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The Hunger Games – President Snowbama Mandates Your Participation

On Saturday night, my 14-year-old daughter took me to the opening night of Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second installment in the Hunger Games series. We’ve been waiting with anticipation for the new release.  Apparently, so had most of the other people in my town, as the theatre was packed over an hour before the beginning of the previews.

As the lights went down, and the screen lit up, the movie began right where the last one left off.  If you haven’t seen the first one, I highly recommend you do so before buying your ticket for Catching Fire.   And while most in the audience were no doubt there for the escape from reality, I have a different perspective on the Hunger Games.  The Hunger Games are an eerily close, albeit exaggerated, reflection of our current political reality.

For those not familiar with the premise of the Hunger Games series, it takes place in the fictional country of Panem — a western nation established during an unknown time period in a not too distant, but seemingly post-apocalyptic world. The country is comprised of thirteen districts (reminiscent of “colonies” perhaps?), and is run by a single-party, totalitarian dictatorship headed by President Snow.  Approximately seventy-five years ago, one of the districts rose up in rebellion against the Capitol City, was crushed, and completely destroyed.

In memory of the crushed rebellion – but more importantly so the people always fear the power of the Capitol City — each of the remaining twelve districts is required to annually send a male and female tribute to the Capitol City for the Hunger Games.  The tributes are chosen by lottery, their selection witnessed by all citizens in a mixture of dread and fear.  The Games, a controlled, multi-day event in which the participants must kill, or be killed, are mandatory viewing for all citizens of Panem.  Only one tribute is left, a victor who is promised a life of luxury in the Capitol City.

The districts are dismal places of hard work, suffering and sacrifice as citizens labor to   create products to be sent to the capitol.  The Capitol City is a place of unimaginable wealth and technological wonders, where the residents live in luxury and decadence.  The residents dress in frilly costumes that look like a cross between the ruling class in 17th century France, and 22nd century high fashion, with exotic colors, flamboyant make-up and high, sculpted hair.  Their lives are completely disconnected from the outside world and the lives of the majority of citizens in the districts.

Starting to sound eerily familiar?

As the second movie unfolds, a new rebellion is arising in the districts.  It is centered on the young heroine, Katniss Everdeen, who refuses to fit in the mold created for her by President Snow and his minions.   In order to rid himself of her, and the other victors who have previously won the annual Hunger Games, President Snow changes the rules midstream, and declares that this will be a “special” hunger games.  He issues a “mandate” by executive fiat, stating that all previous victors will be required to participate in a tribute lottery to determine which of them will be required to fight again.

The previous victors are outraged.  They complain that they were promised that they would be allowed to live out their lives peacefully; that they could keep the life they liked, if they won the Hunger Games.  But the mandate stands, despite the protestations.  He’d lied to them, but they are compelled to participate.

Needless to say, the participants are unhappy the President had misled them with so much at stake.   Yet President Snow (or is that President Snowbama?), will not relent.  The games are on.

In the interest of not playing the spoiler, I won’t reveal the rest of the story.  You’ll have to go see Catching Fire for yourself.  And you should.  It’s really entertaining, with a great plot, impressive visuals, and solid acting.  But instead of just being entertained, maybe as you step out of the fantasy of the theater and back into reality, you’ll start to see the not so hidden connection to our current reality.

Perhaps, in the days that come, as you think of the movie, think not just of President Snow of Panem, but also of President Snowbama, and all the other dishonest politicians living disconnected lives of luxury in Washington DC.   Think of the mandates, lies, and broken promises of Snowbamacare.  And think of all that’s at stake.

Maybe, just maybe, rebellion against mandates and an out of touch and unrepresentative distant government is brewing right here in our own districts.

Mark Meckler

Mark Meckler is one of the nation’s most effective grassroots activists. After co-founding and serving as National Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots (the largest tea party organization in the nation), he founded an organization designed to revolutionize American government by returning it to its founding principles: Citizens for Self-Governance (CSG). Founded in February 2012, this grassroots initiative is focused on expanding and assisting the ever-growing, non-partisan, self-governance movement. Mark appears regularly on wide variety of television and radio outlets, is the author of Tea Party Patriots, The Second American Revolution, blogs at and is a regular contributor at the American Spectator online. Mark has appeared on every major network, and is a regular Fox News and Fox Business guest.


  • Woody_UMO_82

    For the less than affluent who have had their insurance cancelled and are now forced to purchase a new policy at two or three times the price, the affordable care act has provided the literal hunger games – insurance first, then food, clothing, and shelter.

    • Jim

      Not quite. Subsidy to a Democratic voter first to help them buy insurance. Then your insurance for rationed healthcare. Then food, clothing and shelter…or not.

