they must pay, and there will be no tax return for the IRS to take the Obamacare penalty tax from. BRILLIANT! 😀

            Hey – you broke it, you bought it, you own it. It’s all there in the law. Too bad that they had to pass it for you to know what was in it! BRILLIANT!!! 😀 😀 😀

      • BenM

        Why should the Republicans fix what the Democrips broke? Typical liberal compassion, you creeps throw people with life threatening illnesses off of their health insurance and CLAIM you’re doing it for people who can’t afford it.
        My mother in law lost her doctor of 35 years and her insurance is now unaffordable thanks to you basturds.

    • idiotxx

      We would probably be better served asking your parents.

    • BenM

      You’re a brain dead zombie repeating what you’ve been told.

  • mwmichaels

    No matter. They cannot put lipstick on the pig. It is what it is.

  • Freddie King

    Fuc*ing criminals, all of them….I pray Divine retribution will be hard on them all.


    This corruption and tyranny has gone on for long enough, it’s time to put an end to it. Do not pay your federal taxes in 2016, and stand your ground. Show them the people are no longer willing to submit tyranny. It is time to dissolve this federal parasite and recreate the constitutional republic we were meant to live in using our constitutional right to dissolve and replace.
    Spread the word

  • 2013PatriotinGA

    That must be a tough job finding any success stories! Hate to say I told you so but………this law sucks!

  • mmmilesll

    Why do I think that the taxpayers will be paying for all of this.

  • ShinTayloNY

    The Affordable Care Act is becoming a story nobody cares about but the right, just like Benghazi. There might have been some early glitches with the law, but now the law has turned into an unmitigated success and the American people are starting to rally around our president in the face of rightwing political attacks.

    • Mr_DAA

      Well, there are millions upon millions, far greater than you can imagine, sharing the same name of “nobody”

      If I were you, I’d take a hint and quit before you dig your hole so deep that SAR can’t even find you.

    • xxx21

      How much were you paid to write this,,,,TROLL

      • ShinTayloNY

        Paid? No

        • Rick Caird

          Of course you are not paid. No one would pay for that kind of work.

    • thunderclapnewman

      Viewing delusion is not a pleasant thing.

    • idiotxx

      exactly! proven by the exploding premiums and cancellations of policies and doctors. All very similar to the great economy shown by the 90 million plus pushed out of the workforce to keep the actual 10-12% unemployment hovering at a low-info approved 7.9%. And with Hillary on deck, it’s nice to see the return of the vast Right Wing Conspiracy. All of this, of course, rides on the definition of “nobody” as delusional liberals.

    • Rick Caird

      LOL, sure none of those people who lost their insurance and now have to pay double and can no longer see their doctors are just shrugging it off. They don’t care. It all the same to them… Oh, wait…. they must all be on the right.

      • ShinTayloNY

        Nobody has lost their insurance because of this law. The ACA has reduced costs dramatically for most Americans. Millions of Americans are getting their first access to medical care.

        • Rick Caird

          LOL, you go from bad to worse. Lots of people have lost their insurance because ObamaCare decreed their plan was a “bad apple”. Now they are forced to to the exchanges to get overpriced under performing insurance with huge deductibles and co pays. They are also stuck in limited networks which may not include their doctors or the first rate hospitals. Without ObamaCare they would have kept all they had.

          You are also much confused by equating health insurance with health care. First of all, everybody in this country gets health care. Lack of insurance does not mean lack of care. However all these newly insured now face the task of finding a doctor that takes their new health insurance. If it is Medicaid that could be a huge problem.

          If you don’t understand these things, shin, it is useless debate with you. It will be like debating a rock with a tape recorder hidden inside.

        • Navigator#34

          Yes, thank you. In fact we’ve made good money off of the Obamacare rollout. As we here at ACORN like to say, sign up early and sign up often! When the website gets back up.
          Sign up your children, your pets, and any deceased relatives too, they make wonderful absentee voters as well. As far as the millions of Americans who have lost their insurance, well you’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.
          As far as your information getting into the wrong hands, don’t worry, it’s safe with us here at ACORN headquarters and we promise to keep it safe from everyone and won’t release it to anyone. Another advantage is if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor and if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan, period.
          Thanks for your support and we promise not to release your credit card info.

        • Rick Caird

          Disqus ,lost my reply to you yesterday. I basically pointed out the argument that no one lost their insurance because of ObamaCare is absurd. Everyone of those people who lost their insurance lost it because of ObamaCare because ObamaCare determined their policies were not acceptable. There is no way to argue against that except by engaging in self deception. Not a single person who lost their insurance thinks it is the insurance companies fault.

          Many more people have lost their insurance than those who have gotten insurance they previously could not have. Sure, preexisting, but that is a very small number. You also make the mistake of confusing health care with health insurance. Many of those people who now have insurance will not be able to find a doctor or will not be able to pay the o pay.

          My bet is is we continue with ObamaCare, the number of people actually insured with access to health care will be less than before ObamaCare. In other words, it is an expensive way of losing ground.

    • Navigator#34

      Obamacare is wonderful!
      That notice you got from your insurance company telling you you’re no longer going to be covered is just a renewal notice so pay no attention.
      Can’t you read?

  • jimmyslippers

    Are you sure it’s not FU USA?

  • idiotxx

    If only the ‘Non-Partisan’ group were Black and Conservative a la Armstrong Williams and pushing a Republican Plan paid for by taxpayer dollars….someone might be outraged! This? Move along… nothing to see here… Move along.

  • Pope1944

    I wonder how they plan to spend the money? There do not seem to be any positive aspects of the Affordable Care Tax so far. And wait till January when the real impact starts to become a reality. MILLIONS of Americans are going to lose their health care policies currently in effect because they don’t meet the all encompassing criteria that the interns who wrote this law decided was a good thing. The law of unintended consequences is roaring down the health care highway. I hope you can get out of the way.

  • Larry Gibb

    Call your D Senator and ask when their town hall meetings are? Either they don’s answer the phone or they say there are none planned. Cowards.

  • ChuckNoland

    Whenever you see a group labeled “non-partisan, independent, fair and open minded seekers of the truth” you know you are about to be fed the most biased leftist crap possible because if a group on the right tries to release information on their area of interest they will be called “radical right wing, paid for my special interest racist who wish to pervert the constitution.”

  • AZSchumi

    Hehr Goebbels is doing his magic……

    • Ben

      The sad part is very few under 60 know who Hehr Goebbels is or even care as they text while driving.

      • TEN

        AKA Valerie Jarrett.

  • Sam Duncan

    “Prevention saves money.”

    Ha! That’s exactly how they sold Britain its Stalinist system back in 1948. Brits were told that universal healthcare would result in better health, and thus less money spent. By the early ’50s, public spending had spiralled back to wartime levels. Britain recieved more Marshall aid than the rest of Europe put together, and spent it all in the first four years of the NHS.

    So parts of it – primarily no-charge prescriptions (since reintroduced in Scotland… we’ll see how well that works out, in time) – had to be diluted. They “made it work”, and we’ve been stuck with the damn thing for nearly 70 years. We’re even proud of it. For some reason. Britain has the worst death rates from heart disease and survivable cancers in the western world.

    Now, okay, Obamacare is not the NHS. Indeed, proposals for something like it are looked on by British politicians of all parties as dangerously free-market (which shows how bad things are in the Old Country). However our experience should serve as a warning: prevention might well save money, but socialized healthcare isn’t prevention. You in America are more obsessed with preventative medicine and healthy lifestyles than any other country in the world. Why? Because you know that falling ill will not only be unpleasant and potentially dangerous, but it’ll hit you in the wallet too. “Free”, or artificially cheap, healthcare is a little like the banks being told they’re “too big to fail”: they know near-failure will be problematic, but not nearly as problematic as it would be without the government watching their backs, so they take greater risks. Similarly, why look after your eyesight when spectacles are “free” (they’re not now, but were before those early reforms)? Why eat carefully when you can get a “free” supply of Zantac for life or “free” bypass surgery? State socialization of healthcare leads to worse health, and greater costs. Don’t fall for it.

  • Mark

    aca stinks,
    let the 1% Hollywood sycophants carry him.
    cause that’s what its getting down to be.
    oh forgot about the 90% of the African American vote which equates to about 12%
    That’s totals 13%., Good Luck with that.

