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Category Archive • ABOVE THE LAW

January 30, 2015

Washington state legislators legally exempt from speeding tickets

Christopher Nelson

Unlike all other Washingtonians on the road, Washington state legislators are exempt from receiving speeding tickets during the legislative session. And they’re taking full advantage. The exemption even includes the 15 days leading up to the start of a session.

December 14, 2014

Capitol City staffers may experience life (Obamacare) like the rest of us, maybe

Florian Sohnke

A new measure would alter staff status and all Republican staffers would be required to enroll in Obamacare exchanges. Staffers may squirm at the prospect of having their “exempt” classification lifted, but if removed, it will allow them to face the realities taxpayers are exposed to under Obamacare. Senator David Vitter has introduced a non-binding […]

December 01, 2014

Will Al Sharpton’s Capitol City friends rescue him from his latest tax quandary?

Florian Sohnke

Al Sharpton is meeting with President Obama at the White House today, not only a sign in the wake of the Ferguson non-indictment that the administration is dubbing him a stand-in for the black community, but also that they’re choosing to avoid the media personality’s own scandal–millions of dollars in shirked tax liabilities.