      • HopeForpeaceNow

        Republicans also get help with costs.

        • David Sparkman

          You have to understand, the Democratic party used to be the party for the working class. Now it is the party for the entitlement class (non-working). Therefore the legislation was written to benefit this class the most and to punish the working class the most. You have focused on government handouts (‘Republicans also get help…”). Most of the Republican party did pass high school math and know where those handouts actually come from. The rich are now redefined as anyone who has a good middle-class job, and they will pay for all these handouts. Still, taxes are not the whole story. By increasing social spending over 10%, we are lowering the standard of living for everyone in our country, and blocking the creation of private sector middle class jobs. I would suggest you read Alan Greenspan’s latest book but it is probably to difficult a read for an undereducated democrat.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            IN reality, trickle UP / Supply side economics started moving our wealth upward in the 80s under Reagan.

            The economics discipline has proved this, from Stieglitz to Reich to Saez to Wolffe.

            The right trains you to blame the fact that the bottom 80% of us now own 4.7% of US fin wealth … ON THE POOR. They train you that all liberals are lazy takers – that you can make more income on welfare than you can working and the only reason FOR poverty in the US is that lazy liberals are too spoiled to work.

            There is no evidence for any of this in reality – just (non) think tank white papers, paid for the very rich who want YOU to vote THEM lower TAXES!

            GOP = Gullible Obstructionist Patsys.


            Compare your agenda to the Koch Brothers et al who pay for your pre-packaged CON opinions …. 100% THE same … I guarantee it.

            Then they train you to mock – it’s obligatory – you all sound like 5th graders when you do it (proudly); “probably to difficult a read for an undereducated democrat.”

            I’m a researcher by trade and can debate your horseshit CON propaganda under the table .. try me.

          • David Sparkman

            I am afraid you are the gullible one. The Right has the Koch brothers, the left has a whole host of crony capitalists feeding at the government trough. But you missed that important point because you are too lazy to do your own research and just echo the propaganda of the liberal press. No one has poured more money into political maneuvers than George Soros who manages to profit from government mistakes that he encourages. The liberals are now pouring Federal dollars in the hundreds of millions into their reelection campaigns. HUD is hiring the descendent organizations of ACORN to “help people learn how to vote”. In the last election they got at least 110 million to pay election campaign workers with. Hey Liberals, use your own money, not mine!

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            Name me a liberal billionaire that started a think tank with which to trick the nation into following their political propaganda?

            Go ahead …. Kochs started 5 that I know of off the top of my head.

            “because you are too lazy to do your own research and just echo the propaganda of the liberal press”

            The one thing the right has gotten good at is pigeon-holing and demeaning. They have you so well trained in that one art.

            In reality I’m a researcher by trade. How often have you heard the MSM talk about Saez and Wolff? Should have tipped you off, except you likely did not know who they were either.

            Actually, SOros and Koch are neck in neck in spending, but Soros did NOT start his own think tanks so he could trick anyone into following his propaganda.

            “Capital Rivals: Koch Brothers vs. George Soros – OpenSecrets” Google that title

            The Koch (non) think tank take over has been in the plan since Fred Koch helped found the John Birch Society. Read “Integration of Theory and Practice” by Heritage Foundations sister group – google that – it will explain a lot. Soros was far more interested in helping communist countries democratize all this time.

            Once you look at climate change, you see the most obvious difference. With a disregard for science, Kochs spend their money lying to people so they can continue to profit regardless of the effects on the public.

            ANd I love how the GOP monstored (Murdoch’s phrase) Acorn. Look back at the O’Keefe videos – all faked. In reality, Acorn was valid grassroots group that signed up poor voters, among other valuable services. If they help the poor, the right will demonize them, as trained.

            ” In the last election they got at least 110 million to pay election campaign workers with.”
            Got cite?

          • David Sparkman

            Think tanks are so terrible??? Soros works through front agencies that fund other agencies that pass the money around to fully launder it and you are wrong. Soros has been in this business since he brought down the British government and made his first billion. I believe he has been instrumental in destroying 5 different countries currencies not counting the USA’s. Then you have the others feeding off of the government from Exon who got all those wasted green energy projects to Warren Buffett who bought the railroad to transport North Dakota’s oil that conveniently couldn’t be shipped by pipeline approved by every federal agency except the President.
            Tell me what think tank came up with the idea to have democrats secretly fund a libertarian to run in the Virginia Governor’s race and suck votes away from the Republican candidate? Rumor has it they are looking for another third party candidate to do it again in the Presidential election of 2016. Dirty Tricks have always been Democrat’s specialty. It really hurts when someone plays hardball and doesn’t cave to those poor power hungry liberals that think they can run the world better than anyone else. (some animals are more equal than others.) Your team of cheats are going down in 2014 and 2016. Get ready for it. The American people are sick of your lies.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            I see you couldn’t answer my simple question.