    • Budd Smith

      The only significant group that might turn against him is white liberals. If enough of them get stuck with a 100% increase in insurance rates, that might get them to not vote Democrat. But they are so mentally warped, that might not be enough. They have so much instilled white guilt, are so afraid of appearing racist, and want so badly to see white rule go away, I’d bet against them switching sides.

  • Churchillis1

    “If you like your health insurance you can keep that. Period. If you like your doctor, you can keep them. Period.”





  • Oval Office Ornament

    Chrome covered shit is still shit

  • Pat_riot_1

    What can you say that is positive about a train wreck? They are trying to make us think it is “non-partisan” but it won’t work

  • borninmombasa

    yes we have to pay $1 million to fool stupid folks into thinking Obama care is not the train wreck it is.

  • Ben

    So does this “produce” positive stories mean “make them up”? Is that what the lying Dear Leader is ordering them to do?

  • Troll

    You can’t polish a turd.

    • borninmombasa

      if Obama had a turd it would look like Obama care

  • hybriddragonfly

    too funny… a group that supports one party is non partisan…..

  • USA1stVince


    • doesn’tmatter

      There is no news from them anymore, it’s just blank entertainment.

  • sabo

    Taxpayers dollars to push a bad law.
    Everyday brings new revelations of the ineptitude
    Of this administration.

  • Tony5000

    More lies from the Obama adminisitration. This article reminds me how Obama simply “lowered” the number of available jobs in the workforce, and the “non-partisan” press has been sellng bullsht lowered unemployment rate stories to cover up the lie.

  • borninmombasa

    Next year 80 million who are covered by work health care programs will have those programs changed ,premiums will double, detectable will double .folks are going to be very angry .It will need to be spun to keeps folks from stringing up Demo-cats

  • Hank Seiter

    Lying fascist pigs all. And we also know the shamestream national socialist media has whored itself to Obama and the Democratic socialist who shoved this legislative garbage of ObozoCare down the throats of the American people. And keep in mind, website troubles are the very minimum of what’s wrong with this leftist healthcare fiasco. The lying filth Obama not only promised we could keep our present policies and doctors if we liked them … (PERIOD!), he also promised ObozoCare would be self-funding. And we KNOW that won’t be true.

    And Obama/Pelosi/Reid also promised there would be no death panel but we have found out after reading the darn thing that there is indeed a bureaucratic panel that will essentially function as such, particularly in regard to the elderly who might be running up too much costs according to the bean counters. You see, under the necessarily limited funding base of ObozoCare, the bean counters will have to make decisions like, “Okay, we have this old geezer who needs a $200,000 operation to prolong his life another three months, but you know, we can vaccinate 50,000 children or give organs to five other people for the same cost.” YOU KNOW THAT IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN UNDER OBOZOCARE.

    I don’t even think the Democratic socialists (including Obama) really care if ObamaCare tanks because the national socialist media will blame it on the Tea Party, Republicans and conservatives in general and then start trumpeting the need for an even more radical government-run single-payer system. I really don’t think under the present disaster ObamaCare is going to find enough healthy young people to fund those in the system who are chronically ill or having end-of-life health issues or who have pre-existing conditions that will diminish the quality and coverage of healthcare to those who normally aren’t a drain on the public resources.

    I also resent having to pay two or three times more to cover my own healthcare and that of my family’s (something I’ve been doing for the last 35 years with great success) as well as subsidizing the healthcare of those engaging in or living high-risk lifestyles. Bunch of commies.

    Look, the bottom line is this, if you believe Marx’s line “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need” and that government is a means to that end, YOU’RE A MARXIST. Whatever form of government you wrap around that kind of statist redistributionism is mere windowdressing and we’ve seen exactly that with the shredding of the U.S. Constitution by Democrat socialist and commies the last fifty years.

  • Budd Smith

    Are my comments being censored?

    • Tony5000

      If you wrote “Are my comments being censored?” then no they are not. If you didn’t write that, then yes they are.

      • Budd Smith

        Thanks, yes I did write that, and when I saw it posted, I changed the post.

    • doesn’tmatter

      White liberals cannot see the big picture, they are blind by nice and easy comments that mean nothing in the real world, it’s a form of self slavery.

  • Bugs Weta

    One million dollars of our taxpayer money spent on nothing but lies and propaganda. What a disgrace.

  • jimmyv65

    So our tax dollars are no being used to lie to us

  • Kate Craig

    Non-partisan? Well, what do you expect from a bunch of liars?

  • cjjeepercreeper

    The inter-relationships here sound like incest.

  • Dmacwired

    Boiling it all down to the salts what we are about to be treated to is the administration will pay for good press about the ACA – whether they admit it or not they will be paying for it one way or another – and then someone will have to pay people to lie about how good it is – and I expect that will be the administration as well which means the US Tax payer will be paying to be lied to in a really polished and professional fashion.

    Remember this:

    Bottom Line from now on, assuming some have just now caught on, is:
    Our current president lies habitually therefore you can’t trust him.

    For the simple minded who really think this president cares about you because he said so and promises hope – you need to repeat ten times every morning when you wake up, again at noon just before lunch, then at dinner time and right after your head hits the pillow – this: “Barack Obama lies therefore I cannot trust him”

    For those who are not as simple minded but still hold on to hope add this to the mantra.

    “If he lies to the nation what makes me think he isn’t lying to me?
    Who am I that I mean anything to him and should expect to receive free gifts from a liar?
    Could I simply be a pawn in his game?”

    For those that work for a living and hang on to hope as promised by your president add those thoughts to your commute and consider history’s lesson.

    The poor disenfranchised disaffected, and oppressed have always been used by tyrants to over throw political systems. Once the tyrant takes complete control the dictator in the tyrant comes out and life gets worse not better and the poor are forgotten because they are no longer needed and lets face it they were a burden when resources were plentiful so how much more so will they be dead weight when the economic engine that was is idled by a corrupt government.

    That means those who hope in the promises of this president are prisoners of hope soon to become fools with out any hope of ever changing their lives. In this country you truly have the hope of opportunity of making a difference in your life. That is true if you are willing to do what it takes to wok for what you want. If you think anyone is going to just hand it to you on a silver platter because you deserve it and somehow the stars aligned to make this happen then you are deluded and ripe for being used by people who laugh behind closed doors at your stupidity.
    That’s the world we live in and that’s how it’s been for all of recorded history.

    America has made provision to care of the poor and we have spent billions doing so it’s not for lack of caring or trying. The problem is that takers always take.

  • jaz

    Some organizations will spin positive stories for free: Exhibit A: New York Times. Words can not describe how much I loathe that rag. Couldn’t somebody accidentally drop a daisy cutter down their chimney? Please?

    • TEN

      The Daily Dead Fish wrapper??? What would I use under the kitty litter box then?????

  • RWFG

    Another group of paid white house liars. For every “success” story they find, there are 10,000 tales of misery and failure.

    Such is Olosercare.

  • Defiant

    What’s another million in the interest of lying to the American people!? Another million to Obama’s crones and supporters–the group of liberal “Non-partisan” spin-doctors who are reaping God-knows-what extra benefits for lying. NONE of us believe it anyway! Heck…any information that originates from Obama and his minions is pretty much automatically disbelieved. I wouldn’t believe them if they told me rain is wet. When will this SOB end up in prison?

  • Andrea

    And now comes the “re-branding” effort. Just a bump in the road for the Obamacare campaign.

  • James Lappin

    When I signed up for Obamacare I got a free Obamaphone and $50,000.00 to spend on holiday gifts for friends and family. Obama is the best president ever. I’m going to vote for him again even if he can’t be president because of a stupid law. In fact we should just abolish the constitution and crown him king of America.

    • wynotme307

      Hahaha… You should be on Saturday Night Live with that sarcasm.

  • doesn’tmatter

    Everybody but the MSM and government know what a incompetent stooge we have in the White House, there is no accountability, that should frighten everyone except the MSM and the government.

  • John Titus

    Follow the money. The whole thing is corruption and half truths to sell the American people the biggest boondoggle in my lifetime. The American people would reject this had honest disclosure occurred. Now they are using our tax dollars to sell you a bad idea. We need to expose and eliminate these partisan hack organizations who are nothing but WH brown shirts. This law needs to be repealed! It is not getting better, only worse.

