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McAuliffe runs from reporter when questioned on Thompson scandal

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe ran from a reporter when questioned about money he received from Jeffrey Thompson, who is embroiled in a campaign finance scandal.

A WUSA reporter approached Gov. McAuliffe and asked if had any plans to return the $2,500 he received from Thompson, a businessman who was behind a $650,000 illegal shadow campaign for D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray in 2010.

“Governor, your 2009 campaign took $2,500 from Jeffrey Thompson. Do you have any intention to return that?” the reporter asks as McAuliffe walks away. The reporter continues to follow him, asking multiple times if he will return the money. The governor continues to ignore his questions.



In 2008, a Hillary Clinton aide, Minyon Moore, sought help from Thompson for “street teams” to strengthen get out the vote efforts for Clinton, according to court papers. After this, $600,000 was funneled  to a marketing executive in New York to fund the teams. However, prosecutors claimed there is no evidence Hillary had any knowledge of the operation.

Before McAuliffe became governor of Virginia, he served as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2001-2005 and co-chaired Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign. While Bill was in office, McAuliffe raised $275 million for Clinton’s causes. He even loaned the Clinton’s $1.35 million to purchase a home in New York City.

Video from America Rising.

Joe Schoffstall

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