            Soros has started no think tanks so he can lie to people to get their support for his agenda, as is the Koch MO.

            There is no comparison, in reality. But no manner of fact brought to a con can help them.

            ” I believe he has been instrumental in destroying 5 different countries currencies not counting the USA’s.”

            Yes, I’m sure you do. Have any cite for that? Ever read about his philanthropy in bringing democracy to communist nations? Or do you just read crap in CON media and buy it?

            The rest of your post is uncited, indiscernible drivel … provide some cites, if you want to be taken seriously.

            I think you are trying to point to some crony capitalism … look up The K Street project before you slam Dems for that. CONS made sure EVERY lobbyist on K street was republican. Betya didn’t know that!

            Cheats? You mean like this:

            Fla. voter registration fraud charge has ties to Romney

            “The Republican Party of Florida’s top recipient of 2012 expenditures, a firm by the name of Strategic Allied Consulting, was just fired on Tuesday night, after more than 100 apparently fraudulent voter registration forms were discovered to have been turned in by the group to the Palm Beach County, FL Supervisor of Elections.”

            Or do you mean like Delay redistricting Texas so CONS could gain seats?

            Or do you mean Abrhamoff … or are you talking about The Plame affair?

            Or maybe how the GOP had 48K Floridians removed from voter roles for Bush in 2000???

            “Florida List for Purge of Voters Proves Flawed” Nyt

            THAT kind of cheating????

          • David Sparkman

            To summarize, Soros, the economy wrecker of many nations, is your hero, Democrats are the good guys, and you hate it when Republicans get away with doing anything like what Democrats have always considered their born right to do (end justifies the means), You hate name calling, but only when Republicans do it. You hate spin except when Obama does it. Since a few moderate Republicans have stolen taxpayer monies, it is just fine for the Liberals to pig out on all the tax payer money they can get. Stealing elections is something only conservatives do, when liberals do it, it is for a good cause and justified. And finally, only conservatives can be hypocrites because they have standards. Liberals can never be hypocrites because they have no standards to be measured against – anything goes. Your standard of journalism is yellow, and your research stops when it gets unconformable. Like the clannish behavior of the ages, it is your side, right or wrong.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            To summarize .. you have no information to work with.

            Thought so.

            YOu accused Dems of being the only cheats .. when I post proof that is not the case .. I get a bunch of ad hominem crap. Proof you have no valuable information to share on this topic.

            Read some .. if you grow a valid, cited opinion, come back and share it.

          • David Sparkman

            I have lots of information, but why should I do your work for you. You obviously are a paid blogger. I just finished my my third reading of Alan Greenspan on how you folks are screwing up the economy with ever increasing percent of GDP going to social programs. He quotes 9.6% in the book, but with the Unaffordable Care Act, and the way this administration tweaks the numbers, I am sure it has gone higher. Try reading “The Map and the Territory”, I bet you can’t get through it. It is way to heavy on facts and regression math for uninformed people like you. Greenspan is no conservative and he is defiantly a 1%er. But he is immensely knowledgeable about what makes the economy work, and your Hero is not.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            ” why should I do your work for you”

            Because in debate you don;t ask the other person to do your research for you??

            Again, NOT a paid blogger, I am a researcher, as I said.

            Wow – you cite Allen Greenspan. He’s a bit easy to debunk, don;t you think? You read it
            3 times since it came out in late October? It is only 300 pages, that’s plausible.You should know it well, then.

            Why would you take advise from the man who ran the economy during the worst global economic meltdown of our generation?

            Who was warned repeatedly about regulating derivatives and subprime markets, but was SURE that the market is more stable with less regulation?? He sees that error now, he claims, and he does admit lack of regulation in the SP markets was destructive.

            Taking Hard New Look at a Greenspan Legacy –

            “The Warning: Brooksley Born’s Battle With Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin And Larry Summers”

            Read more:

            Can you explain why you find him credible?

            Do you support his claim in the book that emotions like euphoria, fear, panic, optimism and herding can be incorporated into forecasting models?

            In the book he points only to globalization, immigration and education as drivers of inequality?

            Does he throw out the work of those like Stieglitz “Price of Inequality” or the works of Saez:

            “In 2010, average real income per family grew by 2.3% (Table 1) but the

            gains were very uneven. Top 1% incomes grew by 11.6% while bottom 99%

            incomes grew only by 0.2%. Hence, the top 1% captured 93% of the income gains in the first year of recovery.”

            Conservative libertarians like Greenspan will leave out incomes and wealth distribution in their discussion of wealth inequality. Can you think of a reason why that approach is valid?

