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Delaware Spends $4 Million on Obamacare Enrollment, Signs Up Four People

The state of Delaware spent $4 million in federal grant money on Obamacare enrollment and has only signed up four people in the last month– effectively costing taxpayers $1 million per enrollee.

Alyssa Canobbio at Americans for Tax Reform writes:

Delaware has finally released its Obamacare enrollment number: Four.


Yes, a grand total of four state residents have fully enrolled in Obamacare. The cost to American taxpayers: $1 million per enrollee.


The state spent $4 million in federal grant money on four community organizations. Two of the community organizations have yet to have a single successful enrollment. The state blames the glitchy website and delays in background checks for the marketplace guides.

The Washington Post adds that as of Tuesday, Delaware had 31 enrollment applications and 218 accounts created for “possible enrollment.”

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Joe Schoffstall

Joe Schoffstall is a Reporter and Editor at Capitol City Project. Previously, he worked as a Multimedia Reporter at the Media Research Center (MRCTV, His work has been featured on numerous outlets including the Drudge Report, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, Yahoo News, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post—among many others.


  • Wild Bill

    That’s a bargain….Sebelius spent $500 million and signed up 6!

    • John (magnum)

      LOL—-how true

      Just wait until Fuhrer Obama goes to congress to as for a few trillion to ‘fix’ this travesty !!

      • alnga

        this Congress will give it to him, they know no restraint under this President.

        • Jeff H.

          The last time they fought BO, he shut down all the National Parks and the media blamed Congress. Do you realize where we would be now if the press accurately reported news instead of regurgitating Lib talking points and making excuses?

          • griefman

            yeah…. McCain would have been president in 2008 (not that he’s much better)

          • Jeff H.

            McCain may be a piece of dung but he doesn’t lie everytime his lip move. WE also wouldn’t have spewbama care.

          • Donald Wade

            Sure McCain lies every time his lips move. He is a professional politician.

          • Steve

            McCain can’t WAIT to hand out gift baskets and blow 20 million Mexican and central American illegal peasants and he’d be “better??”

          • SWDC

            That would be Democratic party to give full credit for not a single man who does not represent an entire party.

          • wellduh

            dung. I like that. Fits him.

          • Mikemoon

            He also isn’t actively trying to destroy the country as hard as O’Bummer.

          • PasoFinoCA

            Oh yeah? Have you heard his ideas on Immigration Reform? Sounds pretty destructive to me.

          • Brian

            so true. our choices were cr@p vs $hit. choose away!.

          • SWDC

            Choices then in 2008 were between an American who is an imperfect damaged wounded warrior who saw active duty serving in the US Military and a man who sealed his records by executive order on day one who clearly stated he was going to fundamentally change the USA.

            Yeh I understood my choices very well.

          • beefrank

            But Palin would be V.P. overseeing the Senate and kicking Reid’s butt all over the place. He would have resigned by now and our military would have been in a better place b/c of her outreach to the troops and their families without a ‘crutch’ agenda like ‘Lets Move’.

          • SWDC

            Excellent reminder that Gov. Sarah Palin would have been working for US.

            The US press will not be forgiven for collaborating. WaPo was sold off and Newsweek ended.

            Boycotts work folks and completely ignoring your very least favorite US news organization will adversely affect their advertisers….for instance even if MAtt Drudge posts as article by NBC WaPo I do not read and skip it immediately prior to the image being on my screen in order to avoid their advertisers and any advertiser that does advertise on there I do not buy and or cancel my orders ASAP.

            Again boycotts work folks…no HBO either even when offered for free NO THANK YOU to the enemies within and their supporters/advertisers.

          • rhilsky

            At least McCain didn’t take corporate funding…..I think.

          • 2a247

            If obama said he could shi t skittles all his followers would show up bag in hand only to find out how full of shi t he is.

          • Stick

            Hope they do it again, I need some Barrycades to use as saw horses and to place around the parking lots of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and NPR. Social Justice – come on in the water’s fine.

        • Flavius Josephus

          I can hear King Obama and Palois now: “You Tea Baggers want little babies and old people to die!” Just trying to fix the website may bankrupt the country.

          • Mikemoon

            At the discount rate of 1 million dollars per sign up, it will cost more than 315 trillion dollars to get the whole country signed up. 1M X 315 million people = 315 trillion dollars.

          • SWDC

            Now you understand the goal…to bankrupt the country. Well done. 911 did not quite do it so they gave US well you know…

        • Thor Bonham

          They hate to be labeled racists ..

      • AnotherPawn

        Got to fill those slush funds they do.

      • DavidKramer

        “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” George Washington

        “These folks know looting.” David Kramer

        “The French Revolution and the American Revolution both had good points and bad points, why not combine the two and make it perfect.” Some patriot during the 2nd American Revolution

        • Jeff H.

          These guys here are basically milking a huge cash cow, keeping it on life support while they drain.

          • Dugway

            Is that why they call it Mooove On dot org. Who knew!?

      • Johnny

        No problem, as long as it doesn’t effect the Kings golf game, or future 100 million dollar vacations, he doesn’t care. That’s what I don’t understand, nobody gets it, he does not give a fat rats ass about anything but power, money, and glory!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Fair Fight

          never was about health care it’s all about control. disinformation is his game and it’s provided by the msm. i guess old kgb tactics never die. they work perfectly on naive amerikans. turn on the tube and watch em go at each other, from defund, to fix to fire. they just can’t seem to get enough from their newly crowned king. next crisis up, capital control i.e. robbery of your 401K/savings when the dollar collapse. courtesy of the fed and king dip$hit.

      • Stephen Goldberg

        He won;t get it. Not a frickin dime or it is Colt LE3940 Citizen Check and Balance time. The best move it to watch it collapse, identity theft, and then the prosecution of government officials who let this happen.

      • Mikemoon

        With another no bid crony capitalist College chum contract? Mrs. Obama’s college classmate!

      • August West

        I used to work under government contracts and one thing I do know about are cost overruns. If you’re a government contractor and you lowball a bid just to get it, and then turn around and state that you need more money to complete the contract that is illegal. But when the government does that…well, that’s another story

    • SWDC

      Purposeful and deliberate …more $$$$ Gone with the Wind

      • obot

        The money went into the pockets of obozo’s cronies

        • SWDC

          Did not the USA once upon have a watch dog to investigate money trials within government called it self GSA General Services Administration who successfully nabbed Congressman Daniel Flood of Penn. forcing the UBER liberal to well you know …lose not only its career but “standing” and reputation so to speak, of course since we are referring to Dandy Dan.

          • Jeff H.

            Well the GSA ain’t investigating. DOJ ain’t prosecuting, and BHO ain’t firing. Any more questions?

        • Pale Rider

          It’s called CRONY COMMUNISM, brought to you by the most corrupt, conniving, and deceitful administration in U.S. history.

          • JWales

            is Will Munny here too

          • Goddess

            That’s what happens when YOU vote for the free stuff. Nobody said you would get the free stuff. Just remember when you vote for a DEMOCRAT, be willing to give them what you have, will have or will get.

          • Thor Bonham

            But it’s for the good of the illegals .. Where’s your compassion ? lol

          • wellduh

            They were too stupid to see it coming…

          • 2a247

            The communist party of america was for obama.

          • Fair Fight

            yes pale rider, your are very correct, i see only one problem, there’s more new american communist than people who love freedom and capitalism. so now you have a front row seat to watch western civilization crumble right before your very eyes. courtesy of hollywood, msm, the new millennial communist party (aka your kids), the new communist party (congress) and the king. bye bye ameriKa

    • HarryObrian

      Kinda hard to explain to morons in government that this new healthcare TAX will never recoup the amount of money spent on it…. Probably the single most reason to repeal it…… Maybe if they change the name of it to _____________(fill in the blank) thereby getting Barry’s name off of it, Barry might consider getting rid of it…..

    • Max17

      The most recent price tag on the web rock was just under $700M. And that was before they started hiring private sector folks to try and fix it.

      • Sarah_1

        Most expensive web site in the history of the world. And it showcases what the government is capable of with unlimited funds and a few years to work on it!

        • Tatiana Covington

          Strange that NASA computers can land things on Mars and Titan without any trouble.

          • ManOnPoint

            And when the IRS wants your tax money they can calculate your 1040 just fine…

          • wellduh

            Without any trouble? How about the national treasury extending them trillions of dollars over the last four decades to accomplish that feat?

          • gessie

            When Obama needs things done he does not go to the best and brightest in the nation in their fields. He goes to his friends and sycophants. And people from Chicago who put him in the White House. This job went to a friend of his wife’s from Princeton. She is still using floppy disks and a flip phone.

      • Fair Fight

        just goes to show you how much they need a database on every american citizen. what until you see what they have planned for you and your family when the database is complete.

    • Troy Berkely

      That is too funny! I nearly spit out my coffee when I read this!

      • wellduh

        Four in Delaware!!! Jill, Joe, and little Joe Biden.
        Who is the fourth?

    • Robert Rivera

      Welcome to Idiocracy, even the dumb president Camacho would be better than this idiot and traitor, Barry.

      • Donald Wade

        Where is Not Sure to fix the ecomony?

