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Group run by Planned Parenthood pushing Obamacare door to door

A new group run by Abortion-giant Planned Parenthood is planning on undertaking a door knocking campaign to sign people up for Obamacare.

Community Connect, as first reported by Next News Network, is posting craigslist ads “to hire Canvassers for the campaign that will be responsible for executing the robust door to door canvass program to educate the local community about the ACA, assist them through the initial steps of the enrollment process and register residents to vote.” They list the position as a part time job that pays $12 an hour.

In the ads the group says it is “working with Planned Parenthood’s National Office.” However, documents filed by Community Connect with the Florida Division of Corporations actually list Planned Parenthood as the “manager” of the organization.

According to Steven Ertelt of Life News, Planned Parenthood is enlisting more than just an army of paid door knockers to campaign for Obamacare. Celebrities are also signing up with the abortion provider to try and convince people to enroll in the insurance exchanges.

Whether it’s a famous face or a person at the front door it’s clear that Planned Parenthood is using its substantial resources to push people to get on board with Obamacare.

Stephen Gutowski


  • Marie

    This story really pisses me off!!

  • OscarWilde

    I feel vindicated……….registering illegal immigrants for 2014 and 2016.
    This is an offshoot of OFA.

    AND, WE ARE PAYING for the Democratic Party to campaign door to door.

  • Melissa

    This is a very stupid post! I worked for community connect which was partnered with Planned Parenthood. Obviously this post was created by someone who is a complete hater against Planned parenthood.This Man keeps saying ABORTION PROVIDERS… They are not all about abortion, and the women who go in to receive that procedure made the choice themselves! No one is forcing them to get an abortion! Planned parenthood was a big contributor to Obamacare simply because many of their patients were people who had no health insurance and of low income! Now of course a college student like myself would apply for a job like this, it pays pretty good . You are helping educate some people who have no clue about health insurance and you help those who do not have access to internet to register themselves! Learn the facts before you talk crap!