            “It is way to heavy on facts and regression math for uninformed people like you.”
            More baseless trained mockery. You’re trained to believe that since I don’t agree with conservatives, I’m stupid, I’m guessing? Read The Price of Inequality and get back to me.

            “Greenspan is no conservative”. What IS he. then?

            “he is immensely knowledgeable about what makes the economy work”
            Apparently not from 2005 – 2009.

            Would you read a management book written by a CEO whose Corp died on his watch at a loss of $11 trillion??

            You say it’s impossible to have a conversation with a liberal. I feel the same way about conservatives. After 5 years trying, we get to the point where cited facts and defensible positions are required and they run for the hills screaming mockery.

            Got cites??

          • russedav

            It’s good 0bamanation has lying useful idiots like you, like those who propped up Hitler before he killed himself like 0bamanation will because he will lose because of it. Enjoy it while he’s screwing you and taking all your $ and leaving you without healthcare like in socialist lands. And then you will die, liar, liar, pants on fire, like they did in the Snowbama Hunger Games. The Kochs tell the truth and contribute greatly to our land; you lie and like other real climate deniers who get stuck in the Antarctic ice in summer you only do it for $ and only pass gas of which you can’t prove one word. Only useful idiots buy your manure, unlike those of us who actually think and work for a living.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            You have become rabidly insane.

            I pity you.

            HOW is PRIVATE HC SOCIALISM??????

          • David Sparkman

            You are also a poor reader as I did not state that Dems are the only cheaters, only that they have taken it to a much higher level. It is useless arguing with you because you are just argumentative for the sake of arguing. Any facts I would quote you would simply dispute as per the Alensky model. I am only writing to show others how utterly ignorant liberals are of the real world, and how useless it is to try to try to have a conversation with one.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            “Dirty Tricks have always been Democrat’s specialty” you

            “You are also a poor reader as I did not state that Dems are the only
            cheaters, only that they have taken it to a much higher level.”

            Yes. And I proved you wrong with three simple examples.

            Bush clearly paid to have thousands of minorities removed from voter roles in a state that he “won” by under 1K votes.

            Is that NOT a “high level” for you? Ok.

            Show me a Dem as powerful as Abrhamoff or Delay who was removed for that level of egregious behavior.

            Has a Dem taken political revenge for which they were convicted as Libby was?

            So, when I answer you appropriately, with facts you can’t address.. you mock me; “You are also a poor reader” .. not that I care, I’m very used to it, that’s all cons do … but it does make my point.

            Why? Thats MO of CON pundits. It’s drilled in your brain not to have a valid answer, but instead to mock. So, NO, Dems have NOT Taken CHEATING to a higher level. That is my position, I think it reflects reality..

            If you have citation and argument that proves it wrong, bring it.

            Feel free.

            After 5 years debating CONS online I am still waiting for just one that can do that.

            ” Any facts I would quote you would simply dispute as per the Alensky model.”

            You just proved that accusation is true of you. Any fact I bring you will be unable to address, instead, you will mock me, as I just said.

            It’ useless because, as I said, you have no information to work with.

            You will provide no cite for your case .. you’ll just make a mass blanket statement and think everyone should believe it.

            Bringing evidence – citation – is how grown people reason ..

            ….. if you have evidence, again, feel free to bring it and I can debate you all day long….

            yes, I do this for a living, as research, not as a sock puppet. I will tell you exactly who I am:

            hopeforpeacenow youtube channel


          • russedav

            Liar, liar pants on fire. Acorn is proven indicted and convicted evil crooks like you. All you do is lie about the Kochs & you can’t prove a word of it. Climate change? Like the icebreakers trying to rescue climate change lying fools like you, prostitutes who do it for $ stuck in the ice in SUMMER NOW. What a joke.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            “Liar, liar pants on fire”

            When you sound like a 3rd grader, you’re taken as a 3rd grader.

            Funny – the Kochs et al PAY for you to disbeleive science … then you disbeleive science as trained.


            The last guy I had this convo with proved he was not Koch trained by sending me a cite from Heartland Institute. Bet you have no idea why that is Ironic.

            I’m sure they train you that NASA is nothing but liars and you buy it:


          • Eric Woodell

            Easy. George Soros. Check-mate, you stupid sheep.

          • HopeForpeaceNow


            Which Think Tank did he fund to pass his political agenda … you missed the majority of the sentence …..

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            You obviously did not read the post.

          • Penny Pincher

            George Soros.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            Which Think Tank did he fund to pass his political agenda … you missed the majority of the sentence …..

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            Yes .. my comment is about Soros .. can you address my comment??

