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August 04, 2014

Congressmen Have Become “Ladies Who Lunch”

Marie Dennis

Members of congress aren’t allowed to have a job/work for a living outside of their elected office, unless it accounts for less than 15 percent of their congressional salary. Almost reminds one of another rarefied segment of society, “Ladies who Lunch.” Few may know that in 1978, Congress passed a law that prevents a U.S. senator […]

July 31, 2014

Capitol City’s Waterloo? Yoga won’t be taxed in DC without a fight

Anne Sorock

DC residents and yoga buffs miffed at their city budget including a so-called “Yoga Tax” are getting creative as they try to exempt yoga studios from the tax. The “Yoga Tax” issue has been inflaming the Capitol City going back a few years–and became reality for the nation’s capital this past May. Yoga studios appear to be included along […]

December 27, 2013

Investor sends Xmas Eve letter scolding Cracker Barrel for Duck Dynasty, offering to purchase

Anne Sorock

In the midst of the controversy over restaurant and retail chain Cracker Barrel’s removal, and then reinstatement, of Duck Dynasty branded items from its general stores, one investment company is offering to buy the company after its miserable handling of the crisis, among other concerns. Sardar Biglari of Biglari Capitol Corporation, which currently owns ~20% […]

December 20, 2013

Rasmussen excoriates WaPo for labeling millions of fed-up Americans “Haters”

Anne Sorock

Pollster Scott Rasmussen took on the Washington Post today in a piece excoriating the “hometown paper for America’s political class” for deeming a whole swath of Americans as “haters” in its piece, “Haters Gonna Hate.” WaPo’s post, which terms as “haters” Americans who disapprove of Washington players on the right and the left, reveals more […]