    • Jim

      Oh geez, that’s funny! LOL!

    • Flavius Josephus

      Six people? Dam?! LOL This is one hell of a sh!t storm for Obama and the Democrats. I don’t know how long it will last; but, I love the few minutes I have. Y’all know King Big Ears is going to send the IRS after everyone of us. LOL

    • rs1123

      The most vexing part is that the government gave Michelle Obama’s friend’s company hundreds of millions of dollars to program this disaster; there is NO WAY it should have cost but a tiny, tiny fraction that much. Where is our money going?

  • wefwef

    Typical gov Follies. I wish they would shut down longer. They are an expensive and worthless bunch of criminals.

    • SWDC

      Stop spreading the Big Lies only 17% of government was shut down….nonessential in fact.

      Remember the hoopla regarding being called a nonessential government employee?

  • jaco

    Its just free government money- who cares ?

  • Bob Jones

    Obama will do to US healthcare what he did to Solyndra. Throw $ billions at it, and watch it die a quick death (after $ millions are funneled back to the DNC in the form of campaign contributions). Obama = worlds largest slush fund.

    • Musterer

      My leftist friends tell me this is progress.

      • fbowman

        I don’t have any leftist friends. I told them to buzz off.

        • SWDC

          Lie with dogs get fleas

          • swede95

            Right! Can we put “flea collars” on these mindless libs?

          • dnhook

            Spay and neuter libtards.

          • SWDC

            The problem lies with the plagued they now have from getting fleas.

          • Fair Fight

            and follow pigs to get slaughtered

          • SWDC

            Ummm Bacon is very tasty.

        • Musterer

          They’re occasionally good for the humor value. Also, sometimes they pick up on leftist themes before I do. Sometimes I could swear there must be radios embedded in their heads that receive the daily talking points while they sleep. They all wake up saying the exact same thing.

          • Reelman1946

            elect toxic socialists and get toxic socialism…

      • Miles30


    • HarryObrian

      “will do”??… has done…..

  • laurie66bay

    Typical limousine liberal operation. Meanwhile, people are losing their health insurance and Obama is “sorry” they find themselves in this situation.

    • HarryObrian

      What’s that passive aggressive saying that commies use all the time ?? “better to apologize than ask permission”.

  • PapaDowns

    Best answer: An Apology!? No Jobs economy, Minimum wage jobs for veterans, Benghazi, Iran with Nukes, Fraud in the ACA (see legal definition), Corruption everywhere, one party system with RNC/DNC, Corporations unaffected, Banks booming, feds buying treasuries with made up un-backed monies, 1 trillion dollars for shovel ready jobs, the list is endless and I don’t blame the President… He’s doing what he promised to do and is representing his party’s core and beliefs. The RNC and speaker does nothing – they throw us a NJ republican and we’re expected to be thankful for this and a few words scattered across headlines by an unrepentant government dedicated to preserving their careers at the expense of their constituents.

    What are the alternatives, sign me up.

    • HarryObrian

      An honest and aware person would have committed Seppuku by now.

  • sstflyer

    Joe Biden’s home state! This explains it.

    • GeneralLeeWeNeedYou

      My home state too – a total embarrassment! The same empty heads will vote for Hillary in a few years expecting better results from the same policies all the while Iran and China pile on. My advice – grab a gun and a sack of rice and head for the hills!

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Shades of Cash For Clunkers, with its $30,000.00 to $40,000.00 in administrative costs for each $3,500.00 to $4,500.00 rebate.

    • HarryObrian

      one word… UNIONS….

      • Chimes

        Unions = Organized Crime

        NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth, especially Obama

  • revolutiontheonlysolution

    tweet it up, twerk it up, rub it down……oh noooo……bout todo da wile thang….

  • revolutiontheonlysolution

    who has a problem disobeying a direct order?

    • SWDC

      Depends upon who is attempting to deliver a direct order.

      The Nuremberg Trial defense “I was only following orders” saved no one but George Soros.

  • Sigint

    This was as it intended to be, a payback gift to party faithful and community organizers, like ACORN, SEIU, etc.

  • HowsItWorkingOutForYa

    Before Obamacare there were 30 million uninsured people. If the government had given each one of them a $500 a month credit toward insurance it would have taken 33 years just to spend the money they spend on a non-working website. And most idiots out there still think it’s a good idea to turn over everyone’s healthcare to the government. We are screwed.

    • revolutiontheonlysolution

      ain’t socialism grand….see ya at the soup kitchen….hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

      • Flavius Josephus

        Yes, it is, and on top of that it is affordable. Utopia has arrived.

        • revolutiontheonlysolution

          see ya in the bread line…

      • Jeff H.

        See ya in the reeducation camp- if I don’t get shot first.

    • Common_Sense_Post

      Obamacare is a disaster, but you missed a decimal point there.

    • Exit Smith

      might want to check that math. I agree with the premise as I am very conservative, but 500 X 30M is 1.5 Billion. the first month.

      • Jeff H.

        Isn’t SpewBama care costing in the trillions?

    • Bryan Morgan

      I see your point, but your math is a little off. 500 mil divided by 30mil only works out to $16 apiece. Once.

      I think the better point is before Obamacare 30 million were uninsured. Now those 30 million will be insured, and about 30 million who used to have insurance will no longer have it. Oh, and the first 30 million weren’t paying taxes, but the 30 million who used to have insurance will still be paying taxes.
      Working two 30 hour a week jobs to make ends meet.

  • Larry Miller

    Maybe we can get Obama’s moochers to pick up their beer cans and chip bags, then contribute a little to help pay.
    Obama’s donors can also contribute.

  • Sud1

    Hey! I would have enrolled 4 people for 1/2 that. ….Suckers!!

  • Flavius Josephus

    Just remember, the government’s solution to every problem is to just keep throwing money at it.
    At some point I expect Emperor Big Ears to step up and say Ok, this is not working so it’s time to go to single payer. Then for all intents and purposes quality health care in America is finished. People that are screaming for single payer now have no clue of the hell they are asking for.

    • FluorideProof

      The Governments solution to every problem is to aim guns at it.

      • SineQua0

        Only in this instance they have wheeled out the cannons and filled em full of monies for chits & giggles

    • Bryan Morgan

      Unfortunately, you are so correct. The health care system works so well in Canada and England (and the rest of Europe) that those with money come here for treatment. In fact Canada sends nearly all of its patients to the US for surgery.
      Yep, great idea.

      • Flavius Josephus

        Seems to be working well here also. So far we are up to 4.2 million happy campers and more to come. In Delaware the website is up to a whopping 4 whole people. Word is that Joe Biden had a shot gun to their heads. Pass the ice cream.

      • Sam

        Mexico for quality care in 10 years.

  • Brian washere

    Surprised? If you are you might want to check your Kool-Aid levels.

  • nukegm

    obammy = epic faceplant fail. on all accounts except bin laden ( but that was mostly leon panetta ).

  • thefifthcolumnreport

    Liberals are always liberal with the taxpayers money. If only they would get real jobs instead of the three letter kind.

  • revolutiontheonlysolution

    Capitalism and communism stand at opposite poles. The essential difference is this: the communist sees the rich man and his fine home and says, “No man should have so much.” The capitalist seeing the same thing says, “All men should have as much.”

  • lute70

    What’s a million dollars to these bozo’s? That’s chump change. They don’t even consider it meaningful without nine zeros after it.

  • Zuni3

    They should have given those 4 a million each and call it even.
    Obozocare is such a joke

  • Flavius Josephus

    “If you like my lies you can believe my lies”

    • nukegm


      • revolutiontheonlysolution

        because Obama…

    • Fair Fight

      and as long as i give you $hit ya gonna believe my $shit, signed king obutthole

  • thefifthcolumnreport

    It’s time for those affected by 0 care to file a slew of lawsuits in federal courts. Especially those with pre-existing conditions whose policies were canceled and whose health are now in jeopardy because of the provisions. You have Constitutional rights, now exercise them.

  • Wilder Napalm

    4 million won’t cover these peoples co-pays. That is if the can find a doctor that will take Obamacrap.

  • Filmphish

    Delaware is a dumb state. Home of Joe Biden.

  • Chimes

    If you have cancer, with Odumbocare all you get to keep is your cancer, or any other medical condition you have.
    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth, especially Obama

    • revolutiontheonlysolution

      never let a politician grant you a favor….they will always want to……. control you forever,,,,

      • David Kachel

        “He who takes the King’s coin becomes the King’s man.”
        That was said centuries ago, yet many of us are still stupid enough to reach out for that coin!

    • FluorideProof

      Never trust any of them. That’s what the constitution is for, because men in suits can’t be trusted.

    • Christopher Cross

      Well don’t forget Read my lips all politicians have lied. I think we’d be much better as a nation if we got rid of all parties and factions and let them run on what they believe in personally.

  • James Overton

    That’s the spirit! Government at its best and most impressive.

  • albertG

    Next step: The government will just sign you up – skips all the theatrics of pretending you as a citizen have a choice of how to run your life. The numbers will go up and they’ll be off to another law to take away your liberty.