          • russedav

            There is no “right” or “left.” Such simplistic non-thinking is only used by the ignorant who don’t know reality.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            Compare platforms.

            GOP serve the Kochs et al verbatim

            Dem serves the public- We the people

            I have no doubt you would see no difference. You are trained to forward the Koch agenda, all of you are ….. I’d LOVE to prove that with you ….. challenge????

        • Bill

          Republicans don’t want help with the costs. We want what we were promised by everyone concerned with this evil plan. Another thing we want is jobs, because hard work is the only thing that gains a MAN self-respect and respect from others. Our hope is that this plan implodes and dies. Your will recruit no signers here, but thanks for the propaganda anyway.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            You are calling simple HC reform EVIL.

            You might stop and think about this – thats a sign of CON brainwashing.

            HC for 40 million is not EVIL.

            Ending corrupt Health insurance that tricks you into paying a premium for nearly NO benefit IS EVIL.

            See how they have trained you??

            Jobs started leaving America in the 70s. You know that. Unless US workers can compete with $2.12 an hour labor costs – they are NOT coming back. Republicans serve Big Business and their tax breaks for offshoring jobs. Obama tried to end that.

            Propaganda is based in lies – thus it IS the platform of the right.

          • Bill

            You need to update your knowledge about what is going on in the country. Healthcare is not evil, but this means of accomplishing it is not the answer, because it hurts more people than it helps, and if it lives there will still be 40 million people uninsured, because they cannot afford the premiums and deductibles, so we have the same situation that existed before this plan was implemented. This is a plan to exact “revenge on them” just like Mr. Obama promised in his campaign speech in the 2012 Presidential race.

            I will not respond to any more posts by you, because I understand that it is a waste of time and energy to try to reason with a liberal lefty so good day to you sir.

          • HopeForpeaceNow


            So you weren’t talking about HC here:

            “We want what we were promised by everyone concerned with this evil plan.” ??? Really?

            Or do you lie and obfuscate as trained? I’m going with the latter.

            Wow – talk about bad intel …. YES, ACA WILL insure 40 million Americans. That is IF CONS don;t kill it.

            Yes there will still be uninsured Americans …. CONS will not insure illegal aliens …. do you know who ELSE will NEVER be insured??

            “Voting is the best revenge” is a perfectly acceptable concept and true. If you don;t like the policies of the other side – vote.

            On the other hand, labeling all liberals as Godless American hating commie Takers who have a mental disease and should be done away with in our lifetimes – the CON narrative is more than offensive.

            It’s fascist.

            I don;t give a F if you answer me …. you wouldn’t be able to anyway.

            There is no answer for CON brainwashed Tools.

          • Bill

            I will answer you. This plan is designed to take money from anyone working in the middle class to pay for insurance for those who don’t work. That is a Socialist idea. Never has worked and won’t work now no matter how you look at it. I have absolutely nothing against insuring Americans who are not able to afford insurance, but there has to be a better way to do it. This bill was voted in by Democrats without them even reading it, even they are shying away from it, probably for political reasons, but nonetheless they are running.

            The “revenge” is taking down this country and our way of life. That is his intention, and he will try to make it his way. It is my hope that this bill will be repealed before it hurts too many Americans, and I will do everything within my power to see that something is done to insure those who need it but can’t afford it.

            Those who cannot afford the premiums and deductibles will be the injured parties, unless you think that it is fine to take their livelihood and give it to you. If you think that enough people are going sign up for this to make it work go ahead and live in that world.

            As for insuring illegals my attitude is not now or ever. NO AMNESTY EVER PERIOD!
            and you can take my word to the bank. We are not the United States of the Americas, nor do we have an obligation to reward those who break our laws. Everything has to be paid for, but to put it on the backs of the hard working citizens of this country is in no way right by any stretch of the imagination.

            Nowhere in my post did I call you any of the names you mention in your post.

            My politics make me for anyone who helps the citizenry of this country prosper, and give anyone who cannot prosper a hand up to prosperity, but we cannot afford to be a charity for the rest of the world, nor for the citizens of this country who merely don’t want to work.. Any able bodied person in the country should work for a living. Those who cannot work should be helped as much as the country can afford. This idea that the government should have its nose stuck into everybody’s private life is BS. The government’s job is to ensure that the liberties of the people are protected first and foremost, and to care for the infrastructure of the country. That is it plain and simple, and the man in office now and his administration took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and they desecrate it every day. The Constitution gives we the people recourse when the government fails in it duties and steps outside the constraints placed on it by the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence gives us the right and duty to overthrow the government if it becomes tyrannical or despotic. Yes, I am a CON as you call it, and a Constitutionalist at that, and I have lived up to the oath that I took to protect and defend it even at the risk of life and limb, in other words I have paid my dues, so I don’t have to apologize for my political views or for wanting to preserve the liberties protected by the Constitution by any means necessary.