  • gpack

    These are the tactics of dictators and ayatollahs. Can’t let the truth be known so lie about it. Problem is; those low information Obama types will consider it valid.

  • Hank Seiter

    The biggest threat to our liberties has never been the much ballyhooed military-industrial complex. Rather, it’s the government-media complex that has threatened our constitutional republic since the leftist took it all over. Now, the neo-Marxist Obama has upped the ante by combining the very worst of national socialism and crony capitalism … just like Hitler. You see, under the left-wing Nazi national socialists (tell me leftards, what’s “right-wing” about socialism?) industries and businesses were left in private hands while their output and prices were strictly controlled by the central finance bureau and other bureaucracies.

    • doesn’tmatter

      And the Republicans think the answer is to go golfing with Obama.

  • williampenn

    If you don’t like oppressive communist rule, you’re a racist. Same media mantra as the last 5 years.

  • merkinmuffy

    Just one small part of Democrats, Inc.

  • CNeder

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud of his little padawan, Barack Hussein Owebama!

    • TEN

      Really, Obama is just a useful tool. it’s Jarrett with the Sith mind tricks. Jarrett is the Evil Emperor.

  • obammy

    I love how these complete lying j/off politicians waste our money like it was water. Unbelievable. Literally… unbelievable. Non partisan? Check. Everyone don’t forget, be sure to give thanks to sotero at Thanksgiving. He does think he’s God, after all. I’m going to puke now.
    It will take one million dollars to find a TRUE positive story; there are NONE.

    • wynotme307

      I always wondered who donated to those foundations. Apparently tis you. The grant was from the Robert Wood Foundation, not the government. There is plenty to oppose in the law and the groups that support and lye about it and big money to lye about it, etc. but honesty is good policy, and reading the article keeps you honest.

  • Dmacwired

    There is no end to the lying because there’s nothing else to do when the agenda is would otherwise be rejected by 80% of America if the administration explained the consequences of their plans.

    Since they are in it to win they are going to tell lies till they exhaust the possibilities of twisting the truth.
    What really sickening me is how this president is so transparent in his lies with a record of deceit and premeditated at that but the powers in this nation who have the muscle to expose the man for the fraud he is go out of their way to white wash the lies and become the president’s defender.

    We are being dragged kicking and screaming into austerity with no hope of ever returning to the lives we knew and loved.

    That’s the change this president hopes for. Once he gets it he will rule over the hell he created and do so in style.

  • Paul_Revere

    Well I guess Winston is working overtime at the Ministry of Truth, proliferating news article after news article about the attributes of Obama care!!!! Oh, No!! that was in the futuristic novel “1984”. This is 2013!! But could it be that Obama is directing his own minions, i.e. “Winstons” to do his bidding, that is, rewriting the history books before the ink is dry on those history books. I think that’s what we have here. A 2013 version of the Ministry of truth working overtime!!

    • TEN

      Obama is a useful idiot for Valerie Jarrett – get HER out of the White House and you eliminate 90% of the problem.

  • lessthantolerant

    One would think with the Triad of Propaganda (Education, Media and Entertainment) these clowns would not need to hire someone else to male up their stories for them. The EME has been lying to the American people for years. maybe American are starting to wake up to this propaganda.

  • cunov2

    It won’t matter a damn this time around. People’s personal experience with the cost, availability, quality and interface with the system will be the only factors that influence their judgement. More Obama BS showing the takers success at the expense of makers will not endear the program to them.

  • Pf Wag

    Just more LSOS Democrats.

  • TEN

    This is ALL Valerie Jarrett. That woman is a SNAKE. An Iranian Cane Spider. Seriously, she should be treated like a rabid bear in the middle of a suburb. Get that freak out of the White House, and Obama will RESIGN immediately. The reason, He is just the speech giver, VALERIE is calling ALL the shots, Including on the night of September 11th, 2012 when Chris Stevens was murdered by her muslim brotherhood friends and Al Qaeda.

    Get VALERIE JARRETT out of the White House, and you end the Obama administration

  • Howard Roark

    I think this is what they mean when the Left accuses the Tea Party of being astro turf, oops

  • Jasonn

    Joe Goebbels could have learned a lot from these clowns.

    • OverUnderSidewaysDown

      Seems like Barry and his regime learned a lot from Joseph Goebbels………………

  • Shootingstar

    Do you think the IRS investigated the Robert Wooods Foundation? Just wondering….

  • johnnydavis1

    Isn’t it great to know that your tax dollars are being used to deceive you into supporting something that is so harmful to America?

  • TEN

    Psssssst… Here is a little secret… DEMOCRATS LIE.

  • Messineo

    No more about Obama care or this president. The line was crossed a long time ago. Both of them never belonged in America and will, in ample time, be removed.

  • OverUnderSidewaysDown

    “To attract people, to win over people to that which I have realized as being true, that is called propaganda. In the beginning there is the understanding, this understanding uses propaganda as a tool to find those men, that shall turn understanding into politics. Success is the important thing. Propaganda is not a matter for average minds, but rather a matter for practitioners. It is not supposed to be lovely or theoretically correct. I do not care if I give wonderful, aesthetically elegant speeches, or speak so that women cry. The point of a political speech is to persuade people of what we think right. I speak differently in the provinces than I do in Berlin, and when I speak in Bayreuth, I say different things than I say in the Pharus Hall. That is a matter of practice, not of theory. We do not want to be a movement of a few straw brains, but rather a movement that can conquer the broad masses. Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths. Those are found in other circumstances, I find them when thinking at my desk, but not in the meeting hall.”

    Speech by Joseph Goebbels on 9 January 1928 to an audience of party members at the “Hochschule für Politik”, a series of training talks for Nazi party members in Berlin.

  • TEN

    Ok ok ok, anyone else now think that the 1800-FUCKYO number was an accident??? These j/off’s KNOW that democrats are and low information voters are JUST that stupid.

  • GeneticReality13

    So the media has gone positive. A few weeks ago the white house met with media types. Nothing was ever published about the meeting, but we know what it was about. They were told to sing the praises of obamacare or else.

    • richard_head

      Ed and Al got the message. However due to their audience consists of the 4 people who like Obamacare it, like the law, made no difference.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    more OBAMALIES………… what else is new, here in obamastan……………….AND again, the taxpayers pays the obama entitlement bill

  • dr3yec

    Liberals are pissed because once again nobody likes this law. America has spoken and accept for the sick and the moochers, nobody wants this garbage.

    • moderate Guy

      Even the sick do not want it; many cancer patients were left without insurance by this nightmare. That leaves the moochers.

      • richard_head

        yet the sick moochers don’t want it either. So there goes 83% of the moochers.

  • moderate Guy

    When will a cartoon version of this fairly tale come out?

  • bo1921

    Over the years, the “media” have taught us that there are only two kinds of groups – “non-partisan” and conservative

  • jackcandobutwont

    I recall Pelosi say there could be NO MORE cuts!! Looks like she missed this one…and lots of others. I love to tell Pelosi her position had been deleted and she was fired.
    Again the most transparent admin ever lies to us about …..well everything!!!

  • Buddy P

    All of the stories start out “Once upon a time…”

  • HongryHawg

    It’s the liberal way. When the truth hurts, lie. And lie, and lie, and lie again. It’s not, “Who can we convince?” It’s, “Who can we fool?”

  • muhfugger

    Families USA is nothing but a propaganda machine for the Obama regime. DON’T GIVE THEM A DIME.

  • Curly Bill

    “Non-partisan” — code word for propaganda arm of the DNC

  • cccdude

    Joseph Gobbles would be proud of his best students in the obama administration.

  • Dave Forrester

    Families USA is the new ACORN. It’s got all the same players behind it.

  • OwebammaLies

    “What is being overlooked is the new and higher deductibles and total annual out-of-pocket expenditures, especially in the Bronze and Silver plans. The amount of these greatly exceeds the ability of most individuals and families to pay, thus providing the real possibility of personal bankruptcies due to medical bills and high losses for providers who cannot collect.

    Soooo – what will happen??? Just consider: “The government will neatly sidestep the mess they’ve set up on purpose, will be able to demonize the providers (who end up not getting paid), and can step in to “save the day.” And saving the day means taking over the now-bankrupt assets of the provider side of the health care delivery system. Bingo: a full single-payer and provider system, under government control, without even having to fire a shot.