  • justmeanu

    Welcome to socialism

  • Central VA

    Does anyone know of a legal betting pool for “if O meets his next rollout deadline w/ the technology?”
    All of my tech friends are having a hay-day w/ the new delivery date. Our POS brought in the best and brightest to fix it. So, who exactly created it?–the dumbest and dullest? I am going to take a gander and just say that the next deadline will be missed also. Anybody agree?

    • Max17

      A better pool: will any web rock deadline ever be met?

  • lori58

    good grief it makes me want to cry

    • mwayne09

      wait till the businesses have to participate. You’ll cry for sure. Like for a year or two.

  • justmeanu

    When the Government employ more people then the private sector you have a monumental problem, good luck.

  • Churchillis1

    Sounds about right for Government work…

  • mwayne09

    Hey, didnt it cost the same amount for those ‘shovel ready’ jobs ?
    You cant make this stuff up (unless you’re obama)

  • David Kachel

    What a SAVINGS!!!! (When you compare it to everything else Obama has thrown money away on, including his interminable vacations!!)

  • outlawgodsucks

    If you like your Constitution and Bill of Rights, you will be able to keep them.


    And if you like your free enterprise system, you will keep it.


    No one will be able to take that away from you.

    It hasnt happened yet.

    It wont happen in the future.”

    – Stalin-wannabe Barrack Obama

  • alnga

    truly cost effective.

  • jim stretch

    he wont rest until it’s all fixed, till everything he touched has been fixed. but the homos can get married and the mexicans are free to jump the border, vote, collect welfare…
    how come he still has a >2% approval rating? 2% is about the number of fed gov employees?

  • David Kachel

    And yet, he’s STILL not being impeached. And do you know why? Because he’s black. THAT’s why!!!

    • MGBSE

      …but this is still great…delaware…99% blue…majority white…99% obamavoters…and even these idiot drones are not interested in obama’s death panel…and the best part…obama will shove it down their throat.

  • grunk

    All four were REALLY sick.

  • Joshua B.

    Huh, and these are the people we are going to trust our healthcare to… nice.. anyone have an extra bulled i can borrow? I will finish off my cancer myself.

  • Flavius Josephus

    Serious question: what happens to these people who have lost their health insurance?

    • Joshua B.

      They get money from Obama’s stash

      • Flavius Josephus

        Now that’s funny.LOL

  • Flavius Josephus

    I smell another Nobel for Emperor Big Ears for this one!

  • Carlos danger

    This whole Odumbocare is so f%$d up that i don’t know where to start…wait!,let’s start by throwing all the idiocrats who passed this joke out of office next year!!

  • IllKeepMine

    Barack, Kathleen, can you tell me what ROI means? Quick, no goggling, no cheating. Times up!!! Didn’t think so.


    4 mil for four, hum, that not bad, 1 mil per person what a bargain. That is liberal thinking!

  • Exiled_off_the_Path

    Does anyone understand that the reason why so many American don’t have heath insurance??? Because Government regulations crushing small business owners and free trade agreement like NAFTA and GAT have shipped most production jobs overseas. These were great jobs good pay and health insurance in the 1990’s and earlier. We didn’t need a health commie law, what we needed was our jobs back to the USA!

    Government caused a problem, the creates a solution law… all while taking Americas right away and taxing us to death.

    Directive 10-289…. it is coming to America

  • Carlos danger

    Sebelius and Obungo should play Russian roulette!!

  • Troy Berkely

    This is just crazy! All indications are that USA and its states are going under, need we look further to the ridiculous unaccountability of Government waste? Sooner rather than later, everyone will run out of money!

  • MRA28

    epic fail, I can not belive this is happening. My children futures are crumbling before my eyes and most of the liberal Americans have no Idea what is happening. So much waste and this is just the beginning.

  • abcnewscansuckit

    Ah, ain’t socialism wonderful???

  • fatboyinde

    Delaware has spent $4 million to sign up four Delawareans to Obamacare. Four. $4 million.
    could have spent the same four million to attach an order booklet to
    the tails of stray dogs in Delaware, asking people to sign up
    to have horse manure thrown at their homes’ windows, and you would have
    had more than 4 people sign up. You could have spent $4 million to send
    out direct mail to everyone in Delaware, asking people to volunteer to
    be beheaded in Rodney Square, and you would have had four people sign
    up. You could have spent $4 million to get people to ban di-hydrogen,
    mono-oxide from Delaware’s streams and rivers, and you would have had
    more than 4 people sign up.

    Do not ever again ask me to give one rucking ced fent to the federal
    government for any reason, at any time, under any circumstances. I am
    filled with a rit of felous jage!

  • LockedLoadedNReallyPissed

    I hope those 4 had life lock. More than likely, the felon navigators who signed them up were identity thieves. Just saying, they could have stolen a page off obozo’s, how to change and hide your other aliases. When asked if he ever went by another name, he said no, PERIOD. Glad he didn’t lie about that, A Barry.

    • eponymous1

      Hey you! After just three weeks I just got signed up for my new obamacare through the website!
      You stole my identity!

  • Sarcastic_Twit

    $4 million is barely a White House golfing trip. And that’s just for ONE person. How many of those have the taxpayers paid for?

  • xlaurenstephens

    can i just have my million dollars please? ill buy my own healthcare!

    • borntobePolitical

      That’s about what it will cost you.

  • s_c_f

    You can be sure more than 4 people lost their insurance.

    • jb

      There’s 4 people employed in DE?

  • versionthirteen

    Reading these stories is like reading about the origins of Mormons or the backward science of the middle ages. For the rube liberals who bought into this mess I hope the stench never wears off.


    the next action is obvious. On Monday, at 12:00 noon everyone go to overload it, and shut it down by raw numbers. It will crash ugly and hard when tens of millions of people try to use it at once. When you get in, start the process, look around, and work it. Don’t give them any data, just run it and iT will fold like a house of cards.

    Shame on on the republicans who tried to defund it, and took it to the max and failed , because they are gutless Through it all, Cruz failed to use his camera/mic time to expose the lie about grandfathering. it was documented, Obama knew it, harry, nancy and all knew it, and who knows how may democrats knew? If Cruz and the rest of the foolish R’s had just rolled out the documents tht forecast this catastrophe and used them to just say ” you are going to lose your policies, it says so right here” then harry and barry would have HAD to answer to them, but instead, they grandstanded and we lost. The data was out there, but we did not have access to it . If the R’s had shown America the documents that showed this would occur and obana ignor3d them, then the king is in trouble, and when he forces it anyway, and the R’s are shown to be correct then, his head would be on a pike.

    R’s had the winning hand, and folded, as usual.


    And the IRS is going to manage ObamaCare? LOLOLOLOLOL

    Associated Press
    The Internal Revenue Service issued $4 billion in fraudulent tax refunds last year to people using stolen identities, with some of the money going to addresses in Bulgaria, Lithuania and Ireland, according to an inspector general’s report released Thursday.

    The IRS sent a total of 655 tax refunds to a single address in Lithuania, and 343 refunds went to a lone address in Shanghai.

    In the U.S., more fraudulent returns went to Miami than any other city. Other top destinations were Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and Houston.

  • Leave Comments

    Obama and his shiny toys are the biggest fail in my lifetime.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    Joe BiteMe sees this as a success that 4 million Del-aware voters signed up today, right Uncle Joe?

  • catholicvoter

    This sounds like something a pinko state like DE would do. I lived there for six years. They came out in droves for Obama. Good riddance, suckers!

  • Rusty Trombone

    LMAO – what a crying shame

  • Dead Himmler

    This is not a big deal. The real issue is race relations in this country. Looking at all these comments it confirms what I already know. Racism is EVERYWHERE in this country. Please try to understand how our people feel. Because of racist bosses I have been forced to be on disability and have not worked for 5 year. People are especially racist against our president who people think everything his fault because he is African American. This is why we need to pass the Reparations Bill 464 for $9000.00 per African American per a year. The wounds of slavery reach into this generation. FACT. It is only fair and would help with white guilt. We all NEED this to make things better. Especially with banning and seizing guns to protect our children. Thankfully for Sandyhook the argument is finally over. People who disagree need to look really hard at themselves for racist motives!!!!!!!!

    • disqus_qPwMHw5FDi

      Keep dreaming idiot. Besides “African-Americans” cost the working man a lot more than 9k year. Your bill is doomed. You will not receive one red cent, I tell you, Allah willing… I spit on your double disability and raise you a SNAP and an EBT card. May your armpits be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels. You should try selling Obama-phones. The best place to hide something from you is under your work boots.

    • The_Purple_Finger

      I know, right!?! Look at all those limousine liberals who voted for Blamer because he’s white.

    • Tootrue4you

      Good God. Ignore this troll. He posts this identical crap all over the web. There is NO “reparations bill 464.” This kid only posts this to get replies from poeple whom he will then call racist.

    • John Granese

      A few years ago economist T. Sowell wrote about what reparations are for compared to what the feds have paid out using my tax money. I am waiting for my check.

  • ItWasAboutTime

    $^!+ like this should be criminal!!!

  • model94

    Nice. They are one of the more efficient states, I would imagine.

  • JWales

    if that’s the compensation rate for selling worthless bs then I’ve got to change jobs

  • Rodney Howard

    Another Trillion Dollars should fix it

    • The_Purple_Finger

      LOL! I use that one all the time on forums.

