News from DC to the American People

Trump has faced the wrath of journalists, reporters, and social media users over his remarks.’ In fact, he even got a name as an “enemy of progress” This year in February on the seventeen had an issue with the American media where he told them to change their attitude and articulate problems affecting the people of the United States.

On his Twitter handle, most of the tweets are negative and had an attack primarily on with the North Koreans when they tied to show their might using The nuclear missiles. While at the oceanfront estate he accused the media as fake merely because they negatively portrayed his action and leadership in the running of the US economy.

In fact, in reply to a follower, he told one black man, “you can follow you black President wherever he is” This is about the former US who was a black. There was an outburst among his Twitter followers of which most of them condemned him for being a blatant racist. The resignation of a nominee in his the government was a clear indication of the extent to which some of his leadership skills have on the public servants.

Something uncommon with the media, they took to their platforms to condemn some of his weird actions. In his defense, he just said that the media blow simple things out of proportion to serve their masters. People now ask, which are our masters, do they now expect him to do wrong things and the media keeps quiet about them?

Online users took to the social networks to applaud the media for their unbiased reports. The press is supposed to be independent and say things as they are with no addition or subtraction to fulfill a political agenda.

Trump also came in to accuse the same media that they gain mileage by spreading malice. Of course, that is not the case, all he does is just to try and become relevant to substantiate some of his actions which have received negative publicity.

This was the time when Trump was seen to be emotional when giving a state of the nation address about his remarks. It was the news coming from Washington DC in a bid for the great president to show his might in a smart way of gaining control over the media. In his speech, he never spares the bloggers some online magazines and intelligence personnel who he accused of being behind leakage of some crucial information to the media

Trump said, how could these people have access to such top-level secret.”
This is one President who is very active on Twitter and does not hesitate to publicly burst anyone who stands in his way or does not support his ideologies.

This is the day Trump came face to face with the wrath of mainstream media as well as online users. Although this is not a surprise, Trump, right from the campaign rallies, he had an arrogant attitude, and he never minced his words when he attacked his primary opponent, Hillary Clinton.