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Hollywood hypocrisy caught on tape in undercover ‘anti-fracking’ sting video

A newly released undercover video from James O’ Keefe’s Project Veritas shows Hollywood celebrities willing to help with an anti-fracking movie backed by “Middle Eastern oil interests”, and even hide where the money is coming from.

“This latest investigation shows the dark side of Hollywood’s environmental movement. Hollywood is willing to take and conceal money from Middle Eastern oil interests in order to advance their cause of destroying American energy independence,” O’ Keefe said. He will be independently premiering “Expose: Hollywood’s War on US Energy” in Cannes, France Wednesday.

Within the video, actor Ed Begley Jr., an outspoken environmental activist and current Governor on the board of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated actress Mariel Hemingway, and liberal producer and director Josh Tickell are approached by an undercover reporter posing as a member of a Middle Eastern oil dynasty named “Muhammad” and his “ad executive” Steven Sanchton in the Beverly Hills Hotel located in Los Angeles, California. The pair offer $9 million in funding to American filmmakers to fund an anti-fracking movie.

“If Washington D.C. continues fracking, America will be energy independent and then they won’t need our oil anymore,” Muhammad states within the video. The “ad executive” accompanying him to the meeting later follows up, “Knowing where the money comes from..” At this point, he is interrupted by Hemmingway, who assures him none of the information regarding where the money is coming from to produce the movie will leave the table.

“Washington and Hollywood are a lot alike; illusions, special effects, smoke and mirrors,” Begley says of the relation between the two entities. Hemingway agrees. Both actors seem eager to help with the endeavor.


The video then goes into a phone call involving Tickell, in which the ad executive states, “My client’s interest is to end American energy independence; your interest is to end fracking. And you guys understand that?”  “Correct. Yes, super clear,” Tickell responds.

“We’re confident that we can keep this zip-locked, you know, tight. Tight. Air tight forever,” Tickell says. “If we don’t protect who is kind of funding this thing … if we have to disclose that or that becomes a necessary part of it, the whole enterprise will not work.”

Watch the video above for more.

Joe Schoffstall

Joe Schoffstall is a Reporter and Editor at Capitol City Project. Previously, he worked as a Multimedia Reporter at the Media Research Center (MRCTV, His work has been featured on numerous outlets including the Drudge Report, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, Yahoo News, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post—among many others.

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    Well this doesn’t surprise me at all. Liberals are pure evil who wouldn’t piss on non-liberal Americans if they were was on fire. I would pee on them.