      I’ve ben banned from Huffpoo again.

      • FifeAndDrum

        Libs cannot tolerate dissent.

      • Rodney Howard

        …you are right, we should be Congressmen

  • comprof

    This liar and traitor needs to be impeached!

    • FifeAndDrum

      Some people mistakenly think that impeachment means automatic punishment, such as removal from office. It doesn’t.

      Even if the House did impeach Barry, the case would be handed over to the DEM-CONTROLLED Senate and they’d toss it out within five minutes.

      Sorry, impeachment would be a waste of time.

      Pushing for impeachment is a lazy and self-indulgent exercise in futility.

      We’d be a LOT smarter to focus on the 2014 and 2016 elections.

  • Cogito

    A million taxpayer bucks a pop. Is that one of his investments he is always talking about?

    No one thinks Obama is a total failure because of his race. He is just not up to do the job….and before you get all haughty, I doubt I would be up to the challenge.

    Reparations? You must want to enslave whites. We already spend $3.8 Trillion taxpayer dollars per year on entitlement and welfare programs. When is enough enough?

    Funny how Communists always call others racist. After Stalin died, Russian government established an independent research group to study his regime and his atrocities. In 2008 Putin shut it down claiming some of it’s research contributed to racial hatred.

    When you think racist, you have to start with the party of the Klan, which was willing to give up 260,000 of their lives to protect their right to slave ownership. And don’t stop there. Democrat Roger B. Taney who as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court ruled, in Dred Scott v Sanford, that blacks were not protected by the Constitution as they were ‘inhuman’ and, therefore, not citizens. Democrat Supreme Court Justice Hugo Lafayette Black, former governor of Alabama and member of the Ku Klux Klan, appointed to the court by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in spite of his racist beliefs. And Democrats FDR and Harry Truman that refused to sign into law legislation that would make lynching blacks illegal. Enough for now.

  • JWales

    if Obama and Kate Sebelius had another billion and 3 more years they could get that number into double figures…easy

  • BoSSspy

    You’re all looking at this the wrong way! Delaware was successful in signing up all the people, it’s “progress”

    “moving in the right direction” “It would have been way worse if not for Obama” “We just need to spend more” Only 4 were created but thousands were saved! Delaware should be puffing it’s chest out, high fiving and laughing at all the states that haven’t accomplished this monumental task yet! 😛

  • Cogito

    $9,000 each annually for reparations….that is over $400 billion each year.

    Of course, Democrats will give it to you in exchange for the votes.

    Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) said, “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

    As Margret Thatcher said, “The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

    Winston Churchill said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its
    inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
    All three are right on.

  • Wayne Scott

    When is the ObamaCare IPO launch?

    • FifeAndDrum

      To qualify for the IPO, you have to be an Obama bundler or major contributor –

      The requirements are the same as for the Stimulus Act of 2009.

      • Wayne Scott

        So it will be over priced, never turn a profit, file for Bankruptcy and stick the tax payers with BILLIONS in loses?

        • FifeAndDrum

          That’s Progress! 😉

  • Frizz

    Is that just the Biden’s? Oh, they’re not required to join Obamacare. ‘must be some other idiOts.

  • Tootrue4you

    “$1 million per enrollee.” I’ll enroll for half that price!

  • Travis McGee

    With the trillions of dollars wasted by the time this all ends we could have given each person in the US a million dollars in a health benefit account and been bucks up and not have created a whole new bloated government agency.

  • FifeAndDrum

    If you like your Constitution and Bill of Rights, you will be able to keep them. Period.

    And if you like your free enterprise system, you will keep it. Period.

    No one will be able to take that away from you. It hasn’t happened yet. It won’t happen in the future.”

    – Barry the Choomganster

  • FarUp

    To all you Obama zombies, news flash: THEY EXEMPTED THEMSELVES!

  • FifeAndDrum

    The revised ACA website will be written not using HTTP and HTML, but with:

    OWTP and OVBL.

    O bama
    W ealth
    T ransfer
    P rotocol


    O bama
    V ote
    B uying
    L anguage

  • rayg

    Another Obama rousing success story.

  • dimo7

    you will be seeing signs for blood letting centers again soon…..cures what ails ya

  • FluorideProof

    I blame it on the fact that nobody is buying this garbage. They could use the phone to sign up if they really wanted it. This is the American people flat out withdrawing consent for this nonsense. Next we should do income tax.

  • SineQua0

    “I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.”
    -The Butcher of Ben Gah Zee – 2003

  • FarUp

    Delaware, another Liberal progressive utopia. Best politicians money can buy.

  • abigail_adams

    Why would they expect people to sign up for Obamacare when Black Friday Christmas shopping is just a couple of weeks away? They should have waited until the President’s Day sales.

  • bigtom

    Even the liberals from a 100% Democrat state don’t want to sign up for this disaster.

  • Richard

    The saddest thing about this entire fiasco is that neither the opposition to Obamacare nor the press are covering the most dangerous aspect of this monstrous law: it will cost trillions more than the lying socialist democrats asserted. Obamacare will be the last straw causing our bankruptcy. And there will be horrific violence in the streets across the US when the huge slacker class created by the socialist democrats no longer get their various “entitlements”. It will make the riots in Greece look like a picnic. I will be prepared – well armed and ready.

  • 2ndprotectsall

    It sure is easy to piss away someone else’s hard earned $$$.

    • GINNER

      Well, that’s what libs do. They sure ain’t gonna go to work and make it on their own.

  • Steven Shearon

    My state sucks. As soon as I can out get of DE I will.


    Hey, wake up folks! Obamacare never was much about health insurance. It was always very much about income redistribution and punishing hard work, frugality, and business and investment risk taking. It is working according to plan. First, we destroy the nation’s health care system. Then, we destroy the rest of the economy. After that, the folks have nowhere to go but to us in the govment. There is no limit to what we can do.

  • obowmasbananarepublic

    Why doesn’t someone, anyone ask the Liar In Chief, “You claim people will be better off once they lose their insurance because it’s so bad, then why do you choose to keep your insurance and not get in the exchanges? What makes your PRIVATE insurance so much better? Don’t you won’t to get better insurance, and get in the exchange?

  • betspotter

    Community Organizations? 4 million taxpayer dollars. 4 people signed up. That sounds like the same statistics as the stimulus program. When do we get to say…Obama, you’re fired!

  • You

    1 mil per person now you know why we all hate the government!! I would have let the state of delaware enroll my family of four for 250K. joe plugs biden and delaware are another shining example of Stupidity at it’s Best!!! F-ing Morons!!!

  • whteshark

    That’s good government in Democrat speak.

  • ncpg

    $1 million per person? Sounds like the cost to create stimulus jobs.

  • Steve Daily

    Obamacare is doing exactly what it was meant to do–bankrupt the nation while ensuring people don’t get healthcare.

  • Sheldon

    Ooops, gotta raise the debt ceiling again quick! Gotta spend more money and destroy the economy on schedule.
    Well, to show that Obama is on the right track, he appointed a Hollywood producer as Ambassador to Hungary. The way he abandons Ambassadors, she should think twice.

  • obowmasbananarepublic

    Reminds me of the Liar In Chief’s Cash for Clunkers fiasco. I guess now he’ll have a cash for old clunkers so he can make room for his illegal young leeches.

  • jasonCK

    Democrats are so fiscally responsible…..with their own money. With other people’s money not so much.

  • A P

    More like $1 million per community organization. I’m guessing there’s some new cars in someone’s driveway.

  • John K.

    Quality not quantity ! LOL

  • obowmasbananarepublic

    They didn’t pay all the money to this state. They may have got a little but I would bet ACORN and Obama’s illegal terrorist got the rest so they’d have enough money to disrupt, threaten, and intimidate the American people and force Americans to accept them!

  • Billy

    Barry…you are a disgrace. Why/how can you even spew some BS apology and keep on going? You have bawlz of steel to lie so much and a brain the size of a pea. You also are not very bright. Can you just…GO away!

  • TheBruce

    And just when I thought I couldn’t have less respect for the state of Delaware…

    Makes me wonder if this whole mess is, in fact, completely intentional.

    • Billy

      uh, yes. Control is what this tool is after. The puppet master has one goal for ol barry….and the littlest dictator is meeting his masters needs.

  • Conspiracy_Fax

    Not bad, that’s 4 more than I thought this room-full-of-monkeys-with-typewriters administration would pull off.

  • GoneApe

    This is simply an example of the Chicago/Detroit mentality writ large. This street hustler knows nothing but spending other people’s money. When the thing collapses he’ll already be jetting around the globe as another worthless X President pretending to care and posing as a savior.

    • Lori Kay Levitt

      I think his pension and security detail should be stripped from his retirement and he should have to pay us back his entire salary!

  • Mark Tippets

    Obama on Mt Rushmore??

    • theotherken

      I’m afraid not Mark, it’s Mt Flushmore.

    • Lori Kay Levitt

      As long as we can push him off the top!

  • NavyDave

    The People need to continue to wake up to the fact that NONE of that money (or any of the other Obamacare money is being spent on health CARE. It is all being spent on government bureaucracy and third party community organizer groups.

