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Darryl Nirenberg’s Palm Portrait

Darryl Nirenberg spent over a decade in senior legislative positions at the U.S. Senate. He was even Chief of Staff for former Republican Senator, and Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Chairman, Jesse Helms. Since then he has gone to work lobbying the people he used to work beside and his face now graces the wall of the insider-friendly Palm Restaurant.

Darryl Nirenberg

Mr. Nirenberg started his career back in 1981 as a legislative assistant for former Republican Senator Samuel Hayakawa. He then quickly moved on to become counsel for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1983, became former Senator Jesse Helms’s Chief of Staff in 1991, and eventual left government to become a partner at powerhouse DC lobbying firm Patton Boggs in 1995.

According to the Sunlight Foundation, he has been hosting regular events across Washington for a host of high profile Republican politicians since at least 2006. Mr. Nirenberg has done these events for everyone from Eric Cantor to Lisa Murkowski to Mitch McConnell to, even, Mitt Romney.

Given the bacground of many of those with their faces on the wall of The Palm Restaurant in Washington, DC it may be unsurprising that a man whose speaking bio describes him as having “more than a dozen years in senior legislative positions in the U.S. Senate, where he managed major domestic and foreign policy legislation” who now “promotes and protects clients’ interests before Congress, federal agencies, and the White House” has also ended up there.

The only thing left to wonder is whether he paid the equivalent of $15,000 to get there or not.

Stephen Gutowski