            That is my answer, take it or leave it, I usually don’t answer liberal posts, because from what I have seen you cannot reason with them, so I will bid you a good day again without malice.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            “This plan is designed to take money from anyone working in the middle class to pay for
            insurance for those who don’t work.”

            Do you prefer the system where you pay for the emergency care after the fact? You pay either way. When the uninsured get emergency care,you realize under the system we are in, YOU PAY FOR IT?? The working class PAYs for it NOW! We are already using
            tax dollars to pay for care for the poor, did you not know?

            Or maybe you prefer we turn them out on the hospital sidewalk and let nature take it’s course?

            Since the system we have now does the same, you must think we have been a socialist nation since we decided people should not die for lack of $?

            IN fact the idea that government run exchanges of private HC is socialist is simply silly. I know the GOP carps on it 24/7 … still silly.

            If there was a better plan, think Republicans would have presented it? Nah? There is no better plan. DO some research on that. GOP wants to sell insurance across state lines because states regulate insurance and it will allow insurance corps to go back to crap policies that you pay for, but cover nothing. You know – the kind the GOP calls the “greatest HC in the world”??

            When the GOP passed Medicare Part D, they got the bill at 9:00 am and voted on it at 3:00 in the am, it was 1,000 pages .. they DID NOT READ IT. NO Dems harped
            on that for 4 years afterward.

            “The “revenge” is taking down this country and our way of life. That is his intention”

            Do you realize how wrong and insulting that statement is?
            Inside the GOP it sounds great. Outside, the idea that Obama intends to take down this country intentionally is stupid, wrong, and a really good indicator of the level of horseshit they get you to buy now. Stupefying.

            .06% of Americans may loose their HC POLICY.

            40 million will get insurance who did not have it.

            Only a CON can call that damaging.

            Whats happening now is the GOP is going bat s hite crazy lying about it ….

            Hannity had 6 couples on to cry and beg for HC pity … EVERY ONE
            of them would have SAVED $, but were too brainwashed to even LOOK at the site:


            course I doubt you’ll read it, YOURE likely too brainwashed.

            Fox has one earlier this week featured on their Nation page saying children with cancer were being kicked off their healthcare. It was a TYPO by the Insurance company – NOT Obamacare.

            This one out today:


            Boehner forwarded a bogus ACA story from the NY Post.

            The GOP has been fighting ANY HC reform since the era of the Harry and Louise ads.

            The fact that we have the mandate (required by insurance companies NOT Obama) proves that Dems DID negotiate. We all wanted single payer, universal HC. That was not even possible to DISCUSS with the GOP, so we compromised with this plan. Heritage Foundation actually invented the mandate in the late 1990s, so it can’t be socialist!!!!


            “Those who cannot afford the premiums and deductibles will be the injured parties,”

            If you make under 100K a year, you get financial aide. No one should not be able to afford it.

            Yes, if we all sign up, we all get HC and better coverage.
            THAT statement is from Karen Ignani, the head of AHIP … go look that up – it’s big business, so you should trust it as a con.

            Yes, I’m sure you want the farmworkers who pick your lettuce to not have HC. I get that. DO YOU get that you still pay for their emergency care? I doubt it.

            YOU have been trained in the basic CON narrative: the poor are only poor because they are lazy – and the nanny state wants to regulate how much broccoli you eat. It’s utter hooey – but the accepted lock step CON worldview, I know.

            Let me ask you this – over the past 5 years, what freedoms have you lost?

            And do you believe that if you lower taxes on jobcreators, they will make more jobs and the wealth will float all boats??

            If the rich and powerful were ripping off the nation, should the government stop them? Or allow it and say nothing??

            If you took the time to reason with me, you might find you are being massively lied it. Might.

          • russedav

            Your stupid system has been tried and failed before; it’s called socialism, and it’s far worse than ours no matter your lies, liar, liar pants on fire. If it were so great they wouldn’t send their important people here to get medical care. If you evil lying thieves take control you’re going down with us, so laugh at us while you can before you try to get in line for medical care and die before you get it like socialists do. Your stupid lies will kill you; wake up.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            Socialism = “a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and
            controlled by the government rather than by individual people and

            Today the US gov own .03% of all industry ..

            Do you know the difference between 100% and .03%?

            WHAT Dem legislation has been spoken of or proposed to take over all means of production in the US??

            DYING to hear you answer!

