Why introduce gas-burning smoker to former president Bill Clinton? (His favorite food is burger)

When Bill Clinton first took the presidency, before his swearing-in ceremony, Hillary Clinton the first lady to be was interviewed by the New York Times, and he noted as the first thing President Bill Clinton should work on was his love for fatty foods. She further admitted her love for chocolate, which was her husband’s worst meal. This almost took their marriage to rocks. During the interview, she, at one point admitted that he added more than 20 pounds in a short span and it really affected his weight. She had to encourage him to eat right and watch the quantities. The results were amazing.chkf5qpxiai8sab

The introduction of gas burning smoker is the ideal change in ensuring the President check on his diet and watch on his weight- maintain or reduce it. The gas burning smokers(www.seriouslysmoked.com/traeger-vs-green-mountain-grills-review) prepare food using a smoking method. It maintains the flavor of the food and does not need any extra fat in preparation like frying. There is no contact of food with the low temperatures from the gas smokers.  This reduces the number of chemicals added to foods to prepare it.

No addition of chemicals

Instead of using oil, water as a liquid is ideal for maintaining its nutritive value, and for it to cook longer. There is surely the President eats clean and healthy meals.


Like the Electric Smoker it is affordable and preparation is simple- a burger love may not want longer hours in food preparation.

Free from Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)

Smoked food is free from PAH which is linked to cancer cells- a global menace for all races and ages. Some of additives and preservatives are linked to these chemicals. Smoking as a cooking method is also a preservative. If President Clinton opts for the smokers, he is sure of consuming fresh food with no chemicals or preservatives ideal for his health considering his age. Recent research by The Environment Protection Agency proves that the chemical is one of the major causes of premature aging. We would love to see the former President jovial to offer advice to the incumbent and future presidents of the United States of America. It is also the joy of the wife Hillary Clinton.

Easier and faster in operation

Unlike traditional smokers which are cumbersome to use, the gas smoker is simple with all instructions to accompany the manual for a quick fix meat bite instead of a burger from his favorite food fries store to get his favorite burger.

Balanced diet

The smoked meal can incorporate a balanced diet recommended for human consumption. Once the meal is smoked, the vegetables are added as a sandwich, the fact that they are not exposed to heat, the nutritive value is maintained.

The health benefits the gas-burning smokers has to offer the former President is awesome. It brings a complete change in diet, which means he can maintain or reduce weight because of eating clean and healthy diet. This will be the joy of Hillary Clinton- the President’s wife.


world’s greatest online marketer

President Obama recognized Neil Patel as a top 100 entrepreneur

President of the United States of America recognized Neil Patel among the top 100 entrepreneurs. This comes after numerous recognitions in online marketing which include

  • Top website influencer by the Wall Street journal
  • Top 10 online entrepreneurs by Forbes
  • Top 100 brilliant company designers by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Top 100 entrepreneurs under 35 years by the United Nations
  • The United States of America house of representative gave him honorary recognition

vishen_2015Who is Neil Patel?

These are just among some of the awards and recognition Neil has received. His success has not come on a Silverplate he has worked for it as he quotes. “you fail when you stop working always try and never give up…” The 32 year England born says entrepreneurship has been his passion since birth. The middle lifestyle the Indian family had because of simple jobs by his parents was the first motivating factor towards his entrepreneurship career. He attributes his entrepreneurship skills from his maternal Uncles who ran businesses and employed his parents.

The onset of his entrepreneurship

The average lifestyle was the first drive towards entrepreneurship. He sold CDs in school- John F. Kennedy high school because he saw the cousin make money but it did not yield much. He saw a gap in children who bought second-hand spares to fix their cars. He sold the parts to them and made good money. Ever since he has been able to create and venture into various mere jobs but that was a stepping-stone for better things to come. He sold vacuums among the middle-income earners in America; it did not succeed. He admits the reason he jumped from one business to the other is he was trying to find his passion. Finally, with  a brother in law they decided to create Crazy Egg- a company which offers consultancy for internet and website needs. They made good money out of it nut they have also invested a lot in it. The moral lesson: you cannot make millions when you invest hundreds.


The future of crazy Egg is bright but he does not stop there. He has invested in a brick business, stock markets, apartments, venture capitals, website creations and CRM tools like Infusionsoft, it can be affordable. He even opened KissMetrics for website development and consultancy. This shows they took advantage of technology craze to develop new businesses and provide business solutions, which solves internet problems.


Unlike many entrepreneurs, once they make a lot of profit they change their lifestyle. For Patel, despite handling millions of Dollars before the age of 30, he maintained a simple lifestyle while investing surplus on other unrelated business. Business lesson: Invest in various businesses to give you a financial base during the tough times when your mainstream business is on its knees.

Patel future in Entrepreneurship

He has defined his niche on technology business and used that to provide various solutions in the technology industry. Once passionate about something, read and take risks in reducing any business gap.

Entrepreneurial Marketing: Insights from Neil… by meiniesting