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Elizabeth Warren runs from question about Israeli invasion of Gaza

Senator Elizabeth Warren refused to give her opinion on Israel’s move to combat Hamas rocket attacks by placing ground forces inside of Gaza late Thursday night at the progressive conference Netroots Nation. She then made a bee line for her hotel’s elevators in order to cut off any further questions.

“Senator, as you know, Israel invaded Gaza today and we just wanted to get your thoughts on that,” the Capitol City Project’s Joe Schoffstall said. “No,” Warren responded before quickly moving away.

See also, “Elizabeth Warren would ’till the ground, putting grit and the smell of earth in the contest‘” at Legal Insurrection.


Stephen Gutowski


  • DocEpador

    You might say: “It’s a free country, she can say no” but she works in a position she bought with lies.

  • Sergio Bungholio

    Ah…..another democratic dream candidate. Clueless and incompetent

  • La Da

    ‘The Raised Fist within the Star of David’ of Charles Krauthammer, Avigdor Lieberman, and Anders Breivik

    The Anders Breivik-Style NeoNa*i is the same as the Israeli- and Israeli Lobby- NeoN*zi and they have the SAME TARGETS


    The Targets of the Anders Breivik-Style NeoN*zis (Anders Breivik, Geert Wilder) = Muslims rather than Jews

    The Targets of the Israeli-Style NeoN*zis (like the KAHANIST* Avigdor Lieberman) = Muslims rather than Jews

    The Targets of the Israeli Lobby-Style NeoN*zis (like Krauthammer, Kristol, or Cheney) = Muslims rather than Jews

    The Targets of the American-Style NeoN*zis (like Krauthammer, Kristol, or Cheney = Muslims rather than Jews

    The Targets of the Neocon NeoN*zis known as the Neocons = duh…………..

    Thus the well known and Diaspora-funded Israeli Lobby Cottage Industry utilizing employing Sayanim-Cliff May, Sayanim-Frank Gaffney, Sayanim-David Horowitz, Sayanim-Daniel Pipes, etc – all exist to incite and whip up Israeli Lobby-Style NeoN*zism, the Anders Breivik-Style Israeli and American Style NeoN*zi Parties (The Neocons)

    This means that the Krauthammer/Kristol Wing of the Israeli Lobby party is really just Anders Breivik on a bad hair day.

    Huh! – who would have ever thunk that the Neocons are actually the Israeli-Style or Anders Style American NeoN*zi party? Well on the other hand if you read Pamela Geller it’s pretty obvious, then, isn’t it? Anders was in with the Pamela Geller crowd and fit right in blogging on their hasbara sites

    D*mn, now that sure explains just about everything we already knew about the Neocons, now doesn’t it? ***SNAP***

    The Kahanists like Lieberman and Krauthammer and Breivik are the just NeoN*zis with different targets than the Old School N*zis

    The Kahanists* like Lieberman are the ones running Israel now, they wear the ‘Kahane was Right’ and ‘The Raised Fist within the Star of David’ stickers on their old IDF uniforms, as reported by JPOST.

    Unfortunately for Lieberman – someone forgot to tell Israel that Kahanists ARE AN ILLEGAL TERROR GROUP UNDER AMERICAN (AND ISRAELI) LAW – so any American Newsanchor like Mika or Andrea cheerleading this terror group – SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED AND DEEPLY PR*NGED

    As far as I see it – ANY AMERICAN SUPPORTING THE LIEBERMAN Kahanist SETTLER IDF – and the Kahanists (Lieberman and Bennett) ARE the political force that drove Israel into Gaza – ARE SUPPORTING A RECOGIZED ‘ON THE BOOKS’ ISRAELI TERROR GROUP. Same goes for Bill Kristol, Strangelove, Cheney and every single other one of them

    The Israelis politically responsible for assaulting GAZA today (which Indyk and Harman tried to stop are led by Lieberman/Bennett and they are the ‘Kahanists’ – which means that it’s like the 3rd Reich attacking one of their conc*ntration camps. ***SNAP****

    The 2nd American Revolution – America free of the Israeli Lobby (including the Anders Breivik/Lieberman/Krauthammer-Wing)

    The Israeli Lobby – including it’s NeoN*zi Neocon Wing – is no longer tenable in the United States

    The 28th Amendment – America free of the Israeli Lobby, AIPAC illegal

    It’s the 2nd American Revolution and WE’RE FIELDING A GREAT CANDIDATE FOR 2016 PRESIDENTAL RACE

    VOTE 2016 VOTE 2016 VOTE 2016