  • jabusse

    They got what they voted for. Was the witch right or what? They didn’t want Christine O but they wanted death panels. Sometimes you have to wonder what were they thinking. The Delaware voters that is. I’m from California, wanna buy a train to nowhere from nowhere and existing nowhere either and all it cost us is a few billion so far and when it is done you will be able to go nowhere very slowly.

    • Lori Kay Levitt

      I’ll take one round trip ticket!

  • Paul Hue

    We see now that part of OweBamaCare is to “spread wealth around” to “Community Organizations”. ie, democrat voting apparati.

  • LockedLoadedNReallyPissed

    If you really think Obastard is sorry for this mess, you need to click on the link below. Fox News, stop saying he new 93 million people would lose their health insurance policy in 2010. Start saying he admitted that 320 million would be on a single payer system. Obastards latest lie was that he’s sorry for this planned disaster. See for yourself below…

  • laker12

    Give me the $4 million and I guarantee that I will sign up at least 100 people.

  • Lori Kay Levitt

    They might be slow but THEY DO POOR WORK!

  • Cogito

    Obama continues to reward his community organizer friends with our hard-earned tax dollars.
    Graft and corruption are his hall mark. Just what one would expect from a Chicago thug.

  • Roy

    Give A Million per Person Guarantee health insurance for life. Obama now solve the problem. Who ever thinks Obama is the smartest man around need to have their head examen

  • ronb28135

    There is no government program in this country or any other country on the planet that is better at providing health care services and insurance than the private market and Barry’s health care fraud is proof positive of that 0VERWHELMING FACT!!! Of course Barry can’t admit that because if he did his whole life would be a Marxist lie.
    He can’t admit that nor can Axelrod or Emanuel admit that their lives have been lies based on the falsehood of Marxist economics.

    Hah, Hah, Hah, and Hah to Barry’s supporters who thought they were getting a free ride to health care manna. They ain’t and unfortunately for the millions of Americans who didn’t buy into his lies and refused to vote for him, they can’t even get a plan for the money they are willing to pay. This guy, who unfortunately for us is the President, hasn’t the foggiest idea that Marxism is a failure, or he is so corrupted by its dogma that he is going ahead full steam to bring down the market economy that proves Marxism is a fraud and that Marx’s folly can’t provide the meagerest of sustenance for its victims.

    America was the first capitalist economy and the most successful market economy in the history of the world providing everyone who was wiling to work a prosperity unknown to previous generations and this Marxist interloper thinks he can do it better. Impeachment would be justice but it will never happen with Obama’s puppet Boehner as the top Republican in the House of Representatives.

  • moretruth2power

    Ah, there’s nothing like the efficiency and intelligence of the elites and their failed social welfare state as they spew decrees upon the little people. Now watch as they pile good money after bad trying to “fix” the problem! It’s been repeated for time immemorial, the ruling classes laws cause destruction and chaos, then they decide the ones to fix the very problem that they created is non other than…………………………THEMSELVES!

  • Kierstin

    correction; WE, the tax payer spent $500 million to sign up 6 people. Anyone who voted for this president & obamacare please raise your hand……..
    All of you that voted for this should hang your heads in shame, as there were MILLIONS of us telling you what he was doing, how he was doing it and what would be the end result, but all the supporters (democrats & administration) called us all radicals, bigots, racists, malcontents and nutcases.

    • Nevada_Nomad

      Voters can’t claim they didn’t know Obama going in. With the minimum amount of research, at least making an ATTEMPT at an informed vote, would have shown EVERY voter what an evil Marxist the man is! He promised a fundamental transformation of the nation, and that’s the ONE promise he’s kept. Our nation’s been transformed into a cautionary tale.

  • TahoeGuy

    sounds about right… inline with my expectations.

  • tednovak
  • Kierstin

    The admin/Sebelius has just written new regulations that will exempt the unions – no surprise there!

  • caiusKeys

    $4 million to enroll four people? Maybe one of the Obmacare geniuses–heck, maybe even Obama himself–can figure out what that works out to per person. There’s GOT to be a formula for that.

  • Nevada_Nomad

    This is wonderful news! At this time next year, they’ll have forty-eight big reasons to cheer the rollout of the Affordable Care Act! And the hits just keep comin’… Casey Casum, eat your heart out!

  • Gunny G Alz

    Ah, just taxpayer’s money, not “real” money!

    Obama wastes more than that on his vacations.

  • we’reallowebozosonhisbus

    Owebama is bankrupting the nation-on purpose, I believe. Everything he says now is a LIE or a blame game. This is no leader. He is a Kenyan community organizer who couldn’t run a Chicago lemonade stand.

    • Nevada_Nomad

      All part of the plan to destroy the PPO market. Single payer or bust!

  • caiusKeys

    Hey Kathleen, what’s the credibility of our president? “Quite low.”

  • Tatiana Covington


  • Nevada_Nomad

    The most attractive and reliable healthcare system on earth has been blown to smithereens, but Delaware got a quartet of useful idiots to sign up for substandard treatment. Wee…

    • Liliana Rawks

      And how much would you bet that all four signed up for medicaid?

      • Nevada_Nomad

        That would the proverbial farm bet. In fact, every single enrollee in the state of Oregon so far IS a medicaid enrollment.

  • otaycec

    And people actually believed that the government could not be as efficient as the private sector. Let’s see what they think now, eh!

    • Nevada_Nomad

      It’s not possible for them to be as concerned about your life and the lives of those you love as you are, but they’ll tell you it’s the thought that counts.

  • A. Levy

    This is what the govt. thinks of your hard-earned money. They have as much respect for your money as they do for the tax-paying fools who keep sending them more and more.

  • ididn’tvoteforthekenyan

    Obama’s real birthplace has been found. It’s Uranus.
    Note: See pic below or just visualize your a–s.

    • Nevada_Nomad

      Indeed. Kenya’s so full of them that they pinched the loaf that birthed our current president.

    • Conspiracy_Fax

      Here he is sticking hisanus up in the air bowing to the Saudi king which is the same people who just offered to

      pay for the usa expenses to bomb the Saudi enemy syria. Also now we know why obama is against the keystone pipeline. The Saudi king is obama’s largest election contributor.

      The reason the saudi’s were sulking and saying they dont want to be best friends anymore is because they have already bought and paid for this deeply bowing obama puppet and part of the deal was to bomb syria one day. They are mad that obama can not deliver on his bribe.

      Total criminal activity. A bought and paid for president.

      • Nevada_Nomad

        Manchurian candidate becomes president. Only in America, my friend…

        • Conspiracy_Fax

          I seem to have been banned from postings pictures. The main one I was posting was obama bowing to the saudi king, but also alot of others like pics of us and russian army training in usa for civil unrest, and nano bots mosquito’s that can inject you with vaccine or bio weapons

          I see the uranus pic made it up, anyone else try uploading a pic. its just the little box bottom left of the comment window when your typing. perhaps I just got banned specific pics, ill try uploading something i have not done before, let me know if you can see any pic for this and above comment please.

          • Nevada_Nomad

            And the U.N., FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security and D.C. thugs are hiding all of these initiatives in plain sight. The American people are in for one hell of a shock. Orwell couldn’t have written this script any better.

            Here comes the chopper to chop off your head….

  • ocean

    Obamacare is bad law.
    The Democrat Party supports Obamacare.
    Who is sicker than Democrat politicians?
    The people who voted for them.

    • Nevada_Nomad

      I honestly don’t think they are. If it were the case, and Demorat voters blamed their Demorat representatives, there would never be another Demorat mayor in Detroit. Progressives destroy everything touch, yet the rubes, acolytes and lemmings that vote for them always find someone or something else to blame.

  • jsw7533

    Time to stop blaming ‘website glitches’ and accept the truth: Obamacare is toxic, and no one wants it.

    • Nevada_Nomad

      They never did. But tyrants never wait for universal approval.

  • readytosecede

    Looking Ahead -what patients may look like after receiving OwebamaCare.
    African style as in Kenya, Africa. These future patients look as though they are receiving great medical care. Really.

    • Nevada_Nomad

      Obombya promised us shovel ready jobs: any sick relative will do…

  • GoodbyeUSA

    Just another way for the kleptocrats to kick cash down to their political supporters. People should go to jail for stuff like this.

    • Nevada_Nomad

      Since we’re technically at war, and these D.C. banksters are flaunting their wanton acts of treason, firing squads should have already been assembled. I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting justice for the American people.

  • Harry Caray

    • Nevada_Nomad

      About sums it up, my friend.

  • bnchy

    There’s government efficiency for you

    • Nevada_Nomad

      I hear ya’. Government never fails to underwhelm me…

  • drofmanythings

    This is a total disaster no matter how you evaluate it. Raise your hand if you want your old plan and doctor back! Obama should resign and take Ole Joe with him for perpetrating this on an unsuspecting public.

    • Nevada_Nomad

      Unfortunately, the odds are squarely against the American people ever having their demands for satisfaction met.