    ….. This is NOT by accident!

    H/t – and read MORE:

  • dwstick

    Most of the positive Obamacare ‘success’ stories that have been released thus far have turned out to be blatantly false, misleading pieces of propaganda.
    I expect more of the same to come.

  • roosterCrow4

    This is what is commonly called the piss to rain doctrine of this terrorist regime.

  • Joshua

    Paid off just like CNN and MNSBC.

    • uselogic19

      With CNN & MSNBC it’s just in their defective DNA.

  • bully

    it’s one thing to have a national debate, make a decision, vote, and let the chips fall where they may. it’s another thing altogether to lie, ram a bill through on a strict party line using every trick in the book, and then say, “well, we’re smarter than you, so suck it”. how you folks haven’t taken up arms and stormed Washington is beyond me.

  • Jack Coyote

    Where is the IRS audit of these non-profits? Holy smoke.

  • wynotme307

    I think this is GREAT. Georgey throwing his money into a worthless ad-venture. I have not heard very many success stories, so I would deem his group effort a failure and a waste of money.

    Ps. This is not taxpayer money, but I am betting thisFoundation is tax exempt as a non-political group. Are there no IRS agents in this crowd of readers?

  • Michael L

    Can you imagine if it was discovered that Bush had paid for positive media spin like Obama?

  • escomments

    Goebbels would be proud!


    The only way to stop the Looney Tune Left’s spending is to elect a “Conservative Congress in 2014” and each elected congressperson “must have” a “proven” track record.


    “NO MORE LIE’S” from Obama and anyone that supported or supports him!

  • AlexxelA

    The congress Passed the Affordable Care Act, which was the most expensive Tax passed onto the American people in recent history. The Law changes policies for millions of people to me the mandates and increases rates. If the Law was presented to America as a Tax and not a Affordable care Act, no one would have voted for this Law. The spending of even more money to promote this great hoax on America is ridiculous. A snake oil salesman could have not done a better job!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    I wonder how much this “nonpartisan” outfit donated to B. Hussein 0cama & Company before they got this contract?

  • kitman3

    Continual progressive propaganda.
    Progressives believe if they continuially tell us how great the law is and their lapdog media comply maybe just maybe they can fool some of us?!!!!
    Progressivism is the disease infecting our Republic.

  • ded2me

    Hey people! It’s Affordable! And Look over here! This is shiny and nice! Oh wait don’t look over there, look at this instead. We are non partisan and non political. Read our studies, and learn the “truth”. It’s ALL smoke and mirrors folks.

  • Tom_EE

    These government propaganda outlets should be burned to the ground!

  • robroy

    Does this mean that the “3” people that back Obumer care split the $1000000.00?

    • richard_head

      1. Sandra Fluke.
      2. Michelle Obama.
      3. Nancy Pelosi.
      4. Debbie wassername Schultz.
      Ok, 4.

  • elHombre

    In the Obamanation the substance is unimportant. It’s all about the narrative. Words! Words! Words to revive the Obamadupes.

  • Banjo

    They may be able to cover up the stink, but it’ll continue to be a piece of $hit!

  • takspyr

    FUSA and other similar groups are being paid to lie and the media is happy to paint a happy face on these lies.
    Obama had to lie for the “good of the nation”. (The ends justified the means, comrade.)

    Now the media takes over to further the lie since Obama’s credibility is in the tank.

  • AngryCountryBoy

    Heh…They will have a Billion Plu$ into the (FAILED) roll out of the Obamacare website and marketing campaigns if you were ever allowed to audit the whole thing. This website and database could have been created, and duplicated for a few million dollars. TYPICAL GOV’t inefficiency and waste. Let’s not forget the cronyism and the gravy train deals. Good thing they bought and paid for the (lack of) media coverage well in advance.

  • Hjalmar_Poelzig

    The term, “Useful Idiots” seems appropriate for this truly partisan and likely profiting from Obamacare, organization known as Families USA

  • scott young

    So, these groups are paying media outlets to lie and put lipstick on this pig. More government propaganda and the media just laps it up.

  • gerry d welder

    MSM people think they are personally insulated from the consequences of lying and manipulating news that affect the masses.

    People are waking up to their complicity, MSM better wake up to the reality of living in the same world of the very masses that they are knowingly misleading as student loans are destroying our next generation and the middle class is systematically harvested and strip mined.

    As more of the corralled sheeple realize their savings and investments are referred to as ‘captured revenues’ in a government report and they are no longer depositors but now ‘unsecured creditors’ and they’re in for the slaughter, the MSM complicit shill faces and names are becoming well known.

  • brunsk42

    Ah yes,, the propaganda machine is rolling right along

  • Ned Wolfsosoon

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels

  • Red47

    it would take a couple of days to write out all the corrupt connections between our Dear Leader and the propaganda machine’s parts.

  • rentthis

    For a million bucks, I, hating Obamacare, would gladly take the job. You would probably have to burn the woods and sift the ashes to find a success story though.

  • doubleducks

    A government that spends our money to deceive us. How transparent. Obama, you are a liar.

  • betspotter

    If there were very many ‘successes’ with this pos policy of the left, they wouldn’t need a million bucks to find them. The former Soviet Union would be envious of the media lapdogs in America. They just lay down and puke out the party line.

  • Rotorwash

    You want “positive”?…

    Obamacare will positively:

    Financially handicap the youth of today.
    Remain a disaster and suppress Freedom.
    Not be fully activated before the 2014 elections.

  • leet monk

    “Non-partisan” groups are rarely truly non-partisan.

  • leet monk

    I pretty much hate all democrats. Where’s my deathmetal music?

  • Billy the worm

    Whatever the title of a piece of legislation is always assume it does the opposite, The “affordable healthcare act” The “patriot act”..always assume you are being lied to by gov…..non-partisan….sure ya are

  • leet monk

    Everyone’s posts are being monitored, cataloged, and archived by the NSA. So much for American freedom.

    • richard_head

      Not scared. Too stupid.

      • leet monk

        ignorance is bliss I guess.

  • Greg Kay

    “Non-partisan…” You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • ocean

    The liberal media is the propaganda machine of the
    Democrat Party. The Democrat Party, a single-party
    dictatorship based on the totalitarian and
    autocratic ideology.

  • ocean

    The ‘worst is yet to come’ for Obamacare.
    The Obamacare ‘Employer Mandate’ was delayed
    until 2015, a one-year delay of a major
    Obamacare component. A tidal wave of people
    will have their Health Insurance cancelled
    and forced onto the Obamacare websites
    HealthCare and CuidadoDeSalud.

    • leet monk

      more like SuicidalCare. What other options will we have?

      • ocean

        Repeal the bad Obamacare law.

        • leet monk

          not going to happened without a conservative in the whitehouse and republican majority in the senate. So lets not kid ourselves.

          • ocean

            The Democrat Party supports Obamacare.
            Who is sicker than Democrat politicians?
            The people who voted for them.

          • leet monk

            I can’t argue with that. When you’re right you’re right.

  • richard_head

    A liar and a liar.
    Nothing to see here. Just PinnochiObama.

  • MissSterious

    So the Obama admin pays a company a million dollars to “FIND” success stories? There are RESPONSIBLE people who HAVE been paying for their own healthcare for years who have deadly diseases who are LOSING their healthcare. What could possibly be considered successful versus that?

  • leet monk

    Buck Ofama!

    • richard_head

      and the camel he jockeyed into town on.

      • leet monk

        LMAO! Absolutely!

  • 57Bootsy

    Those commie-criminals in the White House will never stop spending our money, (they say grants, but their all from Barry’s butt-boy bundlers). They will call this monumental cash grab anything but the disaster that it is. And of course they’re “rewriting” the law (again, illegal) so businesses will hold off implementing the ocare mess until November 2014 AFTER the mid-term elections. Yeah, I guess nobody will notice any of this until after the elections. That’s what O & his scummy pals are counting on. He’s counting on the brain-dead people that voted for him twice. I hope everyone that has been SCREWED by this “compassionate” law will be voting OUT all of the self-serving idiots who sentenced us to this fiasco.

