President Obama: Not just a President but also a Dog Lover 

President Obama’s love for dogs was first in the public limelight when he promised his two daughters Sasha and Malia a pet dog once he won the elections. Indeed, it happened. The journey towards getting the dog began and landed in Bo. Bo- the white house dog has been a companion more to the first family but more so to the wife Michelle Obama more than the daughters.

Bo appears in various public forums and many frequent visitors of the white house have had a chance to see and watch it play and run around his master. Michelle admits it is the first son of the family. He occupies Obama’s space in bed when he is away. Although it was meant for the daughters, it has found comfort in the first lady.

Barrack Obama in his victory speech for the second term and subsequent speeches had adversely mentioned Bo; a clear indication of the love for the dog

Bo’s lifestyle

You offer extra care for something you love. Bo visits the top dog salons for hair treatments and beautification accompanied by the white house groundsman support staff.  He even takes a holiday to the best destinations to interact with other dogs. A key one in the public domain is the standing ovation it received  holiday makers with their dogs at Martha’s vineyard. The pet has visited Hawaii among other holiday destinations. Bo’s food is definitely the best. Bo, Obama’s pet dog will surely love pineapple. Can the dog eat and be with Obama? Of course, Bo is part of Obama’s family. The president is a busy guy but he will never forget to have a quality time with Bo.

His birthday

The pet celebrates his birthday on October 9 of every year, his fourth birthday was in the public limelight through a YouTube video which went viral. The pet originates from the Portuguese water dogs as a gift from a couple whose husband is a senator. It was brought to white house when it was six months old. There has been pressure from the Portuguese water dogs to acquire a new one but the first family is comfortable with Bo.


There are several books written about the dog, which has given the dog brand demand for their dogs, which costs between $1500-$3000 depending on age and size. “Which puppy and the first pub” are among the famous books written about the dog. We cannot forget to mention cover pages of magazines, which has featured the first pet. During the first term, Bo got the opportunity to dine with the high and mighty, which he is used to. White house visitors admit the discipline Bo has even in taking instructions. It cannot jump on the sofa without permission. What a pet! Dogs better be at home than in a street!

The first couple takes turns to walk the pet around the white house yard. Michele walks it early morning while the president walks it in the evening after daily work.

Despite the busy schedule the POTUS has, he has time to talk and play with Bo, a clear sign of the love for Bo and pets in general. Bo- the mama’s boy as it is popularly referred to by the white house staff, the first lady admits it is her first son now that he has daughters.