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Cover Oregon video explains bizarre new enrollment procedure

“At Cover Oregon we’re committed to helping you get the health insurance you need” the video uploaded to Youtube yesterday starts. It then explains that those seeking health insurance coverage through the Obamacare exchange can “enroll online” by entering their information through the Cover Oregon website. However, instead of being sent to the next section of the website to browse and select a plan, the video explains that “in about ten days” applicants will “get a packet” in the mail from the government-run exchange.

At this point the packet will either inform the applicant that they qualify for, and have been enrolled in, the state Medicaid system or that they need to purchase a private plan through the exchange. Those who need to purchase a private plan must then go back to the website and enter the information from the packet they got in the mail in order to actually look through the available plans and pick one. After that, if the site works properly, they’ll then be sent a bill and an insurance card through the mail. At that point they will be covered, the video promises.

The ten-day waiting period between applying online and receiving the Cover Oregon packet in the mail makes today effectively the last day that Oregonians can apply for coverage in 2014 as the website claims the deadline for enrollment is March 31st. After the 31st, individuals and families can continue to apply for coverage but cannot actually enroll in a plan.

Stephen Gutowski


  • Dantes

    The governor of Oregon is running away from this as fast as he can, but the buck stops with him. He should resign, but won’t. So, throw him out of office next time around.

  • Mr. Fever Head

    Oregonians can’t even pump their own gas and they are supposed to figure this enrollment process out?

  • mikekelley10

    You can’t expect government to be competent with this new internet thingy. It’s only 2014.

  • tps

    LMAO. You can’t make this stuff up. We had the finest overall health system in the world, and we could have easily improved it with a few simple measures. Instead, we turned it over the the Pelosi democrats. How’s that hope and change working for you all?

  • Ernie Paulson

    Oregon governor Kitzhaber is as shameless as Obama. The Democrat attorney general publicly has refused to defend in court the laws she doesn’t like, which is identical to Obama’s attorney general.

  • M.E.

    What if the citizen is low income, but doesn’t want to be on medicaid, and would like to purchase their own plan?

    • Jeanne_DeVoto

      Then the said citizen is SOL. The exchanges automatically enroll you in Medicaid if you’re in the income range. You don’t get a choice. (Even if you did get a choice, subsidies are available only if your income is high enough to not be eligible for Medicaid.)

      There have been several stories of people who scrimped and saved to buy insurance, or whose relatives or friends offered to pay the premiums, who were unwillingly enrolled in Medicaid. Also a weird one from someone who had millions in assets but retired recently and therefore had low income who was summarily put into Medicaid even though he didn’t want to and was able to pay for insurance.

  • Jeanne_DeVoto

    That’s not nearly as bad as it was before.

    Before this, you did the same wait-for-a-packet dance. Then you looked on the website to choose a plan, but you couldn’t actually buy it on the website. Instead, you filled out a paper application form, that came in a separate packet, and then mailed it in. Then Cover Oregon sent the info to the insurer. Several weeks later, you’d get your info packet from the insurer.

    So, to sum up, you needed to:
    – Download a document from the website
    – Fill it in, print it out, and mail it
    – Wait for the first packet
    – Wait for the second packet
    – Fill out the paper form to choose a plan, and mail that in
    – Wait for the insurance company to send you your info…

    … unless, of course, one of these packets got lost.

    • aj4coco

      And that’s if it doesn’t get lost in the mail, as has happened.

    • Davy Jones

      Sounds like Cover Oregon was just a way to bail out the Postal Service.

  • Scotty G.


  • DavidKramer

    Comparisons to the DMV and the Post Office were completely wrong, not bad enough.

  • 1azuce

    You enter your info and they count you as enrolled.

    HHS press release/claim on March 31: 7.1 million enrolled.
    April 1st you receive your packet telling you you’re not enrolled.

    More BS from obamas Healthcare.Fraud.

  • EdgeOfTheCliff

    Oregon’s vaunted “Health Plan” was the biggest tax payer funded giveaway to buy Democrat votes ever. Since that time, it has been running at nearly 700% over budget and Republican control of the state is a distant memory. In every economic metric, Oregon has been deteriorating since that time as the dependency class grows, taxes increase (highest income tax in the US), and businesses flee across the Columbia river to the more welcome arms of Washington. The only growth for Oregon and it’s main liberal bastion, Portland is in unemployment, youth unemployment, and panhandlers. The pension plans for state employees is a complete disaster and it is quickly turning into a more attractive Detroit under the lack of Democratic leadership (oxymoron). The state has a permanent rectal cranial inversion that has no hope of ever being cured.

  • n_slash_a

    Yet you can sign up for insurance through eSurance in 7.5 minutes and Geicko in 15 minutes. I bet all the other insurance companies are pretty similar. Only the government could take a process that takes minutes and turn it into days/weeks.

  • Can’t Count

    1. Go to the website and enter information. 2. Click submit. 3. Wait for a packet. 4. Enter some numbers on the website. 5. Shop for the plan. 6. Receive a bill and a card. 7. Pay bill. 8. Success!