  • David Weeks

    Hope and change. America used to be a place where you worked and strived and got ahead. If you were lazy you did not do so well. Now we promote laziness and uselessness and tax and regulate production. This will not end well.

    • leet monk

      no shite. better start buying property in belize friends.

  • B Martin

    What comes to mind, ahh,….. ahh …….ahh, ………oh ….I know……..Joseph Goebbels!!!

  • fl1014

    well self descriptions are once again misleading , aren’t they ?

    • leet monk

      “non-partisan” rarely truly means non-partisan. More like…we’re really actually share the values of the democrat party, we just don’t want to admit it.

      • richard40

        Of course the repubs have some of these front groups as well. The difference though is the MSM will typically identify them as a repub friendly group, while they will not challenge the “non-partisan” designation for the dem friendly ones.

        • leet monk


  • jerry2286

    Dog crap turns white in the sun, but it is still crap, just like Obamacare.

    • leet monk

      …un-like Obama himself.

  • richard40

    So this “non-partisan” group is basically just a bunch of dem paid propagandists.

  • Jack in Ga

    Most of the Main Stream Media falls all over themselves sticking their noses up Obama’s butt.. If Democrats and Obama who shoved this steaming pile of dog poop down the American peoples throats can’t implement it then why should the tax payers have to pay for Democrats PR campaign? We shouldn’t.

  • ocean

    Obamacare says “Welcome to Socialism”.

    The Democrat Party is supporting and practicing
    socialism upon this country. Socialism will destroy
    Culture, Traditions and bring Economic ruin to America.

  • Honest John

    How did it EVER become “acceptable” and “reasonable” to use government money (taxes and the new monopoly money) to fund “government news” (aka propaganda by anyone who has not drunk the Kool-Aid)? Consider the MILLIONS (surely billions by now) spent to fund PBS/NPR – the ultimate propaganda organ for “big government” which essentially means the Obamacrat Party BUT regardless of which political party is the greater demagogue.

    This government funding of propaganda outlets is little more than a re-election campaign for the incumbents.

    OK, who doesn’t know this already and really gives a damn?

  • richard_head

    dude. since when did golf become the game of figuring ways to F**K America?

    • leet monk

      Since Obama was eggnog-erated. (chrismas pun).

  • leet monk

    I don’t know about everyone else, but at this point I’d prefer to be butt-raped once than have to suffer Obamacare for the rest of my life. How about you?

    • Anthony

      You and obama have something in common.

      • leet monk


    • Albertus Magnus

      I would prefer neither. But that’s just me.

      • leet monk

        …but if you HAD to choose?

        • Albertus Magnus

          They are equivalent. Both are a violation of my liberty and private property. Both invade my dignity and privacy. Both are rape. One is just more overtly violent.

          • leet monk

            Uhh well one lasts for a short time, one last for a lifetime–a lifetime of myself and my children. I’d prefer the one time rapeage.

          • Albertus Magnus

            I guess the real shame is that our healthcare system has gone from a person working with a doctor… to the rape analogy.

  • ocean

    This Democrat propaganda about Obamacare
    remind me of Berlin, Germany, March 31, 1934.

  • Californian7

    Subsidized propaganda…it saddens me…especially since it is intended to deceive people who are about to lose their policies or experience ENORMOUS increases in premiums so that Mr. Obama can call it his legacy, fund his presidential library, and earn money on the speaking circuit when he’s done messing things up….

  • leet monk

    “The Democrat Party is the party of big government. Nobody else. They’re the party of government!”
    100 points for who says this.

  • Archer

    The title should be “‘Non-partisan’ group paid $1 million to “create” positive Obamacare stories”
    Because these stories are such fiction as to make fantasy writers envious…

    • leet monk

      Actually, the title should be “Group claiming to be non-partisan, but who is actually run by the democrat party, making up positive Obamacare stories, trying to fool the American people into believing a bunch of BS.”

  • Jennifer

    WOW this stuff just keeps getting worst. I will NEVER vote for another Democrat in my life time they are THE MOST corrupt politicians around.
    Why on earth did he WASTE $1 Million when they ALREADY OWNED all the New Print and MAJOR Channels other than FOX.

  • Golfendude

    The L MSM is America’s most preeminent ENEMY today…. They are hell bent on destroying the United States of America…. TURN THEM OFF!


  • HopeForpeaceNow

    And the Kochs give untold millions to Americans for Koch Prosperity, Heritage-of raping-the-public Foundation, Freedom works to pay low wages, Generate the Opportunity to Rip off workers, et al….. to dig up BOGUS stories of loss.

    Amazing how brainwashed the right is.

    • leet monk

      Take your libtard psychotic comments elsewhere moron.

      • HopeForpeaceNow

        Sorry – thought you said this was free country.

    • Golfendude

      YOUR FUNNY…. BRAINWASHED is the liberal mindset …. It’s on display daily. TAKERS ALL….. Most nonproductive people in this country are LIBERALS…. We all know this to be the truth.

      • leet monk

        no point arguing with a person that’s metally retarded.

      • HopeForpeaceNow


        LOOK at the CON agenda:

        More tax cuts for the rich and their corporations
        More deregulation for the markets the Elite built own and run
        Privatize everything
        Science is not
        More oil addiction
        More guns solves everything
        remove the minimum wage
        Serve Pharma
        MORE Corp $ in elections

        Whose agenda is THAT?

        I bet have to tell you – the ELITE agenda.

        Brainwashed and no one will be able to help you see it. No one, although it THAT damn OBVIOUS!

        • Msan

          let me correct you on a few things:
          Republicans want to lower EVERYONE”S taxes, including yours.
          Regulations have benefits and they also have costs. Are you willing to pay more costs?
          Privatizing saves tax dollars. Do you want to pay higher taxes?
          Please name a Republican who is against hydraulic fracturing. Many Conservatives are SKEPTICAL about global warming. Is it wrong to be skeptical? Is global warming your new religion?
          How about more natural gas addiction? (we have 200 years worth)
          Yes, more guns in the hands of responsible citizens reduces crime. Putting dangerous crazy people behind bars also reduces crime.
          If you remove the minimum wage more teenagers will be employed.
          Pharma has saved and lengthened many millions of lives.
          The Supreme Court decision that allowed more political speech for corporations also allowed more political speech for unions. Are you against that?

          I’m not rich. I just want more liberty.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            Sorry. You responded with exactly the trained answer I accuse the right of. did you not notice that?

            “Republicans want to lower EVERYONE”S taxes, including yours.”
            Google any of these articles:
            “High Taxes? Actually, They’re at a 60-Year Low”
            “Taxes are lower on families than they’ve been probably in the last 50 years.””
            “CBO: Fed tax rates hit historic low – Tim Mak –”
            “Tax bills in 2009 at lowest level since 1950 –”
            “Lowest income tax rates in nearly 60 years – Department of Taxation”

            The real goal of the right is to shrink gov small enough you can drown it in a bathtub (Norquist). They lie to you.

            The cost of non-regulation as tallied by the FCIC report = $11 trillion lost in the meltdown (which yes, CONS have trained you happened BECAUSE of regulation … again, read 700 hours of first source under oath testimony in the FCIC report – you are being lied to.

            If more regulation was hurting industry, profits would be down … are they?? Or do the Kochs just want to pollute more … so they have AFP train you to vote for their pollution so they can profit more??/ Do YOU know? I do.

            Perfect … then you claim adding a profit margin makes anything cheaper. Think often??

            Who runs at lower op costs – medicare or Humana??? Know?? Did adding in private contractors to do the work of the military make the Iraq war cheaper? do you know???

            And then you call science a religion, as trained and promote the idea that we should keep burning more carbon, just as I said. Do you think science is no longer? Is science “over”? Have they all sold out? NASA scientists are frauds and liars??? Wow – look what a fool they turn you into.

            CONS want to light the fuse in the carbon bomb …. so a few can profit now. As I said.
            American Energy Policy in which we have 200 more years of “cheap”
            energy underground WILL KILL OFF THE HUMAN species … not that CONs
            care. You are a patsy for the Kochs .. you don;t even know it … and no one could help you see it.

            If more guns made America safer, we’d be the safest nation in the world.