          • Nick

            Fascist is forcing people to join a system they don’t want to join. Fascist is lying to get the law through. Fascist is changing the law when it suits you. Fascist is allowing the NSA to track Americans, instead of just cross boarder traffic as originally promised. Fascist is using the IRS to intimidate and stifle your enemies. Fascist is giving special handouts to favored industries that do the work you want. Fascist is sending out billboards that look like they came from Germany and Russia after the “regimes” came into power, placing all “Hope” in one man (instead of the constitution). Fascist is telling people that they need to discuss your fascist programs at Christmas and Thanksgiving (my wife is from Eastern Europe – she knows totalitarian when she sees it….)

            Want to go on with this game?

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            Every single thing you accuse Dems of in that diatribe, Bush also did.

            Medicare Part D had a mandate, needed 3 hours of vote as it near;ly lost, but Repubs pushed it through by one vote.

            Bush = Patriot Act NSA, Hannity and Co DEMANDED we BOW in THAT era.

            Bush used the DOJ to intimidate.

            Special Industry handouts? Bush gave Halliburton and entire war with cost-plus, no bid contracts. $63 Mill bonuses for their CEOs as they did crap work.

            CON Christians bowed to THEIR new king, Born again Bush, I was there, saw it with my own eyes .. and they still do.

            And I saw Fox run 5 stores on how to talk with your family about hating Obamacare …

            the only difference … Death Toll

            Bush = 100K
            Obama = ?? 4K? Try that one on …..

            So are conservatives fascists for you also??

          • Nick

            You’re making a mistake in bringing up Bush. Conservatives despise him almost as much as they do Obama. Republicans by and whole have joined in on govt fascism. Conservatives despise this behavior, which is part of the DC/NY power elite.

            Medicare was hated by conservatives (which are not the same as Republicans, although they do overlap in a few cases).

            Patriot Act was supposed to be in 5 year tranches, and was only supposed to assess cross boarder traffic. It was your tin god who expanded it.

            Examples of DOJ intimidating please? And compared to the IRS? Please….

            I won’t defend Haliburton, except to say that there are few industries that can do what they do in the oil and gas field. If you really had a point, it would have been that the US got all the oil and gas contracts in Iraq – which we didn’t

            Yes, your lying eyes. No one worshipped Bush. They might have defended him against nuts like you, who enjoyed making assassination fantasies about him, but even that diminished until 2006 when conservatives stayed home….

            Name the democrats who voted against the Iraq War. Oops. Almost none. As a commander in chief, the president runs it as he can. There is a big difference between a war action, and a planned political action (O’s DOJ Gun running) designed to create an anti gun movement to achieve a political goal.

            What you can’t see is that things have gotten out of hand in DC, and that there are very few who stand against it. i would put Cruz and Oregon’s Wyden on the same side on this. you need to start realigning yourself with freedom and against parties, before its too late. If you can’t, then you are a reflexive ideologue.

          • HopeForpeaceNow


            The question was = Bush did exactly the same things …. DID YOU CALL HIM A FASCIST??

            Not a hard question … maybe for YOU the answer is yes … you did. But the overwhelming fact is conservatives did NOT. They demanded allegiance regardless the entire 8 years.

            And CONS do still support Bush = 34% approval rate on Fox (who constantly pushes him and dick) v 6% approval rate for Obama (Damn RINO 6%! 😉

            Also .. Bush still ranks as high as the Pope … CON Christians still love Bush, I hear them say it on the Fox boards all the time.

            Mussolini said a great factor in fascism was corporations working WITH government – I offer you The K Street Project


            and ALEC … where CONservatives make sure Corps get the right to write their own rules:


            So, the shoe easily fits on the other foot. Also, you give no definition of fascism .. you just make the claim. Lame reasoning.

            MEDICARE PART D … not Medicare .. please look that up, I am correct.

            Patriot Act – Do you consider Heritage Foundation CON enough?

            “The conservative Heritage Foundation, which expressed support of the
            Patriot Act in its current form, agreed that there have been few changes
            since its implementation. “President Obama probably did revisit the
            PATRIOT Act when he became president and realized that it was extremely
            helpful to investigators and already contained the needed oversight to
            ensure that is was used in way that was consistent with the law and U.S.
            Constitution,” said Jena McNeill, Senior Policy Analyst of Homeland
            Security at the Heritage Foundation in an e-mail interview.”



            Do you know what the real scandal was .. how long oversight groups had been asking for oversight of now 501C3s?

            DOJ = Bush replacing Dem judges:

            Iraq = killing Americans so PCs could open up a new market. Planned by PNAC for years, dick started the idea of replacing the military with PCs. Watch “Iraq for Sale; War Profiteers” or any PBS special on the Iraq war for more info. They knew what they were doing when they sent in Bremer to fire 500K Iraqis, then leave 3 tons of THEIR munitions unguarded .. civil war … exactly what they wanted .. a nice long war.