  • Curry1

    Only the stupid and crazies sign up for Obamacare fraud insurance. Once you sign, they let you read the disclaimer that reads:
    Once signed, you agree to be insured for as long as you live and you can never ensign from it and will continue to pay the monthly premiums, no matter how large they will get in future, in other words, you are life time supporter and pledged donor of your wealth into perpetuity. This is true, but written in legalese language that nobody understands in what they are signing in.

    • Nevada_Nomad

      It’s a vicious dependency cycle that guarantees the peoples’ compliance. All done by design, and evil to its core.

  • George Taylor

    What’s with the girl and the liar together? That is what I would want me and worst President of the U.S together. NOWAY.

    • Nevada_Nomad

      She’s the equivalent to those Greek columns Obombya used as props for his Demorat nomination acceptance speech. Just another rube…

  • OneOut

    $4 million ? That’s all ? Right wing teabagger nuts are bitching about $4 measly million dollars ?

    Hell that’s only one weekend at the coast with a round of golf for the CnC and 1st family.

    Chicken feed. People should get their priorities straight.

    Cheap basterds, you act like those in government should live and spend like it’s their own money.

    • Nevada_Nomad


    • Max

      LOL – good one.

  • GWAR44

    shes cute…

    • Nevada_Nomad

      I suppose. For someone that’s had a frontal lobotomy, that is.

      • GWAR44

        Most of your family .I assume

        • Nevada_Nomad

          I’d be more than happy to have the likes of someone such as yourself test my abilities to think critically and argue reason, but I’m afraid you’d be unequal to the task. You see, I speak English, NOT netspeak…

          • GWAR44

            come on man ….play chess???

          • Nevada_Nomad

            Got me there :) I’m more the Monopoly type!

          • GWAR44

            really, wow that’s so old school…

          • Nevada_Nomad

            Yeah, I’m one of those old fuddy-duddies :)

          • GWAR44

            you must be old, chess has been around for 2000 years….all hail the Mummy…….

          • Nevada_Nomad

            I is risen, indeed!

          • GWAR44

            Hail the undead….

          • Nevada_Nomad

            :) You have a good night, my friend.

          • GWAR44

            you too , fun is good……

      • GWAR44

        R U gay

        • Nevada_Nomad

          Nope, just not lacking nearly enough in intellect to be attracted to a woman that allows herself to be used as prop. My intellect demands stimulation and I have a very difficult time respecting someone that allows themselves to be devalued as a human being…

          • GWAR44

            Right on … ..shes cute ..politics aside …

  • ManOnPoint

    Obama lied and healthcare died!!!

    • Nevada_Nomad

      Along with a lot of good, innocent people.


    That Obama is a genius !.. Four million to sign up 4 people .Now thats a jobs program!!!Even Google twitter and Facebook havent created a App that creates that much income from four people signing up

    • Nevada_Nomad

      Enervating the economy, one sick relative and one shovel at a time!

  • tgcrawford

    Our country has fallen in the toilet, thanks to the community organizer.

    • Nevada_Nomad

      Organizing the sh*t out of the economy and healthcare system! If it wasn’t so criminally evil, it would be hilarious…

  • Max

    Anyone who expects the government to reduce prices, increase service levels or even be basically competent has never had to deal with the government before.

  • calmandcents

    Alright, after a great deal of thought, I will agree to take $1,000,000 to sign up for this asinine program. Is there a mil left?

    • Max

      Don’t give them any ideas, they are desperate to get anyone on board and any price. What’s a few trillion to save the ego of the god-man after all?

  • Max

    When the numbers come out of the white house someone needs to go over them with a fine tooth comb, they will do everything in their power to make it look low but reasonable, when in reality if you add up all the states that are reporting it’s humiliating, and O’bumlbes will not be humiliated even if he has to lie (though mostly he just likes to lie, even when he doesn’t have to)

  • Tanker74

    Thank goodness we find out things like this after this year’s elections. One would think the D-baggers are withholding information.

  • Thucydides


    Barry! Seriously dude, MAN THE #%*£ up!

    Jeesh, you are embarrassing us all.

    • Jim Wolfson

      “Jeesh, you are embarrassing us all.”

      You just noticed that NOW? Geez, it’s been 4.5 years of this craphead.

  • DL

    WTF is wrong with this country and its people for allowing all of this????????

  • John Schilling

    Sad photo, hamming it up with a White girl. Everything’s a joke to this punkassPOS man-child. What a sorrySOB.

  • griefman

    I’m waiting to see how much money will be spent on the “Glitch Fix”. Anybody out there remember when the adage “You get what you pay for” was actually true.

  • flystraight

    I thought Piglosi said there was no more room for government cuts. In fact her exact words were, “the cupboard is bare”.

  • bubbinator

    Impeach him so we can clean house!

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    First of all lets stop calling it Obamacare and call it what it is, Obamatax, that’s what it is by law and that is all it was ever intended to be, an annually increasing tax on the people, any American out there that truly expects to get anything of any value in return for this tax is seriously delusional.

    • jazbond007

      How about Ocramatax?

  • JerryFrey

    Eight user comments that explain the failings of

  • Bryan Morgan

    Wow, those are great benefits the state of Maryland is getting!!!!!!!!
    Uhm, I mean Delaware,
    See, I can navigate the Obamascarewebsllite!

  • Jim Wolfson

    What does Delaware make?

    Does anybody reading this own ANYTHING that says “Made in Delaware”?

    Is Delaware where democRats come from? A dark, fetid, breeding swamp of vile creatures and slime molds?

  • edbarbar

    Let me see if I understand. $4M for community organizer types to get people to sign up, right? (Obama’s big contribution as Commander in Chief).

    I’m not sure you can blame all this on the web site. For $4M, that’s a lot of energy to succeed. Perhaps it is hard to convince people they ought to throw money away on this disaster.

  • Jesus Christ, it’s Allah !

    Why is Monica Lewinsky like obama care ?

    It a therapeutic f u c k .

    • Jim Wolfson

      How’s the old “portly pepperpot” doing these days, anyway? I bet she’s selling stain removers door-to-door.

  • humanvitae

    HA HA!

    Chairman ObaMao can’t own up to the fact that Socialism is the opiate of the stupid.

  • TheSharpenedPen

    If you paid me a million dollars, even I’d sign up for Obamacare! One million $ per sign up? Oh ya, that’s money well spent…

  • humanvitae

    A breathtakingly remarkable aspect to this idiot’s presidency is that he punishes anyone who dares disagree with him and his Saul Alinsky (degenerate) agenda. Uncle Joe Stalin would be proud of this degenerate.

  • jazbond007

    Thank you, Delaware, home of Vice President Joe “This is big f***ing deal” Biden. I hope your enthusiasm is infectious.

  • Ed Blitzhenbaumsteinbergvich

    Maybe plagiarism will be the Democrats final straw, forget the 23,000 other scandals under Barry. No actually i doubt it, his sub-literate simple minded followers are too fare gone.

  • Danx35

    I’m from Delaware and I’m embarrassed that even 4 would want to enroll in that garbage.

  • revolutiontheonlysolution

    if you voted to let the federal government stand between you and your doctor you deserve everything that is and isn’t coming to you.

  • T S

    Never have so many suffered so much to provide benefits to so few.

  • k962

    Gee a stunning success huh? They were probably enrolled by the convicted felon navigator crowd!

  • bill

    Obamacare –

    Because Grandma is a shovel ready project!

  • aka_Deerhunter

    Vladimir Putin “Probably” said it best – Obama is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Reds

    Delaware is run by socialist idiots like the ObowelMovement

  • predator24

    4 people cost 4 million dollars. How many will 30 million people cost, kids???

    • Dnice

      well that would be , what is 30 trillion Alex…

  • Thor Bonham

    Actually that’s not bad, 1 million a person, for government .. I’m impressed ..

  • Dawn Bushey

    just think what we’ll be spending for aspirin under OCARE

  • sudomudo

    Sounds like some very serious business to me man. Wow.

  • JimmieMee

    kThere it is in a nut shell….need a heart transplant…sorry here’s your pain pills…we spent all the money trying to force people to sign up for this wonderful Obama Care

  • JimmieMee

    That is 4 million dollars of medical care that is now GONE not available for medical care

  • David Frizzell

    Who received that money and where is it now?

  • william

    But yet we keep giving them our money, so who is to blame? We put these psychos in
    office and then complain that their psycho. We let them rob us blind and
    complain that their robbing us blind. We allow them to kill women, children and
    fathers in other countries in our name and then we complain about the killing.
    we let these psychos give billions of our money to other countries that
    hate us and complain that we can’t feed our own people. We let these psychos spy
    on us then complain that we are being spied on. YES the government as it stands
    is criminally insane and yes this is the worst our government has ever been and
    yes government has become public enemy number one but WHO PUT THEM THERE? Fix
    that issue and we can save our country and we should fix it by any means possible!
    Because until we wipe out this criminally insane, socialist, entitlement minded
    bunch of Nazis, we will never be able to save our Nation. Remember this, they
    are coming for you and they will not leave you alone as it is their very nature
    to impose their will on you. There for this is war and should be treated as
    such. Fight back or Die, that is your only choice. I hope I have opened your
    eyes to what is going on in what’s left of our country.

  • David Frizzell

    Our government is broken.