            We rank #1 in guns per capita … nearly twice the rate of #2 & #3 – Serbia and Yemin. Are THEY safer for having more guns? See you are trained like a tool of the industry. As I said. More trickle up + more poverty + more guns = ?? MORE STABILITY ???

            Can you not do that equation????

            oHH YESSS REMOVE THE MINIMUM WAGE IN A DOWN EMPLOYMENT MARKET – HOW THEY TRAIN YOU TO HOPE FOR $4 AN HOUR! STUPEFYING! Once you make $4 an hour, they’ll have you still blaming the poor for it somehow.

            And you cant see then, how you serve Pharma, the gun lobby, Corps who want to own our politicians, the elite and their corps who want less rules in the markets they built, own and run, billionaires who want to pay lower taxes than teachers do … and how dumb do you have to be to fall for “greed regulates itself”??

            Con dumb, apparently.

    • Anthony

      Did your parents know you had down syndrome before you were born?

      • HopeForpeaceNow

        Is your mother proud of how you have been trained to mock others when you have no other answer?

  • Golfendude

    It’s a crying shame that half America can not stand up on their two feet. You let them do it to you too!

  • Anthony

    With the democrats, perception is everything. And the bad part is, this strategy works fairly well. The media need only say something is true and it will be believed by a majority. Not a large majority, but a majority none the less. The country is doomed.

    • Walter_Peterson

      Lincoln said ” …you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

      But, alas, he gave no advice about what to do if the un-fooled are not a majority.

  • beefonrocks

    Impeach Obama!
    Pass it along

    • leet monk

      Received. Impeach Obama!
      Pass it along.

      • jerry2286

        Impeach the Tyrant!!!
        Pass it along and discuss it tomorrow around the diner table instead of Obamacare which is what The Dear Leader wants you to talk about.

  • Albertus Magnus

    A week ago or so I caught a news break where President Obama said he thought his horrible failure of a program needed re-branding and re-marketing. I couldn’t help but laugh. Then the news guy says that he doesn’t want it referred to as Obamacare any longer. Will the president ever act like a man? I doubt it.

  • Rodneyburgerking

    How stupid do they think Americans are? Well, they have some evidence after the last election, but once people are on the other end of redistribution they wake up.

  • Lem Renrek

    Just more proof of the duplicity and potentially illegal inner-workings from this administration and the democratic party. WHEN will the CONGRESS do their job and start investigations / impeachments? Much, much worse than Watergate..

  • Golfendude

    Obama is a TRAITOR to AMERICA ……………. PERIOD!

  • Albertus Magnus

    What else do people need to know? The federal government is absolutely corrupt. If it weren’t the government it would just be a giant criminal organization.

    • g paetz

      If it walk like a duck, and talks like a duck and quacks like a duck . . . it *IS* a giant criminal organization. Inflation from paper money is by far the greatest theft in history.

      • Albertus Magnus

        If only more people knew. Central banking is an institution built on iniquity.

  • chuck708

    If they are in favor of the law, that means that are not bi-partisan. Then they will not report the negative effects of ObamaCare.

  • Waking up

    What do you expect – the propaganda continues from this Amerikan regime. Can’t wait until 2014 & 2016 – hopefully traditional American candidates will step forward from both parties. We need the Democrat party from the JFK days to overthrow this current “Democrat” progressive communist party. I see no value in the current Republican party either. They talk the talk, but don’t do. I for one am ready for a changing of the guard come election time.

    • Mark

      Republicans aren’t allowed to walk the walk because the public is watching Dancing With the Stars instead of paying attention. You saw what happened to the Republicans via the Tea Party when they tried to stand on principle and protect the American public.

    • leet monk

      Don’t bet on it. Sadly, at this point the majority of the American people are fools.

  • hydrangea1

    Just more lies from liars. The Obama regime is rife with liars. They model themselves after the head liar, Barack Hussein Obama!

  • Jesse

    When there isn’t any real good news to report about, why not just make it up!? Seems like this is the type of news MOST ill informed Americans believe, sadly, such fools. PT Barnum was right!

  • Norm39

    Non partisan group my butt. Why would the Obama run wastetank give one million dollars to any group who will not prop up the federal governments BS about ObamaCare. Yes OBAMACARE. It is too late now mr president to try to change the name of this mess. A Corvair was always a Covair. An Edsel was always an Edsel, and ObamaCare will always be known for the fraud of a president who conceived this disaster. His legacy will always be ObamaCare. He will get so sick of hearing that word that he might flee to somewhere like Kenya to get away from the jokes that I hope will continue for decades.


    Mark 13:24
    But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her

    Matthew 24:29
    Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give

    her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
    Joel 3:15
    The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.
    Acts 2:20

    The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the

    Lord come:

    Isaiah 13:10
    For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be

    darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.
    Joel 2:31
    The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of

    the LORD come.

    • nofunLeaguesNFLs

      agree, satan is cumin back… thx obammer . 6666

      • Madness

        Coming?????? I’d say here now.

        • Zimbawbwei

          Wish it was that easy. Obama is not nearly as smart as Satan. Satan’s going to be a lot tougher to beat. Given enough time, Obama will beat himself, especially with the ignorant, myopic shills that kiss his Kenyan backside.

    • Anthony

      Don’t forget about the lunar tetrad. Something big is indeed coming.

    • leet monk

      Ok we get it. No need to keep thumping.

  • nofunLeaguesNFLs

    obammer the kenyan commie taken our money 2 try to make obammer care look good??? even the dumbest leftist socialist commie libtard scummies will see that 0bammercare is Awful….

  • the_logician

    These are simply socialists who call themselves something else. Such a clearly partisan and agendized organization should not be granted use of funds reserved for non-partisan groups. It is borderline illegal if not actually illegal. Revoke the money!!

  • leet monk

    I just got back from Mexico. You may not know this, but their bill pesos are actually made out of plastic. Yes, Mexico, of all places, is ahead of the game. Imagine how much money we’d be saving if we made our money out of plastic (since the value isn’t tied to anything anyway).

    • demhater

      my plastic money is ‘backed’ by Visa, M.C. and a variety of other fine upstanding fiat companies.

  • J C

    I’ll bet they are Tax exempt and because they are promoting a political party and that said party’s ideas they should not be tax exempt according to US Code!

  • disgustedwithlibs1

    NO SUCH THING as non-partisan. These are some of obumlers cronies

  • Nixonfan

    Looks like the LA Times is one of their conduits.

  • leet monk

    “We hold these truth’s to be self-evident. That all men are created equal” (unless you’re a libtard of course–in which case, you are WAY behind on the evolutionary scale).

  • FTN

    “The Ministsry of Truth concerned itself with Lies. Party ownership of the print media made it easy to manipulate public opinion, and the film and radio carried the process further.”
    – 1984

    • Mel Content

      Orwell got the concept right – he was just off by a few decades.

  • demhater

    ahh Fuck you and your healthcare. Spook.

    • leet monk

      LMAO! Indeed!

      • leet monk

        Jennifer youre awesome. shoot me an email. tell me where you’re from?

        • gommygoomy

          Why do I think that might be a HUGE bad idea, Jennifer?

  • Aleric

    As they always say, follow the money and the facts will come to light. In this case as in most dealings with the current Regime and the DNC they are the most corrupt political organizations on the planet.

  • Nick Varnalis

    It’s all BS and Smoke and Mirrors.

    • gommygoomy

      Don’tcha mean: Coke and Mirrors?

  • Paul Frantizek

    Journalism for hire, how droll.

  • Kevin Osborne

    What about the other billions they spend on mainstream media to write propaganda articles.

  • Snarkasterous1

    The article says: ““The purpose is to bridge the information gap…”

    The reality is: “The purpose is to indoctrinate re ObozoCare, to whitewash the abject failure and financial impossibility of ObozoCare, and to obfuscate the multiple lies told in order to ram through this socialistic bill…..”

    • Paul Frantizek

      Bridge what ‘information gap’? The establishment media is like an extension of his press office.

    • gommygoomy

      More like: Blow Up the bridge that connects this unmitigated Clustersandraflucke to the TRUTH.

  • FRS

    A stink bomb by any other name is still a stink bomb. You can rebrand this snake oil 100 different ways but unless the law is chucked and a new bill is put before congress and has the support of both parties and the citizens, it will not pass the smell test.

  • Josef Stalin

    Obama is a terrible Communist, I should teach him a lesson or two.