            I was a conservative Christian for 25 years .. until 2005. I heard people in my church and in media demand that Bush was Godly Christian and should be trusted regardless.

            Sorry – I was there.

            Look up the Koch political agenda …. they have paid AFP, Freedomworks, CATO to make sure that is YOUR agenda .. they have simply bought the minds of the Tea Party.

            Their dad came up with plot to take over by think tank when he helped found John Birch in 1958. You THINK you are bucking the system .. in fact, they planned to demonize government decades ago .. and they have succeeded.


            Gov is the only power greater than theirs. Gov is the only power that can CHECK their power …. it MUST be removed if they (Kochs et al) are to continue offshoring the wealth of America.

          • russedav

            Propaganda that is lies is your dem platform.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            You like one, huh??

            What about the Dem platform is propaganda exactly?????

          • muslimmustgo

            Let all of the Godless American Hating communist liberal takers who are verifiably mentally disturbed go to another part of the world ,far from the sane producers,to destroy that!! Let them hate until it kills them! Restore sanity to the nation,banish those that subscribe to this communist agenda!

          • LibertyWriter

            You are an idiot. It shows.

          • RepubbyElitist

            Said the idiot

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            Why not bring a valid argument instead of 3rd grade mockery?

            Maybve you don;t have one .. go ahead .. where am I wrong exactly???

          • russedav

            Propaganda that is lies is your dem platform.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            Your syntax is atrocious. Your premise is flawed and you have no citation.

            If you have an informed opinion, bring it and cite it.

          • Philosophy Science

            As long as you are advocating Capitalism. Learn more at

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            Ayn Rand capitalism that states selfishness is a virtue?

            Do you accept mixed markets in your premise?

          • Philosophy Science

            I do not accept mixed markets as I do not accept a mixture of good and evil, freedom and tyranny.

          • HopeForpeaceNow

            Regulation = evil for you? Yes, that sounds right.

            Do you have any evidence that greed regulates itself?

            In the meltdown many used the acronym IBGYBG – I’ll be gone, you’ll be gone when this crap deal blows up. Cost the nation $11 trillion in wealth. Greenspan was of your opinion, even had Rand in the room when he was sworn in to the Fed. No one buys AE except the poor dupes the rich have fooled – like you.

    • HopeForpeaceNow

      You have to make less than 100K a year not to get help with costs. You are wrong.

  • HopeForpeaceNow

    FYI Freedomworks is not GRASSROOTS by definition. They are Koch founded.

    This article is pure crap.

    • russedav

      Liar, liar, pants on fire. Put up or shut up. Saying it doesn’t make it so. The same reply to your other dem lies.

      • HopeForpeaceNow

        Are you claiming Freedomworks is NOT founded and funded through and by the Kochs …..

        or are you just practicing your lines for 3rd grade???

  • Anyone but Obama

    Obamacare is and will be the biggest failure in American history by the worst president in American history. You stupid Democrats just keep on drinking the koolaid or as we people who can see through the lies call it; food stamps, welfare and all the other things Democrats must do in order to get voters.

  • Jesse Toler

    I’ll not only join this discussion but join in the refusal to lay down my life as a tribute to dishonest politicians and never relent to the unitary executive or his minions.

  • lou hodges

    The author of Hunger Games is the daughter comes from a military family. I went to the UCLA screenwriting program, where they come up with all this junk they push off on the public. I was curious about the hype over the first movie. I went on opening day. I thought the premise was absolutely disgusting, kids killing kids. But the kids were all lining up to see the movie, and the parents were buying the tickets. This is the reason Hollywood makes movies, so people will buy the tickets. And they’ll put just about anything up on the big screen to sell tickets. It’s all hype to sucker your movie dollar. I am very picky about what I spent my movie dollar on. I have my own rating system: Full Price, $2.00 movie theater, Red-Box, Wait for TV, and Not Worth My Time.

    • David Sparkman

      The reason kids like it is because it is about kids vs the previous generations. You have not only the soft Capital people who do not know hard work, but you also have the older generation who accept their lot in life and are afraid of challenging the establishment. All themes that play well with the youth.

  • Iris Lynch

    Mark Meckler,

    I live in Palominas, AZ and am anxious to meet you at some time in the near future. In the meantime, you may have heard about my book, The Miracle of Self Power (take a peek at You Tube or on as I am sure you are a self-empowered person. My book teaches self power for those who wish to hone their skills or, as is true of too many, find out exactly what self-power is and start enjoying life.

  • Eric Woodell

    Excellent article. Oh, and it’s already being trolled by the socialist useful-idiot “hopeforpeacenow.”. Honest commentary brings out the morons!