    • Barry Bin Inhalin

      True. Such a simple statement too. But the gubmint has somehow usurped so much power and day to day authority that when we, the owners, see that it’s ‘broken’, the workers just keep going on doing what they were doing before. No management changes at all – like things are sailing along smoothly. Like they are ‘insulated’ from reality.
      If the fed Government were a private company? A housecleaning by the Board would be a mild step to take….

  • cbcnd1


  • John Granese

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the cost, I am sure the money came out of Obama’s stash.

  • Joe

    It’s for the children. Both of them.

  • Harry Caray

    • Edward Boothe

      I wish I were a good with a computer as you are. Nice picture of the Dictator.

  • SRussell55

    What?????? After nearly every liberal college and university professors forced their mush brain students to get out and vote for the idiot in chief. Liberals are as much to blame as the community organizer.

  • Nyongesa

    A lot of people owe Ted Cruz an apology. He actually represented the people who voted him into office (what a novel idea) and told the the truth about nOcare….and HE’s the crazy one?

    • SRussell55

      You are correct.

  • SRussell55

    I would buy insurance if it covered a condition like “pain in the as$”. Everyone has “rectalobamablockage” right now.

    • Barry Bin Inhalin


  • bigcatdaddy76016

    This whole situation makes the U.S. the laughing stock of the world….even computers shut down for lack of logic in the health care plan….51 days until another government shutdown…It’s coming and this time it will be tougher to believe in funding and passing any bill related to the plan…….Obama…The Man with the Plan… ridiculous.

    • Edward Boothe

      I had heard than we were the laughing stock of the world, so I ask the mother of a family, that I visit three time a year, in Mexico if the people of Mexico think we are stupid. She responded with an immediate. “Si”.

      I appreciated her honesty, but it made me sad to confirm what I though she would say.

  • donottreadonme

    Obama: “How many people are enjoying Obamacare now?”
    Sebelius: “Four comrades have joined us from Delaware, at a cost-per-comrade of $1 million each.”
    Obama: “Terrific, we are reaching the efficiency of my Green Jobs program.”
    Sebelius: “Dear Leader, non-believers are calling you a liar and my ass is getting handed to me by the Congressburo…”
    Obama: “That’s why the executive branch runs the IRS, comrade. Dissent must be crushed. The State will not be challenged!”
    Sebelius: “I’m afraid the Great Lie has been exposed, Dear Leader. Should we just come clean with the People?”
    Obama: “We control the media, do we not? We control health care, do we not? We control welfare, do we not? Already, half the population is dependent on us, so this is not a failure. A lie is a lie only if we choose it to be. We control the narrative, so we control the truth. Comrade Alinski wrote the book we now follow – it is our path to collective utopia!

    Of course, a lie is a lie and utopia is a mirage and the left always runs out of other peoples money in their futile attempt to reach it.
    Democrats legislate first and disregard the consequences later.

  • Ibulena

    I live in DE and NOT one of the four, but I guess now I will be paying for!

    • Johnny

      Me to

  • groscoe

    At one time in history long ago if this type debacle of happened the govt would have been toppled…..

    • donottreadonme

      We used to go to war to rid countries of the likes of the Progressive Clown Posse now infecting the federal government! It turns my stomach!

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    I have a possible enrollment for you.

  • Antibama

    Four Million, Four Billion, Four Trillion……what does it matter to this joker in the White House?

  • Delaware Confederate

    Time for Sussex County to SECEDE from Delaware.

  • jayjay

    It’s only money..

  • Justwaitinforchange

    Bush/Chaney – if we hadn’t wasted so much money rebuilding nyc we could enroll another 179 people at 1 million or more – selfish teabaggers. and what kind of tea are – vanilla tea? not really tea! if only you rightwing crazy mofos had let us spend some more dollars on our green energy the multiplier effect would have the country’s unemployment at -3.5%, that’s right – greater than 100%!!! Instead we have high unemployment because the bushies haven’t let obamacare go into effect. you’re racist your mother was racist and your kids, even if they are bi-racial, are racist. you are too dumb to know how racist you are – and I watched the CMA awards – you effin honkies, the thought it was the ACA awards and I was hoping Obama would sweep, but I lost my remote control and I couldn’t get your white faces off my 60 incher. Side note – Taylor Swift can sing – for a racist white girl. Teahumperbaggers!!!!!!!

    • Huskerbob

      say what?

      • Justwaitinforchange

        Refute – my points – betcha you can’t, white cracker

        • Hurley

          Did you get to keep your doctor also? The one your neighbors are paying for?

          • Justwaitinforchange

            see above response

        • Huskerbob

          tsk tsk, such language. why so mad, why so sad?

          • Justwaitinforchange

            Puhleeze – reread my post – it is so over the top you must know it is sarcasm!

          • Justwaitinforchange

            I wrote that I thought it was the ACA awards!!!!!!!! I was hoping to make you laugh with the caricature of the responses we are getting from the left on ACA meltdown.

          • Huskerbob

            Man, you had me worried there for a bit. Phew, I’m all better now.

    • TruthFinderXXX

      Lay off the crack pipe

      • Justwaitinforchange

        Racist pig, probably spent time in the deep south – you must love duck dynasty

        • Hurley

          I love Duck Dynasty, JACK!

        • TruthFinderXXX

          You are confused as to what a racist is. I live DD, I don’t need to watch it on t.v.

          • Justwaitinforchange

            come on guys – as I told huskerbob – this is so over the top, don’t you recognize parody when you see it!

    • tast_hemlock

      trollalolalol that’s funny :)

  • Huskerbob

    I’m moving to Delaware to get me my million. Gotta get me some more free Obama stuff. Love me some socialism.


    Anyone who doesn’t have a fallout shelter chock full of weapons, ammo and storable food shouldn’t be laughing about this commie madness.

    Remember what ‘communism’ and it’s gateway drug ‘socialism’ truly are : a conspiracy to destroy a people and their culture as a means of controlling them through impoverishment.

    As long as they keep printing 100 Billion dollars of digital counterfeit each month, and as long as ppl keep accepting this currency as valid, this charade can continue indefinitely. With 200 TRILLION USD monetized worldwide, even 3 trillion a year is only an additional 1.5% inflation…

    But the day the keystrokes that add the zeroes stop, or the world rejects the US dollar, will be the day the zombie apocalypse truly begins. Start with tens of millions of people’s prescriptions for shrink juice aka psychiatric drugs not being available, sending them into horrible withdrawal, and watch the chaos engulf the nation.

    The web site isn’t broken – it’s working exactly as planned.

    Armageddon it yet?

    • donfitness

      Sadly, this kind of talk is considered by most to be crazy talk until it’s too late and they’re banging on your door for help.

    • Paul Richard

      I’m ready. The first key is to move far from the cities. I am 50 miles from the nearest large city. Second is to have a cabin at least 150 miles from the cities. I have one of those too. Surrounded by an impenetrable swamp and a long access road easy to defend and hide. The urban Obama sons and daughters will rampage out to the rich burbs after they are done killing their neighbors for every supply they can. It’ll take them a while to knock off the rich takers and then they will move outside the burbs rampaging and burning everything in their path. They will kill each other as supplies dwindle. We have to be prepared to take the remaining hoodlums out as they attempt to massacre us.

  • wellduh

    Hillarious. Bet 3 of the 4 signed up for Medicaid, too.

  • Marge Illich

    $1 million per enrollee. What a “bargain!”

  • Humidifier

    They say Obama has a cousin who is a witch doctor. Have him run the “program”.

  • Andrew Suber

    O-bummer care is simple: bend over and get ready for a rectal examination with something other than a digit.

  • Scot McCoy

    Not quite shovel ready as they say at the white house

    • TXBlueSquid

      Scot, there should be plenty of “shovel ready” jobs in D.C. now, including the white house. In fact, I doubt there could be enough people shovelling 24/7/365 to even keep up with the piles of BS coming from the folks there!

    • Jim Wolfson

      The only shovel-ready thing this corrupt democRat regime has produced is Ted Kennedy.

  • ppie14

    I don’t see what the problem is. It’s working exactly as well as all the other programs the Obama administration created, cash for clunkers, the stimulus, “investing” in alternative energy. Did anyone expect anything different? The goal of an Obama program is to spend and transfer as much wealth as possible that’s how it’s judged a success.

    • tim the realist

      Notice that all those plans had one thing in common: They were sold as helping the poor, unemployed, or some other needy group, but all they ended up doing was lining the pockets of the DNC’s supporters: The UAW, the Al Gore “Green Capitalists”, etc… There is a transfer of wealth going on, but it isn’t from rich to poor.

  • gessie

    It’s George Bush’s fault.

    • Jim Wolfson

      Pin the Fail on the Honky.

      It’s the Odumbass/democRat way.

  • stoner04

    All Americans should refuse to sign up for Obamacouldcareless. What is Bozo going to do? Collect the $95.00 fine when most don’t even file taxes or work. How is the IRS going to collect from someone who does not work or participate in our society? Those of us that do work have insurance through our jobs so no loss there. Pack up your bags, clean the stench out of the White house and go back to Chicago and organize a crying pool to find out where you went wrong you dumb ass!~!

  • tim the realist

    Just one more government efficiency that is going to result in every American family saving $2,500 thanks to Obamacare.