  • Right Wired

    Hey, Kool Aid!

  • gommygoomy

    They paid PLANNED PARENTHOOD $1,000,000?

  • gommygoomy

    Joe Schoffstall is a Reporter and Editor at Capitol City Project. Previously, he worked as a Multimedia Reporter at the Media Research Center (MRCTV, And, he has been known to hang around the RAPE TENTS during the Occupy Protests, when he’s not Crapping on Cop Cars.

  • Madness

    So tell me, what’s the difference between the USSA and Communist Russia anymore?

    • Zimbawbwei

      The difference? Most Soviet citizens understood the system they lived under. Most American’s don’t.

  • Nancy

    The Democrats actually believe they have a PR problem and not a live grenade that’s about to go off.
    You can’t fix stupid and you can’t reason with pathological liars.
    There is no give and take here, no negotiating. The only thing they understand is scorched earth. Let’s give them what they want. Get rid of every Dem and RINO and repeal this mess. That is the only solution.

  • ToyZebra

    If Obamacare was actually good and was truly working the way democrats fantasized it would, they wouldn’t have to pay for positive stories. This million is buying propaganda.

  • Wendy Barnes

    Well, I guess after watching Hillary Care get shot down in 1993-1994, they took away the most important lesson of all: Lie if you want the public to support a complete government takeover of the American health care insurance and health care delivery system. How much did this company get paid? I could write fiction like that all day by myself. Just pay me cash, no benefits.

  • MrBobDiaz

    So the left uses total deception to push their ideas, that seems par for them.

  • Zimbawbwei

    Yet another example of liberal integrity at work. To summarize

    1. Lie about what you are.
    2. Take many times the fair market value of the service you provide.
    3. Justify it on moral grounds.

    I can’t wait until people like this are hanging from trees for crimes against America.

  • FlyntLoc

    Does the White House realize that we are spending more on this disaster of O’Bamacare to insure 30 million uninsured than if we had just bought them all a policy and left everyone else alone? What a waste of resources.

  • coppersmom

    well I know this must really shock you, but the Affordable Care Act is no longer a partisan proposal in front of the’s now the law, passed by congress, found constitutional by the Us. Supreme Court, mad dog roberts, ace conservative writing the lead opinion..Once it’s the law, promoting its benefits…is no longer a “partisan” endeavour.

    • enos33

      ‘ passed by congress, ‘ Passed by one party. before they knew what was in it.

      • Debster

        I no longer respect the government. I want a law passed that limits the number of pages of a a new bill to 10, and they must read it before they vote on it.

        Also, make it illegal for the government to lie to the American People.

    • VillageViking

      coppersmom, with reasoning like yours, perhaps you would be more comfortable living in China, North Korea or Syria…take your pick and leave, now!

    • Debster

      It would have never passed had the American people been told the truth. I refuse to give up, and with the number of people scraping off their Obama sticker, I do believe we have a chance if we take the Senate in 2014. The Democrats are running away from this bill, but we must still kick them out; they voted for the darn thing!

      Keep Your Doctor
      Dump Your Democrat

      • Mel Content

        It would have never passed had the American people been told the truth.

        Which is the reason the Obama administration needs to spend millions trying to convince the American public that it’s a great idea. Lefty apologists for the malfeasance and incompetence of this administration apparently have no sense of personal embarrassment or shame.

    • Oscar77

      And of course, I note that you do not comment on the fact that THIS PIECE OF CRAP WILL NOT WORK. You can pretend that this law is like other laws – discussed and vetted and worked on and passed in a bipartisan way – but that would be a lie. This is the problem with you guys approach to this. You had no interest in actually working out a solution to our nation’s healthcare issues – you just wanted to force through your proposal, which you did. So lets not pretend that this is acceptable to the nation – call a spade, a spade, and recognize for once that you guys forced it through, you used coersion in fact, and you own it. It is partisan, it has always been partisan, and it will always be partisan.
      But I know that it goes right along with you leftists philosophy – which is that coersion is a necessary part of governing. You are the anti-liberty party. I will be really happy when this thing collapses.

  • enos33

    Just give our taxes to those with no healthcare, it would be far less expensive; or enroll them in Canada’s scheme after deporting them, they should get along just splendidly.

    • Debster

      Except Canada is moving/running away from socialism, after they realized it doesn’t work.

  • GI Joe

    You can’t put lipstick on a steaming turd…

    • Prelusive007

      If you DID put lipstick on a steaming turd, it would look just like Obama . . . with lipstick on. Just sayin’ . . .

      • Tom

        GOOD! ding ding

      • Debster

        Good one.

    • VillageViking

      Yes, obama does resemble a steaming turd…apologies to steaming turds.

  • Prelusive007

    If the Liar in Chief actually HAD a positive story, he wouldn’t need the left wing media to prop up his BULL SHlT.

    We’ve already heard him tell us how ‘everything is going to be alright. . . you can keep your doctor if you want to keep your doctor . . . and you can keep your insurance plan if you want to . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and ALL that turned out to be BULL SHlT.

    Try telling a family whose insurance premiums are skyrocketing January 1 what a wonderful F’ing story it is. Try telling an elderly couple that their insurance is doubling or tripling in cost with extreme high deductible that that is a wonderful F’ing story.

    Obama needs to go. Time to IMPEACH him. I’m tired of his lies and false promises.

  • Start The Revolt

    Quote: given a $1.1 million grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on October 4, 2013, to gather “success stories” of Americans dealing with Obamacare

    Translation: given a $1.1 million grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on October 4, 2013, to “FIND LIARS WILLING TO LIE ABOUT” “success stories” of Americans dealing with Obamacare

  • Tom

    Paid yelp reviewers would have done it a lot cheaper.

    • Debster

      They don’t want Americans to give it poor reviews.

  • Debster

    More than half of Americans do not want this turd. Stop pissing my money away!

  • Tom

    I never did read alinsky, is it in there that the road to dictatorship is via universal h/c?

  • Charlestownjack

    It is all so flabergastingly befuddelizing. They are unstoppable like a B horror movie “Undead-obama” or Blob-obama” or “Blackula-obama and the Romma lamma ding dong” They have no sense of embarrassment, no shame, no concept of how ridiculous they look. Late at night while you’re sleeping, scarey nut job come a creepin a – a -a -a roun ow ow ound.
    I guess it’s the new normal.

  • VillageViking

    When you have to pay somebody to come up with a “positive” story about anything, you’re in big trouble…such is the life of obama and obamacare.

    • strongmind

      I agree…. but it’s all part of the scene…. “spread that money…… spread that green….. after all, the tax payers don’t need it. They’re rich enough to pay taxes.”

  • Howey

    How many millions have the Koch Brothers and other right wing groups funnelled into trying to destroy the ACA?

    • Todd Clemmer

      Not enough. They need to invest more. Scumbag.

    • strongmind

      how many hundreds of millions did left wing groups…. who stand to gain in political gain and financial reward….. spend to create obamacare?

    • Mel Content

      The ACA is self-destructing on its own with no help from the Koch Brothers or any of your other favorite bogeymen, you pathetic troll.

    • usathoughts

      Obviously NOT ENOUGH!

    • Honest John

      Really? Probably very little. This pig don’t need no lipstick to look like a pig.

      Yes, a predictable leftist liberal blue-sky assertion / slam based on well, nothing.

  • VillageViking

    As bad as obamacare is now, the irony is that it’s only going to get worse!

  • ron

    Let me assure you, the clown-car that pulled up with healthcare. gov on it isn’t confining its comedic performance to a single month. It’s here to stay.

  • James1754

    The government is giving a million dollars for a PR campaign to promote a law the public does not want. What a wonderful administration.

    • Debster

      I could use my tax dollars the government stole from me last year!

      • James1754

        So could we all.

  • patriot


    • Debster

      I got a rope.

  • Debster

    I don’t care what party you’re in; wveryone should be mad as hell. Where are we going to get the money to pay for Medicaid?

  • toms

    Looks like lipstick on the pig time again.

  • Putin on the Ritz

    Sad, a million bucks can’t even polish this turd anymore…

  • William Svoboda

    Non Partisan group (with ties to the Obama Administration) Families USA, can they get any more pathetic? You read this article and your stomach turns. Are these the people Families USA that want to turn the Thanksgiving dinner table into confrontation between young and old. Maybe the parents or family members who ever want to start something can download the 26 pages of propaganda dealing with the Obamacare (ACA). Want to know why i’m staying home this Thanksgiving look no further than this article. If Christmas is anything like Thanksgiving I’m staying home for that as well.

  • The Man from Scene 24

    Obama didn’t say that animals must never sleep on beds, he said animals must never sleep on bed WITH SHEETS.

    • john

      Pretty sure this type animal shyts where it sleeps…

  • TruthDetector

    Here’s a phone, vote for Obama.

    Here’s EBT/SNAP, vote for Obama.

    Here’s disability, vote for Obama.

    Here’s a trillion dollars.

    Please like Obamacare and vote for Democrats.

    The lemmings will buy take it.

    They can’t resist promises of more ‘free’ stuff.

    • strongmind

      addiction can be a great thing….. for democrats and their…… followers.

      • TruthDetector

        “Pot has helped; and booze. Maybe a little blow when you can afford it.”

  • TMAC

    Extreme lefty group siphoned $1 million to make up positive Obamacare stories.

    Fixed it for ya.

  • HalfNorsk

    The Obama machine’s depth of corruption is breathtaking.

  • Shannon Pendergrass

    There is no such thing as NONPARTISAN!!! To imply such a thing is completely MISLEADING and it is a bold faced LIE!!!!

  • Bill

    If Comrade Fidelosamaobama supports something, America should be against it. Nothing this Marxist, muslim, dog-eating, lying sack of $h!t in the occupy White House movement, has done or seeks to do is good for America.

  • TruthDetector

    Obama just sent me an email wherein he brags about how many Americans he has on Food Stamps.

    And his lackeys don’t want him labeled “President Food Stamps”?

  • nulife02

    So where are the arrest warrants? Where are the indictments? Oh yeah, it was Democrats so corruption is okay, right?


    What a waste of money. It is a bad, destructive law. fire the democrats in 2014 so we can stop it.

  • JasonL77

    Since this story is linked on Drudge expect to see a normal amount of leftist vitriol and apoplectic comments seething with righteous indignation!

  • karen

    WOW..You just can’t make this stuff up!!! If it wasn’t so devastating to so many people it truly would be funny!

  • Purplesuiter

    Non-partisan, my azz!

  • Oscar77

    So where is the IRS investigation of this organization’s non-profit status. Oh……the IRS. Not likely to happen.

  • Femghazi

    Here, a couple more ‘positive stories’ direct to Obama that I heard on my way to the Political Zoo that is modern day American Politics.

    From Wendy

    Hey Obammsi, I just got my first abortion today. It was like so cool and everything and didnt even hurt at all. Can you believe that Obammsi!? Like thank the tax payer for me sweetie as Im now free to continue to pursue my current lifestyle of free love!

    Thanks Obammy!

    Loves and Kisses xoxoxox


    From Juan Pedro Sanchez Castro Gutierrez the 3rd

    Hola Hermano,

    just crossed the Rio today and like WOW, free health care for the senoritas and me little ninos! All 9 of them! Me gustas tu Obama! We sure to vote Democrat soon, once you give us that quick Amnesty!

    Well, my amigo, time for me to go, the border guards are coming and we are not in a sanctuary city yet!


    Well, just two wonderful stories for the Media to share.

  • CareerPolitician

    Just how attractive is ObamaCare ? … imagine if there was no law mandating you buy it ? … how many people would sign up ?

    • Tina Delgado

      Some would who would get the premium for free.

      • CareerPolitician

        … I should have asked how many people would “purchase” it ?

        • Tina Delgado

          Four to five maybe . The whole thing is unnecessary!

      • Morgan Norris

        No body, not even the poorest gets it for free. There is always a co-payment, and a deductible, and the value added taxes you pay on everything you purchase, for all the so-called provided by govt. benefits. Wake up libs. Everything costs money, and the government has NONE! They take it from us in hundreds of ways to give to the lazy. I want to help the poor and those that cannot help themselves. However 87.5% of the people on OUR tax dollars are scofflaws encouraged to cheat by our govt. social service entities. That is why there is baseline budgeting. To grow the dependency state, and it has worked very well for the commie left. The poor in this country no longer have any hope for their own future thanks to the evil liberal democRATS.

    • DICKtaters Hater


  • J_Biggs

    Goebbels would be proud.

    • badbadlibs

      We use to make fun of Bagdad Bob.

    • usathoughts

      How long did it take you to catch on?

      The NEW “Democratic Nazi Socialist & Progressive Party”. “Slavery & Death by Taxation is our Motto”. Long live the new Tyranny.

      • J_Biggs

        I left the Democrat party in 2003

        • usathoughts

          I left after LBJ became President. Of course being in Vietnam for a spell helped the decision along.

  • Tina Delgado

    I thought Obama was against Citizen United types of organizations such as Families USA (FUSA).
    I guess they are ok if Obama is using them for his benefit!

  • knighttemplar01

    They really do believe their own press (the msm propaganda wing of the obama administration) only groups in the tank with him would write lies spinning this disaster positively. Do they know that 60 % of the site isn’t even written yet, and the 40% doesn’t work (5million+ lines of code=40% of site content) and never will. And when all is said and done, the dust settled close to 200 million Americans that used to have decent affordable health care WON’T!

  • Marykay Smith

    This is illegal, and a conflict of interest. (Whats new with this DICKtater, liar and chief?) This a-s-ho-le and chief, and his regime needs to be thrown in jail. Not just out of office.

    • RogerW

      Very true. This is not the first instance. It’s repetitive illegal behavior that has become the ‘policy’ of this administration. They should be behind bars – like any other common criminal.

    • Honest John

      If it isn’t “illegal” then what the heck is considered “illegal”? What else could he do? I’m perplexed as well.

  • Symone

    It’s been established that Obama has been paying blogs millions to give him good print. As an independent, I see the propaganda on the left and right and Obama is no different than any other egotistical politician that needs to believe good press about himself.

    • Disqus follower

      Oh my God how mind-dead can anyone be? Another , “Blinded by the dope” Choomgamger.

    • RogerW

      He’s ‘no different than any other egotistical politician.’ Really? Please point the link out showing how George Bush tried to manipulate the media by paying a ‘non-partisan’ media outlet money to manufacture ‘positive spin’ propaganda on his policies. Or Bill Clinton. Or any of the other Presidents before him. This is outrageous behavior for a ‘commander in chief,’ and equating him to other politicians with the same ‘they all do it’ spin is a) blatantly false and b) does not excuse him from this behavior.

      • Honest John

        You must have forgotten that GW is “the role model” for every conceivable form of corruption and malfeasance – just ask any leftist liberal. Yes, he suffered from being a decent responsible adult, and that just don’t fly no mo’.

    • Honest John

      Wait a sec here… Obama has been using YOUR and MY taxes (and the new monopoly money they are printing) to fund these propaganda outlets. I WISH that he, Obama, was paying these folk, but… it’s you and me and the Tooth Fairy paying the bills. Criminal? Hmm…

  • LeQuin Johnson

    Numerous reports are coming out estimating 10’s of millions will lose their employer paid health insurance in 2014. Most of those people are the middle class, who will now have to pay more for insurance. How is charging the middle class more, taking away any spending income they have left, to pay for other people’s insurance going to help the economy? It isn’t! This is the largest redistribution of wealth ever, and the sheeple are letting it happen. It’s not the rich paying for the poor, it’s the middle class paying for the poor, making the middle class the poor also! All of this could have been avoided by expanding medicare and raising taxes marginally across the board, and tort reform! But no, no tort reform and let’s continue to have frivolous medical lawsuits where the lawyers make millions. That’s the largest cost in health care right now. But the lawyers support the dems, so that couldn’t happen. This law doesn’t lower the cost of health care one bit. It’s an INSURANCE law, and all it does is charge the people working more to pay for the people who don’t. It’s getting to the point where you are better off not working; you don’t have to buy gas to drive to work, you can sit home all day and enjoy free food and free health care, courtesy of those still working. Ambition is being destroyed, working hard leads to being punished and apathy is the new lifestyle choice. Way to go, Democrats.

  • JoeS

    A piece of Sh!t