  • libertees

    Come on people. To government this is considered success.

  • Fair Fight

    ah, communism at it’s finest, courtesy of the newly crowned king of ussa and his new communist party aka congress.

  • jcd0101

    you know it would probably be better for the entire us government if we just
    gave every adult in the usa 500,000.00
    Then taxed them at 50%
    and cut off all government programs and shut off the lights..

    Then they could all sit at home and not screw up anything more..
    and we would probably end up with a balanced budget..
    I know mathematically its impossible, but hey its so screwed up
    it actually might be worth a shot..

    • BOB

      It’s worth a try!!!!!

      • jcd0101

        Heck at the RATE their blowing money
        Actually Incinerating it..

        We might actually come out AHEAD..
        now that is scary..

  • Joey Mauzy

    Think it’ll ever be toooo big to fail?

  • Steve

    That’s why it’s called “The Affordable Health Care Act”. a.k.a. the “Scumbag in Chief” Act.

  • alexjoneswasright

    I am starting to think Obamacare was not supposed to work. And that is a scary feeling. Maybe they are falling behind their deadline for a major false flag.

    • Nick Renn

      But he’s sorry.

  • Paul Richard

    Obamacare: Too Big Not to Fail

  • Daisytoo

    Let’s see: $4 million divided by 31 = $129,032.25 per person. And that’s just for almost enrolling. Wow.

  • alexjoneswasright

    Alex Jones has been right all along. And that is truly frightening.

  • John Fantasin

    One would assume that abject Incompetence on such a grand scale would lead to a replacement of the responsible person. Obama once again claims that He and Sebelius are not responsible, because they are not computer people. These lame pathetic excuses would never be tolerated in the private sector, but how would he know? He is the mother of no necessity for his own invention. He needs to obfuscate, lay blame everywhere else and get back on the campaign trail. He couldn’t manage a 20 car parking lot in Washington, but he could sell ice to most Eskimo’s in January.

  • esuoh1

    Oh hell! what is the big deal? Our kids & grandchildren have lots of money to spend.

    • Nick Renn

      Yup, and we’ll all be taking the eternal dirt nap while they’re having to deal with crap we’re laying out today.

  • TxPatriot53

    Incompetence at its best…

  • Nick Renn

    That’s about the return on investment we should expect from our incompetent government.

  • Markie Mark

    Let’s see: $ 4,000,000 divided by 4 is…… hmmmm

    Eighteen dollars each? Or is it seventeen? I rounded up!!!!

    • tredshift

      You have to use the “NEW” Math…then things work out

  • sirgareth

    Ahhh that legendary “government efficiency” brought to medicine.

  • luckystrike57

    We are a Banana Democracy. It only took five years to get there. WOW!

    • Sam

      That’s what you get when you elect of “citizen of the world” for US president.

  • Croaker

    If a Business man promised a product that would do things better and cheaper while KEEPING the Coverage you LIKE and the Doctor you LIKE to get you to buy into something that benefits him. Then it turns out it is NOT CHEAPER, NOT BETTER, CAN’T keep your coverage, CAN’T keep your Doctor. THIS IS CALLED BAIT AND SWITCH! Which is FRAUD.

    Defined: Bait-and-switch
    Bait-and-switch is a form of fraud used in retail sales but also employed in other contexts. First, customers are “baited” by merchants’ advertising products or services at a low price, but when customers visit the store, they discover that the advertised goods are not available, or the customers are pressured by sales people to consider similar, but higher priced items (“switching”).

    High Crimes and Misdemeanors:
    The charge of high crimes and misdemeanors covers allegations of misconduct peculiar to officials, such as perjury of oath, abuse of authority, bribery, intimidation, misuse of assets, failure to supervise, dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming, and refusal to obey a lawful order. Offenses by officials also include ordinary crimes, but perhaps with different standards of proof and punishment than for nonofficials, on the grounds that more is expected of officials by their oaths of office.

    GROUNDS FOR IMPEACHMENT: High Crimes and Misdemeanors

    Get moving on it before more High Crimes and Misdemeanors.are committed!

  • Tommysmallss

    Look at those sycophants in the background of that picture.

    • luckystrike57

      They are foolish suckers.

  • howardfein

    What exactly are these “community organizations”? And how do I start one in my neighborhood?

    • tredshift

      ask our president hussein…he knows ALL about those “community organizations”….it’s the one thing he actually has experience in!

  • Sam

    All the lies, divisions, and turmoil. For what? To cover pre-existing conditions and raise lifetime ceilings on benefits. Couldn’t that have been taken care of without hundreds of pages of complicated law that restricts the ability of millions to choose doctors and hospitals where they can receive the best available care for specific conditions. The working poor???? They have my sympathies. God bless them. They hope. They try. Unfortunately, whoever wrote this law does not understand that the working poor still will not be able to afford the co-pays and deductibles. To make matters worse, charity hospitals that are not research hospitals will be closed by Obamacare.

  • BiffBoop

    Sodomites running the show.

  • markgl

    Jesus. Obamacare is incredibly awful.

  • tredshift

    See it’s Working….”people” are signing up….if we spend another $40 Million we can have 44 people enrolled!!!!

  • dave4848

    I’m going to ask the really obvious question here, If Obamacare is mandatory, why on earth do we need to give a community organization money to sign people up? A bonus question would be, are the “community organizations” related in any way to a politician?

    • zonable

      More money laundering operations to fund the DNC.

  • Ned

    NC has you beat, they’ve signed no one and they aren’t telling you how much it costs.

  • tredshift

    Every one in that picture above just look so HAPPY! It’s Party Time in the Oval Office!

  • Maud St James

    Obamacare is an abomination that must be stopped. Why should taxpayers be charged more to receive less coverage and be shoved further the oppressive thumb of big government?

  • zonable

    Delaware, just another “puppet state” of D.C. like Maryland.

  • Good_Lt

    Obama disciples think that $4 million to sign up 4 individuals means we aren’t spending nearly enough.

  • MickeyOregon

    Typical. I just don’t understand why people want to give so much power and money to unaccountable bureaucracies. It is a mystery to me.

  • Ron Strader

    Who were the “community organizations”?

    “ACORN” or whatever name it is spreading communism under.

    “All of us or None” – This organization seeks to change voting laws — which vary from state to state — so as to allow ex-inmates, parolees, and even current inmates to cast their ballots in political elections. Afterall, if Obamacare navigators can be felons and steal your identity, why not allow them to vote in your name.

    The “Amercan Friends Service Committee” – This group views the United States as the principal cause of human suffering around the world. As such, it favors America’s unilateral disarmament, the dissolution of American borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, the abolition of the death penalty

    The “Center for Economic and Policy Research – This group opposed welfare reform, supports “living wage” laws, rejects tax cuts, and consistently lauds the professed achievements of socialist regimes, most notably Venezuela.

    Or, which other Obama’s socialism/communism/Marxism supporting organizations?

  • Jeebus

    Oh, look…a pair of f*ckwits.

    • Gas_Passer

      Good observation!

  • pilotrod

    We are a country of gullible idiots. We are doomed economically, as we are about to make 30 millions non citizens, citizens. Who do you think they will vote for? Those that want to get our financial house in order?(and I am not referring to Republicans), or those who will spend us further and further in to debt to give them everything in exchange for their vote? Hmmm, let me think.

  • Gary Pifer

    That’s OK, 4 million signed up for food stamps.

  • Gas_Passer

    Ha ha ha ha!!! Libs a phuckin’ idiots. Fraud waste and abuse!

  • Annonymous

    First off, I disagree with Obamacare. What you people are missing here though is that the $1mil/person is an average total cost, which is fixed costs plus variable costs. Variable costs in this instance are probably extremely low, with the fixed costs being extremely high right now due to putting the infrastructure for enrollment in place. As more people enroll the fixed cost gets spread out. Quit letting the media deceive you with misleading statistics.

  • cbob9999

    It’s time to clean house, starting in 2014

  • DC

    pure BS a la birthers, haters, etc. The $4m was spent regardless of 4 full sign ups or 100,000 in the months ahead. The point is that over the next few months thousands will actually have health care. How do they get it now? They don’t get it at all and have more serious health events costing all of much more via their primary care provider, emergency rooms. Guess who pays for that??? You and I. BTW, the per person cost for health care in the US is almost double that of other major nations and our ranking contines to fall. Good work tea baggers!

  • Pray for Medicine

    Jon Stewart: “Have you told them about Janice? from Delaware?”—healthcare-gov

  • LapdogMedia

    Campaign slogan for GOP in 2014:

    “If you don’t like your Obamacare coverage, you don’t have to keep your Democratic Senator who voted for it…”

  • jr023

    if they sent a few bucks to hospitals for charity care it would have done more good but like most gov programs more cost to run than results johnsons great society program proved it

  • Jeffrey

    I guess fixing the old healthcare system was not an option? Written by the profit takers.
    They can hack the entire world and look into your pants but can’t make a website or program work. Was it ever intended to? Just another stall for time covered up with more lies and failures??
    Almost proves the fraud. It’s worse than ever now – Mission Accomplished!!!

  • Charles90210

    The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire in Delaware